I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 462


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Azure Emperor’s punch is like a god, and fist strength covers the 800 meters area where Sony is located. With a punch, where can the rockery piled up in the mounds bear? The entire rockery instantly collapsed into flat ground.

When Azure Emperor strikes, Sony is not angry and happy, “Azure Emperor, you really are here…hahaha…I know that your Jade Country is too excessive tendency to clemency, and I don’t even understand it. !”

“As long as your life is left, there is nothing to offer.”

“Really? Do you think I will really fight with you? This is not a space of different degrees–“

“Boom–” At the moment when Sony’s voice landed, a loud noise came to mind. The giant ferris wheel slowly collapsed in the firelight.

“Save the People–” The Heavenly Sword Bureau and a group of Academy experts who had just arrived at the Paradise Park immediately shot and ran towards the collapsed Ferris wheel.

“Asshole, you buried a bomb!”

“hahaha…The bomb I buried was enough to flatten the heavenly paradise. In my opinion, the explosion is the most beautiful art in the world, because he not only brings the beauty of instant bloom, but also the death of life No more precious.”

“boom~ boom~ ——”

One after another’s explosion sounded.

“Yellow Springs Bone Token ——”

Shout out loudly sounded, and in an instant, countless Yellow Springs gates rose from the ground. Densely packed endless, if you look at it from the sky, you will find it seems that countless gun forests rushed out of the pointed finger towards the sky from the ground.

“Explode–” Sony snarled wildly and drove back Azure Emperor with a punch, his figure instantly turned into a streamer disappeared. At this moment, Azure Emperor wanted to be blocked, but was blocked by a horrifying feeling that made him palpitate.

Too late to hesitate, Azure Emperor patted the ground with a palm, “The sky of life——”

In the entire Skyland area, numerous vines sprang out of the ground instantly. The vines grew like a hair on the earth. Many tourists who lost one’s head out of fear suddenly issued cry out in surprise, and then the vines sprang up Wrapped, in a blink of an eye the vines formed an airtight vine line of defense around them.

Almost instantly, the sky of life enveloped the entire area of ​​the skyscraper. And at this moment, the ground undulates violently, as if the sea is surging.

“boom~ boom~ ——”

Dense explosions sounded for ten seconds. In this second, without Wang Lan’s Yellow Springs Bone Token and Azure Emperor’s sky of life, the entire paradise will definitely become a ruin, and 100,000 people in the paradise may die.

Although the current paradise is also in ruins, at least most people are protected by the sky of life, and most of the damage is mostly blocked by Yellow Springs Bone Token.

When the explosion completely disappeared, thick smoke enveloped the entire skyscraper.

In every shelter of life, a group of men and women hugged tightly and shivered. Not to mention experience in this horrible picture, even dreaming is impossible.

The crying of women and children, the rumbling sound of earth shaking and explosion, make them think they are in a nightmare and just want to wake up quickly.

The smoke gradually dissipated, and many men and women gradually came out of their fears, looking up at some of the light that came in through the cracks. This horrible environment that could not be seen in any closed place gave them a sense of security.

Azure Emperor gasping for breath straightened up, the mental perception rippling like ripples. Sony has been disappeared after breaking away from his blockade, and should go to the team without incident.

At the speed of Sony, the team that chased 50 kilometers away does not need one minute, and now, he has been missing for more than thirty seconds. The situation is critical.

“Sir Azure Emperor -” Wang Lan’s voice recalled, and his figure appeared instantly around Azure Emperor.

“Quick, take me.”

“Okay.” Wang Lan grabbed Azure Emperor’s arm, the space fluctuation flashed slightly, and the two were instantly disappeared. When the two appeared again, they were still sitting in a car, and Wang Lan even sat in his previous position.

Looking at the safe fleet, Sony should not have come yet. The rest depends on the sneak attack of Azure Emperor this time.

“hong long long ——” A sound like thunder roared from the far sky. Above the sky, an azure wind dragon phantom brought out a vacuum trajectory from the sky and slanted down.

Although it is very strange why the team stopped at the same place for so long without moving. But it doesn’t matter, Yuan Yu and Wang Qi are in the team. Now Azure Emperor is still in the skyscrapers fifty kilometers away, this time, no one can stop me.


The whole body of Sony that has swooped down has become distorted. Under the impact of high speed combined with the distortion of the light of the vacuum, the body of Sony has become extraordinarily terrifying, and the entire head has been transformed into a pointed cone shape.

Within half a second, the entire team will be completely erased in this attack.


Suddenly, a silhouette rushed out of the team and fiercely hit Sony at a very fast speed. This silhouette is quite familiar.

With only 0.10 seconds, I instantly recognized that the silhouette rushing out of the car was Azure Emperor. impossible …he is so fast—

Sony can’t accept that before Azure Emperor was still in the skyscrapers 50 kilometers away, how could it be possible to get back to the team in such a short time? In this world, impossible has someone faster than me.

Azure Emperor did appear, this fist, with the terrifying strength of earth shattering, fiercely bombarded Sony’s chest pain.

At this time of 0.11 seconds, Sony hurriedly deviated from his figure. Team, he won’t fight, Wang Qi, he won’t kill. With Azure Emperor personal protection, he has the opportunity to become impossible. And, before he could figure out why Azure Emperor was so fast, he had to hide.

Ten years, maybe Azure Emperor has mastered the way to restrain his speed and waits for him to come to the door.

But even if Sony wants to run, Azure Emperor this fist is easy to avoid.


The cloud storm hit with a punch, and a plume of smoke directed at the sky. If the satellite camera shoots, you can clearly see that a plume of smoke is breaking through the atmosphere.

Although this fist did not completely hit Sony, even if there were only three levels of strength, Sony could be seriously injured by this fist.

Sony’s body, usually a cannonball that bursts into the sky, is tumbling disorderly. The blood in my mouth seemed to spill out of the earth without the spout of money.

“Let me stay–” Azure Emperor was out of control and instantly rushed into the void to chase it away again.

When I saw Azure Emperor approaching again, Sony’s entire face was scared green. With a strange cry, the figure instantly rushed into the void. In fact, you really don’t have to worry about multiple injuries when you run away.

Even if the bowels are pulled out and need to be held by hand, the running speed in a short time may not be as slow. In the face of a life-and-death crisis, Sony’s outburst broke out in the past, and his body instantly became streamer disappeared.

This fist, although it is also Azure Emperor’s furious punch, is hit in the void. Looking at Sony, which has been disappeared, Azure Emperor’s face not at all showed the anger of the cooked duck flying away, but showed a successful sneer.

First Fist, Azure Emperor, although he was also determined to kill Sony with a punch, but he was not stunned by anger and forgot to plant a blue sky for Sony. Aoki Mu was silent, and by the time Sony felt it, Aoki Mu plunged into Sony’s shoulder.

Sony is now running desperately, and has no time to deal with a section of blue sky wood on his back. Azure Emperor body flashed and returned to Wang Lan’s side. Wang Lan closed his eyes and felt the rapid movement of Qingkongmu.

I used to only know that Sony is the fastest person in the world, known as the Sonic. But in fact, it is too low-key. Can the speed of sound match the title of the fastest person in the world?

It is Wang Lan, which can reach the speed of sound in a short time when the speed is fully on. The true speed of Sony is actually above Mach 15. In Wang Lan’s induction, he was at least three times faster than the Destroyer missile.

In less than one minute, Sony rushed over the magic city, and even the most sensitive radar could not capture his trail. Passing over the magic city, Sony’s speed was not reduced, and in the blink of an eye, he flew over the East China Sea and rushed into the East China Sea.

“Have he not stopped yet?” Azure Emperor asked impatiently.

“Sony, is he running so cautiously, is he trying to run out of Jade Country’s territory in one breath?”

“Where is he now?”

“East Sea, still going east… seems to want to go, host nation? No, he went to three immortal islands,”


A violent wind skipped three immortal islands, and the face instant changes of Sony Tieqing were as pale as paper, and a mouthful of blood spurted out of the mouth.

This fist, Azure Emperor was shot with the aim of killing him with a single blow. This fist even if Sony avoided most of the fist strength, but the remaining 30% fist strength can also make Sony half disabled.

“It seems that you have to go back to the headquarters for half a year…”

The speech is not finished yet, the space behind him is slightly rippling. Sony’s eyes were instantly rounded, the pupils in his orbits were violently enlarged, and his face suddenly became bloodless.

Azure Emperor has arrived, spanning a few hundred kilometers, chasing after with the space star martial skill.


This fist, Sony unavoidable, this fist, before Wang Lan with Azure Emperor teleport has completed the charge. So the moment when Azure Emperor appeared, there was no time at 0.1 second, and a punch had already fallen.


Violent blood spit out from Sony’s mouth with visceral blood clots. Sony’s body fell down instantly under this fist, and fiercely smashed into the ground to explode a 50 meters round hole.

Wang Lan was standing behind Azure Emperor, and even clearly felt that the entire three immortal islands were trembling slightly.

Sony stared at his pale eyes and blocked his throat. The stomach sac and lung lobes squeezed by Azure Emperor were punched from the middle. The five organs of the body rushed to each outlet that could be vented. .

Although Sony is not dead, he will die.

Azure Emperor slowly raised his hand, and there was a burst of smoke above his fist.

“I now understand why Flame Emperor likes to use a fist so much. It turns out that it really feels so good to beat people with fists, especially the feeling of killing you bastard, it is beyond description.”

Sony is no longer able to respond to Azure Emperor, but his eyes can still move. After seeing Wang Lan in the corner of my eyes, everything was clear.

Why Azure Emperor can come…Why Azure Emperor can be so fast…So…you are not dead!

“Boom–” Azure Emperor punched another fiercely against Sony’s head.

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