I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 463


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Why? Why is Wang Lan alive…

I clearly cut off his head… why is he still alive?

When Azure Emperor punched a punch, Sony still had a lot of question marks in his mind. But these, he is destined not to get an answer.

“Congratulations to the host, assist in killing the expert bird of paradise, Sony, reward EXP 500,000 points, skill points 80,000.”

When this reminder sounded, Wang Lan smiled. Azure Emperor slowly stood up, looking at the Sony face that had disappeared under his feet.

“This guy has been rampant on Sky Blue Star for more than 20 years, and no one can take him. Now, he is finally dead. Solving a Sony can be said to destroy half of the bird of paradise.”

“Sony must have many secrets about Bird of Paradise, right?”

“Of course, but no one in the world is sure to be able to catch Sony alive. I am afraid that he will be slow and run away by him. Without Sony’s bird of paradise, he can only hide in the sewers and become a mouse. It used to be so arrogant. Let’s go back!”

Going back without using teleport, the two flew into the air. In order to take care of Wang Lan’s speed, Azure Emperor also had to slow down and traverse the sky slowly. This slowness is relatively slow compared to Azure Emperor. The distance of two hundred kilometers is not slow at all for half an hour.

Sony is dead, and the biggest crisis has been lifted. The team set off again, and it took two days and one night to arrive at the Safety Sector underground base in the mountains on the 2nd day evening.

After seeing this environment, Song Jia’s face collapsed directly, but when hearing that there are many children like Song Jia in the reserve, and there are many holographic playgrounds under the reserve, Song Jia’s unhappy Faded gradually.

“Successfully escorted Wang Qi to Wanquan District to complete the mission guard, reward EXP 300,000, skill points 20,000.”

Before 80,000 skill points, now there are 20,000 skill points, and the number of skill points has reached 100,000. This year and a half of calendar and tranquil, because of the Xianyun Xuanqing record, the speed of upgrading has not slowed down, but these skill points are too difficult.

It has always been thousands and thousands of earning. Although there have been 70,000 or 80,000 in this year and a half under the accumulation of less and more, how can there be such a good one-day deposit of 100,000? Sure enough, people’s happiness does not come from bits and pieces, but from instant wealth.

Wang Lan originally came back for this summer vacation to have a relaxing and happy holiday. Who ever thought that this happened just at the beginning of the summer vacation. Twenty days have passed by now, and when Wang Lan returns to Suzhou City, July has come to an end.

After a year and a half of accumulation, several of Lan Lan’s major combat stars, the martial skill, are almost at the end of Platinum Gold, and it’s time to cap them. The light of life has long been capped. Both Haoyang Jianjue and Mandalaization are in Platinum Gold 8. Whether to upgrade Haoyang Jianjue or to upgrade the mandala flower has caused Wang Lan to struggle.

Recalling the battle with Sony, Wang Lan also discovered what Wang Lan lacks from the true extreme expert? It is the ability of one strike certain kill. Comprehensive skills, Wang Lan is not lacking. No matter what kind of enemies it encounters in any environment, Wang Lan can come up with corresponding means.

Life-saving skills, Wang Lan has almost reached the full level, that is, Sony has been struggling to kill Wang Lan. So without hesitation, Wang Lan loaded the points on Haoyang Jianjue.

Although they are all in the Platinum Gold level, each increase in lethality is limited, but even if it is limited, it is pure output lethality. When Platinum Gold was eight, Haoyang Jianjue’s lethality was still a bit worse than that of Divine Arrow, but after being upgraded to Platinum Gold 9, it urged Haoyang Jianjue formidable power already not in Starry Excalibur.

The star divine arrow is an arrow to exhaust all the strength of the star force, but Haoyang Jianjue is not. Although the consumption of full-power output is relatively large, it can be used several times after all.

After this crisis, Wang Lan is also ready to rush into the Star Sea. Rejecting the military district’s proposal to send someone to send Wang Lan back, Wang Lan flew back to Suzhou City by himself.

The attack of Demon Race and Sony caused a lot of damage to Suzhou City, but Jade Country is also an infrastructure power. When Wang Lan arrived in Suzhou City, the two damaged local construction teams were already in place. Construction will start soon.

Suzhou City Center, Wang Lan group of four gathered.

“How about others, Gong Feiyu? I saw him at the beginning of the summer vacation and couldn’t reach anyone at any other time?” Wang Lan asked Xu Xiangwen, leaning on the back of the box.

“Other people are in the northwest, isn’t it on the eighth, you want to go to the northwest with your girlfriend to practice.”

“Almost a month later, haven’t you come back?”

“What’s back, do you really believe he went to experience? You don’t know who his girlfriend is?”

“This… hasn’t studied it. Go to his girlfriend’s house?”

“Yeah, his girlfriend’s uncle is from the Northwest scouting space headquarters. This relationship has something to do with Gong Feiyu. It is estimated that it will be mixed in the Northwest scouting space in the future. I really don’t know what this guy thinks, is our team bad? It depends on the strength of Xinyu, and on the death of Divine Physique Wang Lan, the road to future promotion is guaranteed to be the same as taking a helicopter.”

“Wait, what is Divine Physique?”

“Where and where to finish, where to go bad luck.”

“Fuck! Labor and capital strangle you–“


“Don’t make trouble for you two, come, come back safely for Wang Lan, and have a drink for us to survive this crisis safely.” Xie Sisi suggested.

In this incident, it is said that danger is really dangerous. Only a Sony can destroy a Suzhou City. However, Xie Sisi’s participation in the whole process is not high, so they don’t know the true degree of danger. They will also understand that Sony is here, a powerhouse no less than 5 Emperors.

Sony died, and it was nothing more than being killed by Azure Emperor. Wang Lan did not tell them that he had died on Sony once before Azure Emperor came.


Wang Lan side, the glasses of wine are staggered, and far away in the magic capital, there is a loud noise in a research institute.

The smoke was rising, and a group of scientists in white clothed gowns coughed out of the laboratory. The smoke behind him gradually dissipated and waited for a long time. After the danger alarm was lifted, the white clothed coats returned to the laboratory again.

On the laboratory bench, a square and dark space-time gem was placed there quietly.



Several scientists picked up the space-time gemstone and tested it again on the instrument.

“There is no slight crack on the surface, the unevenness is still maintained at zero one nanometer, the internal structure has not changed, and the magnetic field dialysis has not changed…”

A piece of data comes out, and the face of the scientist who is clearly the team leader can’t help but look ugly. “What kind of material is this? It’s so difficult. We all think of more than a thousand ways. Is it still?” Can’t destroy a little bit.”

“Even nuclear fusion and nuclear fission have been tried, and the space-time gemstone is like a single atom. Ke Teacher, there is a reply on the side of the particle collider. It can be arranged tomorrow.”

“Okay, try it with quantum collision tomorrow. Everyone pack up, go back to rest early, and go to Pujiang tomorrow.”

“Okay, Ke Teacher, this space-time gem is really strange. It can absorb energy independently, and it can also form crystals outside. Space Stone If it is a crystal of space-time gems, are there so many Space Stone mines? Maybe a gem in time and space?”

“Don’t say you have followed me in the future.” The silver-haired Teacher sneered at the middle-aged professor in front of his eyes. “How to learn more and more deeply and forget even the simplest common sense? When the refrigerator is in operation, Even if there is no water, frost will appear, how? If you see ice, you must wonder if there is any water?

The space-time gem is a container with a high concentration of space energy, and the space energy in this World where we are located is everywhere. Space-time gems can make the surrounding space energy condense into Space Stone and the refrigerator can freeze the water vapor in the air into frost. “

“Yes, yes, Teacher, don’t be mad, it’s because I have complicated the problem.”

The middle-aged professor quickly apologized and said. You have to know that he is also an authoritative expert in the field of energetics. When he walked out of the door, it was all known as the existence of Court Academecian, professor, and Teacher.

But in front of the old man, the middle age person is still nodded and trained like the grandson. Just because the old man in front of him is a student of Court Academecian, he was still tested by the old man with silver hair.

On the 2nd day, the scientific team set off early, and there were armed police with strength and escorts along the way.

This World’s Jade Country is much stronger than the previous country. Not only did it miss the Industrial Revolution, not even the Renaissance. Therefore, the reserves in science and technology are not weaker than any other country.

And Jade Country can be proud to say that my country’s scientific reserves are accumulated by itself, unlike White Eagle nation, which can only be completed by relying on scientists from other countries to join White Eagle nation.

There are seven quantum colliders in the whole world, two in Jade Country. One in Modu and one in Imperial Capital. The cost of each quantum collider is not less than 20,000,000,000, which is not yet counted as the initial research and development funding.

So someone said that every part of the quantum collider is made of Gold, and every degree of energy consumed burns jade coin.

Scientists skillfully installed space-time gems in the quantum collider, and then carried out meticulous and patient debugging. Since the structure of space-time gems is a bit like atoms, try using a quantum collider that can smash all the atoms to see if they can cause a little damage to space-time gems.

In the eyes of mankind, time-space gems are the source of sin. Without this gadget, Demon Race is simply impossible, and the Sky Blue Star has brought war to humanity for thousands of years or even hundreds of years.

“Debugging is complete, please indicate.”

“Everyone is pushed out of a safe distance.”

“Everyone has backed away, ready to experiment.”


wu wu wu ——The machine made a subtle roar, and listening to the roar, Professor Ke suddenly felt so uneasy in his heart.

“The particles are accelerated and ready to collide.”


Suddenly, I heard a loud noise. A horrible beam of energy rushed into the sky, accompanied by an imperceptible ripple that instantly spread to all around. But no one was aware of this phenomenon.

Because of the loud noise of this life, the space-time gem instantly emits a terrifying space-time energy. The chaos of time and space appears, and even the star martial artist in Star Sea can not guarantee the chaos of space and time. How can a few scientists who are ordinary people can bear it?

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