I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 464


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Suzhou City center large-scale shopping mall, Wang Lan was boringly pushing the shopping cart behind Jiang Xinyu, they had been shopping for two hours.

With Wang Lan’s physical fitness, tired is impossible, but it is boring. Wang Lan would rather participate in a two-hour battle rather than go shopping for two consecutive hours.

However, in the afternoon, the two will return to the magic capital, and Wang Lan can only be patient behind Jiang Xinyu.

Just arrived in August. Although there are more than 20 days before the summer vacation, but the aunt left, Wang Lan’s sense of belonging in Suzhou City is gone. These days with Jiang Xinyu Xie Sisi, they are either eating or watching movies, and they are bored.

And because Jiang Xinyu is here, Xie Sisi seems to be deliberately avoiding the two of them, so think about it, or go back to the devil. Taking advantage of this summer vacation, you can self-taught your senior subjects in advance so that you can complete your early graduation plan.

Suddenly, a clear space fluctuation swept across. Wang Lan froze abruptly, straightening up his body instantly towards the east.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jiang Xinyu looked back curiously and looked at Wang Lan first. Wang Lan’s alertness was like a war coming.

“You can’t sense it?” Wang Lan asked doubtfully.

“What did you feel?”

Wang Lan’s brows are slightly wrinkled, and the space fluctuation of Fang Cai is very strange. The intensity is not high but the distance of propagation is very, very far. And he can sense Jiang Xinyu but not? This is not reasonable.

Jiang Xinyu is also an expert in the Star River Peak. To say that battle strength is not comparable to itself, realm is definitely at the same level as Wang Lan. Wang Lan can sense, there is no reason Jiang Xinyu can’t.

“A kind of strange space fluctuation, which I have never felt before. The distance is very far, it should be in the east of Modu or more.”

Speaking of which, Wang Lan quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed the phone that understands the night, “Hello Uncle Ming, is the magic all right?”

“Any magic is okay? What’s wrong? What can the magic do?”

“I just sensed a wave of energy from the direction of Modu, so it’s okay to ask Movil?”

“Where are you now?”

“Suzhou City.”

“Roll the calf, you are in Suzhou City, you feel the energy fluctuations of Modu? How much energy fluctuations can be transmitted so far? If it is really like yours, the devil can still be good? Don’t be frightened and flustered. , The magic is very good.”

“It’s okay? It’s okay…”

“That’s hanging.”

A black bulletproof business car slowly stopped outside the quantum collider experiment base. The door opened, and silver-haired Elder Di walked out of the car with the help of a soldier.

“Elder Di!”

“Good Elder Di!”

“What’s going on? How could such a major accident happen? Has anyone injured?”

“Elder Di, two scientists died on the spot and twelve were seriously injured. They have been sent to the hospital for rescue. Just…”

“Just what?”

“The quantum collider seems to be broken. The Master who just checked said that the damage of the instrument reached more than 80%, and there is no possibility of repair.”

At this time, Elder Di came to the experimental base, and the quantum collider in front of the Panshan Giant Dragon seemed to have exploded in layers, and some of them were crushed to pieces.

“Originally, the atoms collided with the space-time gemstones today. The formidable power of the atom collisions was there, but it also inspired the strange energy of the space-time gemstones. That explosion exploded from the space-time gemstones.”

“How about time-space gemstones? Are they damaged?”

“There is still no damage. The speciality of the space-time gemstone is beyond our understanding. I think that even if the time-space gemstone is thrown on the star, it will be intact. Only by throwing a neutron star or a black hole will it be possible to destroy him.”

“Then suspend this research first, it was my oversight that this accident happened.” Elder Di sighed with a long cane on his crutches.

In the middle of a ruin, a middle-aged researcher with messy hair and a pair of glasses as thick as the bottom of a beer bottle stared at the data on the testing instrument with a fanatical expression on his face.

Researchers seem to be in their fifties without trimming. If you change to a beggar outfit, it will be very harmonious even at the subway entrance. But who can do research here, and which one is the easy generation?

The time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, at the end of August, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu returned to Modu in early August, but they were almost nestled in their homes in Phoenix Plaza.

Study the senior four courses, exercise various graduation assessment items, go roam around the night market at night, and come back like glue and lingering, this small life is envious of others.

When the two of them suddenly realized, the day of school is very near.

“Xinyu, will you move out this semester? If Yunyun graduated, and the new classmates in the dormitory are not familiar, it would be better to move out and live free.”

“Mom is not understood when I move out? Although she does not object to me being with you, it does not mean that she does not object to me living with you.”

“Then, your dormitory is still there, but it’s okay not to go back to live?”

“Is this a flagrant occupation of school resources? If you don’t live in the school’s bed, you must arrange for new students to stay.”

“This is the case? A farm animal in my dormitory has moved out from the first day of school, and his bed is still there. Last year I stayed in the dormitory with my fingers. I didn’t see my bed arranged.”

“Student Wang Lan, the ratio of male and female dormitory in Demon Capital Star Martial collage is one to two.”

“It’s okay! When the time comes, juniors are mostly internships, so the school dormitory has retired…”

Wang Lan, the man, for his own happy life, he tried his best to try his best. In the end, Jiang Xinyu failed to resist his coax and pester nodded.

Wang Lan went to take a shower. Jiang Xinyu was lying on the bed in sexy pajamas with a mobile phone in his hand.

“Wang Lan, the most recent headlines are the news that Court Academecian was killed. It seems that this matter has caused the focus of public opinion.” When Wang Lan wiped his wet hair out, Jiang Xinyu said suddenly.

“A national scientist who is killed at a young age is certainly more cause for concern than an ordinary person who is killed. In addition to the fact that a doctor was retaliated by a patient a few days ago, public opinion is like a gunpowder barrel. Exploded.”

“Superintendent Modu announced in a high-profile case that the murderer was caught within seven days of solving the case. It seems that they already have an eye on them.”

“It takes seven days to have eyebrows? Wife, come, I will give you loose shoulders…” Jiang Xinyu’s cheeks were red and slightly un’ed. He sat in Wang Lan’s arms and leaned on Wang Lan’s chest. .

On August 31st, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu came to the school hand in hand to register. The freshman and sophomore courses are the most stressful. After the junior year, internship will occupy most of the course time.

The school will arrange different internship tasks according to the strength of the Academy. Of course, there are also groups to participate in a certain support task or guard task. Anyway, the junior students have basically grown up, and all can be alone.

“Student Wang Lan!” A student union cadre called from afar, “Student Wang Lan, the dean asked you to go to the dean’s room.”

“Oh, okay.” He said to Jiang Xinyu who was next to him, “You go to check in first, I will go to the dean’s office.”


Wang Lan came to the dean’s room and knocked on the door with ease. After entering the door, he found that besides Dean Elder Di, there was also Super Inspector Superintendent Modu.

“Wang Lan, when will you return to the Devil Capital.” Elder Di looked at Wang Lan with a loving face, and now Wang Lan is no longer a former eagle. On the grown Wang Lan, Elder Di looks like I saw the shadow of Wang Ling.

Even against Sony on Bird of Paradise, Wang Lan should soon be able to replace Wang Ling’s position as Jade Country’s new Legendary. Although Wang Lan’s battle strength is enough, Star martial grade’s progress seems to be a bit out of touch with his strength.

While Wang Lan’s Star martial grade is actually not bad, but a powerhouse with half-step Star Soul strength is still only in the Star River environment, so it seems that there are some unreal.

“Elder Di, I have been back to magic for almost a month.”

“en? Has it been here so early? Didn’t you even tell me?” Elder Di said blamefully.

This…Wang Lan can only laughed awkwardly. I returned to the devil early to enjoy the romantic romantic couple’s world with Jiang Xinyu. Tell you what? Are you caught strong?

“This is the case. The Superintendent has a tricky case, and it has been announced that the case has been solved within seven days, but until now there is no clue so I thought of you, and the Inspector hopes that you can help them solve the case.”

“Professor Wen’s case?” Wang Lan asked the inspector.


“Robbery in the house, shouldn’t it be difficult for the Superintendent Modu?”

“Yes, we originally thought it was not difficult, but after investigation, we found that we thought about things simple. The robbers should be ordinary persons, but this murderer is obviously not an ordinary person.

He can silently sneak into a community with such a high security level, and can silently sneak into the home of Wen Court Academecian. Although Wen Court Academecian’s family has lost a lot of property, the total value of these finances is less than one hundred thousand jade coin.

In today’s era, thieves are almost gone, and even rural people don’t use cash even more how big cities like Modu. If the murderer is a novice, how did he quietly sneak into Wen Court Academecian’s home without being photographed by any camera.

And if he is a veteran with rich experience, how could he do a robbery and murder for trifling a 200,000 property? No fingerprints were left on the scene, nor any traces.

The murderer first murdered and then rummaged through finances. Wen Court Academecian was killed before he made a noise.

And we also found a strange place. When Court Academecian died, his eyes were open. The expression on his face was not painful, no anger or fear.

The whole expression is very dull, and both eyes are empty. The forensic medicine department concluded that when Wen Court Academecian was killed, his spirit was in a state of confusion…”

“You mean that there is a star martial artist who engraved him before killing Court Academecian?”

“This is just speculation, we have no evidence to prove this speculation, so it’s not easy to hand it over to Heavenly Sword Bureau. The speed and resolution of your case last time left us amazed, so… when we realized that the case was tricky I thought of you the first time.”

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