I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 465


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“Wang Lan, since the Superintendent has requested it, you can help to investigate with them. After all, Court Academecian was invited by me to participate in scientific research.” Elder Di lightly saying aside.

Elder Di’s words, Wang Lan is still willing to listen, “Well, then I will report to the Superintendent tomorrow.”

At this time, the cell phone above the inspector suddenly rang, “Hey, I am!”

In front of Wang Lan and Elder Di, it’s called a low-key intimacy close to the inspector, but the imposing manner of the call immediately assaults the senses. Although higher than the inspector did not move his arms akimbo, the imposing manner and appearance were very consistent with the sense of the picture.

“What? Die another? Okay, okay, you guys maintain the scene.”

Wang Lan’s brows couldn’t help but he heard the words above the Inspector. When the Inspector dropped the phone, Wang Lan quickly asked, “Is there a new case for the Inspector?”

“Another scientist was killed, and the specific situation could not be clarified on the phone. Otherwise, Wang Lan, let’s go and see together?”

Wang Lan originally planned to take over the case tomorrow, but now that the case has happened again, and it shows that the murderer is still committing crimes, Wang Lan cannot delay it. Immediately, Wang Lan took a car higher than the inspector to the Academy of Magic Project.

The Magic Capital Engineering Academy is also one of the 50 key universities in Jade Country. Among them, engineering materials science and mechanical engineering are Jade Country Peak. The most famous is the railway major. It can be said that it is the Academy of Magic City Project that lays the miracle of high-speed rail network in Jade Country.

After entering the Academy of Engineering, I saw people in the direction of the dormitory building in the distance converging, and many people from other places hurried in that direction.

“This is a teacher’s dormitory! What is the identity of the victim?”

“Professor Dai, a supervisor of Court Academecian students of polymer materials, has students all over the world, and many authoritative professors in academia come from Professor Dai’s door. With the prestige and ability of Professor Dai, he can serve as an honorary life professor in four universities. .

But Professor Dai has spent his entire life in the Engineering Academy and has feelings. In his words, where is teaching not teaching? So I stayed. “

“Higher than Inspector and Professor Dai knew before? How do you know so clearly?”

“You don’t know?” After Wang Lan asked this question, the inspector looked at Wang Lan in surprise, but it seemed that Wang Lan could ask this question is a miracle.

“I…must know?”

“Professor Dai is a star professor of Modu. Anyone who catches a Modu may know it.”


The vehicle stopped and Wang Lan entered the classroom building under the leadership of the inspector. The person who died at the scene was not only Professor Dai but also a female student about 30 years old.

Professor Dai fell to the bookshelf behind him, and the female student lay on the ground with blood stains flowing on the ground.

Wang Lan crouched down, untied the female student’s collar and touched her head.

“All blood stains flowed out of the mouth, and the back of the brain was not damaged. The murderer’s hand held a sharp weapon and stabbed diagonally from the dead person’s mouth, and it has been stuck into the brain and caused instant brain death.”

“Senior Wang Lan, Professor Dai was choked to death by a rope tied to his throat.” A guard also said softly.

“There is a washbasin in the room, and there is burning ash in the washbasin. The murderer’s intention to kill is very obvious, that is, what information is to be destroyed. What is Professor Dai studying recently?”

“This…Professor Dai has a lot of research, and this time he only brought a Court Academecian student, this is Wu Xiaoyue classmate, Professor Dai recently studied specifically what may only be understood by Wu Xiaoyue. All we know Research projects… None of them could bring him a killing disaster.” Academy’s school leader said nervously.

“Oh, is there anything between Professor Dai and Professor Wen Wen?” Wang Lan asked suddenly. After all, two professors were killed in a short period of time, and Wang Lan had sufficient reason to suspect that the two cases were related.

“Wen Wen…I know that Wen Wen is a student brought out by Professor Dai. Professor Dai brought out 12 Peak scientists in various fields in his life. Wen Wen’s research on waves is the first in the world. But I am obedient to Wen Wen yesterday… …”

Speaking of which, the school leader’s face suddenly changed, “This is a serial murder?”

“It is quite possible that Wen Wen Court Academecian has recently found Professor Dai?”

“I will check the monitoring here.”

The efficiency of traditional inspection and monitoring methods is too low. Where is the efficiency of Xiaoai’s classmates? Wang Lan directly let Xiao Ai enter the monitoring system for a hundred times quick inspection. Within one minute, he found Wen Court Academecian more than once in a month to find Professor Dai in Engineering Academy.

“Sure enough, it is related to Wen Court Academecian. What has Wen Court Academecian been studying recently? Or what is he doing?”

“This…” is somewhat hesitant over the inspector’s face.

“Higher than the Inspector, you boast Haikou and say that the case was solved within seven days. It’s all one day and you won’t even know what Court Academecian is doing recently. Why don’t you know why killing disaster is called?”

“This, at first, we only thought it was an ordinary burglary and killing. This is only one day after we haven’t investigated it so quickly…”

For this, Wang Lan can only say one word, convinced!

“Higher than the inspector, Court Academecian Wen Wen was transferred to an independent scientific academy in Modu a year ago. We can go there and ask.” A guard said suddenly beside him.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go. By the way, transfer Li Yang to me. I need an assistant.”

“Okay, no problem.” The Inspector quickly dialed the phone and reported to the director. The current level of Li Yang is the same as that of the Inspector, but Li Yang is in the special investigation team, and the Inspector is the Criminal Investigation Team.

Soon, Li Yang drove to the Modu Engineering Academy. Before he could release his seat belt, the co-pilot’s door was opened and he was alone in the car.

“Dude, got in the wrong car, this is a police car.”

“You think I’m drunk?” A familiar voice rang from my ear. Li Yang paused, don’t overdo it and saw Wang Lan’s smile on his face.

“Team leader? How are you?”

“Let’s go with me to Haotian Academy of Sciences.”

“Ok! I set the navigation, I don’t know the place.” Li Yang said while setting it up, “Captain, this case was originally higher than that. How come I suddenly asked me to assist in the investigation… Feelings are your responsibility.”

“Don’t you know what the inspector asked me to help?”

“I don’t know, I don’t even know our director. You don’t know the person who is higher than the inspector. It’s monkey spirit. If you know the team leader’s skill, I’ll ask you to investigate it a little bit harder. Finally The case is broken, the credit is his.”

“Don’t complain, are you all right?”

“Damn, can’t find the address?”

“Innovative Industrial Park, Building B.”

“Okay, go!”

Innovative Industrial Park is not a district of Modu, but the name of an industrial concentrated area. The area is not too large, it is only one or two square kilometers.

Drive to Building B and stop under the signboard of Haotian Academy of Science. Just after stopping the car, two young people dressed in security clothing hurriedly came.

“Hello, Comrade Security, you can’t park here, and… Hey, Chief Wang Lan?”

Wang Lan looked at the men and women in front of him, his eyebrows had several points of familiarity…

“You are from the action office? How did you do security here? Did Heavenly Sword Bureau take over?”

“No, our task is to be a security guard here. We have been staying for almost a month. Sir, are you here to investigate?”

“Some things need to be understood, why? Inconvenient?”

“This…we can’t let people in without the approval of the director. Unless it’s a scientist inside, we can’t enter or leave. Will you call the director?”

“Looking at how mysterious you are, I know that I haven’t gotten this time. Wait.”

Want to change to another department to guard, Wang Lan might have rushed directly. But Wang Lan, the brother of Heavenly Sword Bureau, is really not good. After a call, Cheng Jianlong immediately kicked the ball to Elder Di when he knew he was going to investigate Haotian Research Institute.

This institute was established by Elder Di, and he did not dare to let Wang Lan go without the approval of Elder Di.

After waiting for about an hour, a commercial vehicle came slowly and stopped behind Wang Lan. The door opened and silver-haired Elder Di walked out of the door.

“President, just give me a comment. Why do you still want to come by yourself?” Wang Lan said quickly with guilt.

Since the last War of the Ancient Devils, Elder Di’s body has been unable to toss more. Even the doctor said that if he could move now, he should try not to move.

“You stay outside, Wang Lan, and you come in with me.” Elder Di indifferently said, and brought Wang Lan into the institute.

“Wang Lan, the level of confidentiality of this institute is very high, unless it is completely trusted, otherwise it is impossible brought in.”

“What is the research of the institute? Is it the awakening agent?” Wang Lan asked speculatively.

“Isn’t the awakening medicine researched by Wang Qi? It’s enough to have Wang Qi alone. We are studying the space-time gem you brought back from the country of Bing Xue.”

“Space-Time Gems? Elder Di, forgive me to speak bluntly. Although the energy in the Space-Time Gems is exhausted, but who knows if this is a time bomb? In case you have to study what opened the door to space-time … Then it’s a big deal.”

“Yeah, so we are not studying what space-time gems are, nor the characteristics of space-time gems. Our research purpose is only one, how to destroy space-time gems.

Over the past year, we have tried nearly one thousand ways how to drop it, but its sturdiness is beyond my imagination. At the beginning of the month we tried a particle collision, which accelerated the atom to sub-light speed and then hit the space-time gem. But as a result, the space-time gem was okay, and the quantum collider was directly damaged. “

“Early month? Is it the afternoon of August 2nd?” Wang Lan asked suddenly.

“en? How do you know?”

“I was still in Suzhou City, and suddenly felt a wave of energy. The intensity of this wave was not strong, but the penetration was extremely strong. I thought something happened to the devil, and I called Heavenly Sword Bureau asked.”

“When did you break through?” Elder Di suddenly looked at Wang Lan with shock in his face.

“breakthrough? What is breakthrough? I don’t know… I’m Star River Peak.”

“Or Star River Peak? How do you feel the energy fluctuation? The energy fluctuation emitted by the impact test is not imperceptible in the Star Soul Realm. But one thing is right, this energy fluctuation penetrates extremely. Strong. Not to mention that you are in Suzhou City, there are more than thirty experts in the global Star Soul Realm and Half-Step Star Soul, all of which are sensed.

Even experts located in heterogeneous spaces can be sensed. “

“Can even be sensed in heterogeneous space? Can this energy wave propagate across space?”

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