I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 466


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No wonder Wang Lan will be so shocked that any energy fluctuation cannot spread across space. Even Wang Lan’s Phoenix Form can only move instantaneously in one space.

The heterogeneous space belongs to another space-time, even if it is a nuclear bomb explosion, even if the heterogeneous space is at the center of the nuclear explosion, it may not be able to transfer the energy of the explosion into the heterogeneous space.

“Elder Di, I haven’t broken through Star Sea realm even more how it’s a Star Soul Realm, but it does sense this energy fluctuation.”

“Elder Di, why are you here.”

“President He, let me introduce you. This is Wang Lan, the child of Little Phoenix, this is the Dean of Heyuan Middle School and the director of Haotian Research Institute. Wang Lan wants to come and find out. “

“Hello Wang Lan, what do you want to ask?”

“I would like to ask Wen Wen what Court Academecian is working on recently?”

“Although we are all researching the same thing, our research direction is different. Every Court Academecian invited has its own research team. If you want to say what we are studying, I can only say how to study Destroy the gems of time and space. But ask someone to study specifically… I am not good to answer.

Yes, I heard that Court Academecian has an accident? Did the murderer catch it? “

“No, I came here to find out the murderer.”

“Aren’t Court Academecian killed by robberies?”

“No! According to my speculation, it may be related to his research. Now that I know that you are working on space-time gems, then I speculate that the killer may be a Demon Race spy or a bird of paradise, and you are all in danger.”

“Is that so?” He Yuanzhong’s not at all showed a panic emotion, just echoed the tone of the understood.

“It seems that I should strengthen the security level of the academy. Then Wang Lan, are you sure to get the black hand behind the scenes?” Elder Di asked with some concern.

“Don’t dare to say 100%, but I will do my best. Now there is almost an idea. Haotian Research Institute is researching space-time gems, and Demon Race spy or bird of paradise do not want you to study, So I killed the Court Academecian who lives in Modu…”

“President He, let me know that from now on, all researchers are not allowed to leave the institute. If there is any need, they will be sent to the institute. If you contact your family, you will be contacted through the Internet.” Elder Di said quickly.

“Professor Dai of the Magic City Engineering Academy is not a researcher?”

“He is not. He originally planned to invite him, but he refused and recommended Wen Hua Court Academecian.” He Yuanzhong said.

“Professor Ke Dai has also been killed, and I have investigated that Court Academecian has frequently contacted Professor Dai in the past month. This may be the reason why Professor Dai was killed. Did Chen Court Academecian find something?”

“It’s possible.” He Yuanzhong suddenly said after hearing Wang Lan’s words, “At the last quantum collision, Wen Court Academecian seemed to find a pan-space energy conduction wave. But the detection wave instrument at that time was not It is so precise that too many wave impurities are detected to extract the ripple frequency.

Since then, Court Academecian has repeatedly urged me to perform another quantum collision. He uses more sophisticated instruments to extract the ripples. How can I promise this? Once a collision, a quantum collider is scrapped.

You know, there are tens of billions in one quantum collider. I can’t afford to pay even if I sell it. “

“Dean He laughed, what is a pan-space energy conduction wave?”

“The so-called panspace is not just the three-dimensional space we are in. The energy of any space can only propagate in one space, but Professor Wen found that this energy wave can spread across space or even latitude.”

“Did Wen Court Academecian have extracted this wave? And this wave is very important for Demon Race, so kill it? And Wen Court Academecian has repeatedly sought to wear Court Academecian. Did he tell Dai about his findings? Professor, so Professor Dai was also killed?”

“I really don’t understand the investigation of this case. I really don’t know the stage of Old Wen’s research. Would you like to ask Wen Court Academecian’s team? He has his own research at Zhongzhenhua University Team’s.”

“Okay, thank you Dean He.”

“Should be.”

Farewell to Elder Di and Dean He, Wang Lan immediately asked Li Yang to investigate Wen Wen’s Court Academecian research team. That evening, Wang Lan got Wen Wen to bring seven graduate students. Bring them back to the Superintendent to talk separately.

“Do you know what the main subject of Wen Court Academecian’s recent research?”

“Yes, the frequency of the conducted ripple in the pan-space is extracted.”

“How is the progress? Is there a major discovery?” Wang Lan asked again.

The girl in front of me looked at Wang Lan with doubt, and then took the head, “No.”

“This Young Lady, we asked this question to find the murderer who killed Wen Court Academecian, and also hope you cooperate.” Li Yang crossed his head with his fingers lightly saying.

“Teacher was killed, you don’t go to the murderer and ask us what our scientific progress is doing? What does the research we have done have to do with solving your case?”

“Of course it does. Wen Court Academecian recruited killing disasters only because of your research. Your answer is related to our further identification of the murderer.”

“No! The waves recorded by the Teacher are too blurred, there are too many impurities in them, and the waves will interfere with each other. Once the interference wave appears, there is uncertainty.

Frankly, extracting the correct wave from such a messy and fuzzy band is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack. The only way is to conduct another collision test, and use more sophisticated instruments to detect clearer waves. “

“Hello, sir, to what extent is the extraction of the pan-space energy wave studied by Court Academecian?”

“Still at the stage of finding a needle in a haystack, you have to ask whether it is possible to extract it? I can only say that the children and grandchildren are endless…”

“You are so skinny.”

“No way, our Teacher is more skinny, which is obviously impossible. But he told me not to forget the original intention…” This student seems to have a lot of opinions about his Teacher, of course, it may be due to his personality.

“Recently, Court Academecian frequently went to Professor Dai of Engineering Academy, do you know what happened?”

“Unclear, I have to try more than 100 bands for Teacher every day… How can I care about this?”

Every student asked individually. Although these students have different attitudes, at least they all have one after another meaning. The Wenwen Court Academecian’s pan-space energy propagation wave has no breakthrough progress at all. It can even be said that it has fallen into an endless deadlock.

“Are we in the wrong direction?” Wang Lan couldn’t help but think, “Isn’t the murderer killing Wen Wen and Professor Dai because they found something?

If not, what was the ashes in the washbasin at the scene where Professor Dai was killed? Those ashes should be some kind of paper documents…”

While Wang Lan was at a loss, Li Yang knocked on the door of Wang Lan’s office.

“Head, this is the latest information sent by the Academy of Magic Engineering.”

“What is it?”

“It is the reply fax sent back by the Kingdom of God. It turned out that Professor Dai had contacted the Kingdom of God before his death and hoped to use the Quantum Collider of the Kingdom of God to conduct a quantum collision test. The other party agreed.”

“Quantum Collision Test?” Wang Lan thought of an instant in his mind, recalling Dean He told him during the day that Wen Wen Court Academecian had requested more than one quantum collision test, but only one test How could Dean He agree to scrap a quantum collider.

And Wen Wen’s frequent contact with Professor Dai this month should hope to conduct another quantum collision test abroad through Professor Dai’s influence?

“Is there any related requested documents in Li Yang and Professor Dai’s data compilation?”

“I didn’t find it. I don’t know if it was not from the Kingdom of God.”

“Then I think I almost know what the burned file is in the basin, that is, the application materials for using the quantum collider. The reason why the murderer killed Professor Dai is to prevent the quantum collision test at this time.”

“This… I still don’t understand that the quantum collision test is carried out countless times every year. Why should the murderer stop it? Besides, there are two quantum colliders in Jade Country. Why use someone else’s? “

“The reason is confidential, and I can’t tell you. But the only thing that is certain is… Wen Wen Court Academecian should only be known by his intimate personnel to conduct the quantum collision test. Even the Dean He does not know , How could the murderer know?”

“That can only be a student of Court Academecian, if the people in the institute do not know that only his students know. Professor Dai knows that he was killed, and only one student of Professor Dai was also killed.

But we have investigated the video. Every time Court Academecian went to Professor Dai, he went alone without taking someone else. If the murderer learned the inside story from a student of Court Academecian, how could he know that it was Professor Dai? “

“First, the murderer may follow Wen Wen secretly. Within a month, Wen Wen went to engineering Academy repeatedly. Even if he guessed, he could guess that Professor Dai helped Wen Wen contact. Second, you forgot when Wen Court Academecian died. Condition? Lost spirit, no pain, no fear… suspected to be imprinted by the spirit.”

“I understand, from the memory of Wen Court Academecian.”

“Head, don’t think about it, the meal is here.” Li Yang pointed to the clock hanging on the wall. At first glance, Wang Lan was almost six o’clock.

It’s still the end of August. It’s darker at night, and it’s just dusk at six o’clock, and it’s possible that there is no dark at seven o’clock. Only after 7:30 will the sky be completely black.

“Alright, I just got hungry.”

“Go to the cafeteria or go out to eat?”

“Are you treating guests?” Wang Lan asked jokingly.

“I will please, let me please.”

“Forget it, it’s not necessary, eating out and delaying time.”

“Don’t, if it’s not wearing a headgear, I won’t be promoted that fast, and I have never had a chance to thank you.”

“Since you have sincerely invited you, then I will be compassionate to satisfy your wish. Go, the opposite of the Eight Immortals City.”


Baxian City is a comprehensive shopping mall, the most famous of which is the food court. Because it is a celebrity punching point, every day there are a lot of foodies coming from far away to find food.

Wang Lan also visited Baxian City twice, once with Jiang Xinyu and once with Xie Sisi. With such a thought, there is a little scum…

“Are there any mistakes, everyone queues up?”

“Forget it, the noodle restaurant downstairs is good for eating. I looked at the noodle restaurant that is quite fragrant.”

“This is not enough. I have the opportunity to invite you for a meal. How can you make a bowl of noodles? Wait in line. Anyway, there is no rush to investigate the case at this time it takes to eat a meal… “

Li Yang’s words haven’t been finished yet, and Wang Lan’s cell phone suddenly rang.

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