I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 467


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“Hey, this is Wang Lan. What? Where is it? Well, I’ll be here soon!”

Hang up the phone, Wang Lan gently pats Li Yang’s shoulder, “Forget it, don’t bother, let’s go.”

“What happened again? Which Professor Court Academecian?” Li Yang asked, face gloomy.

“It’s not Professor Court Academecian, but our own brother.” He said, taking Li Yang out of the Eight Immortals City, rising up into the sky, and flying to the place where things happened with Li Yang.

There are two corpses covered in white cloth in a remote park by the lake.

Li Yang strode forward and gently lifted the white cloth. When he saw that the corpse under the white cloth was wearing a uniform of the guard, he jumped into his mind with anger.

“Damn it!” smashed a slate around him with a punch, “What the hell is going on?”

“After knowing that Wen Wen was killed because of his research, the bureau sent brethren to secretly protect Wen Wen’s students. Just this evening, Chen Shijie received a call and then suddenly left. The two brothers reported to the headquarters Followed along with a bang.

We lost contact with them at half past six, but we found them along the way, but found that the two brothers were killed by the lake. “

“The murderer’s weapon is inserted from the mouth of two brothers and inserted diagonally into the brain to kill. The killing method is exactly the same as that of killing Professor Dai’s students, and it can be inferred by the same person.”

“putting it that way ……Demon Race is the spy Chen Shijie?”

“80% is him.”

“Where is Chen Shijie?”

“I don’t know, the bureau is using various resources to search for it. We have introduced the Skynet system, as long as he appears under any camera, we can be identified by us immediately.”

“Forget it!” Wang Lan sighed, “If he is a Demon Race spy, Skynet can’t find him at all. Since the Demon Race spy can pretend to be Chen Shijie, he can pretend to be anyone.”

There were no signs of fighting at the scene. The two brothers were killed instantly. From the doubts left on their faces, it can be speculated that they did not even know how to die.

“Is there any witnesses?”

“It’s getting late and there are a lot of mosquitoes in this place, so there is no who to play by the lake after the sun goes down…”

“Go back first and investigate Chen Shijie’s information.”

Wang Lan and Li Yang haven’t eaten yet. The two casually bought something at the roadside stall to fill their stomachs and returned to the Superintendent. Before long, the information about Chen Shijie’s life was sent to Wang Lan.

Chen Shijie’s family is poor, and father was killed and handicapped because he violated the rules. Because of the huge amount of compensation for accidents, Chen Shijie lived very hard since childhood.

But Chen Shijie is smart and easy to learn, and often takes the first place in the school from elementary school to junior high school. Chen Shijie once faced the danger of dropping out of school when he was in the third year. Later, after learning about Chen Shijie’s family, the school voluntarily eliminated Chen Shijie’s tuition and fees to continue studying.

Later, he was admitted to Zhenhua University with excellent results. Although his family’s life improved at that time, Chen Shijie still had a very hard time. And perennial poverty makes his character very introverted.

But Chen Shijie is very delicate and pretty, so she still has a girlfriend during college. Others slacked off after going to college, but Chen Shijie did not. He still studied hard during college, and was eventually chosen by Wenwen Court Academecian to become a graduate student of Wenwen Court Academecian.

According to the data, Chen Shijie is a typical poor boy who counterattacks and changes his destiny step by step through hard work. But also his introverted and dull personality is very suitable for a spy person.

“It should be him.” Wang Lan reads the document long sighed, “He suddenly received a call that someone should tell him to expose him to evacuation.”

“Did that phone be found?”

“I found it, it is a public phone booth, but the camera near the public phone booth is broken, and the Newsstand’s Boss can’t remember who made the call.”

“Could it be so hard to find the clue here?” Wang Lan was a little unwilling. “Have you checked Chen Shijie’s communication records?”

“Chen Shijie’s interpersonal relationship is very simple, and the number is ten-twenty. In addition to his parents, girlfriend, his teacher and senior number. But because others are missing, he can’t get his mobile phone to get more Comprehensive information.”

“What about his social account?”

“Simply like a blank piece of paper.” Li Yang spread his palms, “In this era, a spy can be self-disciplined to this point, it is also dedicated.”

2nd day morning, Wang Lan came to Demon Capital Star Martial collage early in the morning. Although the case was not broken, the murderer was not found, but it was a brow.

Knock on Elder Di’s office. There is a middle age person with glasses in Elder Di’s office. Dressed in a sturdy suit, with a pair of black-framed glasses, it looked slick.

“Wang Lan, let me introduce you, this is Qian Shihua Court Academecian, just returned from White Eagle nation. Qian Shihua is also a student of Professor Dai, and Wen Wen is the same period Court Academecian, focusing on quantum theory.”

“Hello money Court Academecian.”

“Hello, Mr. Wang Lan, your name is like thunder piercing the ear even in the White Eagle nation.” Qian Shihua’s hand and Wang Lan are at a touch, which makes Wang Lan’s eyebrows slightly frowned.

Did you look down on people?

“In this way, Qian Court Academecian will go back to rest first, and you can join the institute after three days. By the way, you came back alone? Do you want me to introduce you how many graduate students?”

“No, when the time comes, I go to the Engineering Academy to recruit myself. After all, I also came from the Engineering Academy.”


“Nadi President, mister Wang, I will go first.” Qian Shihua turned slightly nodded and turned away with a smile on his face. It wasn’t until Qian Shihua’s footsteps disappeared outside the door that Wang Lan’s face was unhappy.

“Did the White Eagle nation come back so arrogant?”

“He is a little arrogant, but he also has arrogant capital. He got a double master degree in theoretical physics and engineering materials at 18 years old. Then he went to White Eagle nation to study a doctorate, and he got a Court Academecian degree at 20 years old.

Participating in the White Eagle nation Zeus project, the Apollo project, is the youngest and most Peak scientist in the field of physics. Although it is a mortal, but it is comparable to the gods. Even now your aunt is so like the sun at high noon, but Qian Shihua’s world influence can still keep pace with Wang Qi. Such people will inevitably be a little arrogant. “

“I understand.”

“By the way, you came to me early in the morning… the case has progressed?”

“One thing. It is certain that Wen Wen Court Academecian, Professor Dai’s death has the handwriting of Demon Race. Professor Wen Wen tried to conduct the second quantum collision test, so Demon Race killed it.

And Professor Dai is the person who contacted the Quantum Collider in Court Academecian, and has already sent an invitation to the Kingdom of God. Demon Race killed Professor Dai again. From this point of view, Wenwen Court Academecian’s proposal seems to hit the Demon Race seven inches above, making them very alarmed. ”

“putting it that way, is it necessary to conduct the second quantum collision test? It can also confirm that the pan-space energy wave proposed by Wen Wen Court Academecian can be studied, and that Demon Race is afraid of our research?”

“It should be like this, and the reason why the Demon Race spy knew Wen Court Academecian’s research is because this spy has been hidden beside Wen Court Academecian. He is the graduate student of Wen Court Academecian, Chen Shijie.

This evening, around six o’clock, Chen Shijie suddenly received the phone and hurriedly left. Two of the superintendent responsible for secret protection kept up, but were killed by Haoyun Lake and Chen Shijie disappeared whereabouts unknown. “

“Demon Race really has Demon Race.” Elder Di sighed.

until now, the demons are all calm and tranquil. Because of the strongest Heavenly Sword Bureau and the strongest Xingwu Academy, Elder Di and others once thought that the Devil had no room for Demon Race spy to survive.

But last time it was discovered that the Biochemical Demonic General and Biochemical demonic weapon in the Demon Race base shattered Elder Di’s fantasy. But after the trolls were suppressed and the Demon Race base was destroyed, Elder Di thought that the Demon Race spy had already suffered a devastating blow.

It seems that it is far from it.

“That’s for sure. Although it caused a lot of damage to the Demon Race spy last time, there were not many Demon Race spies killed that time. In addition to the biochemical demonic weapon and the mythical Demonic General, it was also found A Demon Race spy, but also an ancient demon.

The base can’t be built by one or two spies. The reason why magic now until now is calm and tranquil is because they hide too deeply. “

“Wang Lan, I believe in your skills, catching spies is a good hand. Let go of your hands and feet, and get them all cleaned up.”

“Yes, the superintendent should be able to announce the progress. The two heavyweight Court Academecian were killed, and public opinion has become very intense.”


After reporting with Elder Di, Wang Lan left Academy and returned to the Superintendent. The appearance of the Demon Race spy Theoretically, the case must be transferred to the Heavenly Sword Bureau. But the Superintendent has already spent a lot of energy on this case and has sacrificed two brothers.

The handover must be unwilling at this time. So Heavenly Sword Bureau intervened, but the Superintendent was not out. Heavenly Sword Bureau and Wang Lan Li Yang once again set up a special investigation team.

In a day, all the data from the incident to the present, all the evidence is collected and reorganized. I hope to find some neglected clues that have not been found before.

“Governor Wang, Inspector Li, we brought Chen Shijie’s girlfriend.”

“Uh? Who brought you?”

“Since Chen Shijie is a spy, how should he get some information from his girlfriend? Isn’t it necessary? Let me leave without me.”

“All come here… then ask.”

In the interrogation room, Wang Lan saw a girl with a good imposing manner. Wearing a white dress with a long jumpsuit, the expression on his face is a little panic, but he can bear the calm.

A girl like this…

Wang Lan felt wrong at first sight. Such a girl can definitely reach the standard of temperament and beauty. And like this beauty, there are definitely many men pursuing.

Chen Shijie is a little handsome and talented, but his flaws are also very big. Introverted personality, boring life, not playing games or socializing. There is no eloquent mouth, no versatility and no money.

Which one can go to Zhenhua University, which is not Heaven’s Chosen Child? Chen Shijie is excellent, but not so good. Why is there such a girlfriend?

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