I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 468


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“Police officer, just ask me what you want to ask.” Looking at Wang Lan, the two of them haven’t spoken for a long time, but the beauty asked in a hurry.

“Your name is Fang Qianqian?”


“Are you Shi Chenjie’s girlfriend?”

“I just broke up with him for a week, what’s wrong?”

“Break up?” Wang Lan wondered, “Is it he offered?”

“He? It would be nice if he had this kind of bloodiness. I brought it up. But this is my private affair? What do the two police officers want to ask? Is it related to Chen Shijie? Is he in trouble?”

“Have you noticed anything wrong with Chen Shijie recently?”

“No? No, you tell me, what’s wrong with him?” Fang Qianxi suddenly stood up nervously and asked anxiously.

“Did you break up?”

“It’s my ex-boyfriend who broke up. Has he had an accident? What happened?”

“You have a deep affection for him? If I say it, it may hurt you a lot. Are you sure you want to know?”

“I am his girlfriend, I have the right to know.”

In such a short time, Fang Siqian could force herself to calm down. Wang Lan body flashed came to Fang Qianxi’s side and grabbed his hand.

“Hey? What? Do the guards play rogues?”

“Don’t call me, I’m just making sure you are a Demon Race spy.”

“Demon Race spy? Are you making a TV series?”

“You heard about what happened in Suzhou City not long ago, right? You thought this city is safe, this World is peaceful? The Demon Race spy is always by our side.” Wang Lan lightly saying star force.

If the Demon Race spy replaces the star martial artist, this move exclusion test has no effect. However, the Demon Race spy replaces the ordinary person. After the star force enters, there will be a rejection reaction and the ordinary person will not have a rejection reaction.

After the star force entered, throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, Wang Lan released Fang Qianxi’s hand.

“Sorry, it was rude just now. After our investigation, Chen Shijie should be a Demon Race spy!”

“This is impossible!” Fang Qianxi shook her head sharply, staring at Wang Lan with round eyes, “How could he be a Demon Race spy?”

“But that’s the fact, this afternoon, he killed two of our guards and disappeared. So I only found you and hope to get some clues from you to help us find him.”

“No… how could he be a Demon Race spy? He is a gentle male child, he has such a good heart, how can he be a Demon Race spy?”

“Anyone is possible…” Wang Lan lightly saying, “Even if it wasn’t before, but Demon Race will live in the body of the person like a parasite. Once it is lived, it means that the original person… Already dead.”

“How come…”

“So, I would like to ask if you have discovered Chen Shijie’s anomaly recently?”

“No! He has a very boring personality, and he rarely tells me about him. Last week he said he was going to join the Teacher’s Institute, and he said excitedly that only the most powerful scientist in Jade Country can After joining this institute, he finally proved himself. Most of the dates I usually date with me are what I said to him, and he will only listen quietly.

His life is very regular. He basically follows the teacher to do research every day, and then returns to the dorm room to make a phone call and chat with me for a while, and goes to bed around ten o’clock. Having been in love with him for more than a year, he was somewhat discouraged. Love, after all, will come when the temperature drops. “

“en? You said he said last week that he would join his Teacher’s Institute? Which Institute?”

“Is it Haotian Research Institute?”

“I don’t know, he said that the institute’s confidentiality level is very high and he can’t tell me, and he told me that when he joined the institute, he wouldn’t have more time to accompany me, so he specially invited me out to accompany me for dinner ?

he he he… It’s such a silly and lovely man. Isn’t it the same whether he goes to the institute? Even if he doesn’t go, how many times can I see him? We are obviously in a school, but we can only meet a few times a month.

I found him unwell, but he always said he was busy. I now understand what my mother said. Love can only determine the beginning of two people, but not the outcome of two people.

Started with talent, estranged, and finally flat. “

Listening to this remark, Wang Lan is lost in thought. Does Chen Shijie even want to join the Haotian Research Institute? If so, then he cannot evacuate in advance anyway.

Demon Race wants the idea of ​​time and space gems. Wang Lan knows that when the trolls did not hesitate to enter the Xingwu Academy, didn’t they just want time and space gems? As long as you join the research institute, you will have the opportunity to contact the gems of time and space, whether it is stolen secretly or inside and outside.

While sending someone to follow him is just for protection, Wang Lan has not suspected any of the Wenwen students, so eager to evacuate… is it reasonable?

If you don’t have the premise of joining the Haotian Research Institute, early evacuation is not impossible. Can you evacuate at this point? Is it too urgent?

Then if Chen Shijie is not… why did he run away? The problem is that the two brothers who protect Chen Shijie are dead.

In my mind, there is a constant echo of the pictures I saw before by the lake. There are only two brothers’ bodies by the lake, and Chen Shijie disappeared. Then it was inferred that Chen Shijie was a spy who killed two guards and fled…

Did you take it for granted? Will Chen Shijie also die?

“Young Lady Feng, you are Chen Shijie’s girlfriend, do you know who calls Chen Shijie, and Chen Shijie will leave immediately?” Wang Lan asked deliberately.

“Two people, one is his Teacher and the other is his Senior Brother Zhang Zhiliang. Sometimes I really doubt whether Chen Shijie likes me or Zhang Zhiliang. Last night, Zhang Zhiliang asked him to help him, he I ran away without saying a word. If not for that time, I would not break up with him.”

“Wait… Are you living with Chen Shijie?”

Fang Qianxi’s face appeared a blush, “Police officer, this is privacy.”

“No, I want to determine the nature of Chen Shijie. I want to know when was the last time you and Chen Shijie were in the same room?”

After seeing Fang Qianxi’s hesitation, Wang Lan explained, “I said before that I suspect Chen Shijie is a Demon Race spy. But Demon Race and our human race are not a race. They can become our human race, but absolutely not Will have a relationship with our human race. This is the gap between species…”

Speaking of this, Fang Qianxi suddenly understood, “The last time was last week, that is, the day before Court Academecian was killed.”

Wang Lan’s eyes flickered, and after a while, he stood up with a swish, “Lee Yang, let’s go to Haoyun Lake.”

The night has completely soaked the magic city, and the gorgeous city lights light up the city. A large number of police cars from Superintendent Modu whistled towards the place where the two brothers were killed.

“Head, salvage, let the brethren go down, you just wait on it.”

“Your salvage speed is too slow, I have Water Element star martial skill. My speed is fast.” Wang Lan said, slowly walking towards the lake. Wang Lan stood on the lake like a feather, and stepped on the ground as if it were not water but hard ground.

Starting the water demon, Wang Lan’s figure disappeared above the lake instantly.

Wang Lan is water in the state of the water demon. He can appear in any place where there is water. A Haoyun Lake is less than five square kilometers. If you want to let the police officer go, who will know if you want to find time that will never come .

Soon, a long stone pillar sarcophagus was discovered in the induction. Wang Lan flashed in an instant and came to the sarcophagus. There was no silt or moss on the sarcophagus, and apparently it was not long under the water.

Wang Lan grabbed the sarcophagus and rushed out of the water with a slight lift.


With a loud noise, a burst of water burst on the shore of the lake, and the guard on the shore instantly became alert and quickly spread to both sides.

With a loud bang, the sarcophagus landed violently, and the feet of the guards on the scene were slightly numb.

Boom, Wang Lan rushed out of the water and returned to the shore again. The water stains on the body seemed to fall off like a layer of gel, and there was no wet place on the clothes and hair.

“Sir Wang, this is…”

“Open it!”

Several guards quickly stepped forward and used both hands and feet, but the sarcophagus seemed to be welded together completely motionless. Wang Lan let them spread out and patted the palm on the sarcophagus.


With a crunch, the sarcophagus burst.

When the gravel was stripped off, everyone understood that this sarcophagus would be right when it could not be opened. The sarcophagus is cast as a whole, not to mention that the lid and the coffin are connected together, that is, the inside is solid.

After the rubble was cleared, there was indeed a body in the sarcophagus, and the body was Chen Shijie, whom they considered to be a spy.

“Demon Race replaces the person, the original person will be eaten or assimilated, this person will only disappear completely without leaving a body. Now the appearance of Chen Shijie’s body can only prove…”

“A good cunning Demon Race, even blame it!”

“So who is responsible for the blame? What benefits does it have for Chen Shijie?”

“Head, I remember that Fang Siqian said earlier that Chen Shijie would receive a call from two people and set off immediately. Wen Wen was already dead at that time, would that be Zhang Zhiliang?”

“It’s possible that understood from Wen Wen’s other students. Wen Wen intends to bring a student into Haotian Research Institute, all students think it is Zhang Zhiliang.

After all, Zhang Zhiliang has the longest time with Wen Wen, and his achievements are also the highest. But Fang Qianxi said that Chen Shijie might enter the institute. If Zhang Zhiliang is a spy, the motivation is obvious.

Call the brother staring at Zhang Zhiliang. What did Zhang Zhiliang do last night? “

Li Yang responded quickly, and hurried to the side to call.

After about half an hour, Li Yang came to Wang Lan again,” brothers said, Zhang Zhiliang accompanied his wife to visit Jinsheng Mall yesterday afternoon, and then had hot pot at five o’clock. During the trip, he went to the toilet About fifteen minutes, then come back to continue eating.

Zhang Zhiliang was still eating at the hotpot restaurant when Chen Shijie was killed. There should be no time to commit crimes. Zhang Zhiliang didn’t do it. “

“When is the specific time when Zhang Zhiliang goes to the toilet?”

“This…brothers don’t know. After all, the purpose of staring at Zhang Zhiliang is to protect his safety rather than monitor him, so…the monitoring level is not so strict.”

“Eating at five o’clock, did you eat halfway away or have you eaten for a long time?”

“It should be more than half an hour?”

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