I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 469


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“More than half an hour…” Wang Lan’s eyes showed thoughtful expression, “Go, go to Shengjin Shopping Mall to see.”

At this moment, it is close to ten o’clock at night, even if the magic has the saying that the city never sleeps, many shopping malls will still close at around ten o’clock. There are few people in Shengjin Shopping Center, and the cleaners have already started cleaning before closing.

A dozen of people in black uniforms suddenly rushed in, suddenly attracting a lot of attention.

The security guard looked at Wang Lan and the others’ posture incorrectly and quickly called the security manager and the mall Chief-In-Charge. As Wang Lan and the others took the elevator to the third floor, the security manager and the mall Chief-In-Charge strode forward.


“Magic Capital Heavenly Sword Bureau’s Headquarters!” Wang Lan took out his ID and handed it to the other party, their faces changed greatly.

“It’s okay, we just came to look for clues that won’t affect you.” Wang Lan said that he didn’t continue to take care of the two obviously frightened people, and walked up to the 4th floor.

The fourth floor is the gourmet restaurant, and almost all the food and beverage are on the fourth floor. The brethren confessed that before Zhang Zhiliang went to the fourth floor to eat, he and his wife had not divorced from the sight of the two brothers until Zhang Zhiliang went to the bathroom while eating.

“Are you sure this is the bathroom?”

“Okay, but not sure which number to go to.” Brother Guard was a little nervous and replied.

Wang Lan entered the bathroom, the toilet door was opened, and the inside was very clean. It should have just been cleaned by a person. Wang Lan each and everyone looked over, and finally stopped in the third bathroom.

There is an exhaust hole above the No. 3 toilet, the aperture is not large, only less than thirty centimeters. Normally, adults are simply impossible from here.

Wang Lan’s body floated slowly, came to the vent, and extended the hand touched the tile of the vent, “It’s so clean…just like I just wiped it.”

Wang Lan took out his phone and opened the map. After zooming in on the location map, the eyes flashed.

“Yes, this call should be made by Zhang Zhiliang.” Wang Lan said to Li Yang, “The straight line distance from the shared phone is only 1.2 kilometers. Fifteen minutes is enough for Zhang Zhiliang to call from here and then Successfully returned.”

“Head, then shall we arrest Zhang Zhiliang?”

“no! Don’t move first. Since you’ve already locked a target, let’s put a long line to catch big fish.” Wang Lan immediately left the Shengjin shopping mall with his men. Before leaving, he did not forget to warn some manufacturer administrators to be theirs. Never been.

Going back to the Superintendent, Wang Lan called the task force to do a task together.

“Zhang Xiao, you are responsible for sending someone to monitor Zhang Zhiliang for 24 hours. No matter where he goes, he writes down everything he does to ensure that he does not leave your sight for a second.

But at the same time you must pay attention to concealment, if there is a risk of exposure, then you would rather give up surveillance. If he has any signs of escaping, immediately notify me to arrest. “

“Ning Cheng, you are responsible for investigating all Zhang Zhiliang’s social accounts, phone calls, text messages, online chats, accessing web pages, etc. Anyway, he has contacted the outside world with everything he has participated in, and you will investigate it for me.”

“Li Yang, you are responsible for investigating Zhang Zhiliang’s interpersonal relationships.”


“Go do things.”

Wang Lan didn’t even see it. It’s almost twelve, so I just ordered it. They are all star martial artists. Where is there so squeamish? Don’t you just sleep for a few days and nights? You can’t die without sleeping.

On the 2nd day in the morning, the work went on in an orderly manner. Monitoring monitoring, monitoring monitoring, checking clues.

“Team leader, I found something.” A Heavenly Sword Bureau secret agent came to Wang Lan and said.


“He ordered two rolls of trash bags online at 5 pm yesterday.”

“Garbage bags?” Wang Lan looked at each other in surprise, “Is it suspicious to buy a trash bag online? Wait, when did you say?”

“Yesterday at five o’clock in the afternoon. At that time, the two of them were shopping at the mall. It was not convenient to buy garbage bags. Why should they buy online?”

“Yes, this move is very suspicious. Check out which shop he placed the order? Where?”

“I checked, the other store is in Modu, but where we need to go to a treasure company to retrieve their registered merchant information… I will go.”

“No, I’m coming!” Wang Lan quickly tapped on the computer, and Xiaoai, who received the instruction, acted instantly. In less than five minutes, the results of the investigation came out.

“Kongming District in the east area of ​​Modu is only three kilometers away from Haoyun Lake. Interesting… Demon Race spies are contacted through online stores.”

Finding the direction, of course everyone is going to one place, and soon the address of the online store selling life furniture is called up. They live in a certain high-end community. It is very nice to be able to own a house in the high-end community of Modu.

It’s good to do business, not to mention company executives, but one who opens an online shop and sells not cosmetics but living supplies? Nothing is appropriate.

“Look, at 5.05, the two are out…” In the video surveillance, the two hurried out and drove away. As the camera tracked, the result was that it entered the Haoyun Lake area without camera monitoring.

But from this point of view, these two people have serious suspicions. After that, he left and returned home at about six o’clock. Subsequently, Zhang Zhiliang’s order was accepted and processed for delivery.

“Team leader? Do you want to catch?”

Li Yang and all the members of the team looked at Wang Lan with eyes open. Wang Lan lowered his head and pondered. After a while, there was a decision in his heart, “Keep the New Year, catch!”

Catching two Demon Race spies naturally does not need to use the master to move the crowd. If it is not to give his men the opportunity to make merits, Wang Lan will go lighter and more neat. The entire group put on the uniform of the guard and went straight to the target community.

The target identity information has long been known to several people in Wang Lan. They live in Building 2504, Building 31. Taking the elevator and going up to the 25th floor, Wang Lan determined that there was someone in the family by perception.

“ding dong ——”

“ding dong ——”


“Community guards, household registration.”

“Sick, we are not renting a house, the house is bought…” An impatient voice sounded inside the door. Just came to the door, it didn’t have time to look through the cat’s eyes and suddenly the door shattered outside!

The body flashed of the man behind the door suddenly retreated, and before he had time to understand what was happening, Wang Lan’s figure had already deceived him in front of him and grabbed the man’s throat.

The arc flashes, without giving the man a little breathing time, and instantly subdues the man.

At this moment, a naked woman in the room hurried out. Demon Race originally thought how Wang Lan and the others should come out like this. How should he look away or close his eyes? Maybe she took it for granted, and almost instantly the expert of Heavenly Sword Bureau attacked.

Seeing that the tactics were ineffective, the woman was not loading garlic, she immediately tore off her disguise, and turned into a Demon Race spy with a height of two meters in the blink of an eye. At the moment, the male spy in Wang Lan’s hands has also shown a prototype in Wang Lan’s hands and has been blocked by Soul bead.

Wang Lan’s palm gently released and Demon Race’s body fell slowly. Demon Race’s body has not landed, Wang Lan has appeared on the side of the female Demon Race spy, and the palm has been gently pressed on the opponent’s shoulder.

“What? So fast–“

Wang Lan’s speed is beyond the imagination of a female spy. She originally thought that Wang Lan could win her companion instantly because she was surprised. After all, the few in front are only guards, not the Secret Service of Heavenly Sword Bureau.

Although he knows that there are powerhouses among the guards, where can he be stronger? As long as she is given a chance, she can snatch her companions away. Even that misjudgment, she could not escape.

The arc flashes and instantly invades the body of the female spy, blocking Soul bead of the female spy. After a few seconds, the female spy was like a dead fish companion with his companion.

“You guys hold on, I want to engrave the two of them spiritually, don’t disturb me during this period.”

Wang Lan finished, grabbed the male Demon Race spy, star force rippling all around, instantly invaded the other party’s fine Divine Consciousness Sea.

In about ten minutes, Wang Lan completed the spiritual marking of these two people.

“Okay, it seems that Zhang Zhiliang does not have to stay.” Wang Lan lightly saying.

“Team leader? Did you find the dry goods?”

“This is a complete underground spy group. There are a total of twelve people in them. They are each engaged in private online stores. Contact with Zhang Zhiliang is through online stores.

The identities of the remaining ten people have been acquired, and they can be directly caught to catch everything in one net. They are above Zhang Zhiliang, and further clues must be obtained from Zhang Zhiliang.

Zhang Xiao, you go back to Heavenly Sword Bureau and inform the Director Ming that you are ready to close the net. Li Yang, you and I will arrest Zhang Zhiliang. “


Wang Lan changed into plain clothes and came to Zhang Zhiliang’s house and knocked on the door, which was opened by Zhang Zhiliang’s girlfriend. Zhang Zhiliang’s girlfriend is a flight attendant and looks very beautiful.

The tall figure and outstanding temperament give an unspeakable appeal.

“Excuse me…”

“We are friends of Zhang Zhiliang Court Academecian, is Zhang Zhiliang at home?”

“He just went out, shall I call him?” the other party said decently, taking out his mobile phone to dial the number. But at this moment, Wang Lan suddenly attacked Zhang Zhiliang’s girlfriend.

The finger pierces the other person’s shoulder like a steel needle. The attack on the other side suddenly fell to the ground. Although he escaped Wang Lan’s broken finger, he also avoided Wang Lan’s thunderbolt seal.

Zhang Zhiliang’s girlfriend slumped on the ground for a moment, and the phone fell off elsewhere, looking towards Wang Lan’s eyes showing a deep panic.

“Whee–” At the shoulder pierced by Wang Lan’s finger, the blood was surging and the red blood was so dazzling.

“Ah–killing people–” The other person suddenly looked pale and screamed, instantly alarming the family who had just come out of the elevator.

“Don’t call it, you lived with Zhang Zhiliang for such a long time, do you think you can cheat me?” Wang Lan sneered to interrupt each other’s performance, “Demon Race is impossible and living with the human race, in Demon Race In the eyes of people, people are food. You can only live to prove that you are a Demon Race.”

The voice fell to the ground, and Wang Lan shot it again in a flash. The woman’s figure also flashed when Wang Lan started. But where her speed is Wang Lan’s opponent, Wang Lan instantly caught her head.

“Not good!”

Wang Lan complexion greatly changed, this woman wants Self-destruction. And at this time, Wang Lan was unable to stop him from being self-destructed, too late to hesitate, and star force surged all over his body.


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