I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 470


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Annihilation is an upgraded skill that breaks down everything. In the Early-Stage of Star River, Wang Lan’s star force cannot be used for three seconds. This is a powerful star martial skill that melts everything into nothingness.

While Wang Lan’s strength has reached Peak at the Star River level, it can still be disabled to support how long it will be annihilated. That is to extend the three seconds to five seconds.

At this moment, Demon Race Self-destruction has been unable to stop, here is a densely populated area. Wang Lan wanted to stop the tragedy only by using annihilation skills.

In an instant, the thick smoke of chaos rises from Wang Lan’s hands, and will instantly engulf the Demon Race spy’s head in front of him.


With a short, quick scream, Demon Race’s head was engulfed and disappeared after disappearing. Wang Lan pressed with a palm, both Demon Race’s body and her with the body’s violent star force were disappeared under annihilation.

After a few seconds, Wang Lan put away the annihilation. Feet staggered slightly under his feet, sweat on his forehead.

But the people behind them looked dumbfounded. Just a few seconds later, it felt like they were watching a horror movie. The Demon Race in front of him seemed to be eaten in half by the cloud of smoke, and there were only two dark, spiky long legs in front of Wang Lan’s eyes.

“Check, where did Zhang Zhiliang go?”


Tracing through the Heavenly Sword Bureau network, Zhang Zhiliang’s whereabouts were soon found.

“Report, Zhang Zhiliang seems to have gone to Haotian Research Institute.”

“Go!” Wang Lan went straight to Haotian Research Institute without saying anything.

In the Haotian Research Institute, Zhang Zhiliang is talking and laughing with He Yuanzhong in the office of He Yuanzhong.

“Xiao Zhang, what is the research of Haotian Research Institute, have you learned from your Teacher?”

“This… Dean He, I don’t know. I just know that the research that Teacher has assigned to us is related to energy, and most of them test the energy intensity. In the past month, we have arranged the extraction of pan-space energy waves. But the teacher has been killed before seeing it.”

“Well, what we research at Haotian Research Institute is called Space-Time Gems, which is the treasure that Demon Race uses to open the Space-Time Tunnel to invade our human race. If we can study this thoroughly, try to interfere with him, maybe Demon Race It will no longer be able to invade us. This is related to the study of the whole human life and death.”

“So powerful? It is really an honor for me to join Haotian Research Institute.”

“You are Old Wen’s proud discipline. I want to remember that his research has to continue with his discipline, so it’s only an exception to recruit you. In this institute, you have the least seniority, Remember, read more, think more, learn more, and don’t talk too much.”


“Come on, come with me, I will bring you to know experts from various institutions and fields.”

Zhang Zhiliang followed He Yuanzhong out of the office, just walked into the research area, and the opposite group came across. Zhang Zhiliang’s eyes fell on Wang Lan for a long time, and Wang Lan also walked straight.

“Wang Lan, why are you here?” He Yuanzhong stopped and asked. As soon as the words landed, He Yuanzhong’s vision suddenly changed.

At this moment, Wang Lan flew to He Yuanzhong’s side with the dance of the ghost butterfly, and took He Yuanzhong away from Zhang Zhiliang’s surroundings in an instant. From flashing to saving people, there is not even a quarter of a second.

Even if Zhang Zhiliang kept sticking to He Yuanzhong, he didn’t notice how Wang Lan saved He Yuanzhong.

“Wang Lan, what are you doing?” With such a stunned effort, He Yuanzhong was dragged away by Wang Lan, and the reflected He Yuanzhong was frowned and looked at Wang Lan with a puzzled expression.

“President He, Wang Lan saved your life…you are still angry with him?” A voice came from behind. He Yuanzhong looked frightened towards Zhang Zhiliang, and suddenly the expression on his face was replaced by fright.

Zhang Zhiliang’s skin is quickly dissipating, and a little bit becomes the Demon Race look. Cold sweat instantly overflowed from He Yuan’s forehead, and the coolness of his bones rose from behind.

Zhang Zhiliang turned out to be a Demon Race spy? And he almost invited Demon Race spy to Haotian Research Institute?

“It’s fast, really fast…” Zhang Zhiliang looked towards Wang Lan and sighed while shaking his head, “Three days, you just found me on the head in three days.

I originally speculated that even if the Superintendent and Heavenly Sword Bureau used all their strength, it would take at least one month to find me. One month was enough for me to complete the task and retire.

After knowing that you are involved in the investigation, I have overestimated you and have to advance my plan. But didn’t expect, even underestimated you. How can you… how can it be so fast?

Not good!

Wang Lan’s heart was instantly raised to his mouth, and it was too late to hesitate. The body flashed instantly flicked to Zhang Zhiliang’s chest.

“It’s too late, let’s accept the explosion–“

Wang Lan pinched a top grade Soul bead in his left hand, and Soul bead shattered instantly. The right hand suddenly burst into a thick smoke.



a light sound, as if the sound of a candle was blown out. Zhang Zhiliang bowed his head in amazement, and actually saw a thick fog quickly zoom in on his chest.

Zhang Zhiliang looked at his chest suspiciously. This thick fog of azure instantly destroyed his star force, all strength he could mobilize.

“How is it possible… Primal Chaos Qi ……”

Because the story hadn’t landed yet, Zhang Zhiliang’s entire body was swallowed by the annihilated thick fog. After removing the dense fog, there is no silhouette of the Demon Race spy in the void.

“Congratulations to the host for destroying a complete Demon Race spy team, rewarding EXP 50,000 and skill points 5,000…”

The reminder in my head sounded, and Wang Lan smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth. The brothers who wanted to come to Heavenly Sword Bureau also got the job done.

It’s a shame not to catch Zhang Zhiliang alive and dig out the spy behind Zhang Zhiliang. He Yuanzhong is too close to Zhang Zhiliang. Even if Wang Lan can meet Zhang Zhiliang in an instant, he cannot guarantee that He Yuanzhong will not be hurt.

At the time, the positions of Zhang Zhiliang and He Yuanzhong were obviously taken as hostages.

However, this step has been counted as a period, although this period is not perfect.

After returning from Haotian Research Institute, Wang Lan immediately reported to Elder Di.

“The previous director of the case has been understood. We got the latest information from Chen Shijie’s girlfriend, and we suspected that Chen Shijie might not be a Demon Race spy.

With the idea of ​​giving it a try, we salvaged Haoyun Lake. Sure enough, instead of escaping, Chen Shijie was killed and killed at the bottom of the lake. Since Chen Shijie is not a Demon Race spy, the person who called Chen Shijie must be.

So we locked in to Chen Shijie’s First Senior Brother Zhang Zhiliang, and through Zhang Zhiliang involved a complete Demon Race spy Wang Lan, a total of 14 people. “

“I knew it would never be wrong for you to leave such things to you. You will never let me down.” Elder Di listened to Wang Lan’s report, and he was relieved.

“Then Elder Di, can I close the case?”

“Yes! By the way, don’t run around lately, I will send you to White Eagle nation in two days.”

“White Eagle nation? Why?”

“Establish space-time gemstones to White Eagle nation for quantum collision test.”

“Aren’t you going to the Kingdom of God?”

“The Wisdom Bishop of the Kingdom of God and Professor Dai are good friends. Now that Professor Dai has been killed, the Kingdom of God may not agree to our request. And the Kingdom of God is not one of the five permanents of the United Nations. There will be a little time and space gems shipped in the past. Hidden. And Qian Shihua has a relationship with the White Eagle nation, and applied for the opportunity to go to White Eagle nation to try again.”

“Well…I remember Imperial Capital still has a quantum collider? Why not test it so far in China…”

“You don’t know how to account. The cost of a collider is tens of billions of dollars. It will be scrapped after a collision. Are you the ordinary people’s money?” Elder Di looked at Wang helplessly. Lan said with a smile.

“Do you know the White Eagle nation?”

“This will let them know?”

Looking at the old fox smile on Elder Di’s face, Wang Lan solemnly raised a thumb, “President, you are really stable!”

Farewell to Elder Di, Wang Lan returned to his home in Phoenix Plaza. That night, a piece of news suddenly jumped out of the shock.

“The latest hot news report, just now that Modu Superintendent and Modu Heavenly Sword Bureau released the latest announcement, the professor of Zhenhua University, which caused the indignation of the people three days ago, was killed, and then the Demon Emperor Engineering Academy Honorary Professor was killed. The investigation results of the incident in the dormitory have been announced.

The murderer who killed the two professors Scholar was a spy who was hiding in the Demon Race in the magic capital. Because Professor Wen Wen’s research has made a tremendous contribution to our human civilization, this is what the Demon Race spy does not want to see.

Fortunately, Wang Lan, a senior student of Demon Capital Star Martial collage, Wang Lan University, known as the Demon Race spy buster, personally set up a task force to investigate and arrest the Demon Race spy team within three days to kill the Demon Race spy Fourteen people, so that the two scientists were able to settle their grievances…”

Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu were eating when they heard the news, and the two of them were shocked.

What is the situation?

According to the past practice, Wang Lan’s cracked Demon Race spy case will be largely skipped, and even some reports will not have the shadow of Wang Lan.

Which is like this time, even Wang Lan’s name was directly exposed, and even all the major event pieces that Wang Lan had cracked before were even factored out.

What is this for? What about the level of confidentiality? Did you feed the dog?

Wang Lan subconsciously picked up the phone and dialed the number of the night, and the phone was on the street, and the laughter of the night was understood.

“hahaha…I knew that you brat couldn’t sit still, I would call for the first time to ask. It’s just didn’t expect you didn’t look for Elder Di, even the first one came to me.”

“There must be a reason for this, so there is no need to question it. It is convenient for you to know what the situation is.”

“What’s the situation? Remember the director told you before, are you the dark sword of the country?”

“Remember, then?”

“The dark sword is buried deep, only to see the blood out of the sheath. In the future, the dark sword should be sheathed. Wang Lan, you have grown up, 5 Emperors are old, the country needs to open a new era, people A new hero is needed. And you, just!

Furthermore, you have killed the bird of paradise Sony, and your name is already heard among the birds of paradise and Demon Race spy. Now that the enemy knows you, it’s no fun hiding you there.

From now on, you are the new Guardian God of Jade Country, War God! This is the meaning of number one. “

“Understood!” Wang Lan complied lightly.

“Hey? So calm? Shouldn’t you roar towards the sky and express your grand words?”

“Maybe there were two years ago, but now… people who have died once, how can they still be in the second year. Be prepared!”

“Be ready at all times!” The opposite opposite night said deeply, and the two hang up the phone in tacit agreement.

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