I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 471


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As soon as the announcement was issued, a thousand waves were shocked.

The world of star martial artist is mysterious to ordinary people. star martial artist is powerful, yet distant. For the ordinary person, the world is safe and the Jade Country is peaceful.

Even if you sometimes calm down and think about it, disaster, death, sin, and destruction have always been around them, but they would rather not admit it.

I don’t believe it because I haven’t seen it on the Internet.

But not long ago, the turmoil that occurred in the Skyland completely shocked the world. The skyscraper was blown to the ground, hundreds of tourists were killed, and the incident characterized as a terrorist attack woke everyone from self-paralysis.

This World is not safe. More than a year ago, the magic capital warned that the city could use exercises as an excuse. The explosion in the east seabed can be said to be a naval exercise. The skyscrapers of this time turned into ruins. Hundreds of thousands of surviving tourists can’t say it’s just exercises after seeing it.

During the people’s questioning, the Jade Country government frankly admitted that it was the Demon Race spy, and frankly war could come over us at any time.

Although this has deepened people’s worries and fears, it has also increased their understanding and recognition of the government. But as it is now, the announcement of the destruction of the Demon Race spy is directly released to let the people of the whole country know that it is indeed the first time that it is unprecedented.

“It should have been so frank, we are not a child. We can understand what the country does. Why should we hide us like a child…”

“But there are a lot of stupid people on the Internet who are not as good as children.”

“Wang Lan… This name is a bit familiar, I always feel like I heard it before.”

“It’s awesome to ask this person upstairs. It’s been only two years since I did so many major events? Was he the only one in the Skyland War last month?”

“Fuck, wasn’t this Jiang Wang the Wang Lan who was the strongest senior high school student in history two years ago?”

“Hey, isn’t this the Wolf King of Provincial grade martial gathering?”

“It’s him! The pride of Dajiang!”

“From today on, you are a wolf god and will always be a god!”

“Last year, the Demon Race army was stopped… Did the Wolf God save the Sky Blue Star?”

“Look at this resume, in 2020, the Wolf God defeated the ancient trolls that had been sleeping for 3000 years… I was a little impressed with this matter. At that time, the Demon Capital Star Martial collage was rebuilding after the disaster.”

“Really, is the announcement so brief? Can’t you give a detailed introduction to what happened, just such a headline? You don’t say that I really don’t know how many major events have happened before.”

In addition to the comments below the official announcement, Toutiao Hot Search immediately followed up. At a glance, the top four or five of the top ten are all related to Wang Lan.

“The birth of the new god of Jade Country, the strongest king of the younger generation.”

“The youngest university in history.”

“The man known as the Demon Race nemesis.”

Looking at these hot searches, it is said that there is no Heavenly Sword Bureau and Flame Emperor in the background, and Wang Lan is not convinced of his death.

Wang Lan realized that something was wrong and immediately went to the study, turned on the computer and let Xiao Ai out. The world-wide network is basically a fake for Xiao Ai. As long as Xiao Ai is willing, in addition to the national security agencies with very high security levels, most network firewalls cannot block Xiao Ai.

After spending a whole night, Wang Lan’s computer desk has piled up full of printed documents, the most about Qian Shihua.

Qian Shihua is a well-known scientist in the White Eagle nation. The students he brought out all held important positions in the high-end scientific research field of the White Eagle nation. It can be said that his position in the White Eagle nation scientific community is one of the best.

But just half a year ago, Qian Shihua suddenly decided to return to China for development.

This decision was packaged as Qian Shihua gave up the excellent conditions of the White Eagle nation and decided to return to China to contribute to the motherland’s scientific research. But looking at Qian Shihua’s previous remarks and actions, this decision seemed so abrupt.

Although Qian Shihua has always said in public that Jade Country is a great country and his beloved motherland, sooner or later he will fall back to the roots, and has said many times that he does not regret entering China.

But after he went abroad to study, Qian Shihua not at all proved his patriotism with action. In the new millennium, among the talents who responded to the call of the motherland to build the country, not at all Qian Shihua’s silhouette.

Jade Country’s scientific achievements over the years have no credit for Qian Shihua. In the past two decades, Qian Shihua has been enjoying his status and glory in the White Eagle nation in addition to the beautiful words.

Jade Country reporter once asked him when he planned to return to China for development, and Qian Shihua just answered the question. So there were a lot of ridicules about him at the time, don’t ask, the question is I love the motherland.

Qian Shihua’s scientific community is highly sought after. But in the mind of Jade Country younger generation it is like that. It’s not an accusation of moral kidnapping, just think, this person, is a scientist at World Peak? But what does it have to do with Jade Country? He is not from Jade Country.

But half a year ago, Qian Shihua was determined to return home quickly? This decision was very sudden to Wang Lan.

“Do you want a cup of coffee?” Jiang Xinyu came to Wang Lan and asked gently.

“No, I feel good.” Wang Lan said, sorting out the materials in front of him.

“Why, there is a problem with Qian Shihua?”

“He is likely to be a spy on the White Eagle nation side. The space-time gems may not be returned to the White Eagle nation.”

“Space Time Gems? What’s that?” Jiang Xinyu asked doubtfully.

“That is something that can open the door of Demon Realm. It is the Demon Race that stays in our world. Because of the time and space gems, Demon Race can open the door of Demon Realm again and again to invade us.

The gems of time and space were obtained during my mission in the kingdom of Bing Xue. The level of secrecy is very high. It’s normal for you not to know… I’m going to find Elder Di. “

“Let’s go together, it’s time for school.” Jiang Xinyu responded casually, turned and went out to change clothes.

He came to the Academy with Jiang Xinyu, and Wang Lan immediately went to the Dean’s office. Although Elder Di was hurt very badly in the last war, Elder Di still has to go to school before seven every day. Perhaps, just for the sake of the bottom of my heart.

“Principal, are you there?”

“Come in, Wang Lan, came here so early? Didn’t you give you two days off?”

“Elder Di, the space-time gem cannot go to the White Eagle nation.” Wang Lan said straight away, “Once you go to the White Eagle nation, the space-time gem may not come back.”

“he he he…” Elder Di smiled like an old fox when he heard Wang Lan’s words, “What else do I have to do… Do you think the secret of the space-time gem White Eagle nation will not know?”

We share the information of space-time gems with the World Security Committee of the United Nations without reservation. As one of the five permanent members of the United Nations, White Eagle nation also understands the existence of space-time gems.

At that time, our five nations jointly discussed that the five nations took turns to study space-time gemstones for a year. We have been studying for more than a year, and we have reached a point where we cannot hold it back. The White Eagle nation has been protesting for the past six months, and we have violated the alliance agreement. So even if there is no quantum collision test, space-time gems will be handed over to White Eagle nation next month for them to study for one year and then the North Bear nation. “

“Elder Di, aren’t you afraid that White Eagle nation will mess up?”

“Dare they? Open the door of Demon Realm, and it is the entire human race that is threatened. We are worried about them coming in disorder, and they are still worried about us coming in disorder. On the treatment of time and space gems, our position is consistent with White Eagle nation. Of.”

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