I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 472


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“Since this is the case, why did they arrange for Qian Shihua to come to Jade Country?” Wang Lan said, taking out the materials compiled last night and putting them in front of Elder Di.

“Although Qian Shihua keeps on thinking about the motherland, he has different words and deeds. He made that many contributions for the White Eagle nation but did nothing for Jade Country.

Is White Eagle nation restraining him? No! This is my investigation of all the remarks in the past two decades and the trends in recent years. Many documents are confidential. A month before he proposed to return to China, he did not reveal any signs of going back to China for development. We returned home so suddenly, are we not alert? “

Elder Di put on his glasses and looked towards Wang Lan’s information. Looking at it, Elder Di’s face suddenly darkened.

“Where are you from?”

“I found it on the Internet.”

“Null talk, can I find other people’s meeting minutes on the Internet? Can I find Qian Shihua’s scientific research plan and schedule for this level scientist?”

“Although these materials are not available to ordinary persons, it shouldn’t be too difficult for the agents of Jade Country? Qian Shihua’s return to China was determined temporarily, and it was not after his careful consideration as he said.

What is a wish for twenty years? If he wants to come back, he will be back long ago. From this point of view, his motivation for returning is not pure. “

“But there is really no reason for White Eagle nation to give up their thoughts for the time and space gems that should have been sent to them. Or, Qian Shihua returned to China to steal our research?”

“Elder Di, although it is possible, but… Qian Shihua is just a Scholar, it seems that the professional is not right? I originally thought that the White Eagle nation wanted to obtain space-time gems, but it was no problem through Qian Shihua, But if it’s not for the acquisition of space-time gems, the live money Shihua that obtained the information seems to be inadequate… By the way, how did you decide to go to the White Eagle nation for a collision test?”

“It was already negotiated with the Kingdom of God, but Professor Dai was killed, and the conditions of the Kingdom of God increased. But these conditions are also within reasonable limits, and even proposed to send the Paladin corps Come escort.

But it happened that Qian Shihua was here. He said that anyway, the space-time gemstone would be sent to White Eagle nation soon. Why not experiment with White Eagle nation? Then he contacted White Eagle nation, and White Eagle nation immediately gave a consent reply. “

“When do you agree?”

“The space-time gem arrives at White Eagle nation immediately.”

“Next month?”

“Yes, is there any problem?” Elder Di stared at Wang Lan solemnly, with his knowledge of Wang Lan, Wang Lan would not be entangled in such unimportant issues. Tangled, then this question must be very important.

“Since this is the case, why there is no test task of this time on the collider work schedule in the next three months? Even if the content of the task is confidential, why should there be a record arrangement for Jade Country to request the test?”

Elder Di looked at the data pointed out by Wang Lan, and his brows were even tighter.

“It is indeed unreasonable, unless the White Eagle nation does not even know to conduct a quantum collision test? If so, then Qian Shihua is indeed very suspicious. But what is his purpose? In order to transport the space-time gem to White Eagle nation? No, the space-time gems would have been shipped to White Eagle nation, Qian Shihua had no reason to do so.”

“Originally Qian Shihua really had no reason to do this, but Elder Di’s words made me guess another possibility.” Wang Lan frowned, “If there is no Qian Shihua’s contact, the space-time gem will immediately Go to White Eagle nation?”

“No, since the Kingdom of God has already agreed, we should first go to the Kingdom of God for testing, and then consider whether to send it to the White Eagle nation based on the test results. After all, the death of Wen Wen Court Academecian has proved his The research direction may be what Demon Race is afraid of.”

“So the purpose of Qian Shihua is not to send the space-time gem to the White Eagle nation, but to the White Eagle nation before the second collision test… why?” Wang Lan’s eyes flashed.

“Spacetime gems cannot be put into space equipment, even my void objects, which makes it difficult for Demon Race to transport spacetime gems out of Jade Country even if they snatched spacetime gems.

What if… someone robs Time and Space Gems while escorting to White Eagle nation? “

Speaking of which, Elder Di’s body shook slightly, and Wang Lan was full of surprise when he looked up.

“Even if we use all means to keep the plane of the aircraft secret, the departure time… but can we bypass Qian Shihua, which was originally one of the Chief-In-Charge in this mission?

And one of the most important points, Jade Country’s journey to the Kingdom of God is not only a plane, but also ground car and ground train. Access to White Eagle nation is limited to planes and boats.

After the Sony attack on the plane, I think our first choice for transporting space-time gems is to go by land? “

Wang Lan’s general analysis is like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies, but he can justify himself.

“So you doubt…”

“That Qian Shihua has a problem! Whether he is a spy of Demon Race or instructed by White Eagle nation, he should be controlled.”

“I called and asked him to come to the Academy.” Elder Di made a call immediately.

In less than an hour, the door of Elder Di’s office was knocked.

“da da da ——”

“Come in.”

“Elder Di, do you call me?”

“How is the preparation for the White Eagle nation completed?” Elder Di asked with a smile.

“It’s almost the same, what did you tell me to come over here?”

“This is Wang Lan, responsible for the safety escort of space-time gems.”

Wang Lan came to Qian Shihua and extended the hand. “This time I went abroad, I also asked Qian Court Academecian to take care of me. I have never been to White Eagle nation. When the time comes, I hope Qian Court Academecian can take me. “

Qian Shihua smiled on her face, “This is the way it should be.” The hand and Wang Lan will be released after a light touch, but this time, Qian Shihua did not have the same touch as last time, It was caught by Wang Lan.

Qian Shihua’s complexion suddenly changed.

“Last time, Qian Qian Court Academecian shook hands with me just a moment, and I thought Qian Qian Court Academecian was too arrogant. It seems that Qian Qian Court Academecian is afraid that I will discover your secret.”

“What does Wang Xiao mean? What secrets do I have?”

“Your secret is…you are not human at all!”

“Boom–” There was a loud noise and a cloud of smoke exploded in front of Wang Lan.

Wang Lan shot in an instant and grabbed Qian Shihua. However, the strength of Qian Shihua exceeded any Demon Race spy encountered by Wang Lan, and even avoided Wang Lan’s control in an instant.

Between fireworks and calcium carbide, Qian Shihua instantly rushed to Elder Di and wanted to control Elder Di.

An afterimage was like a ghost, grabbing the denuded cheek, and Elder Di still looked at the scene with a smile on his face. A ghost butterfly incited the wings to appear, and instantly, Wang Lan appeared.

The Soul Cleaver has been unsheathed, and the knife is transformed into a streamer to cut the illusory shadow.


Qian Shihua’s body suddenly retreated, and instantly retreated to the corner of the office. At the moment, Qian Shihua has already turned into a Demon Race. A diagonal wound appeared on Qian Shihua’s chest.

Although Fang Cai’s fight was only an instant, he has exchanged at least ten moves. Wang Lan left Qian Shihua a heavy blow, but Qian Shihua didn’t touch Wang Lan’s clothes.

“Originally thought that we have overestimated your strength. Didn’t expect your strength to be really so strong… Your strength should be no less than that of the superhero of White Eagle nation.

However, you should not blaspheme for time and space gems, this is the sacred relic of our Divine Race! When you unravel the secrets of time and space gems, it is the day when our Divine Race comes, bear the anger of Divine Race. “

In the White Eagle nation, the strongest battle strength is called the Hero Club, and the Hero Club gathers the strongest heroes of the White Eagle nation. The titled powerhouse level is called superhero.

Qian Shihua touched the wound on the chest, and the wound healed quickly. But what if the wound heals quickly? This is Demon Capital Star Martial collage, and Wang Lan’s strength is so outstanding. What’s more terrible is that Wang Lan has locked him dead.

“There are so many nonsense.” At the moment when Wang Lan’s voice came to mind, body flashed was already disappeared. The black butterfly explodes, and the twinkling black butterfly dances in Elder Di’s office. Qian Shihua’s body also disappeared in an instant, avoiding the appearance of Wang Lan appear and disappear unpredictably by moving quickly.


Suddenly, a loud noise rang from the window, and the great joy on Qian Shihua’s face came to him. This is the usual routine of the White Eagle nation. If the brethren are unable to break free from the strong enemy, they will create chaos in the vicinity. The heroes of White Eagle nation have some personal heroism, it is easy to let go of the enemies in front of them in order to save innocent people.

Taking advantage of this loud noise, Qian Shihua instantly broke through the glass and fled towards the sky.

“Damn it, I will never come to Jade Country next time. The mess left by the waste from Jade Country, why should I wipe it?”

In the moment of “Void Purple Eyes–“, the purple rays of light in Wang Lan’s eyes skyrocketed.

Qian Shihua flew in the sky, and the surrounding space felt as if it were fixed. Looking back stiffly, I wanted to see what happened.

The one who entered the field of vision was a terrifying arrow gathered at Wang Lan’s fingertips.


The arrows turned into streamers and came to Qian Shihua in the blink of an eye. No matter what kind of evasion Qian Shihua made, the arrow fiercely pierced Qian Shihua’s chest.

One arrow pierced the chest, and crazy energy raged on Qian Shihua’s chest.


In the sky, a dazzling white light flashed passed away, and in an instant there was a clear sky ten thousand li.

It seems that Demon Race, which caused chaos for Qian Shihua not far below the ground, also chose the wrong place. Even knowing that this is one of the strongest Academy in Jade Country is not aware of what this strongest is.

In short, any one who sweeps the street may be a powerhouse in the Star River environment. Any young and lovely student may be able to punch a terrifying existence of a lower Demon Race.

Almost at the moment when the destruction began, the students who came from all corners were already swarming up. Within one minute, more than a dozen Demon Races sent to create chaos were all suppressed.

Looking at the body on the ground, a student union officer pats the palm. “I don’t know what happened to these Demon Races. Was it given a self-imposed order? How could you think of coming to Academy to make trouble?”

“Looking at their posture seems to create chaos…”

“Dare to come to Xingwu Academy to create chaos with this strength? As long as their leader still has a little reason, it will definitely not give this order.

Forget it, for the sake of giving them away for thousands of miles, bury it. “

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