I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 473


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“Break the Demon Race’s conspiracy, reward EXP 50,000, and skill points 2,000.” System reminder sounded in my mind. I am afraid that this matter alone is not worth the profit. Most of it may be provided by Qian Shihua, a powerful Demon Race.

Demon Race’s conspiracy just gave Jade Country a reason not to ship the space-time gems abroad. Even if the White Eagle nation is to blame, at least the space-time gem is still safe in Jade Country, who knows what will happen to White Eagle nation?

A White Eagle nation national idol scientist is a spy of the Demon Race, and it is worrying how much is hidden inside the White Eagle nation. Who knows if White Eagle nation can protect the space-time gems?

And these are things that diplomats are going to whisper. Wang Lan retired after resolving the matter.

The junior year’s studies are mainly in actual combat internships, and the theory of the study is almost the same.

There is no special case, scouting space is an internship place where you must punch in. Even the top talented students who graduated from the four major Xingwu Academy still need to go to the scouting space.

But the same goes to the scouting space, the department where it is located is definitely different.

For an analogy, if the scouting space is a construction site, the students of the four major Xingwu Academy must be recruited by the real estate developer, and the scouting space is also in the upper middle of the right.

And those Scouting legion and so on are similar to migrant workers, they just accept the task entrusted above, and then execute. The scouting space speaks with its strength, and if it performs well, it can also be fetched by the scouting space command to get a regular establishment.

But 90% of star martial artists belong to Scouting legion. It can be seen that a team of ten can also play the name of the scouting group.

In October, Wang Lan, like most of his classmates, was assigned by the Academy to intern in the five scouting spaces. Wang Lan used point relationships to assign Jiang Xinyu and him to the same scouting space.

Yunhai scouting space, located southwest of Jade Country and westward in Shuzhou. This scouting space has the most complex landforms of the five scouting spaces. It is not just a scouting space, but also the gate of Jade Country.

Yunhai Province, close to the Golden Triangle, borders many neighboring East Asian countries. The folk customs are tough and the society is complex. But because Yunhai stationed a large number of star martial artists, Yunhai’s law and order has been pretty good all these years.

“Head of the King! This is the latest command of the headquarters.” A Nebula star martial artist in camouflage suit hurried to Wang Lan and sent the military command to Wang Lan after saluting.

“Advance to the west by one hundred kilometers, to guard the cold ice cliff?” Wang Lan looked at his thoughts, and then nodded to put away the task order. “The command is really great generosity.”

“Head, one hundred kilometers, is it enough to run for a long time?”

The star martial artist in front of me is Zhou Jianfei. Because his skin is really dark, and black skin watermelon. Although the skin is dark, the character is very gentle.

Heipi showed a simple smile, looked towards Wang Lan’s eyes full of worship and trust.

Wang Lan came to Yunhai for an internship three months ago. Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu were assigned to the most difficult southwest region. This area was called Barbarian Desolate Land by Yunhai scouting people.

The monsters here are fierce and powerful, but the number of monsters is not large. There is no other way to form tribes in groups. Coupled with the complex and changeable terrain, it forms a battlefield that is very suitable for fighting with beasts.

In the past, star martial artists stationed here did not dare to sleep with their eyes closed. No one knows if there will be a beast licking your face quietly while asleep.

Wang Lan came to at first and did not tell himself that he was an intern at Xingwu Academy, but said that the new star martial artist was assigned to this scouting group.

At first, Black Leather, like most star martial artists, thought it was a tow oil bottle. Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu have always been doing logistic work as they guessed, and are familiar with the life of scouting space.

Until another time, a scouting regiment that went out for hunting encountered an ambush of a powerful foreign animal, and only returned three people, two of whom were seriously injured and almost incurable. Wang Lan only exposed the identity of medical star martial artist.

Which is not an experienced and knowledgeable star martial artist, including black leather? But no one has seen such a powerful medical star martial skill. In less than ten seconds, two half-dead people were full of blood and resurrected.

Heipi can’t forget the shock at that time. I thought it was a baby soldier who dragged the oil bottle, but it turned out to be a baby. Wang Lan’s status was instantly as the tide rises, the boat floats, and was recruited by the scouting regiment branch with a staff size of 500, especially as the head of the medical regiment. In fact, the so-called medical team is Wang Lan alone, and Jiang Xinyu is two.

But the shock that Wang Lan gave them did not stop at all.

2nd day, 3rd day, the star martial artist who went out to investigate suddenly realized a problem that they hadn’t encountered a strange animal attack for three days. Not to mention the attack, there is no shadow of the beast.

There are only two cases of this anomaly. Either the beast left and went to a new place. Either the beast hides and intends to give the camp a ruthless one. While everyone was wondering where the beast was going, one night a Scouting legion got lost in the complicated terrain and accidentally walked in the opposite direction of the camp.

After being disturbed by the fighting in the distance, the team decided to quietly follow the past to see what happened. It doesn’t matter at all, it scared the small scouting team to a pale face.

Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu were stuck at the mouth of a canyon and brushed densely packed beasts outside the valley. A martial skill comes down, and a big piece of death. The efficiency of the massacre, the scouting regiment who watched was a bit unbearable.

After watching it for a while, the scouting regiment retreated quietly. In just half an hour, at least fifty or sixty thousand beasts were killed by Wang Lan. This is no wonder that the beasts in the mouth of the canyon have disappeared. Wang Lan has already brushed the copy outside the valley, and the monsters in the valley still have a way to live.

At this time, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu returned to the camp, and the entire scouting group was waiting outside the camp.

Wang Lan was naturally expected, how could the scouting team approached Wang Lan’s perception? Wang Lan did not want to hide from other people. The main thing is that the levels are too different to play together. Since the scouting groups in the camp are understood, you know, it doesn’t matter.

Wang Lan did not intend to play the pig to eat the tiger, nor was he the kind of person who likes to play hard. Just because the relationship between the scouting groups is more complicated than he imagined, especially the remote scouting space in Yunhai is particularly serious.

Although they belong to the same scouting space and take orders from one headquarters, the scouting groups are like the gangs in the wuxia novel. While destroying the beasts and guarding the scouting space, they are also intrigued by each other.

There are dozens of camps scattered throughout the wild area, and each camp has a dozen star martial artist groups belonging to different camps. They hugged tightly together to seize their own interests and stared at the meat in others’ mouths like wolves.

In this area, there are daily tasks like snowflakes coming over. Some of these tasks are simple, dangerous, some have little gains, and some are simple but have many gains.

Not only do you have to recognize your own tasks, but you must also compete with other scouting groups for fancy tasks. If necessary, you must use military force to solve them.

star martial artist is naturally a soldier, and the militant character is engraved in the bones at the moment of awakening. Once Wang Lan had heard that in heterosexual space, some scouting groups would hunt other scouting groups. Although this kind of behavior of eating one’s own countrymen is rare, it also exists objectively.

As long as there are interests, there will be disputes, and it is normal for someone in the scouting space, which lacks legal constraints, to take risks for the sake of interests.

Because of this, Wang Lan was out of tune with them when he first came. Unlike the scouting space support in the East China Sea that time, because there were acquaintances and only one scouting group belonged to one team, Wang Lan almost integrated into it almost immediately.

The head of the scouting camp personally invited Wang Lan into the office. This was the first time that he officially asked Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu for their identities. Upon learning that Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu were both students of Demon Capital Star Martial collage, both of whom were Star River peak cultivation bases, the first response of the head of the delegation was to send these two guys away.

He is also a Star River Realm Peak cultivation base. What are your special two Star River Realm Peak? And the leader himself knew that he was in his 40s, and his life would be over. But both of them are students of Demon Capital Star Martial collage. According to the rumors of the four major Academy of Stars, the breakthrough Star Sea environment is 80%.

Even if you can’t break through in school, you can definitely break through after a few years of practice.

Fortunately, the leader was still a little determined. The impulse was suppressed after struggling a few times. It seems that the intern student is going to return to school when the internship expires?

After that, Wang Lan was organized into a regular battle sequence by the regiment leader, and Wang Lan and the two of them were absolutely unconstrained. Anyway, you two love to play as much as you like. If you want to participate in the task, you can participate.

That’s it, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu only gradually joined the group. Incorporating into a group is not something you can integrate into, at this time the process of mutual acceptance.

Because of the joining of Wang Lan, Legion, the scouting person of the green maple, harvested the difficult tasks, such as going to the chaotic fog to investigate, destroying a strange animal tribe, and rescue the trapped scouting group.

These tasks were originally tasks that required several large scouting teams to complete. Qingfeng Scouting legion was on hand and the tasks were completed quickly and beautifully.

For a time, Qingfeng Scouting legion became famous, but also caused the surrounding large Scouting legion to be surprised. After understanding the reason, each and everyone envyed and jealous. What’s more, he went to the command headquarters. Qingfeng Scouting legion was too open for plug-in. Seriously stated that it was not allowed to take out Wang Lan Jiang Xinyu when grabbing the task.

In three months, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu’s days are still easy. For others, the southwestern region of Barbarian Desolate Land is a quiet place for Wang Lan and others.

Even the brutal and brutal beasts in the eyes of others are cute and docile in their eyes. At least Wang Lan tried to stand still, a beast broke his teeth and whimpered away.

Later, I ran into the murderous scouting team, puci, and a nice reunion with its clansman.

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