I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 474


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In the eyes of outsiders, Wang Lan is the act of grinding foreign workers. You obviously can do a lot, why only one point? Of course, Wang Lan can work very hard, and it is not a matter of pushing a person 100 kilometers even with Wang Lan reaching the titled powerhouse.

However, the rivers and mountains that were laid down must be guarded, even if one hundred kilometers are advanced, what if there is no one to guard? In the scouting space, there are also several titled powerhouses of the headquarters. Why are they only responsible for unexpected tasks and not scouting and defending the city?

The reason is that if the scouting space can only be guarded by the powerhouse, then the scouting space will become the powerhouse’s cage.

In three months, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu only cooperated with the overall layout of the headquarters. It seemed to be fighting one shot at a time, but they were actually preparing for a large-scale battle.

Ordinary scouting people can’t see it, only Old Fox, who has been in the scouting space for a long time, or Wang Lan, a realm to a certain extent, can see it.

Wang Lan took the task and returned to the rear camp. Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu have a separate building in the rear camp. Anyway, it is made with Earth Element and Wood Element star martial skill, how much.

Entering the room, Jiang Xinyu is kneeling on the bed, the star force around him is constantly surging, and the two star forces of different attributes are blending.

Jiang Xinyu cultivated the third attribute fire after breaking through the Star River. She has already mastered the martial skill of compound star. Now she is trying a deeper fusion of star force.

Taking advantage of the current Star River level Peak to integrate the star force into cultivation, you can start higher when you reach the Star Sea level. Hearing the movement, Jiang Xinyu slowly opened his eyes.

“Returned so early today?”

“Well, the command has a mission.”


“Hundred regiment battles! A battle campaign is to be carried out in the southwestern region, chasing the fog of chaos a hundred kilometers back.”

“That’s a big move, can you earn a lot of points by participating in this action? Blessed students are internships.”

“We do not lack points, but it is also interesting to be able to participate in such a big operation. Tomorrow morning at the command post, the head of the team will arrange the task.”

2nd day Early in the morning, the heads of the branch of Legion Scouting Legion gathered at the command post. The whole Legion Scouting Legion had only three powerhouses above the Star River level. This still counts Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu. To remove the two of them, then the head of the head of a single seedling.

“You, the 100-team joint operation will officially start this afternoon, but Legion, our green maple scouting, will take a step earlier than the other brother Legion, and will rush to the ice cliff before the start of the main attack this afternoon. Beasts outside the cliff heard movement coming.

For this operation, our mission is of utmost importance, which is the trust that the command has placed in us. Because Leader Wang and Vice Chairman Jiang have been in town for a few months, Legion, our green maple scouting, has become famous.

However, you guys have heard Laozi clearly. Don’t think that there are two heads of the king who will eat and wait for you to sit back and enjoy their success. Leader Wang, they came for an internship and will leave sooner or later. Don’t let Commander Wang earn a face for us, though they will lose it after they leave.

The snow monsters outside the ice cliff even have the Nebula realm cultivation base, and the Star River realm is not a small one. This is a huge challenge for us.

You guys have mixed with Laozi for at least 7-8 years, and they all gave me a little bit of progress. Guo Xiao, how long has your card Nebula Peak been? Almost a year has not broken yet? And Su Lai, you have been stuck for half a year.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, you two gave me the breakthrough Star River environment.

Commander Wang, this battle is very dangerous. “

“No problem.”

“Okay, go back and bring your own team ready to go.”


After a quarter of an hour, 500 fully armed Scouting legions are ready to go. In the past few months, because Legion, the breeze scouting person, like the sun at high noon, there are more scouting people who have come here to join. In just three months, it has grown from more than 300 people to 500 now.

Qingfeng Scouting legion was killed all the way, rushing deep into the southwest route. Their movements naturally attracted the attention of other Legion, and the silhouettes of Qingfeng Scouting legion going away showed their envious eyes.

“Being ahead of time is another big point task.”

“This mission is to be completed, I am afraid that Qingfeng Legion will be included by the headquarters. Why didn’t Wang Lan be sent to our Legion internship? There are people on this Qingfeng.”

All the way to the west, the movements of so many people in groups will naturally disturb the beasts in the space. Although most of the beasts in the southwest are lone rangers, they are also mosquitoes.

Normally, I don’t disturb each other, but once there is a star martial artist, they will come in like bloody mosquitoes. The greater the number of star martial artists gathered, the more exotic animals that come together.

Soon, dozens of dragon-like beasts appeared in front of everyone. This beast is the Fire Attribute, and the thick tail behind it occasionally ignites flames.

The velociraptor has wind-like running speed, and their claws are not as short as the real velociraptors but have sharp claw knives. The hardened skin is immune to most sword attacks, and the terrifying tail can easily break stones.

Meeting with the Raptors, the team immediately stopped.

“Guo Xiao, Su Lai, hand it to you.” Duan Qingfeng lightly shouted.


The two teams rushed out of the crowd in an instant and rushed towards the raging Dragon Race group. If it is not that the difference in strength is too great, Wang Lan will generally not help. Interfere at most at critical times to ensure that no one will die.

While Wang Lan is powerful, he is just the strength of his head. Only these star martial artists are the real cornerstones. The cornerstones need thousands of hammers, hundred refinements to be successful.

The two teams are only more than 20 people, but the opposite velociraptor has 40-50 heads, and there is no advantage in terms of individual ability or number. However, Scouting legion has tactics and cooperation, which is the biggest reliance that the scouting group can survive in the different space.

In an instant, the two pairs of star martial artists separated. Except for the two branch heads who remained on the front, the rest of the team members were all roundabout. Raptor roar warned against the star martial artist who had been copied.


Once they are outspoken, there is basically no suspense in the battle. Routine front-to-back attack and left-right chatting each other made the Raptors overwhelmed. Charge the enemy in front of you, there will be an attack behind you. It hurts and he turns and attacks behind him, buttocks are hit again.

The Raptors don’t understand what it means to cover each other’s back-to-back cover operations, nor do they understand what it means to use point to break surface. So with the two teams flying kites, the battle was solved in less than ten minutes.

Legion’s mission is to march one hundred kilometers, with normal star martial artist’s foot strength. Under normal circumstances, this mission is not at all difficult. But because of the existence of exotic animals, this task is still very difficult.

Especially, the deeper, the more and more monsters become stronger and stronger. In three months, the powerful beasts around were all cleared by Wang Lan, but the range of Wang Lan’s clearing did not exceed 30 kilometers.

So after more than thirty kilometers, large-scale beasts gradually appeared, as well as beasts with strength above the Star River level. At this time, Wang Lan can no longer stand by.

A group of hundreds of exotic beasts rushed towards Qingfeng Scouting legion. Under the leadership of thirty Star River strange creatures, the strange beast seems to be imposing in a torrent of steel.

Crazy bloodthirsty is revealed in the eyes of every strange beast. Legion, a scouting person like this, has seen a lot of them. And their strength is so weak, but they have acted recklessly to such a deep place, they have not seen it.

The humans who dare to enter such a deep hinterland are the scout teams of the scouting regiment. In addition to the strong individual strength, there is also the stealth star martial skill, which is generally evacuated immediately after the intelligence is detected.

Which team of 500 people in front of you, exudes the star force fluctuations of Nebula, is it still so big? Isn’t this the dish delivered to you? If you don’t take a bite, how can you be worthy of this buffet?

“Dance of the Nether Butterfly——”

In an instant, dozens of colorful butterflies appeared in the different beasts, and each star martial artist above the Star River border was surrounded by such a butterfly. Butterfly, a fragile creature, no stranger will care about, just don’t see it.

But in the next moment, Wang Lan’s figure appeared around the Butterfly, and he was cut off with a knife. The Star River strange creature was cut in two without even thinking about it.

Star River realm monsters refer to some monsters with star force level in Star River realm, but it does not mean that its battle strength is Star River realm. Some strange beasts, with a low star force level, stack their armor out of the defense beyond the Star River.

The form of the monster is strange, with stacked armor, anti-armor, agility, and body size. But no matter which direction they add the points to, it looks like a paper paste under Wang Lan’s chopper.

With a knife, dozens of Star River Alien Beasts were killed on the spot.

The beast is still charging. One second later, the beast charging in front suddenly stopped. Because at that moment they suddenly realized that the leading powerful beasts were gone.

No… without the Star River realm monsters, their group of highest battle strength but Nebula realm monsters is not a mob?

“Kill–” Duan Qingfeng withdrew his sword and made a roar resounding through Heaven and Earth. The five hundred Legion behind them all pulled out their weapons to hide away from the distant beasts.

French star martial artist A long-range star martial skill bombing, auxiliary star martial artist instantly launched a field star martial skill to split the beast, and then, the one-sided slaughter began.

The fierceness of scouting people is the most shocking group Wang Lan has ever seen. Their strength may not be strong, but their fighting style is really life-threatening.

Legion, a former maple scouting person, is okay. He will also take care of whether he will be injured. But since they had Wang Lan, they have thrown away their last worries. The beasts are fierce, they are more fierce than the beasts.

Maybe the laws on the battlefield are so peculiar. The more you are afraid of death, the faster you will die, and the more you are afraid of being injured, the easier you will be injured. And the more you don’t take your life seriously, the harder the life.

The fierce Qingfeng Scouting legion almost wiped out the group of strange beasts in front of them with almost no cost of injury. The injured were resurrected in a short time under the light of Wang Lan’s life.

“Then we have to rush all the way, there are 40 kilometers left, but there are only three hours left from the attack on the headquarters. Within three hours, we must rush to the ice cliff and guard against the ice Yatianxian.”

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