I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 476


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“Skyfire destroys the world–” Wang Lan waved his hand and an array appeared on the sky. In an instant, countless meteorites with burning flames spewed out from the array.

The skyfire extinction formidable power that reached the high rank of Platinum Gold is already incomparable at the beginning. Meteor strikes formidable power depends on two factors, one is the speed of strikes and the other is the intensity.

This time Wang Lan’s sky fire was lost, and countless meteorites seemed to be sprayed out by machine guns. They no longer fell freely as before. Every meteorite fell to the ground, causing at least ten meters of land collapse.

With the powerful air waves set off by the terrifying impact force, a blizzard-like doomsday scene formed in front of Duan Qingfeng and others. Everyone who saw the scene stood on the spot, staring at Bing Xue with their eyes wide open.

“Yellow Springs Bone Token ——”

Wang Lan quickly lost a Yellow Springs Bone Token to the Ice Cliff. In an instant, hundreds of Yellow Springs gates closed the entrance to the Ice Cliff Canyon, forming a city wall.


Qingfeng Scouting Legion sealed in the ice cliff only felt the buzz in his ears, the impact across the door, the terrifying impact force directly blasted the loud noise that made them temporarily deaf.

“Underground Lava–“

On the ground, a gigantic formation with a diameter of nearly 1000 meters is tiled up. Suddenly, lava flows out of the array like a fountain. The temperature of the lava reaches more than three thousand degrees, even if it is a star martial artist in the Star Sea, it can not be supported in the lava for long.

The two-sided array is like a Heaven and Earth grinding disc, which puts endless beasts into the grinding disc and grinds it into slag. In just a few minutes, thousands of aliens were killed by this compound star martial skill, among which there are no monsters in the Star Sea realm.

Even if Wang Lan’s Heaven and Earth grinding disc attack range is even greater, and formidable power is stronger, but the chaotic mist is rushing out of endless beasts, there is always a large part of bypassing Heaven and Earth grinding disc and continuing to think cold Ice cliffs poured in.

“heaven falls and earth rends ——”

After fusing the Earth Element and Thunder Element, Wang Lan got a burst attribute and merged the super S-Rank star martial skill heaven falls and earth rends developed by the Earth Attribute star martial skill. Within a range, each piece of land is likely to be a mine, and a slight touch of Thunder Strength will be stimulated.

Almost instantaneously, a blast of explosive fireworks exploded on the way of a group of exotic animals marching. For those superimposed beasts, it was better, and they were blown up, but for the crispy skin of the legal system, it was dead.

Besides, the explosion in the front makes the monster behind not dare to continue to charge forward. The footsteps that led to the advance of the beast came to a halt.

“Yellow Springs quagmire” Wang Lan took the opportunity to dump another super-S-Rank star martial skill, and the area where the largest beasts gathered suddenly turned into a quagmire. The beast suddenly plunged into the mud.

“Xinyu ——”

“Frozen Thousand Miles–” Jiang Xinyu instantly rushed over the quagmire and launched Jiang Xinyu’s only super S-Rank star martial skill icy far mile.

In an instant, the naked eye of the entire quagmire became white, and the struggling alien stopped struggling in the ice. But this is not over. Jiang Xinyu’s frozen ice surface is not firm, and within a few seconds, these aliens will break free from the ice and jump again and again.

“Heaven and Earth Grinding Disk—”

Wang Lan waved his hand violently, and the Heaven and Earth disc moved to the place where the frozen slough was located. In an instant, countless Soul beads are gushing out like spouting volcanoes, and the gorgeous picture end is a wonderful firework.

The frozen beast has at least 20,000 heads. Within ten minutes, 20,000 beasts were strangled by Heaven and Earth grinding discs. Such a monster speed, even 5 Emperors may not be able to do it here.

Duan Qingfeng standing at the top of the Yellow Springs gate suddenly stumbled and almost fell from the Yellow Springs gate. This scene, the shock caused to him may be unforgettable forever.

This is a human thing? A Star River Peak, strangling tens of thousands of beasts within ten minutes?

And such densely packed beasts are crowded together, Duan Qingfeng knows that even with his toes, there must be some Star River or even Star Sea. Are the four Academy students really so perverted?

The monsters in the mist of chaos gradually become scarce, and the positions constructed by Wang Lan are also constantly receding under the scouring of the monsters. Fighting and retreating, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu have reached the ice cliff threshold.

But even so, there is still no breakout of the two beasts, and the blockade of the two directly hits the ice cliff defense. This is really one man holds the pass, blocking ten-thousand.

“Head of the group, I’m not quite right.” Guo Xiao didn’t know when he climbed the door of Yellow Springs, watching the slaughter in front of him, instead of relaxing, his face was dignified.

“I also feel something is wrong.” Duan Qingfeng said with a worry in his eyes.

“Even if we are fighting in a hundred regiments, the reaction of the monsters in the mist of chaos is too fierce? Originally thought that only Snow Demon would be disturbed, but the situation in front of me, dozens and even hundreds of monster tribes were disturbed. Is that right?”

“Yes, I thought there were only a few thousand strange beasts, but who knew it would be a hundred thousand strange beast army? Without Wang Lan, we would have no bones left.”

“Head of the General Committee, would you like to send someone to report to the headquarters? This is too abnormal. I am afraid there will be a big change in the chaotic fog.”

“Now the headquarters is busy commanding the battle of the Hundred Regiments, how can you take care of us, even if you want to report, you have to wait for the battle to be completed. There are not many strange beasts, it seems that our work is going to be done .”

There are fewer and fewer beasts around. Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu have begun to abandon the large-scale star martial skill. On a sparse battlefield, single-person killing is the most efficient.

Jiang Xinyu’s state of the snow god raged on the battlefield like a Titan giant. One foot stepped on it. Several beasts were stepped on Chen Cheng’s meat sauce. After a punch, the earth was shaking.

Unlike Jiang Xinyu’s rampage, Wang Lan’s attack is more elegant and elegant. The dance of the water demon and the ghost butterfly is particularly suitable in this venue. Before the loss of skyfire and underground lava melted a large amount of Bing Xue, at the moment at the moment there was an endless ocean of hope. Although Wang Yang is very shallow, it is enough for Wang Lan appear and disappear unpredictably.

The beasts send out roars anxiously, they feel that there is death in the harvest of their lives, but they do not know where the death is. I can only feel the rapid decline of the companions around me, and the stars of each and everyone are assassinated.

The chopping soul knife with the strong sword of Haoyang no stronghold one cannot overcome, the dance of the water demon plus the ghost butterfly appears and disappear unpredictably. In one second, Wang Lan can flash more than twenty times in a flash. Such killing efficiency is not under the Heaven and Earth grinding plate.

The naked eye covering the mountains and the plains fell down, and in a blink of an eye, it might be cleared away.

“It’s over, let me know and prepare to clean the battlefield.”


At the moment when Duan Qingfeng’s words just landed, the distant mist of chaos suddenly made a buzzing sound, and the mist suddenly rolled violently.

Suddenly, a ray of light rushed out of the mist and aimed directly at Jiang Xinyu in the state of the Snow God. Where the light goes, the surrounding space appears out of thin air.

The light is faster than Jiang Xinyu’s reaction time. At the moment when the warning sign rose, the light had hit the front.

“Not good ——” Jiang Xinyu’s face suddenly pale, this light has a formidable power beyond imagination. Although the light looks very thin, Jiang Xinyu understands that as long as he is hit by this light, she will definitely die.

“Wang Lan…” At this moment, Jiang Xinyu’s heart only had time to raise Wang Lan’s name.

Suddenly, a rays of light lights up in front of him, and Wang Lan, which is only 100 meters away, suddenly appears in front of him.

“Holy Shield–”

A huge sacred shield was placed on Wang Lan’s chest, and the light hit the shield at the instant the sacred shield appeared.


With a crunch, the shield formed by the divine light was instantly frozen. Even the light can be frozen, and Wang Lan’s heart is instantly horrified.


The light shield exploded, also at this crucial moment, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu successfully avoided this life-threatening light to dodge.


After landing, Wang Lan rolled over successively, and after steadying his body, his eyes looked dignified towards the rolling chaotic fog.

This ray of light is aurora, freezing light! And any ice attribute star martial artist who masters the aurora is at least the strength of the titled powerhouse. And a beast that has mastered the aurora is naturally the strength of the titled powerhouse.

“Xinyu, you retreat.” Wang Lan shouted low.

“Let’s fight against the enemy together!”

“No, you are by my side and I have to be distracted to protect you from fighting hard.”

Jiang Xinyu complexion sank, clenching fists tightly with both hands. After two seconds, his hands were relaxed.

“Okay! Be careful!”

“You are still unclear about my strength. No one can leave my life unless it is an expert at the level of 5 Emperors.”

Jiang Xinyu took a deep look at Wang Lan and retreated to the gate of Yellow Springs, but did not jump into the ice cliff defense line. In this corner, she would not be affected by the battle.

The thick smoke rolled, and a huge silhouette burst out of the dense fog.

“Hell Three Headed Hound?” Duan Qingfeng cried out in surprise.

“Commander in Chief, do you know this beast?”

“When I went to the headquarters before, I heard from the Ministry of Information that there are seven horror beasts in Yunhe Xianxu space, of which Three Headed Hound is one of them. The real horror of Three Headed Hound is not that Its size is not that he can launch three Fusion Attributes, but his Undying Body.

Even if it is cut in half, the Three Headed Hound can be resurrected. A titled powerhouse can kill it once, but it can never be killed a second time. Three years ago, the three titled powerhouses teamed up to slay the Three Headed Hound, and he was resurrected after killing him ten times. This is a beast whose head cannot be killed. “


With the appearance of the Three Headed Hound of Hell, a white silhouette appeared beside me. The silhouette of white looks like a person from afar, with long white hair dancing in the wind. Wearing a velvet coat, tall and beautiful.

But if you walk in and see the other person’s face, you can see that this is a horrible face like ceramics. No nose, no mouth, no eyebrows, only a hollow eye socket contains black death.

“What is this? Human?”

“Shouldn’t be!” Duan Qingfeng said uncertainly, human beings walked with exotic animals, and the fluctuation of star force on her body was not owned by human beings.

Wang Lan looked at the silhouette of white, killing intent emerged in his eyes. Although he has never seen such a beast in this form, Wang Lan is extremely convinced that it is definitely a beast, and it was only after she killed Jiang Xinyu’s aurora.

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