I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 477


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“Phoenix Form, open!” A round of flames flashed around him. Among the flames, a Phoenix illusory shadow emerged above Wang Lan’s head.

“Phoenix holy cloth ——” The door of the Star Palace opened, and a silver Phoenix suddenly rushed out of the Star Palace, decomposed in the air, and was worn on Wang Lan’s body.

Jiang Xinyu’s eyes suddenly deepened when Wang Lan started Phoenix Form and put on Phoenix holy cloth. Wang Lan’s strength has been sublimated to a great extent, which means that the two strange animals in front of him need Wang Lan to deal with it with all his strength.

There are still not many people in this world who know the strength of Wang Lan, but Jiang Xinyu must be one of them. And Jiang Xinyu also knows that even if the titled powerhouse is ordinary, Wang Lan will not be sublimated as much as possible.

Duan Qingfeng and the others standing above the gate of Yellow Springs are already dumbstruck at the moment.

The star force tide is in the sky, and Wang Lan’s body is pulsating with star force. This powerful strength that inspired Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon… If it wasn’t for the first time to see that the person who caused all this was Wang Lan, they all thought it was one of the 5 Emperors.

After the ultimate sublimation, Wang Lan’s battle strength instantly soared beyond the titled powerhouse. And the two strange beasts in the distance also sensed the terrifying threat from Wang Lan, and suddenly roared in unison.

The three heads of Hell Three Headed Hound light up instantly, and open their mouths at the same time. Three attribute energy converge in front of them. Almost instantly, a beam of light rushes to the sky where Wang Lan is located.


The beam of light flashed over the silhouette of Wang Lan, and fiercely hit the mountain behind him. There was no explosion, no deafening impact sound, everything happened so silently. The mountain hit by the beam of light disappeared out of thin air.

As Bing Xue’s ablation is generally silent, but it is countless times faster than Bing Xue’s ablation. This white light is like the light of another world.

But just now, this white light passed by the location of Wang Lan.

The heart of the three Duan Qingfeng instantly mentioned his voice. Looking at the empty sky, his eyes quickly looked up.

“Wang Lan will not be… was it seconds?”

“Close your mouth.”

Maybe the distance is too far, maybe the butterfly is too small. Anyway, the butterflies that Wang Lan spread out at the crucial moment were not noticed, not only Duan Qingfeng but also two strange beasts.

A ghost butterfly appeared beside the Three Headed Hound of Hell. Suddenly, Wang Lan’s figure appeared. At the instant of appearance, the chopper in his hand became a sword of light of twelve meters. Haoyang sword tactics are included, one sword cut off.


Blood surged, a huge dog head was cut off. At this moment, the Snow Demon around him instantly raised his hand, and an Aurora breakthrough virtual moment shot at Wang Lan.

This is the moment when Wang Lan cut off together. It is the time when Wang Lan avoids the inevitable and flashes. The timing and angle of this blow are amazing. Unless Wang Lan uses instant movement, he will definitely avoid this blow.

Jiang Xinyu’s heartstrings were instantly tense, and his steps were unable to bear.

“Extreme Hot Light——”

Wang Lan suddenly pushed out with a palm, a beam of light facing the snow monster’s frozen light.

The extreme hot light of Wang Lan is only 80,000 degrees, which is much worse than the extremely freezing light near absolute zero. But Extreme Hot light also created a chance for Wang Lan to break away for a moment.

Almost at one touch, Wang Lan’s figure is disappeared.

The snow demon suddenly retreated when Wang Lan disappeared. It can be seen that this snow demon also has wisdom. There are not many strange beasts with wisdom, but it does not mean there is no. And a monster with wisdom is definitely the first target to be eradicated, especially the snow demon. This time let him escape, he can immediately return with a large army in a swirl of dust.

Wang Lan understands that only so many beasts are attacking the city, and it is likely that the snow demon has written it.

“Then you can’t be left with you!” Wang Lan’s figure appeared instantly, as soon as he cut into the head of the snow demon. The snow demon’s eyes flickered suddenly, and his figure exited 100 meters as if flashing.

Wang Lan suddenly dissipated again and turned into a ghost butterfly waste.

Seeing the meditation butterfly instigating its wings flickering like stars, the snow demon was anxious, and zhi zhi zhi cried out in his mouth.

Three Headed Hound’s beheaded head has grown back. After hearing the snow demon’s call, roar towards the sky came running.

Seeing this scene confirms Wang Lan’s guess. Three Headed Hound has no wisdom, it follows the Snow Demon’s orders. In this case, it will kill you.

Wang Lan’s killing intent burst into his eyes, flashing out in an instant, patting the ground with a palm.

“Yellow Springs Bone Token ——”

dong dong dong ——

Countless Yellow Springs gates rise instantaneously around the Three Headed Hound, and Yellow Springs Bone Token was also made into a honeycomb maze by Wang Lan. Looking at the huge honeycomb maze array rising from a distance, Duan Qingfeng was messy on the spot.

“Fuck! Can I still play like this?”

The tactics of changing the terrain are very common tactics. Any large scouting person Legion has a team of star martial artists who specially change the terrain. But… no one thought about transforming the terrain into a maze to trap opponents.

Everyone who has played complicated maze knows that in the maze, the sense of direction will be confused by the environment, thus completely losing the sense of direction. The honeycomb maze is the most terrifying and difficult to grasp the direction of the maze. It can be said that the whole world can challenge no more than a thousand people in the cellular maze.

Use a honeycomb maze to trap a strange animal? Duan Qingfeng would like to say, Wang Lan, you are too proud of this Three Headed Hound.

The Three Headed Hound in the hell trapped by the honeycomb maze was a bit stunned. The three heads spewed out melted light at the same time, breaking the door of the Yellow Springs in ten. However, after the Yellow Springs door was broken, a new Yellow Springs door quickly grew out of the ground. It just crossed a threshold and was blocked by a hexagonal honeycomb room.

Wang Lan also did not intend to use the Yellow Springs Gate to trap the Three Headed Hound in Hell for as long as he was trapped before he killed the Snow Demon. In an instant, Wang Lan’s figure flashed again and appeared beside the snow demon.

The snow demon flashed again, and there was a more rapid cries in his mouth. The Three Headed Hound trapped in the honeycomb maze is even more violent, melting the light and spitting all around without money. In the blink of an eye, the gates of Yellow Springs around several dozen meters were destroyed.

Wang Lan’s figure flashed again to keep up, and the Snow Demon was anxious, and immediately spurted an aurora against Wang Lan.

But Wang Lan, who had already been guarded, lifted up the sacred shield and slashed towards the snow demon for a moment while blocking the aurora.


The snow demon’s arm was cut by Wang Lan with a sword. The snow demon was so frightened that he suddenly fled again. Wang Lan bullied himself again. In the eyes of Duan Qingfeng and other audiences, Wang Lan and the snow demon quickly flashed and chased in the snow.

The snow monster’s aurora is indeed terrifying, and flashes appear and disappear unpredictably. If you meet other star martial artist Snow Demon is definitely a nightmare. But I met Wang Lan who could crush the snow demon in every aspect.

In Wang Lan’s view, the Snow Demon is not as powerful as the Three Headed Hound. The real threat of Snow Demon is that she doesn’t know how much wisdom.

The flash of the Snow Demon finally appears a pause, and this pause is doomed to its destiny.

“zhi zhi zhi ——” The snow monster’s shrill voices were connected in a line, and the sound of the Three Headed Hound behind him directly broke through the honeycomb maze.

But at this moment, Wang Lan’s sword of light has been cut off and the death sentence of Snow Demon has been declared.


A head rushed into the void, and there was still panic in the snow demon’s eyes.

Slashed with a knife, but did not stop there. In an instant, Wang Lan’s light sword deformed form was turned into countless sword energy to form Storm of Swords and strangling the snow demon.

Almost instantly, the Snow Demon was surrounded by Storm of Swords into snow flakes.

“skipping grades to kill, reward EXP 20,000, skill points 3,000!” A sound of system sounded in my mind, and Wang Lan’s face only showed a satisfactory smile.


a violent roar, Three Headed Hound of Hell just rushed out of the honeycomb maze and saw the scene of Wang Lan killing Snow Demon with a sword. I don’t know if it’s the group CP that has had feelings for a long time or the two beasts are really in love.

The six eyeballs of the Three Headed Hound in Hell instantly became red and rushed to Wang Lan in a frenzy. The running speed of Three Headed Hound is fast as lightning, and the gusts of wind sway beneath your feet. It surpassed several hundred meters and rushed to Wang Lan in one second.

While melting light instantly penetrates the earth, Wang Lan’s body turns into a butterfly flying. Reappeared already above the head of the Three Headed Hound in Hell.

“Extreme Hot Light——”

An Extreme Hot ray forms a lightning cut, which is instantly cut with a knife. The laser of several dozen meters fell, and the boulders in the distance were cut in half under this blade. The body of the Three Headed Hound of Hell, slowly separated from the middle, was split into two halves regularly.

But the next moment, Wang Lan’s brows frowned.

The Hell Three Headed Hound, which was split in half, suddenly melted, and then the two groups of liquids gathered again. In the blink of an eye, the Three Headed Hound of the innocent Hell appeared in front of Wang Lan.

“Undying Body, it really is Undying Body.” Duan Qingfeng said with a desperate murmur.

Three Headed Hound, but the powerful existence of the three titled powerhouses is helpless. No matter how strong Wang Lan is, he can’t beat a monster who can’t die.

Wait for the Three Headed Hound to regain consciousness when he was reborn, Wang Lan’s light swordsman in his hands rose and fell. In an instant, the three heads were cut again.

The chopped head melted again, and in a blink of an eye came out of the toes of Three Headed Hound. The wound on the neck also moved quickly, and the three heads were forming quickly.

Wang Lan brows slightly wrinkle, and immediately patted the ground with a palm.

“Mandala Flower–“

The vines gush out suddenly, entwining the Three Headed Hound in an instant. At the moment, the Three Headed Hound is still in the resurrection stage, and naturally it has not even made a little resistance.

Wang Lan’s mandala has captured so many powerful beasts, and the titled powerhouse-level beasts have never been as relaxed and comfortable as this time.

Almost at the moment of the resurrection of the Three Headed Hound in Hell. In order to prevent the terrible ablation of Hell Three Headed Hound, Wang Lan also specially left the three heads of Hell Three Headed Hound outside and fixed them in a state of looking up at the starry sky.

Sure enough, as Wang Lan guessed, the Three Headed Hound of Hell spouted an ablation light. But the melting light can only be released against the sky, and fireworks explode in the sky.

There is no real immortality in the world, and Wang Lan can also be resurrected, so no one knows better than him. The so-called immortality may only be reborn with the help of star force.

Hell Three Headed Hound may be able to complete the rebirth by consuming very little star force, but if the star force of Hell Three Headed Hound is used up, it will die even if it does not die.

The surrounding vines quickly pumped the star force of the Three Headed Hound like a pump, and soon the naked eye of the Three Headed Hound’s body shrivelled.

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