I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 478


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“Hurry, the ice cliff is ahead, hurry!”

“Leader, take a break. The brethren have just gone through a big battle, and now they have been on the road for so long, they can’t bear it.”

“Take a break! We just fought a battle, and we were really tired and half dead. But Legion, the scouting person from Qingfeng, blocked the beast tide for two hours, two hours.

Didn’t you hear from the Divisional Command? There are no less than one hundred thousand strange beasts hitting the ice cliff in the chaotic fog, but there is no breakthrough until we complete the battle on the ice cliff.

They desperately fought for us for two hours in exchange for victory. They are the greatest heroes of this battle. Now it is time to fight the alien beasts, and one minute sooner may be able to grab a few more lives.

Listen to me, everyone, rush at full speed. Even if the Qingfeng regiment is killed in battle, we have to take over their defense and continue to resist the beast tide until the main force arrives. “


A large-scale Scouting legion of nearly a thousand people ran along the route of Qingfeng Scouting legion. They are not a pheasant scouting regiment like Qingfeng Legion, but are affiliated to the scouting space command and have a formal scouting legion.

An order is a military order, and a military order is an order that must be completed at all costs, even if all deaths must be completed.

I hurried forward thirty kilometers, and it only took less than half an hour. This is also thanks to the Green Maple Scouting legion on the road to take care of all the strange animals along the road. To be in the same situation as Qingfeng Legion back then, no matter how strong they were before they wanted to hurry, it would take at least two hours.

The ice cliff in the distance was quiet, and the imaginary star force surging and the war to seal the city did not happen. The footsteps of the Scouting legion couldn’t help slowing down, and the head of the team took out the Telescope and looked towards the ice cliff.

“The camp has not been destroyed, and there are no traces of battle. Is the intelligence wrong, and the animal tide did not happen? But, it was the urgent information sent from the headquarters, how could it be wrong? There would not be such a major issue from the headquarters. Did you make a mistake?”

When the information was received, the Hundred Regiment Battle Plan had been launched. In the scouting space, the communication method is very primitive, and only the communication star martial artist can be used to transmit information.

Even the general headquarters is only a hummingbird that can communicate over long distances, but the hummingbirds communicate with several titled powerhouse adults, and ordinary district headquarters do not. And the area separated from each group in a subarea is very far away, which can affect the whole body.

In this battle plan, the divisional headquarters planned for more than a month. Once the campaign is started, it cannot be stopped.

It is conceivable how desperate the divisional headquarters was when it saw the headquarters intelligence. The various regiments were cooperating with each other to encircle and suppress the alien beasts in their jurisdiction. Suddenly a wave of 100,000 beasts rushed into the distance. Under the impact, the hundred regiments instantly chaos and turned into a piece of scattered sand.

Afterwards, under the encirclement and suppression of the alien beasts, none of the ten survived. With 50,000 scouting people, can there be 5,000 left in the end?

The consequences are too heavy, no one can bear it.

The division commander Liushen Wuzhu sat in the headquarters waiting for the bad news. Can wait, but each and everyone has a good news. The Hundred Regiment Battles were still proceeding in an orderly manner.

Without this beast wave, this battle would be the greatest achievement of Commander Lin Yao during his service. With this battle, even promotion to Lieutenant General would not be impossible. But… it’s all over.

After Commander Lin waited anxiously for an hour, there was still no information about the beast tide, and the Hundred Regiment War had been completed. The Middle Section and the goal was being combined.

This is the most exciting stroke in Commander Lin’s combat plan. When one hundred Scouting legions arrive at the designated position and the defense line is consolidated, each regiment will be an ingenious piece that will affect the entire battle.

Combine vertically and horizontally, flanking the left and right sides before and after, and the alien beasts in the area will fall into ambush from ten sides surrounded by enemies.

At the moment when they should have cheered, everyone couldn’t cheer. It wasn’t until another half an hour later, when the overall situation of the southwest region was settled, Commander Lin awakened as if his soul had returned.

The campaign ended successfully and was not affected by the beast tide. Then there is only one reason. That is that the Green Maple scouting person Legion successfully guarded the ice cliff, and all the beasts rushing out of the chaotic mist were blocked.

Anyone will not accept this possibility. Is this possible? Absolutely impossible, okay. How could Legion, a scouting person with five hundred people trifling, block hundreds of thousands of beasts?

But if Qing Lan scouting group has Wang Lan, then it is possible. Lin Yao, the commander of the five major divisions of the scouting space in Yunhai, knew Wang Lan’s existence. A Jade Country Peak expert who is nominally an internship god, but can match the titled powerhouse.

A man based on the Star River cultivation base but able to seal the gods.

With him there, it is really possible that Ice Bluff is fine. Because Lin Yao believes that even if all the scouting people in Qingfengya are killed, Wang Lan can definitely escape.

So when the battle was over, he immediately sent his immediate scout legion to the ice cliff for support. Hundreds of thousands of beasts, even if Legion scouting person Legion really succeeded in blocking it, it was also very difficult to block.

Legion, the stinger scouting, approached slowly, and no one was seen in the entire camp. If not the whole camp was neat and tidy, they would think that Legion scouting Legion was killed.

“Head of the team, look at the ice cliff pass.”

The stinger Legion suddenly rushed towards the ice cliff pass, the gate of Yellow Springs at the pass has been removed, and at a glance you can see what the star martial artist scattered around the ice cliff is looking for.

“Is it… really an intelligence error? No beast tide?”

“Hey, are you… Stinger?” Duan Qingfeng found Legion, the scouting person of the stinger, and hurriedly came. “Head of Legion, the scouting person of Qingfeng, Duan Qingfeng.”

“Legion, the leader of the stinger scouting, Li Yi.”

“Head Duan, we have received information from the headquarters, that there is a beast tide in the mist of chaos attacking the ice cliff… is the information wrong?”

“Head Li, what do you think of the landform outside the ice cliff?”

“en?” Li Yi didn’t understand Duan Qingfeng’s meaning, but he answered the question, “The height difference is huge, even… The intelligence department said that there is a continuous Snow Mountain ice field outside the ice cliff? Doesn’t match the intelligence.”

“When we rushed to the ice cliff, here is also the continuous Snow Mountain, thousands of miles of ice field.” Duan Qingfeng said this, his eyes full of fanaticism.

If before this battle, Wang Lan was only peerless genius in Duan Qingfeng’s eyes, a powerful person who could not be inferred by common sense, then now, Wang Lan is God in Duan Qingfeng’s heart.


“What?” Li Yi looked dumbly at Duan Qingfeng until he saw the mountainous Soul bead along Duan Qingfeng’s wooden pipe, his expression was gradually replaced by horror.

“One hundred thousand beast tide breaks out of the chaotic mist, Wang Lan is alone, and one hundred thousand beasts are breaking their halves and sand. One person is killing one hundred thousand beasts. Ask the world, who can do such a feat?

After this battle, Wang Lan’s name will definitely move the world! “

“One hundred thousand… strange beasts? A person… slaughtered?” Li Yi opened his mouth blankly, speechless for a long time.

One person slaughtering 100,000 beasts, any of the 5 Emperors can do it, but changing to Wang Lan is also a bit exaggerated. There are several important factors why Wang Lan can kill 100,000 beasts.

The first is Wang Lan, a super S-Rank star martial skill. Especially the heaven and Earth grinding discs, heaven falls and earth rends, such large-scale star martial skills, are specially created for the battlefield. Although the single damage is not strong, the victory is in the number of attacks.

Secondly, it is backed by the ice cliff. The ice cliff is open on the side, but it forms a loophole shape at the mouth of the valley of the ice cliff. And the terrain behind the ice cliff is again Yaoyang stone, which avoids the possibility of foreign animals over the ice cliff and entering from other places.

The impact of the beast can only be crowded at the mouth of the valley of the ice cliff. Wang Lan can bomb with his eyes closed to ensure that the cannon will not be empty. In addition, this group of beasts is impacted by the Snow Demon’s command, and will not instinctively seek benefits and avoid harm after receiving the command.

Although the Snow Demon has wisdom, the Snow Demon’s wisdom is not high. This is equivalent to blocking 100,000 beasts in Wang Lan’s muzzle and let Wang Lan bomb it. As long as the star force is enough, let alone 200,000, even 200,000 can be killed.

So this battle, although the results are amazing, it is really magnified. Even if it is not Wang Lan, it comes from other titled powerhouses with a large range of super S-Rank star martial skills, which can also achieve this result.

But if there is no, all fluke will be covered by this shocking result.

“Complete the task of defending the ice cliff, reward EXP 200,000, skill points 20,000.

Complete the statistics of the number of kills, reward EXP 5,000,000, skill points 200,000……”

200,000 EXP is rewarded for completing missions, but as many as 5,000,000 EXPs are killed. For the first time, Wang Lan’s acquisition of EXP’s share was so subverted.

But it would be reasonable if you count it. Hundreds of thousand beasts, on average, only provide 50 EXP per head. These are all Nebula Star River, and even some of the beasts in the Star Sea are already discounted. Promotional. Hearing the reward reminder in his mind, Wang Lan licked the corner of his mouth and said, is there any chance of this? How many more times?

Wang Lan had already arrived at Star River Nine, and the experience slot had been pushed to half. 5,000,000 EXP flooded in, and the experience slot was filled up instantly.


Suddenly, a wave of star force undulated and went straight to the sky.

Everyone was shocked by this sound, and lifted the head looked towards the War God at the top of the ice cliff. Around Wang Lan, the star force is surging, and the star force of Heaven and Earth is used frantically to Wang Lan.

“Wang Lan, this is…” Duan Qingfeng asked hesitantly with his mouth open.

“Star River becomes a sea… Is this going to break through the Star Sea environment?” Li Yi is an expert in the Star Sea environment, and naturally understands the breakthrough sign of the Star Sea environment.

However, Li Yi glanced at the mountainous Soul bead. Although the Star Palace shackles would be loosened during the battle, you must at least absorb Soul bead before breaking through. That many Soul bead, it seems that you haven’t moved yet, just break through.

Star force fluctuations are transmitted like a heart beat. Gradually, everyone realizes what Wang Lan is doing.

Just completed the World War I, you will be in public breakthrough? Worthy of you, War God!


An auspicious cloud suddenly gathered above Wang Lan’s head, and Star Palace appeared above Wang Lan’s head. The rivers where countless stars converge suddenly burst, and the stars churned and turned into surf.

Gradually, the churning Star Sea calmed down, Wang Lan’s slowly eyes opened, and the rays of light in his eyes shot out of his eyes to illuminate the sky.

People, Wang Lan.

Level, Star Sea, LV1.

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