I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 479


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Western Region Division Command, Lin Yao threw a thud on the table with excitement.

“Commander, what’s the matter? Isn’t the intelligence of the General Command wrong?” curiously asked the chief of staff of the divisional command.

“Red expedited information from the headquarters… When have you ever seen a miss? I tell you that the information from the headquarters is very accurate. Ten minutes after our battle started, the tide of beasts in the mists of chaos would be cold. Ice cliff.”

“Oh? How could that…” The Chief of Staff looked towards the sand table unsure, “They entered another place after entering from the ice cliff? No, there is a flat horse behind the ice cliff, and we were doing a hundred Regiment battles. In terms of the habits of foreign animals, entering the ice cliff is fundamentally impossible and does not impact our battle positions.”

“Yes! That’s because the beast didn’t pass through the ice cliff at all, and was stopped by the ice maple scout Legion outside the ice cliff.”

“How is this possible?” The chief of staff immediately issued a cry out in surprise, “They are only five hundred people, and five hundred people block one hundred thousand beasts?”

“No, it’s not five hundred people who block one hundred thousand beasts, but one person.” Lin Yao’s chest fluctuated slightly when he said this. This breath seemed to be pressed against the chest.

“Alone? How is this possible?”

“Wang Lan, the junior intern sent by Demon Capital Star Martial collage. These three months, it was Legion who became famous for the scouting of Qingfeng. I have been thinking, how can a student be so patient? ?

Later, I specifically asked for a while to find out that Wang Lan is not just a student, he is also… the son of Flame Emperor. “

“Son of Flame Emperor? When did Flame Emperor get married?”

“I don’t know! He suddenly appeared three years ago, like he popped out of a stone. But even Elder Di said that he was the son of Flame Emperor, and the Flame Emperor family admitted he was the son of Flame Emperor. , There should be no doubts about his identity.”

“But even if he is the son of Flame Emperor…he is only a junior.” The chief of staff felt his world view collapsed.

No matter how noble you are, then you are at least an individual. Even if you are a little genius, there is no need for genius to get here? One person guards the ice cliff and faces 100,000 beasts independently…

“While Wang Lan’s strength seems to be in Star River, according to a friend of my military, Wang Lan’s strength may have reached the title level. My friend is Flame Emperor, and most recently Flame Emperor 1 Department is building momentum for Wang Lan, so this information can be known to the outside world.”

“The strength of the title? My God, this innate talent should not be worse than Yu Princess?”

“Last year, Jade Princess breakthrough Star Sea was built for a whole year. Now everyone knows that Jade Princess is the youngest Star Sea environment and will also be the youngest titled powerhouse. I can’t think of Wang Lan…maybe than Jade Princess is even more monster.”

“One person blocks 100,000 strange beasts, he wants to make a name for the world.”

“No, you are wrong.” Lin Yao said lightly.

“I was wrong? Where was it wrong?”

“Not one person blocked 100,000 strange beasts, but…one person slaughtered 100,000 strange beasts.”


The chief of staff looked at Lin Yao blankly, as if he wanted to see a joke on his face. but no! Lin Yao’s expression was very serious.

“Fake it? Even if 5 Emperors are here… it may not be possible.”

“Do you think the Qingfeng scouting team dares to joke with the military newspaper? Even if he dares, do you think Li Yi will joke with him?”

Li Yi and Duan Qingfeng’s military newspapers were delivered at the same time. Although they were from two people, the content was the same.

Yunhai scouting space general headquarters is located in the center of the central military bases of the five cities in Yunhai scouting space.

Shen Xiaowu, Jade Country titled Green Tiger, Star Sea Peak Powerhouse.

Almost all titled powerhouses are Star Sea Peaks, but not all Star Seas Peaks can become titled powerhouses. The titled powerhouse not only awards strength, but also prestige and merit.

Shen Xiaowu stood quietly at the window and looked into the distance. Although he listened to the report from his ear, his mind had already drifted to the southwest area. Upon learning that the beast tide was coming, Shen Xiaowu immediately made arrangements to cope with it. The Southwest, South, South, Northwest, North, and Scouting legions of the five areas were all highly vigilant, and they were ready to attack at any time.

It’s too abnormal, it’s really abnormal.

In the past, even if the outbreak of the animal tide would have a long harbinger period, the formation of the animal tide is predictable. Shen Xiaowu has been in the scouting space of Yunhai for 7-8 years and has experienced four times of beast tide. But every time, they give early warning and respond accordingly.

Although the animal tide still caused casualties, the losses were all within the controllable range.

Only this time, the beast tide came so suddenly, there was no warning before the outbreak. And the sudden outburst was even forgotten, and a beast tide broke out in all directions at the same time.

What’s wrong with the monster in the Chaos Mist? Are you crazy? Fortunately in other areas, Shen Xiaowu immediately issued an early warning when he learned that the beast tide was coming, but when an alarm was issued to the southwest area, the reply from the southwest area made Shen Xiaowu fall into the ice cellar.

A large-scale battle took place at this time in the Southwest Military Region.

If there is no beast tide, this battle is very beautiful and classic in the eyes of Shen Xiaowu. But… why did a beast tide appear at this time.

When the information was delivered, it was one step late, and the battle of the Hundred Regiments had begun for half an hour. Half an hour, if it is a regular force, half an hour may only be the opening. But for star martial artists, half an hour may be the end of a battle.

Legion, a hundred scouting people in the southwestern region, all plunged into the battlefield, pulling the whole body in one stroke. At this time, even if a Scouting legion is pulled away, the situation will be completely defeated like the domino Bone Token being pushed down.

So when knowing this reply, Shen Xiaowu and Lin Yao were in the same mood. The southwestern region was over, and 50,000 scouting people in the southwestern region were over.

Hundreds of thousands of beasts flooded into the southwest region, and each scouting Legion was scattered on their respective battlefields. They could not support each other and could not echo each other. How many people survived in the end?

However, in the current situation, Shen Xiaowu cannot yet send troops to rescue. Because the beast tide in the other four areas has also begun. The scouting personnel in the four areas can only compress their forces, giving up a large number of fortifications on the front line and compressing them in the large defense line at the rear to resist the attack of the beast tide.

In this case, Shen Xiaowu had to take the opportunity to make a decisive decision and draw troops from the four areas to set up defense lines in the Foreign Domain in the Southwest. These forces cannot yet rescue the Southwest Command. They can only wait until the beast crosses the line of defense and will not continue to the east, causing an impact on the rear.

When Southwest’s monsters rushed to the rear line, other areas should have resisted the impact of the beast tide? In this way, he can draw his troops to fight back Southwest’s beast tide.

This is a time difference, the price is to watch the fall of the southwestern region.

This decision is very painful, so for two hours, Shen Xiaowu was absent.

“White Dragon, where is the black fox?” Shen Xiaowu asked suddenly.

“The beast tide in the northwest region is the most dangerous. White Sir Long resists the beast tide in the northwest region. Lord Black Fox is in Zhengxi. There are three powerful beasts on the west side, and the brothers can’t stand it. Now.”

“Notify Xiaoqian to contact White Dragon to solve the battle as soon as possible and rush to the southwest area. You can rescue as much as you can.”


“Bang–” There was a loud noise, and the door of the command room seemed to be knocked open.

“Commander-in-Chief, the latest battle report of the Southwest Command.”

On hearing this, Shen Xiaowu not only did not have a happy look on his face, but also showed pain on his face.

Because he knows, the battle report It shouldn’t be sent at this time is, we are well, please don’t worry about the good news at the headquarters. It should be an excellent report from the Southwest Division Command.

Shen Xiaowu understands Lin Yao, this proud man impossible left his soldiers and retreated alone. Even if Lin Yao had the strength to retreat without fail.

Shen Xiaowu had made it clear when sending the information, allowing Lin Yao Command to evacuate immediately and keep the number. But Lin Yao refused. If he is willing to evacuate, he should have evacuated long ago.

Shen Xiaowu took a deep breath, not at all turned around, still looking out the window.



“Dear Honorable Commander-in-Chief, when the Qing Dynasty campaign was launched in the southwestern region, an ice tide emerged from the ice cliff in the southwest corner, and a wave of beasts occurred in the chaotic mist. Hundreds of thousands of beasts swarmed and hit the ice cliff.

At this moment our battle has started, and the Scouting legions have been placed in place and there is no time to retreat. At this critical moment, Lin Yao has made up his mind to coexist and die with his compatriots from Southwest scouting.

After two hours of fighting, the battle of Qing Dynasty was successfully carried out, and the scouting regiments successfully completed the joint vertical and horizontal…”

After hearing this, Shen Xiaowu’s complexion finally changed. Slowly turned around and looked at the younger generation who read the battle report… The content of the battle report is not the same as the guess? The battle of Qing dynasty is completed? Two hours? how can that be?

“The battle ended successfully, and the subordinates thought about the condition of the ice cliff. They urgently rushed their stinger Scouting legion to the ice cliff. It was confirmed at the ice cliff that there were indeed one hundred thousand beasts rushing to the ice cliff defense line, and The ice cliff defense line has only one green maple scouting person, Legion, with a strength of 500 people… lying trough!”

“Lying Groove?” Everyone at the headquarters stared in shock at the herald who read the battle report. After reading it well, did you even come to a lying trough? Will these two words be written in the war report?

“No… sorry, my lost self-control, but… the above content is too… too exaggerated.”

“Quick read!” Shen Xiaowu stared at the younger shouted with killing intent.

“Legion among the green maple scouting people, there is Wang Lan, an intern of Demon Capital Star Martial collage, Wang Lan alone comes out of the ice cliff, one man holds the pass, blocking ten-thousand. Beasts, outside the ice cliffs, Bing Xue melted, the ground shattered, corpses of foreign animals covered the ground, and Soul bead piled up like mountains.

Hundreds of thousands of beasts were all killed outside the ice cliff. Legion, the green maple scouting person, had not lost one person, nor had a beast rushed into the ice cliff. The southwestern region can be preserved, and the battle of the Qing Dynasty can be successfully concluded. Fifty thousand scouting people in the southwestern region can survive, with the help of Wang Lan.

The end is to use one-strike force to reverse the world and to embrace the turmoil—”

The battle is over and the entire headquarters is completely dead. Everyone dumbstruck looked at the herald, his mind was completely lost in his mind.

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