I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 480


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When Came back to his senses, when the group of gangsters at the general headquarters first responded, Lin Yao, how dare you write? How dare you say a person who blocked the beast tide?

But it was wrong to think about it. If the military newspaper said it was not true, shouldn’t Lin Yao coexist and die with the Southwest Military Region? Being able to send this battle report shows that Lin Yao is still alive…but may be crazy.

I want to say that the three titled powerhouses in the scouting space of Yunhai did this…Although it is unbelievable, it still has some credibility. An intern at Xingwu Academy, a teenager who is only 20 years old, Star River, Peak star martial artist, one person blocked 100,000 strange beasts.

You blow, you keep blowing!

“Commander-in-chief, Lin Yao is crazy.” The chief of staff sighed for a long time.

“no!” Shen Xiaowu said solemnly, “Lin Yao’s report may be true.”

“What? How is this possible…”

“You may not know but I still know some. Although there is no contact with Wang Lan, Wang Lan had fought side by side with Sir Azure Emperor three months ago. And he joined forces with Sir Azure Emperor to kill Bird of Paradise number one expert Sony.

Although I don’t know the details of this battle, but I want to be able to fight side by side with Sir Azure Emperor, the strength should reach a certain level. At least I asked myself not to be qualified to fight alongside Sir Azure Emperor. “


Shen Xiaowu is the titled powerhouse titled Qinghu. If even Shen Xiaowu asks himself not to be qualified, Wang Lan will be qualified? Is Wang Lan’s strength above the commander-in-chief?

“How is this possible…Wang Lan he… he is in the Star River environment.”

“Star martial grade is not the only factor that affects strength. It is rumored that when Jade Princess is in the Star River state Peak, the battle strength is no less than that in the Star Sea state Peak. Wang Lan can also have the title strength in the Star River state Peak Realm. Hard to accept.

Lin Yao and Wang Lan have no relatives and no reason, and he is not a member of the Flame Emperor faction. Lin Yao does not need to take credit for Wang Lan. Since he said so… that means it must be true. “


“Tell me the command to distribute this battle report, I want to let the star martial artist of the entire cloud scouting space know about it.” Shen Xiaowu was ordered low.

This is the convention of the scouting space. Anyone who has made amazing moves and made remarkable achievements will be announced in full space.

It is not only to increase the enthusiasm of star martial artist but also to make star martial artist famous.

In the scouting space, the survival architecture is a bit like the rivers and lakes in wuxia novel. Each and everyone scouting group formed each and everyone force group. The scouting regiment under the command of the General Command is the official department of the government.

In the scouting space, strength is the foundation of everything, but fame is the foundation of interests.

You have a reputation, and your reputation can deter those who have a bad heart and may want to kill others. You have a reputation, you can be trusted by more people and you can recruit more people, you have a reputation, you can get more resources.

But fame is a good thing, but it also needs the corresponding strength as a load. If the name does not match, it will suffer! And Wang Lan, the strength has achieved merit, the difference is a reputation.

Such a godsend opportunity, of course, is to take advantage of the wind and take it high into the sky.

Wang Lan’s news of suppressing a beast tide by one person, like a nuclear bomb that suddenly exploded, alarmed the entire cloud scouting space. What a terrifying feat it was. One person suppressed a beast tide, and few people did it since the ancient times.

Yunhai scouting space has a total of five areas, and the southwest area can survive because of the credit of one person. When one husband was in customs, one hundred thousand strange beasts collapsed.

He not only blocked it, but also killed all the 100,000 beasts.

Soul beads are piled up like mountains, among which there are intermediate Soul beads, advanced Soul beads, and even…There are two even top-quality Soul beads.

“Monster! Absolute monster!”

“This is to be banned, heavens cannot tolerate!”

“Wang Lan? I know, the same term as me, he…he he he…what is excellent? No, he is not excellent, he is unique! Wang Lan started from the year of enrollment From first to senior year, no, it is the first four students of the entire four-star Xingwu Academy. The first grade has only two names.

Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan, and Yu Ruoyan’s ranking is still behind Wang Lan. This is Yu Ruoyan’s personal admission. I think everyone knows the strength of Jade Princess, and the title is coming down soon. “

“Head of the group, what’s the matter with you? Several people have asked me about Wang Lan… I am not very familiar with Wang Lan and I haven’t seen it a few times at school. However, I occasionally heard some seniors say something The thing about Wang Lan…”

“To be impressed, it’s still a bow-shooting big eagle…cough cough cough, I’m used to driving. Others are bow-shooting big eagles, but Wang Lan’s classmates are different, he is a bow bender Shoot an asteroid. Do you remember the asteroid a year and a half ago? The one that fell into the Arctic Ocean.

Although the official description is quite terrifying, but then it is the same, we learn from the picture, sing according to the song. But I tell you… that asteroid did almost cause a disaster.

The speed of the asteroid is above Mach 20, and the missile cannot be hit. Do you know how to turn danger into danger? Was shot by Wang Lan and Jade Princess. I rely on… what expression do you guys have? Think I’m boasting?

The seniors of those years knew that although they all graduated now, you just ask the last Demon Capital Star Martial collage graduate. They all saw it with their own eyes, and the campus network also has a collection of videos, which is a little vague. “

Wang Lan is completely on fire, and the scouting space in Yunhai is known to everyone.

At this moment, Wang Lan, but the retreat directly trapped in the camp, everyone is gone.

Others thought that Wang Lan just had a breakthrough and needed to consolidate the cultivation base, but Wang Lan was full of melancholy in order to add more trouble. Now there are 500,000 skill points in the system, 500,000 skill points is quite scary data. But this was put before, not now.

All the skills that can be upgraded to diamonds have reached Platinum Gold 9. But from Platinum Gold to Diamond, the starting point is one hundred thousand skill points. Those skill points that are usually fixed at 100,000 are not bad, but those progressive skills are the Divine Beast.

500,000 skill points simply not enough.

By now Wang Lan understands that this system can only help him grow into the Star Sea realm, and beyond the Star Sea realm is a series before his death. Think about it. For diamond-level martial skills, an ordinary upgrade requires 100,000 skill points. Upgrading to diamond nine requires at least 1,000,000 skill points.

And those who are progressive, need 5,000,000 skill points. This is still a star martial skill, but Wang Lan can now upgrade at least five star martial skills, rounded up, especially at least 30,000,000 skill points.

30,000,000 ah…

Wang Lan is about to collapse.

Then look at EXP, Wang Lan wants to cry on the spot. Xianyun Xuanqinglu has reached the limit, Wang Lan can not upgrade Xianyun Xuanqinglu to diamond level. But upgrading to EXP in Star Soul also requires a horrible 500 million.

Fuck, five hundred million, according to the speed of Xianyun Xuan Qinglu, especially for at least 20-30 years. After 20-30 years, Wang Lan is four and 50 years old, and he still gets a fart

That’s the case, Wang Lan, you have been so vigorously promoted before, and you can see that Wang Lan must prove the position of 5 Emperors within ten years. Can you spend 20-30 years? When the time comes, the external evaluation must be one-sided Jiang Lang, and later collapsed.

What should I do?

Xian Yun Xuan Qing Lu Sheng can not be promoted Wang Lan can understand, even if this is the Ancient Cultivator secret technique of civilization, but this is after all Refining Qi. What is Refining Qi, is to lay the foundation for the entry discipline.

There is no more recent cultivation technique, and relying on Refining Qi cultivation to reach the Star Sea is already awesome. Others can use warfare to prove the way, and use Soul bead to impact the shackles. But Wang Lan can’t do it. If you absorb more Soul bead, you can only provide skill points and replenish the lost star force.

Therefore, there are only two ways for Wang Lan to upgrade as soon as possible, either to save the galaxy, or to find a further cultivation technique, or at least a Foundation Building Manual.

While skill points are above, Wang Lan also understands it. It is not enough to just rely on missions or kill alien beasts. Sooner or later, the harvest will not keep up with the needs of the gold beast.

And since EXP can be obtained through cultivation techniques, it is logical that skill points can also be obtained through cultivation techniques of a certain cultivation technique.

Cultivation technique is not a problem, but the problem is that there is no cultivation technique.

Wang Lan’s main depression is at this point. Although I looked at the road to the end and felt depressed, but looking back at the benefits of this upgrade, I feel a lot better.

Breakthrough Star Sea environment, the reserves and quality of star force have been qualitatively improved. Although the improvement of the battle strength of Wang Lan is not as obvious as before. After all, Wang Lan battle strength has reached the point of titled powerhouse, but it can only maintain this strength for a longer period of time.

There are two other benefits that make Wang Lan to be wild with joy, that is, Phoenix Form is finally unsealed. It is no longer necessary to consume skill points to activate, but to become a normal star martial skill, and this star martial skill is directly diamond level.

No wonder Wang Lan’s strength soared directly to the titled powerhouse after launching Phoenix Form. This Phoenix Form is originally a diamond-level skill, which is equivalent to using the battle strength of the titled powerhouse in advance by consuming skill points.

Phoenix Form is now a regular skill, Wang Lan’s regular form also has the battle strength of the titled powerhouse. Of course, there will be no difference between the sublimation form and the conventional form in the future.

Another benefit that appears after Phoenix Form is activated is that the second form of Phoenix Form is unlocked. Wang Lan previously had two mimics, the Dragon Emperor Form mimicry and the spatial Phoenix Form mimicry.

These two mimetics are not derived from Wang Lan’s independent cultivation, but are passively accepted. In the past, Wang Lan actually did not master Phoenix Form 2nd Stage.

But now, Wang Lan is completely mastered and knows what the so-called mimicry is. Wang Lan wants to get more mimicry in the future, he can also cultivate himself.

Besides the complete unblocking of Phoenix Form, there is another advantage. That is the skill book that cannot be learned in the system before. The five pole fire tactics can finally be cultivated. It takes 500,000 skill points to learn…fuck!

Seeing this learning requirement, Wang Lan just wanted to lift the table at the moment.

After learning your five pole fire tactics, I don’t need to upgrade other skills, right? Laozi’s light of life, Laozi’s mandala, Laozi’s sword of Haoyang, Laozi’s…


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