I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 481


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If there is another star martial skill, Wang Lan would like to put it aside first, and then wait to push the other star martial skill to the diamond. But this star martial skill is so special. This is the superior cultivation technique of Ancient Cultivator and Sect Fairy Cloud Sect.

The entire fairy Cloud Sect is destroyed, and they don’t forget to leave the cultivation technique for future generations. This cultivation technique is too tempting for Wang Lan. Especially when I learned that Yu Ruoyan had already done a good job in practice, and had made preliminary progress, Wang Lan was even more itchy.

“that’s all that’s all, bastard, no more to earn!” Wang Lan sighed, clenched the teeth, and Spiritual Power concentrated on the Promise Fire Skills book and chose to add some learning.


A burst of roar suddenly exploded in my mind, and the flow of information turned into a surging river in Wang Lan’s mind.

The beginning of the chaos, the beginning of Heaven and Earth, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind is the rippling, the initial energy of Heaven and Earth. Fire accounts for one of the initial energy and is one of Five Elements. The ultimate fire is divided into five poles.

Samadhi True Fire, burn everything! Breeding in the liver, angering the chest…

With the recipe of the cultivation technique flowing through the heart, the star force within the body suddenly runs uncontrollably along the path of the recipe. At this moment, Wang Lan finally realized how the Promise of Fire and other martial skills are different.

The rest of the star martial skills are only learned, but they don’t know the principle of their production, and they don’t know why they are produced. And the other star martial skills, in the final analysis, is only the use of star force to control the star force.

The Promise of Fire is detached from the use of star force level, but the attribute of star force is converted, and Law Power is added, so that the star martial skill produced by the cultivation has the rule attribute.

For example, Samadhi True Fire, itself is just a normal flame, his temperature is not too high, not even as high as the blue flame from Wang Lan cultivation. But because of the rules, Samadhi True Fire has the characteristic of not extinguishing the target without burning to ashes, and Samadhi True Fire will burn nothing, whether it is metal or stone, will be ignited.

Ask about such a flame, even a purple flame cannot be onion on equal terms.

The five-pole fire recipe is not only Samadhi True Fire, but also Supreme-Yang True Fire, netherworld ghost fire, Red Lotus Fire, and Bright Holy Fire.

Fire brings not only destruction, but also life, light and civilization.

Supreme-Yang True Fire can illuminate the world. If Samadhi True Fire is destroyed, Supreme-Yang True Fire is bright. The netherworld ghost fire can burn the soul. When hit by the netherworld ghost fire, the body will not have the slightest abnormality, but the soul will be burned out. When the netherworld ghost fire is extinguished, it is the time when the soul is flying ash annihilation.

netherworld ghost fire If it is strange, then the red lotus industry fire is really no solution. The red lotus industry only burns sin. As long as the target has karma, the red lotus karma can attack the karma itself.

Kamma is a weapon of cause and effect. In Xian Cloud Sect, there is a go through water and tread on fire in the annual audit assessment, go to Qingbaichi, and bear the fire of the red lotus industry.

If you can walk past Qingbai Pond safely, and step over the red lotus fire, it means you have no sin in your body. It is precisely because of these audits that eliminate decay that Xian Cloud Sect can become the first of the right way of cultivation sect, both in strength and character.

The red lotus industry fire only kills evil, and the bright flame is to purify all negatives. The bright flame has no killing effect, and it is impossible as a means of attack. If it is cursed, or demonic energy, heterogeneous star force, or even Xingwu toxin invasion, the bright flame can be exterminated.

Light the torch of light and eliminate the negative state. When the torch of light is extinguished, it is a pure and complete body. No wonder the fairy Cloud Sect can stand for thousands of years without declining, so which of these five pole fire tactics is not a protective sect divine technique?

However, although these five-pole fire tactics are powerful, they are also extremely difficult to cultivate. Wang Lan has learned it now, so he realized later that the difficulty of cultivating the five-pole fire tactic is beyond imagination.

Wang Lan thought that Phoenix Form was hard enough, but the cultivation of Promise Fire was more than ten times that of Phoenix Form.

The Promise of Fire Promise, Diamond Grade LV1 (01000000)

Looking at the fact that Rank 1 actually requires 1,000,000 skill points per liter, Wang Lan’s mouth can’t stop smoking. Is this to kill Laozi? 1,000,000 skill points, my emotions need to rise to Rank 1 in the last six months? Is it ten-twenty years to raise the five-pole fire recipe to the blue diamond? And is this the premise of patronizing your skills?

Wang Lan eyes opened, staring at the sky.

The Promise of Wuji is so good, really good. Seriously, with Promise Fire, don’t forget about other star martial skills. There are attacks, even mysterious system attacks.

Thinking of the conditions for this upgrade, Wang Lan had only one sentence in his heart and fell in love with a wild horse, but there was no grassland at home.

Can’t afford it!

Suddenly, Wang Lan thought about it and sat cross-legged again.

Five pole fire tactics have a cultivation technique. According to the cultivation technique, gradually, Wang Lan’s face shows a smile.

“Guessed, I was right… The five-pole fire recipe is Ancient Cultivation Technique. Cultivation technique can generate EXP, how can it not be possible to generate skill points. Every five seconds, five-point fire recipe is used, skill points Will jump a little skill points.

But this skill point is an exclusive skill. Sure enough, after this one minute, the skill points of the five pole fire tricks have changed.

Five pole fire tips, diamond LV1 (601000000)

One minute does produce a little bit, but it can have 600 points in an hour. If you usually work harder, it is not difficult to charge 70 to 80 thousand skill points a day.

There are 210,000 in one month, and the upgrade requirements can be met in two or three months. If there is something wrong during this time to complete several tasks and kill more monsters, the time can be shortened by half.

It’s not unacceptable to calculate like this. Unfortunately… the skill points that can be generated are only exclusive skills. It would be nice if there is a cultivation technique that can generate general skill points…

Wang Lan thought greedyly.

It was two days after we walked out of the room. Wang Lan was still on the ice cliff defense line. Legion, the scouting person, did not go back, but was stationed on the ice cliff with Legion, the scouting person.

Two Legion scouting persons, one is a regular heirloom, and the other is Legion pheasant scouting person. In terms of strength, the two are far apart. It’s a miracle that the two scouting people Legion put together without quarreling before it was released, but who can think of the two scouting people Legion getting along so well together.

Legion, the stinger scouting, doesn’t have a little frame of the regular army, and Legion, the scouting scouting, said that his brother is a kind. Respected each other, naturally the two brothers are a good family.

In fact, Li Yi knows the inside story. Legion, the scouting person of Qingfeng, is now a pheasant Legion, but soon it will not. With such great achievements, it will soon be officially incorporated.

After the official collection, the strength may not be as high as the stinger, but the level is the same. Coupled with the leaning resources on the side of the headquarters, and then absorbing some talents who graduated from the Xingwu Academy, the strength will soon rise.

During these two days, Duan Qingfeng almost pretended to be able to pretend to be able to pretend in this life, walked with wind, and everybody was full of proud of one’s success.

And the door closed for two days, slowly opened at this moment. Outside the door, Heipi and another scouting person stood at the entrance of Wang Lan, and saw Wang Lan coming out and winning quickly and diligently.

“Lord Wolf, have your realm been consolidated?”

“Lord Wolf?” Wang Lan couldn’t help saying that, “What’s the title of this special.”

“You are now Grandpa, Grandpa, not just Legion, our blue maple scouting, but the grandpa of all the brothers in the entire southwestern region. Without you, we are all done, so everyone calls you Grandpa!”

“Lord Wolf wants a title? Don’t worry, I guess your title should be coming down soon.”

“The title? Dreaming? I just broke the Star Sea environment.”

“But you used the strength of oneself to suppress a beast tide. Can you do it by changing to another Star Sea? Peak can’t do it? You are not a title, who is eligible? There must be one of the three titles today, otherwise, The entire cloud scouting space does not agree.”

“Okay, don’t blow me, right, what about Jiang Xinyu?”

“On the Binhu side, I have been cultivating desperately for two days… Hey, good innate talents are not terrifying, terrifying is innate talents are harder than us. We should only stop at Nebula. “

“I think you are still young. It may be possible to break through the Star River environment if you work hard.” Wang Lan pats walked out of the room with their shoulders, then left the base and walked to the lakeside area.

In the lakeside area, Jiang Xinyu stood facing the lake, his palms spread out, and there was a strange mist in the palm, the mist was bright like blood, exuding the heat of terrifying.

“Ah–” Suddenly, Jiang Xinyu screamed, and the mist in his palm exploded.

Wang Lan quickly came to Jiang Xinyu with body flashed and grabbed the palm of Jiang Xinyu. Seeing that the densely packed blood bubbles were burned on the palm, I immediately felt distressed frowned.

“Why are you so careless.” While speaking, Jiang Xinyu’s palm naked eye was visible and repaired. After a few seconds, a layer of dead skin was removed and turned into a delicate floating jade hand.

“Are you out of the border?” Jiang Xinyu said happily, “I want to quickly merge into the scorching attribute. After all, my Star Palace was loosened in the previous battle, and after the fusion was successful, it was in the breaking Star Sea environment. Can stabilize the attribute.”

“Isn’t it enough that you have fused into a solvate system? Do you still need to merge wind and fire?”

“Not only dissolve and burn, I also plan to merge the three attributes of Feng Shui and Huo to form the water world.” Jiang Xinyu slowly withdrew his palm from Wang Lan’s hand, and his face appeared stubborn.

“Wang Lan, you are too good. Not only do you have all the attributes, but you also incorporate almost all the attributes. You are so great that you put too much pressure on me.

I don’t want to be thrown too far by you. I’m afraid I will lose my qualification to be your girlfriend. “

“What qualifications do I need to become a girlfriend? I just need to like it. Are you thinking too much?”

“Honghu will not be companion with the finches, the phoenix will only be companion with the phoenix. You think that because you haven’t been flying too high. But I believe that even now, it’s just the starting point for you. If In the future, you are at a height of nine days, can you still see me? Even if you think, but I am too small, it may be just a corner of your vision.

I have a reason to become stronger. This reason is that I want to accompany you to go further and higher. I believe you won’t leave me behind, but at least I have to make you move me to the point?

I don’t have Ruoyun’s innate talent, but I can’t let her down. Moreover, I have you, I don’t believe in having you help me, I can’t keep up with you. “

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