I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 482


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“Actually… I mean, you don’t have to work too hard, so I will feel bad.”

“Student Wang Lan, although I admit that you won, please don’t insult me. I’m too desperate. You feel bad? That many peers are desperately, why shouldn’t I work hard?” Jiang Xinyu arrogantly patted Wang Lan’s shoulders are like a proud peacock. “I work hard because I still don’t want to lose. Maybe I will have a chance to hold you under you in the future!”

“This… did you not have that time? Do you still need to work hard?”

Jiang Xinyu blushed immediately after saying this, “Why didn’t you know that you are so shameless before? You have seen it before, you go away, don’t disturb my cultivation.”

“Do you think you need cultivation? I also want to cultivate.”

“Uh? Heavenly miracle.” Jiang Xinyu looked at Wang Lan incredulously, “I have known you for so long, except for the period when I just awakened the star martial innate talent, and the one I saw before you cultivation I haven’t seen your cultivation in any other time.”

As Jiang Xinyu said, Wang Lan’s old face turned slightly red. After the system was turned on, Wang Lan found that the speed of the system was much faster than the cultivation speed. Plus the strength growth during that period was like a rocket ride, so it was not very cultivated.

It’s better to catch a few Demon Race spies to kill a batch of strange animals if you have time to cultivate.

But it won’t work now. Even if you catch more Demon Race spies and kill more monsters, the skill points are an utterly inadequate measure. And the Phoenix Form’s mimic form needs to be developed by itself, not by adding points.

“You haven’t seen it does not mean that I don’t have it. You think, who can grow up without hard work? Maybe when you can’t see it, my private hard work is nothing less than yours.” Wang Lan said this, blushing and panting, showing his skills.

The third Phoenix Form mimicry, Wang Lan already has an eye on it. When Phoenix Form is fully activated, Wang Lan already knows Phoenix Form’s mimicry, and this mimicry is simply…Wang Lan doesn’t know how to describe it.

It is like a loaded emulator, which is a separate system in a system. Phoenix Form can mimic the attributes mastered by Wang Lan, even the star martial skill under Phoenix Form.

For example, from Elder Di’s mouth, Mother Wang Ling’s original mimicry included Phoenix Form, Bing Phoenix Form, Phoenix Form, and Phoenix Form. These Phoenix Forms can switch between different enemies.

The start of Wang Lan is much better than Wang Ling. The first of Wang Lan’s mimicry is Dragon Emperor Form. Dragon Emperor Form is stronger than Wang Ling’s battle Phoenix Form. Phoenix Form, the second form of space, has Space Power.

It’s a pity that Space Lan has been completely consumed by Wang Lan, so Phoenix Form cannot be used. In the third form, Wang Lan intends to integrate his full attributes.

Before that, Wang Lan has used the system to merge into more than ten attributes, such as Lan, Molten, Melt, Scorch, Ice, Crystal, Explode, and Flame, but none of these attributes have learned the corresponding star martial skill.

It is not that Wang Lan does not want it, but skill points do not allow it. But now, Phoenix Form is the best star martial skill and the best carrier. These attributes can be mimicked by Phoenix Form after they are integrated into Phoenix Form.

Do it when you think about it, Wang Lan is not far from Jiang Xinyu, taking a deep breath, the whole body star force is instantly raised.

“Phoenix Form, open!”

Phoenix Form does not need to consume skill points, it is cool. Turn on if you want to turn on, turn off if you want to turn off, there is no limit to cooling for 24 hours.

When Wang Lan opened Phoenix Form, the action of Jiang Xinyu cultivation attribute fusion was brought to life.

“Merge it first!” Wang Lan thought.

Molten, lava, is a new attribute that combines the two attributes of fire and earth. It has both the temperature of fire, Weightiness of Earth, and the impact of water. This attribute Wang Lan has a high usage rate and is also the main group killing attribute of Wang Lan.

Attribute fusion is much simpler than Wang Lan imagined, not at all the kind of unstable, or the danger of collision and explosion at any time. As if Phoenix Form is a pool, Wang Lan only needs to import the attributes that he wants to import into the pool.


Suddenly, Phoenix Form changed again, the Phoenix illusory shadow around Wang Lan became more solid, and the powerful star force fluctuations oscillated from Wang Lan’s body to stir the clouds and clouds in the sky.

With the influx of molten star force, the color of the Phoenix coat of arms all over Wang Lan also began to become dark red. In the illusory shadow of the sky, colorful feathers appeared on Phoenix, and there were many tail feathers behind him. A bright red.

“This is…” I heard Li Yi hurriedly looked at Wang Lan staring stunned, originally thought it was a war situation, but didn’t expect such a terrible atmosphere, and brought a group of people to let Li Yi Feel the incomparably heavy coercion, but it was Wang Lan in cultivation star martial skill?

Pressure is the imposing manner exuded by the powerhouse that puts pressure on the weak. This is not a realm crush that was intentionally launched, most of the time this kind of coercion cannot be controlled.

But…Wang Lan, you just broke through the Star Sea environment. You, a Star Sea environment, Early-Stage, form a coercion to me, a person in the Star Sea environment, Middle-Stage? This is going to say, do I have a face alive?

Phoenix Form is completely different from its appearance when it is unfolded. It used to be that Wang Lan’s flames rose all over his body, and he wouldn’t have Phoenix illusory shadow all over the body as he is now.

Although the strength may not have been substantially improved, in this imposing manner, it is so far away that people can easily distinguish what is authentic and what is called a cottage.

After the melt is imported, Wang Lan continues to import new attributes, Lan, Scorch, Ice, Thunder…

Every time one attribute is added, the coat of arms of Wang Lan has one more color, and the Phoenix illusory shadow around it is more real and more beautiful. Eventually, Wang Lan found that he could only inject Phoenix attribute up to nine types, and the tenth attribute injection would replace the previous one attribute.

Phoenix Form attacked by nine kinds of attributes, with all kinds of rays of light shining all over the body, this mimicry form Wang Lan calls it multicolored Phoenix Form. Speaking of formidable power…may not be stronger than Dragon Emperor Form, but it is definitely not weak.

If Dragon Emperor Form is a melee major, then multi-colored Phoenix Form is pure law, and this form is definitely a nightmare on the battlefield.

It took three days to consolidate the cultivation base and develop a new mimicry form. The rest of the nature naturally used the five pole fire recipe. Although it is considered a cultivation success, it is still unskilled. Based on Wang Lan’s experience, normal conditions need to be increased to around Fifth Level to be fully proficient.

But this star martial skill, you need 1,000,000 skill points to upgrade Rank 1 randomly. You really have to wait until you upgrade to Fifth Level. Wang Lan may have been killed by it. Five kinds of flames, attack methods have nothing common with each other. Samadhi True Fire is a fire-breathing and can be used in a ranged attack, which is good news.

Supreme-Yang True Fire can only gather in a group or become a linear attack, and there is no spread. In Wang Lan’s view, this is a single Attack Type flame. Behind the netherworld ghost fire, the red lotus industry fire can only have a handful of flames, and the consumption of star force has almost caught up with the annihilation.

As for the torch of light, it is a flame that turns into light, even in Wang Lan’s eyes.

With the improvement of Star martial grade and learning the new star martial skill, Wang Lan must be familiar with the new battle method as soon as possible. So the past few days, Wang Lan has been familiar with the use of developing new capabilities.

“Commander Wang! Commander Lin is here, I want to see you.”

“Okay.” Wang Lan’s lightly complied interrupted the cultivation and looked at Jiang Xinyu, who was almost sitting on the Soul bead not far away, and said, “Xinyu, the commander of the divisional forest is here, I’m going to one Trip.”


Lin Yao’s age doesn’t look very old, it should just be 40. This is an older bacon that looks longer and handsomer, with meticulous hair combing and sharp cut corners.

“Report, Wang Lan, the head of Legion Medical Corps, a scouting person in the southwest region, reported.”

“University Wang–” Lin Yao looked at Wang Lan and didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. After you come to the internship, if you do not come to the internship, our southwest region will be all over.”

“Commander Lin has won the prize.”

“Colonel Wang, what do you think of the southwestern region? How about these brothers?”

“It’s all good brothers, dare to fight, dare to fight, fierce and unafraid of death.” Wang Lan didn’t know what medicine was sold in Lin Yao’s gourd, and it came back quite well.

“Come to my Southwest Division in the future? I will let you be my deputy. Besides me, you are the biggest! Wang Lan, although I know that you are still working in the Heavenly Sword Bureau, you are already a major in the Heavenly Sword Bureau.

But I have to say that Heavenly Sword Bureau is too depressing and not suitable for your youngster. And, even if you are promoted to a general, how many people can you manage under your hand? I think it’s Legion, our scouting person, who is happy to avenge.

You are coming to me, others dare not say, the rank must be general rank. You have saved the lives of all the brethren in the Southwest, and the brethren will serve you. Is it not addictive to control tens of thousands of people under the command of tens of thousands of people?

Youths should have a heart to gallop across the field. “

“Commander Lin raised love, I am still a student and did not graduate. But Commander Lin’s proposal will definitely be considered carefully. If I join, I will contact Commander Lin in advance.”

“You… are really different. There is no arrogance as a peerless genius…”

“Heavenly proud of Heaven’s Chosen may not live now?”

“The headquarters wants you to go immediately, should it be okay at your speed?”

“When is it?”

“Just arrive today.”

“Yes, Commander Naling, shall I leave first?”

“Okay, take a note and go to the headquarters headquarters, someone will pick you up.”

Wang Lan opened the Star Palace, and instantly Phoenix holy cloth was put on his body, and the silver white cloak turned into a pair of wings. Originally, Wang Lan had many ways to fly, with light and heavy replacement and Phoenix Form feathering form. But both of them need to consume star force. Phoenix holy cloth wings are the only flight function of holy cloth.

The divisional headquarters is about 400 axioms away from the general headquarters. Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu flew two hours before they arrived. But now only Wang Lan has more than doubled his speed, and came to the headquarter and fell off within an hour.

Putting up the wings, Wang Lan slowly walked towards the headquarters. Before approaching, a middle age person wearing glasses strode forward, “Are you Wang Wang?”

“Yes, in the southwest region, Wang Lan, an intern of Legion scouting, Legion, came to report.”

“Hello, I’m the chief of staff of Yunhai scouting Space Command, Deng Jiaxian. Please follow me, the commander-in-chief is waiting for you.”

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