I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 483


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Come to the command room of the headquarters, Wang Lan saw the commander-in-chief of Xiaohai scouting space, Shen Xiaowu, and two titled powerhouses that guard the cloud space, White Dragon, Black Fox.

“The younger generations will surpass us in time!”

After saluting with Wang Lan, Shen Xiaowu watched Wang Lan sigh, “The second genius star martial artist who broke the Star Sea realm before 20 years old and received the title at the same time. Looking at you, I have full confidence in the future of Jade Country.”

“Ah? Am I given a title?” Wang Lan curiously asked.

“Yes, the above is already confirmed, you will get the title, now there are several titles for you to choose. The first is the highest-claiming wolf god, your name is Wang Lan, your name is Lan and wolf are homophonic, So you must have the word wolf in your title.

And the first time you appeared in the public view was the name of the little wolf, and then it became Wolf King. So there are three titles for you to choose. Wolf God, Wolf King, and Greedy Wolf! You choose one. “

“Uh… Isn’t it too crazy to call Wolf God? Wolf King’s imposing manner is not enough, so be greedy.”

“Yes, I will reply to you. Congratulations, Greedy Wolf. You are now the 95th titled powerhouse of Jade Country in active service, codenamed Greedy Wolf.”

“Commander-in-chief, two Seniors, this time calling me over is probably more than just telling me the title?” Wang Lan looked at the three people present and guessed.

“How do you know?” Shen Xiaowu looked at Wang Lan looking forward expectantly.

“Because of the beast tide. When encountering the beast tide, it was during the battle in the southwest region. At first thought the beast tide was caused by the big action in the southwest region. Although it was very sudden, I was not warned and so on, but Then I felt that the beast tide was not that simple. Afterwards, I learned that the beast tide happened in all five directions in the scouting area of ​​Yunhai, which is a bit strange.

Three days have passed, I think the headquarters survey should have results? “

“It’s worthy of the self-proclaimed Demon Race spy nemesis, really very keen.” Black Fox grinned and praised with satisfaction.

“Yes, this beast tide is too sudden and too weird. Not only us, but also the surrounding countries have been greatly affected. The scouting spaces of countries such as Titanium, Manganese, etc. have all encountered Beast tide.

Our four countries sent elite teams to explore the depths of the Chaos Mist, and finally determined that El Niño is about to break out in the Yunhai area. “

“El Niño? What is that?”

“The scope of super beast tide, the sections of different degrees of space will be stitched without overlapping, all the beasts will riot. Did you know that in this area, there are tens of millions of beasts, once they all riot will How much impact does scouting have on the space?”

“So what should we do? Do we have any measures?” Wang Lan asked, frowning slightly.

“Let’s defend first, if you can’t do it, you can compress the defense line and concentrate the strength of the entire cloud scouting space to resist the beast tide. It is not known how big this beast tide will be and how much damage it will cause to us.

The last El Niño happened 30 years ago. You must have no idea about the brutality of that time, but the three of us still have some memories. One of more than 30% of the scouting people killed in the entire scouting space of Yunhai, and hundreds of thousands of scouting people were killed in battle.

In addition to the few battles invaded by Demon Race, that was the battle with the most deaths. “

At this number, Wang Lan’s heart suddenly froze, and his face became more solemn. Over one hundred thousand star martial artists are killed, what is this concept. It is not easy for the country to train 100,000 star martial artists.

The last beast tide was not the strongest beast tide recorded in history. The El Niño phenomenon has appeared in the cloud scouting space since 3000 years ago. No one knows why it happened, but there is no doubt that every occurrence is a huge disaster.

Originally, the three of us are still worried. If this happens, the three of us can only guard the three directions of southwest and north, but at this time, you are sent to you. And when I got the news, I immediately applied for support from the Ministry of Defense. If the support can arrive before El Niño, we can still minimize the loss. ”

“So you will stay in the headquarters during this time and be ready to support at any time.”

“Okay, but can I go to the southwest first? I want to pick someone up.”

“This is no problem, is it your little girlfriend?”


Wang Lan returned to Hanbingya again after leaving the headquarters headquarters. To Jiang Xinyu, he only said that the headquarters transfer order transferred them to the headquarters, and nothing else was said. Wang Lan could not tell them more about what happened in the El Niño phenomenon, and it was easy to disturb the military.

“So speaking of which, do I have to call you a cowardly wolf?”

On the way, Jiang Xinyu asked Wang Xing after listening to Wang Lan’s report.

“Who are we talking to, whoever is under the crown, you will call me Lord Wolf, or Lord Wang Lan, Lord Husband… Hey-it hurts!”

After listening to Wang Lan’s cry, Jiang Xinyu only satisfactorily released the soft flesh around Wang Lan’s waist.

“El Niño is terrifying? Will many people die?”

“I also heard for the first time that I had heard the El Niño phenomenon before, but that was the natural climate, which was extremely hot and dry, Extreme Hot when it was hot, and extremely cold when it was cold, but I didn’t know there were beasts. Trendy version.”

“There are more than 100 classmates in the scouting space of Yunhai…I don’t know how many can survive this time.”

“Don’t worry too much, the headquarters will send you to support you, maybe you will arrive tonight.”

At the same time, the nerve on the command side was suddenly tense. Four of the twelve elite reconnaissance squads had lost contact. The twelve reconnaissance squads all carried communication bees and were able to report reconnaissance intelligence to the headquarters as soon as possible.

However, when the four investigative teams lost contact, no news came back at all. It seemed that they suddenly disappeared in an instant, and even they did not react.

The squad that can be sent by the headquarters to the Chaos Mist Investigation is definitely all the elite squads in the Star Sea realm. Let them not even lose contact time directly, it can be seen how terrifying the trouble they encountered this time.

The information from the remaining eight teams left everyone numb, and the beasts were gathering wildly in the chaotic fog. From one direction, it was no less than 200,000. This is a beast tide twice as violent as the last beast tide.

The problem is that these monsters are still gathering, and it is impossible to predict how many monsters they will be when they attack. Taken together, the number of aliens has exceeded 1,000,000. And this number is still rising.

1,000,000 level riots, this is already the limit of Yunhai scouting space. To know that this is a scouting space, not a trial site. The proportion of powerful monsters in the scouting space is very high. Of the 1,000,000 monsters, at least 10,000 are Star Sea level monsters.

“Hummingbirds, let them estimate when a new wave of beasts will begin?”

“Unable to estimate… The emotions of the beasts are very unstable, they are rubbing each other.”

Alien beasts have the same terrifying characteristics as locusts. When alone, or when the number is small, their emotions will be stable. But once the number of exotic animals becomes a certain scale, and the density is to a certain level, they will collectively infect the mad mode. In the crazy mode, they have no fear or pain, they are a group of killing machines.

And in the mad mode, their collective battle strength will increase by 10%. This is a very exaggerated and desperate data.

“Not good!”

Cry out in surprise suddenly appeared in the hummingbird, “The Northwest-oriented monster rioted–”

“Damn it, black fox, you hurry to the northwest area. If you can’t do anything, you must ensure that the large forces evacuate safely.”

“Has the situation reached this point?” A voice sounded, the command door was pushed open, and three middle-aged men appeared in the command room.

“Fuck, are the three of you?”

“Old Shen, long time no see, are you still alive.”

“Go away, did you talk like that?”

“Commander-in-chief, the beasts rioted on the Zhengnan Defense Line. It is estimated that it will hit our checkpoint in half an hour.”

“It’s a coincidence that I came early!” Shen Xiaowu looked at the three people who came with a smile, “Dongfanghe, Sun Cháng’ān, you two, how about guarding the southern region for me?”

“Old Shen is not kind, I came all the way to support, you don’t even give me a drink and you help me go to work? This is human work? Forget it, old grandson, go, let’s see Let’s take a look at the arrogance of violent monsters, let’s suppress the tide of beasts one by one.”

“Dongfang, don’t worry about it. Although this sounds awesome, it is not something that normal people can drive out. Wang Lan was forced to do so at the beginning.”

“I know, I really don’t have any sense of measure?”

When Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu entered the gate of the headquarters, they happened to see two titled powerhouses leaping into the sky and rushing towards the south area. Wang Lan looked at the two silhouettes suspiciously. Judging from the fluctuation of the star force radiating from his body, it is definitely an expert. But I haven’t seen it at the headquarters, has the support already arrived?

Deliver Jiang Xinyu to the Personnel Management Section and ask them to arrange entry and exit certificates, etc., and Wang Lan hurried to the headquarters.

“In the direction of true north, there is Arlen’s mountain range as a natural defense line, and the terrain there is also suitable for you to fight, so the direction of true north is left to the White Dragon.”

“No problem, leave it to me.”

“Now there is Zhengxi. There is no natural danger to defend in Zhengxi, and the line of defense is relatively long. If the alien beasts really attack Zhengxi, it will be a disadvantage. Landwalker, greedy wolf!”


“You two rushed to the Western Region immediately, the landwalker, your Earth Element star martial skill is unique in the world, you and Wang Lan join hands to build really strong fortifications before the arrival of the beasts by changing the terrain. This way, when the beast tide comes, you can feel better.”

“Commander-in-chief, Landwalker and I went to the west, what about the Southwest Defense Line?”

“Isn’t there a ice cliff in the southwest? The natural danger is better than the northern Allian mountain range and it is more suitable for defense. When the time comes, I will be in charge. Laozi should have no problem with what you brat can do. .”

Landwalker is a middle age person with a height of less than 1.6 m, five short stature, and extremely smart. If it weren’t for the imposing manner Wang Lan distributed, it would be impossible to link him to the dignified titled powerhouse. It’s a natural fit with the idiot in the subway station.

Wang Lan doesn’t know much about the titled powerhouse, unlike some students who can tell the titled powerhouse from one to 93. Although the land walker was named land walker, the way to hurry was to fly in the sky, using the same weight replacement as Wang Lan.

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