I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 484


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Because of the animal tide, the entire cloud scouting space is highly tense. The Western Region has always been a weak area of ​​defense, but the division commander in the Western Region, Shi Yu, is also a fierce person. He directly moved the headquarters to the front line position in the west, and the division commander personally defended the front line defense.

When Wang Lan and the groundwalkers arrived, they happened to see a heavy casualty Scouting legion fled back to the camp, and the division commander Siyu charge ahead greeted the hero’s return.

“Commander, no good, the beast tide riots, a lot, at least 500,000…”

“I understood, you go down to rest, everyone listens to me and is ready to fight. Although we have prepared a retreat stubborn plan. However, this is only a backup plan. Our first execution is still to defend the front line defense. Before Laozi’s death, or before Laozi’s order, no one is allowed to carry out a backup evacuation plan, offenders, cut!”


At this time, in the sky two figures slowly fell.

“Who?” Siyu instantly looked like a lion shouted towards the sky.

“Earthwalker, Qiaoshan!” The earthwalker replied faintly with his hands behind his back.

A name that immediately transformed Siyu’s vigilant expression into a color of ecstasy, “Under the Earthwalker’s crown, you are here, very good, Lord Earthwalker, the strange creature may be rioting.”

“Well, we are here for this, right, this one does not need me to introduce it?” Qiao Shan pointed to Wang Lan lightly saying.

“He is…” Shi Yu really didn’t know Wang Lan. After all, Wang Lan’s reputation in the scouting space of the cloud like the sun at high noon, but few people really know him. That is, Legion, two scouting people in the southwestern region, knew him.

“You don’t know him? Isn’t anyone ignoring him in the cloud scouting space?” Qiao Shan asked doubtfully.

“Hello, Commander Siyu, my name is Wang Lan.”

“You are Wang Lan…I’m going there, admiring the name for a long time, like thunder piercing the ear. You have done so beautifully in the southwest region. The envy of Zhen Te Niang Lin Yao can actually get you this baby. Would you like to come to my West Area, I feel that you are destined to my West.”

The words are in my ears. Wang Lan has a messy feeling on the spot. Looking at Siyu, there is no shaved head. Fate with the West… Isn’t your sister trying to save me? “

“hahaha…… Siyu, you can’t please the wolf now, he was just given the title, but now it is titled powerhouse.”

“This is the title? So fast?”

“You have to be able to do one person to suppress a beast tide and slaughter 100,000 strange beasts, and you can be so fast. Well, I won’t say much, it’s important to work.” Missing, appearing again, Qiaoshan has appeared in the position outside the line of defense. Qiao Shan looked at the Defensive Array and slightly took the head.

“Jouncle, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with Defensive Array?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong, but wanting to block the beast by this Defensive Array is tantamount to a fool’s dream. Fortunately, I’m better at fortifications. I’m talking about taking a scroll from the wrist of space.

Qiao Shan spread the scroll on the ground. The scroll is painted with a mountain and river ink painting. The terrain is dangerous and the mountains are like forests. I saw Qiao Shan palm in the picture.

“Reality in Painting——”

hong long long ——

In an instant, The earth shook and the mountain quivered, all the scouting people looked towards the front of the position with horror, and the earth seemed to recover with the general rapid change.

At the end of the horizon, for ten kilometers, steep mountains rise from the flat ground. Each mountain is over 500 meters high, the rocks on the mountain sparkle, and the mountain is straight like a sword.

Don’t say that the scouting people are dumbfounded. Wang Lan, who is also the titled powerhouse, is also looking at this plain man with a height of less than 1.6 meters in horror.

The spread of star martial skill is affected by the strength of star martial artist. Most people’s attack range is within 100 meters, and it is only possible to reach 300 meters if it reaches above the Star River level. All the star martial skills of Wang Lan, in addition to the starry sky divine arrow, which can attack from a long distance, the other has a maximum coverage of one kilometer.

Even if Azure Emperor casts the sky of life to protect the entire paradise, the range is only about two kilometers. And Qiaoshan, a star martial skill can even stretch for ten kilometers. And within this range, peaks were raised. Is this still human? Even the abyssal monsters dare not play like this?

“hehehe… I am a little special, since my childhood star force reserves are very long. So this super-range terrain star martial skill is more suitable for me. In fact, my battle strength is not high, because of this ability. Give it a title.”

Wang Lan is impossible. Although the titled powerhouse does not have to be strong, it has to make outstanding contributions to the country and have a certain reputation. However, strength is the prerequisite for everything.

A powerful person may not be a titled powerhouse, but a titled powerhouse is definitely capable. Wang Lan wants a star force like Qiao Shan, what else do he worry about? Direct super large-scale star martial skill is just enough.

It lasted for about half an hour before the entire terrain change was declared over. At this moment, the terrain outside the position has undergone changes in Heaven and Earth turning upside down. The terrain of Pingchuan, which was originally a column, has been replaced by a rolling mountain range. The position that was easy to attack and difficult to defend was instantly reversed to become easy to defend and difficult to attack.

Looking at the position from the top, Wang Lan only admires the ground walkers. With this hand, Wang Lan may not be able to do it forever.

Suddenly, Wang Lan lifted his head looked towards the distance, and at the other end of the mountain range, the fog of chaos began to whirl up irregularly. Wang Lan complexion changed, and instantly came to the forefront of the position, less than one kilometer away from the fog of chaos.

“Not good, the beast tide is coming.” The earthwalker said solemnly when he appeared beside Wang Lan.

“Everyone is preparing to enter the formation, the beast tide is coming–” Qiao Shan’s voice came, and all the scouting people Legion quickly began to gather.

The mountain range created by Qiao Shan is not only a natural hazard for intercepting strange beasts, but also a bastion on which oneself depends. After entering the formation, every mountain peak can find an ambush point from which to stand high.

In the Western Region, the frontline force is less than 30,000, but it has to face the impact of hundreds of thousands of beasts. This force is the same as instant coffee, and it is gone.

Sure enough, in the mist, the black beast suddenly rushed out of the chaotic mist to the west of the Defensive Array to kill.

“Yellow Springs Bone Token ——” Wang Lan suddenly took pictures in the air, and in an instant, the ten-kilometer position suddenly burst into The Earth shook and the mountain quivered. On one side, Yellow Springs Bone Token rose from the ground Lived in the canyon between each and everyone peaks.

If the previous terrain looks like a sword forest, then the whole land now forms a complex maze. These Yellow Springs gates have become a level where the beast must break through again and again.

The first batch of monsters roared out of the mist, but they were not the first monsters to fight Wang Lan and the others. Because a few seconds later, a large flying monster also broke through the scouting base of the mist to the west.

Flying beasts are relatively rare among beasts, and there are no flying beasts in most alien space. But again, flying beasts are the most headachesome beasts. Maybe a beast in the Nebula realm, but it can fly, so its real battle strength may exceed a Star River beast.

Air control, no matter in which world it is a dimensionality reduction strike.

“What is this?” Suddenly, a scouting person hiding in a bunker shouted pointedly at the dark clouds in the sky.

“Flying Beast… It’s over… I go, are they still beasts? Did you even know to bomb with the Air Force first?”

“So many flying beasts, even if only a few hundred can pose a huge threat to us, so densely packed, how can there be tens of thousands of heads? Finished, this time is really finished.”

“But fortunately, both Wang Lan and Qiao Shan will fly. I hope they can think of ways to restrain flying beasts. Otherwise, we don’t know how many people will die in this battle.”

“Impossible, even if the two titled adults can fly, the speed is certainly not as fast as the aliens, nor as flexible as the aliens.”

At this moment, Wang Lan instantly put on Phoenix holy cloth and took out the sword of light. After the initial solution, the sword of light turned into a sword glow of more than ten meters, pointed finger towards the strange animal in the sky.

“Phoenix Form, colorful Phoenix, open!”

Facing Wang Lan’s sword glow pointed finger towards, the flying alien beast turned a blind eye. Perhaps, they are used to flying in the sky, and the alien beasts on the ground have nothing to do with them. Even if the enemy is strong, it will not threaten their safety. Thousands of flying alien beasts flash with star force fluctuations. Howling swooped toward the scouting position.

“Light Feather-Naraku!”


The sword of light bursts into pieces, turning into countless tiny lightsabers like steel needles and shooting into the sky. Above the sky, a barrage is left at the trajectory of the flying alien.

“boom~ boom~ ——”

The flying alien group slammed into the barrage of light swords, and in an instant, the corpses of countless flying alien beasts fell from in the sky.

How to describe the tragic scene of this scene. It’s like putting the electric mosquito swatter upright in the yard and turning on the lights, and countless mosquitoes moth flies into the flame.

In one round of attack, at least hundreds of flying alien beasts were shot down. But this was not over yet, Wang Lan stretched out his wings behind his back, flapping his wings to chase the flying alien.

With the dual flying ability of Phoenix holy cloth and Phoenix Form, Wang Lan’s flying skills have long surpassed ordinary flying monsters.

This picture is like a reverse string. It’s always been a flying beast running over others, and it’s never been run over. But the human being behind him is too cruel.

Those released light spots don’t know what they are, anyway, as long as they are hit, they will definitely die. And the number of these light spots is scary.

It’s not that there are no strange beasts who don’t want to change this situation. Some strange beasts turn around and open their mouths and plan to spray out star martial skills to attack that guy. That’s great, either the fish dies or the net splits.

Before the attack of Kexing’s martial skill could be launched, a lightsaber blasted its head. The fish died, but the net did not break after all.

The speed of flight is not as fast as others, and it can’t beat them. Under the gaze of all the bewildered scouting people, a feat of one person chasing and killing 10,000 flying aliens was staged.

“As expected, one person suppressed an animal tide and slaughtered the existence of 100,000 animals.” Siyu looked at the scene of the sky didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and couldn’t help sighed.

“This kind of strength, I am afraid that in the titled powerhouse, it will also be a superb existence.”

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