I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 485


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At this moment, the frontal beast tide has poured into the position. The tactics of the monster and the star martial artist seem to be biased towards the two extremes. The monster is the ordinary monster first, and then the powerful monster is the impact. But star martial artist is the first powerful star martial artist, in exchange for the greatest results at a very small cost.

The entire terrain was created by Qiao Shan, and the battle method also controls the terrain. When the ground sinks, the mountain collapses, the earth swells, and the stones roll. Soon, a large area of ​​large beasts were blocked by Qiao Shan in various passages of the position.

But compared to the speed of killing, Qiao Shan is obviously far away from Wang Lan. Although there are many trapped monsters, only a few are killed. This is also the limitation of Qiaoshan. Earth Element star martial skill’s attack method is basically crushed, but most aliens are not as fragile as humans. Even if a ton of stones is hit by the front, it may not crush a stacked armor.

The speed of the beast’s impact still hasn’t slowed down. Like a hot knife through butter’s influx into the defense line, it’s only resisted when it reaches the gate of Yellow Springs.

And the star martial artist lurking in the terrain was not idle at this time, and began to launch a combination of star martial skill to start slaughtering the beasts underneath.

If you want to change to other situations, this kind of occupying favorable terrain and conquering coverage strikes, the beast has no counterattack at all. Thirty thousand scouting people can achieve a disruptive victory at very little cost. But this time, there are too many aliens, and these aliens have imposed aura of rage.

At the same time that the anti-strike ability has improved, the number is so terrifying, and the most intuitive feeling to the star martial artist is too much to kill.

Within ten minutes of the battle, casualties have begun to appear. Densely packed monsters flooded into a scouting position and tore a scouting group in the position instantly.

The following kill efficiency is not a little bit worse than Wang Lan in the sky. Perhaps, it is not that the following scouting people are poor, but that the combat capability of Wang Lan is too strong.

Wang Lan has determined his battle method from an early age, fighting alone, pursuing the fastest killing with a clear purpose. Therefore, Wang Lan uses the dance of the Nether Butterfly and the Soul Chopper as the most commonly used combat skills. The Extreme Hot light, mandala, etc. are also set up to supplement the short board in Wang Lan’s fighting style.

Even if it is a group attack skill, Wang Lan pursues maximum damage output. Just looking at a Wang Lan can’t see the distinctiveness of Wang Lan’s style, but compared with Qiao Shan, also a titled powerhouse, the style is completely clear.

Same realm The same strength, Qiao Shan’s fighting style depends on the range, but the lethality is slightly stronger than the general Star Sea environment. Qiao Shan can play more than ten Star Sea realm star martial artists in one person, but he can never kill a star Martial artist in a Star Sea realm.

Wang Lan can also play against ten Star Sea realms, but he can confidently kill all ten Star Sea realms in an instant. This is the horror of damage output.

The average strength of flying monsters in the sky is Nebula realm. Occasionally, there are several Star River realms, but in Wang Lan’s eyes it is no different from Nebula realm. Damn it, one hit instant kill.

So when the following battle was just stuck, in the sky, one person played 10,000 flying beasts and it was almost done. The remaining flying beasts continued to wail. It seems that he is complaining about his unfair encounter.

It’s too miserable, too suffocating, ten thousand troops charged together, even if they broke their heads, why can’t they understand why they can be beaten so tragically? Even wiped out?

The flying speed is not as fast as Wang Lan, the dodge is not as fast as Wang Lan, the attack distance is not as far as Wang Lan, and the attack frequency is not comparable to Wang Lan. Wang Lan once released hundreds of thousands of swords of light. Frankly speaking, after flying in seven or eight rounds, the flying beast was almost killed.

Even killing will only be evaluated, there is no one can fight.

The Soul bead in the sky falls like rain. Star martial artists hiding under the air combat range can’t wait to bring a helmet. The Soul bead falling in the sky is still hurting.

“gu lu ——” Siyu watched the sky be cleared of flying beasts, at this moment he couldn’t describe the mood at this moment with any words. That’s a flying strange beast army, a 10,000 army.

Which is the airstrength strength of the beast tide, is the pioneer force. This group of beasts that he regarded as the greatest threat turned out to be the first group to quit the battle. Moreover, the cost of zero casualties on one’s own side destroyed the enemy’s most threatening services.

Wang Lan’s name… Sure enough the name is not in vain.

When the last beast was cut twice by Wang Lan 15 meters, Wang Lan slowly fell from the sky and fell on a mountain peak.

Looking down at the battle below, frowning slightly.

In the chaotic sea, there are countless wild beasts gushing out. The beasts covering the mountains and the plains feel that they will drown the entire ten-kilometer terrain.

Although there are many monsters, the scouting group’s killing speed is also slower than Wang Lan’s expectations. At such a slow speed, it will be a matter of time before the monsters get through the defense line.

No longer hesitating, body flashed came to a canyon channel where strange beasts piled up, “Heaven and Earth Grinding Disk–“

In the sky, an array emerged in an instant, covering an area of ​​500 meters. In the array, countless meteors fell like rain. Above the ground, an array also appeared at the very center of the gathering of different beasts. In an instant, the lava of Crimson spewed out from the array.

Heaven and Earth Grinding Disk is a combined skill of Skyfire and Earth Lava. Once this skill comes out, all scouting people who are fighting immediately forget the battle. Including Qiao Shan, who resisted the beast, suddenly petrified and looked at the scene in front of him.

What kind of doomsday scene? The sky with fire meteors constantly hit the ground, and in the ground, the lava spread to all around like a tsunami. All the beasts in the area are engulfed by lava, and all the beasts that are not afraid of lava are also killed by meteors.

It’s like a razor, gently passing the target area, there is no fluke in the area. Every second, dozens of hundreds of monsters are killed. The monsters are stacked armor, anti-armor, or spell. They are all burned to ashes.

“What is this… Divine Immortal skills?” A scouting person hesitated and asked a question.

The meteor in the sky is like a waterfall, and the lava on the ground is like a fountain, forming a Heaven and Earth spectacle in front of you. If they didn’t know it was a star martial skill, they thought it was Magical Powers.

“I now finally believe that Wang Lan really killed 100,000 strange beasts with strength of oneself, and with this martial skill, and with this killing efficiency, let alone 100,000, I believe it is 1,000,000. “

But this is only the beginning for Wang Lan.

Wang Lan solved the body flashed after one squeeze and came to another squeeze place again. This is a Yongdao that was created, and the one-kilometre-long Yongdao was packed with densely packed beasts.

The beasts went on to break the door of Yellow Springs, like a hot knife through butter, rushing deep into the terrain. Looking at the terrain, Wang Lan actually licked the corner of his mouth excitedly. This terrain is perfect.

“Try the martial skill of the multicolored Phoenix Form compound star, torrent lava–“

Wang Lan opened his mouth violently, with the star force surging, a lava spewed out of Wang Lan’s mouth, and then Phoenix illusory shadow turned into a huge array, and the lava breakthrough array instantly turned into a galaxy pouring and spewing. Out.

Lava has the temperature of fire, the weight of the earth, and the impact of water. In an instant, the lava rushed into the corridor and seemed to be dry shouted and was flooded. The lava engulfed the one-kilometre-long tunnel in an instant, and tens of thousands of beasts thrashed in the lava.

Not all monsters are afraid of lava. Some monsters can naturally bathe in lava. Although the monsters suffered heavy casualties, there were still many monsters who stepped on their companions’ bodies and continued to charge forward.

Wang Lan saw the entire Yongdao engulfed by lava, and suddenly put away the star martial skill, with a cruel smile on his face.

“Frozen Miles–“

This is the super S-Rank star martial skill obtained by Jiang Xinyu. Although Wang Lan did not learn it, Ice Attribute is loaded in the colorful Phoenix Form, and ice attribute can also be used to simulate an almost. In a cold breath, although it is impossible to freeze the lava in an instant, it can quickly cool the hot lava. The cooled lava loses its fluidity and becomes a hot stone.

In a flash, tens of thousands of surviving beasts were imprisoned in lava and unable to move even a little bit.

“heaven falls and earth rends ——”

“boom~ boom~ ——”

Wang Lan listened to the explosion and turned silently. Men, they should face away from the explosion. And this moment’s turn is Wang Lan’s incomparable confidence. The lava is frozen, and the crushed powder and bones are added. The three rounds of super S-Rank star martial skill take turns. It is absolutely impossible that there is another living beast.

The scouting people who watched this scene all the time again fell into slack.

If the previous Heaven and Earth grinding discs gave them a shocking visual impact, then Wang Lan’s three rounds of textbook-like attacks are shocking spiritual shocks.

The lava is swallowed, and 2/3 of the beasts that cannot be stored in high temperature are cleared. Frozen lava freezes the remaining 30% of the beasts, and the star force of thunder earth fusion is buried before the lava freezes. Immediately detonated, all the frozen beasts were crushed to pieces.

Instead of blindly performing star martial skill killing, it has a clear sequence, and even ambushed the final blast when the lava impact was launched. Thirty thousand beasts were slaughtered within a few minutes.

What is the kill speed? Wang Lan’s strength is so horrible?

However, Qiao Shan’s attitude towards Wang Lan is still a junior, because of some fluke, he became famous and qualified for the titled powerhouse. So now, his attitude towards Wang Lan can only be described in four words, sincerely convinced.

Qiao Shan does not deny genius, but also admits that Wang Lan is a genius. He even believes that Wang Lan’s future achievement is simply a title, even 5 Emperors.

But that is the future, not the present. After all, Wang Lan’s Star martial grade is Star Sea Early-Stage.

In recent months, Qiao Shan has heard more than one time in the title group that Yu Family is applying for the title of Yu Princess. Although he did not make any remarks, he also thought so. A girl who is only 22 years old, only Star Have you applied for the title of Star martial grade in the later stage of Sea?

In Qiao Shan’s cognition, Star Sea’s late application for title is not enough, and a Star Sea Early-Stage is obviously not enough. But in terms of Wang Lan making such a great contribution, everyone agrees. Qiao Shan agreed with Wang Lan’s merits, not his strength.

Originally, Qiao Shan thought his idea would last for a long time, but he couldn’t believe it even after he was killed. This idea could not even be maintained for a day.

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