I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 486


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Wang Lan not only has the merit of the titled powerhouse, but also the strength of the titled powerhouse. No, it’s not just a question of the strength of the titled powerhouse, it’s too much. Qiao Shan dared to swear that no one among the titled powerhouses he knew could kill the beast as fast as this.

All of them are super-S-Rank large-scale star martial skills…. A titled powerhouse can have one or two super-S-Rank star martial skills. It’s already amazing that Wang Lan can throw it without wheezing? It’s too cruel.

The original intrusion of the beasts was squeezed in three places, and Wang Lan managed two places by himself. How can other people mix? No longer hesitating, Qiao Shan snapped his hands together fiercely, and the star force might be gushing out.

“Healing of the Earth–“


A huge crack appeared suddenly in the third place where the beasts squeezed. Tens of thousands of beasts all fell into the huge cracks like dumplings poured into boiling water. This move is just the beginning of this star martial skill, but the real difficulty lies behind.

A wound that has been cracked by the earth can only be called earth healing if it is healed. I saw Qiao Shan squeezed hard with both hands, and the canyons on both sides quickly merged.

“Boom–” There was a loud noise, and two pieces of earth fiercely collided together. But in order to guarantee all the kills, Qiao Shan rubbed his hands frantically, and the two merged grounds also rubbed violently. Intense friction brings terrible pressure and terrible heat.

In an instant, the cracks burst into flames, and lava spewed out like a volcanic eruption. Tens of thousands of engulfed beasts were also slaughtered under Qiaoshan’s blow.

“Qiao Uncle, you can kill the beast quickly, why did you rub it so much…” Wang Lan slowly fell, the person had not landed, and the voice had reached Qiao Shan’s ear in.

“I…what you said…it was light and ahhhh–“

Wang Lan was able to see clearly Qiao Shan’s ear condition, look pale trembling, gasping like a cow with weak limbs, as if he had just been hollowed out. Bean’s cold sweat kept dripping along the smooth forehead.

“You are like everyone… just like your monster… Don’t consume star martial skills? Even if star force is enough…Spiritual Power is not enough?”

For this, Wang Lan suddenly realized that it seemed that he was really different from others. As long as you have enough star force, you can continue to fight. The consumption of Spiritual Power seems to have never been the consumption of Spiritual Power in memory.

“If this is the case, Joe Uncle does not have to be too reluctant, I am the main attacker, you cover, and leave all this wave of alien beasts.” The words fell to the ground, Wang Lan body flashed, and rushed to the forefront of alien beasts again. Here comes the frontline position.

“I’m going… Do you want to stay all? Wasn’t it enough that you slaughtered 100,000 last time?”

Although Qiao Shan vomited in his mouth, at the same time, Wang Lan’s words hit the chicken blood and the full of energy instantly became up. In the future, what kind of feat is it to commit all slaughter of foreign animals?

“Heaven and Earth Grinding Disk—”

“The comet falls–“

“mountains bursting and ground splitting ——”

Wang Lan’s figure flickered between the positions, and when he arrived, he lost a super S-Rank star martial skill and turned and ran. And every super-S-Rank star martial skill is destined to take thousands or even tens of thousands of beasts.

Gradually, Commander Siyu suddenly realized that he seemed to have nothing to do with him. With Wang Lan and Qiao Shan’s tacit cooperation, the beast was gradually pushed out of position, in the favorable landform created by Qiao Shan, It seems that there are no scaled beasts. The only value of the scouting group seems to be to solve a few odd beasts.

This battle, from the morning to the afternoon, Wang Lan did not know how many Soul beads he added, and how many super-S-Rank star martial skills were launched. Wang Lan only knows that in this day, his skill points have increased by seven or eighty thousand.

This beast tide event is not over yet, so the EXP and skill points of the kill haven’t been settled yet. Then these seven or eighty thousand skill points are naturally absorbed by Soul bead of seven or eighty thousand. Soul bead absorbed seven or eighty thousand, and more than two 300,000 killed beasts.

Gradually, the alien beasts in the beast tide became sparse, and it seemed that the beast tide was over. But the expressions of Wang Lan and Qiao Shan became more solemn instead of being relaxed.

A monster wave of this scale must have a titled powerhouse-level monster, and the reduction of cannon fodder monsters can only prove one point, that a powerful monster is coming.


Suddenly, a loud chirping sounded. The sharp chirping sound like a steel needle pierced everyone’s eardrums, and all star martial artists with a lower cultivation base covered their ears and fell to the ground.

“Here–” Qiao Shan suddenly shouted loudly.


The chaotic mist in the distance suddenly exploded, and a huge silhouette breakthrough mist rose into the sky. This is a huge golden eagle with a wingspan of more than 30 metres, between the giant alien beast and the ordinary alien beast.

The golden eagle flapped its wings, and suddenly the lightning flashed all over his body. In an instant, the wings were fanned, and countless thunderballs struck down from the fanned wings.

“evil creature courting death!” Wang Lan instantly turned into a pair of wings and rushed to the sky. Although the thunderball strikes down, there is still Qiaoshan below, which can definitely block this wave of bombing.

Sure enough, Qiao Shan launched in an instant, and a huge stone umbrella rose above everyone’s heads, and the thunderball fell on the stone umbrella. Although the stone umbrella was shattered, it failed to injure the scouting person who evaded under the stone umbrella.

Wang Lan spread his wings and rushed towards the golden eagle. The golden eagle showed a humanized and disdainful look at Wang Lan. The wings were slightly flapped, and his body instantly disappeared like a streamer. Fast, faster than Wang Lan extreme speed. At this moment, Wang Lan finally understood what the disdain at the moment the golden eagle looked towards Wang Lan meant.

This is the contempt of a king of the sky to other flying people!

Contempt? Are you worthy?

Phoenix Form, open——

“Chirp–” A loud phoenix sounded from Wang Lan’s mouth. In an instant, the flames around Wang Lan once again transformed into a colorful Phoenix flying with its wings spread out.

Phoenix is ​​the king of birds and the overlord of the sky. Although Wang Lan has not yet fully cultivation success Phoenix Form, Phoenix has already mastered the ability to fly.

With a light wave of his wings, Phoenix, bathed in flames, chased the golden eagle. The golden eagle felt the pressure of horror when the phoenix sounded. When looking back at a giant bird that was so gorgeous, he immediately felt that his status as a king had been challenged like never before.

Cross a circle in the air, suddenly turning into thunder and rushing towards Wang Lan. Opening his mouth, a thunderbolt spouted from the golden eagle’s mouth and shot towards Phoenix.

Wang Lan sneered, a rays of light array is formed in Phoenix’s beak, and a huge sacred shield appears. The lightning hit the sacred shield and was instantly bounced.

As soon as the golden eagle’s attack failed, the double-winged Wind and Thunder Strength flashed, and his body turned into a bullet shaped like Wang Lan, rushing to fight melee.

Wang Lan is not afraid to fight with the titled powerhouse before he breaks through the Star Sea, even more how now? I don’t know where the courage of the golden eagle comes from, dare to fight Phoenix Form in air.

The Wind and Thunder Strength of the Golden Eagle is indeed very fast, but in the face of the colorful Phoenix Form with nine Fusion Attributes and all attributes, the speed of the Golden Eagle is simply not enough.

Easily avoiding the sharp claw of the golden eagle, Phoenix flashes above the golden eagle in an instant, and facing the golden eagle is a mouthful of Samadhi True Fire.


This blow was unexpected. The golden eagle did not understand how Wang Lan appeared above it, so the Samadhi True Fire was sprayed straight.

Flame? hehe ……

The Golden Eagle looked away after entangled with Phoenix and glanced at the burning flame behind his eyes, revealing a disdainful look. Only low-level strange beasts play such low-level star martial skills. Your pretty big guy can only breathe fire.

In Wang Lan’s eyes, the golden eagle that was hit by Samadhi True Fire could almost declare the death penalty.

At the same time, two giant beasts rushed out of the chaotic fog, a giant ape that rises more than 150 meters, and a giant blue-haired lion.

Qiao Shan quickly folded his hands together, accompanied by a burst of The earth shook and the mountain quivered, a mountain slowly rose and stood up slowly, turning into a giant stone man. Seeing the Stone Man appear, the giant beast suddenly burned with flames all over his body, pounding his chest and rushing towards the Stone Man.

“Damn, shall I fight each other?”

“Qiao uncle, the lion gave it to me.” Wang Lan’s voice sounded at the moment when the person appeared beside Qiao Shan.

“Don’t come here, the bird in Tianshan will solve it first. Otherwise, you will lose in this battle.”

“That bird is dead.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, you just spray a small flame…”

Suddenly, Qiao Shan’s voice froze, and the golden eagle in the sky also gave a loud cry of sorrow at this moment. Because it found that no matter how fast it moves, how it rolls, it can’t extinguish the flames behind it. And this flame is spreading rapidly and burning its body quickly.

Almost in a few breaths, the golden eagle was engulfed in flames and completely transformed into a fire bird. If there is no long tail behind, the golden sculpture of the fire is very much like Fire Phoenix.

Suddenly, the golden eagle made a wailing cry and fell down into the sky, smashing The Earth shook and the mountain quivered on the ground.

“Fuck, what kind of flame is this, so powerful.”

“Samadhi True Fire, it won’t be saved if I touch it a little bit. I’ll go first!” Wang Lan loudly shouts, the figure rushed to the azure’s lion instantly.

The lion may have seen the golden eagle being killed so quickly because he underestimated the enemy. Maybe it was an instinctive feeling of Wang Lan’s danger. A blaze of turbulent flames spewed all over the body, and a huge red steam heat wave spewed out, setting Wang Lan’s vision into a bright red color.

The horrible air waves are like pumping pumps to quickly extract moisture from the air, and then are evaporated by the hot temperature. This is the martial skill of the burning star, and it is also the new attribute that Jiang Xinyu studied before.

The powerful steam explosion with terrifying shock waves, Wang Lan’s figure could not maintain the trend for a moment, and his figure exploded in an instant, and the ghost butterfly flashed.

A ghost butterfly spanning a distance of 100 meters suddenly appeared in front of a lion. The silhouette flashed and Wang Lan appeared in an instant. The 15 meter slashing knife was fiercely cut to the head of the lion.

Suddenly, the lion’s body twisted and disappeared instantly. When it reappeared, the lion had come to Wang Lan’s back and opened his mouth. Crimson got hot and engulfed Wang Lan with the horrible water looting.

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