I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 487

For Innate Ability, the invincible defense does not need elementalization at all. Therefore, Wang Lan was injured by a sword.

Why don’t you kill you while you are ill? When I don’t know what the blue-haired lion is like, does the silverback orangutan try?

In an instant, Wang Lan’s palm protruded, and a dim-blue flame burst from his palm. While the silverback orangutan was still violently searching for Wang Lan silhouette, he immediately printed the wound of the silverback orangutan.

netherworld ghost fire will spread along the guidance of the soul, and a blue flame suddenly ignites on the silverback orangutan that touched the netherworld ghost fire. In the blink of an eye, the silverback orangutan rolls around like a huge torch. .

This process may seem complicated, but it is actually within a second. The moment the silverback orangutan was attacked by the netherworld ghost fire sneak attack, the blue-haired lion had just locked Wang Lan, and a huge mouth fiercely bit at Wang Lan.

Since netherworld ghost fire won’t hurt you, I don’t know if you can fix the formidable power of Samadhi True Fire.

The whole body star force is mobilized and operates according to secret art. At the moment when the lion’s mouth seems to swallowing the world, Wang Lan’s mouth suddenly emits a flame. The bright red flame instantly rushed into the mouth of the blue-haired lion.

The feeling of being swallowed by Heaven and Earth was instantly disappeared, and the roar towards the sky in front of the blue lion, the flame in the mouth was burning.

The two strange beasts that were just alive, rolled in the blink of an eye in the blink of an eye, and the other seemed to eat the devil’s chili and spit fire in the sky. This scene looked normal in Siyu’s eyes. Anyway, they couldn’t understand it, it’s okay to understand, just call 666.

However, Qiao Shan knew very well why the change in this battle was so fast. In the last second, he couldn’t find a way to restrain the two beasts. In the next second, the beasts can be buried. Wang Lan’s means of attack…too many.

Melee has a knife. The problem is that this knife is not an ordinary knife. It is a knife with no stronghold one cannot overcome. He knows the defensive power of the silverback orangutan, it can definitely be said to be solid as a golden soup, no stronghold one cannot overcome.

However, Wang Lan’s knife is a torch, which is torn skin and gaping flesh. Who can block a light cut with such a knife? With this battle method, Wang Lan is already at the top of the list.

But in an instant, Wang Lan cast two completely different flames. Although Qiao Shan does not know what these two kinds of flames are, Qiao Shan can clearly feel the strength of the law emitted from the flames.

A titled powerhouse, having a powerful combat mode is not easy anymore. When manpower is poor, energy is limited. Pushing a fighting style to Peak also requires a Heaven’s Chosen Child. It takes a lifetime to do it. Wang Lan still has a spare? Can’t this be changed?

It’s like everyone is a different way. Your way is not my way. You can understand my way, but you can’t learn it.

Like Qiao Shan, he manipulates the stone man and the silver-backed star in the current situation, does he not know that he can use lava stone? Don’t you know that with the wind cutting, the fire is dying?

I know, but I can’t, because Qiao Shan can only use his Earth Element martial skill to the extreme. If he delves into something else, he will never reach his realm. So, at this moment, Qiao Shan couldn’t understand, how did he do this Wang Lan? How can it be achieved at this age to the extent that their efforts over several decades could not be reached?

Is it purely in innate talent? But, which innate talent can be the titled powerhouse?

Not only do you have a knife with no stronghold one cannot overcome, but there is a fire that does not burn? Although the performance form of Samadhi True Fire and netherworld ghost fire is only red flame and blue flame, Qiao Shan understands that even if he gets a little fire star, the end is a dead word.

The silverback orangutan has been completely transformed into a blue torch, and his body can no longer struggle to go mad, and fiercely falls on the ground while struggling on whilst at death’s door. The blue flame on his body was still burning vigorously, but there was no scar on the silver back after burning for so long.

Siyu and other scouting people watching this scene all sucked in the air.

“What kind of flame is this? Blue flame? Should the temperature be above 3,000 degrees?”

“This… touches my blind spot of knowledge. This is definitely not an ordinary blue flame. Can a 3,000-degree flame make a beast with the power of a titled powerhouse burn to death?”

“Indeed, this blue flame is a little weird. How do I feel like there is a grimace in this flame?”

“I rely on it, I thought I was the only illusion, so you also have… yes, the old village head, the old village head? Isn’t he known as Nebula for ten thousand years? Have done a dozen powerhouses in this life Guard. Old village head, don’t you usually talk the most? Why don’t you talk about what kind of flame Wang Lan uses?”

Lao Sun’s head sternly touched his chin, his eyes revealing the color of contemplation.

“I have never seen this kind of flame… but it is certainly not an ordinary high-temperature flame. But… there is no scar on the body after burning, which reminds me of something.”

“What’s the matter? Old village head, you don’t really know the origin of this fire, do you?”

“When I was young, my Old Master was also an expert at the titled powerhouse level. One time I went on a mission but died at the end. His teammates said that he was burned alive, but there was nothing left on his body. Burns.

Later, the military sent two experts, Elder Di, and the old man to continue the investigation, and finally caught the murderer. The murderer is a White Eagle nation, codenamed…dead Knight. “

“Are you saying that Wang Lan’s star martial skill is the same as the necroman Knight?” The scouting people around him were all overwhelmed by the words of the old village, and asked together.

“That impossible, the star martial skill of the undead Knight is his Innate Ability, I remember very clearly, the military gangster who was in charge of this matter finally told me that my Old Master died in the netherworld ghost fire Down.

This netherworld ghost fire is all blue, without burning anything in the world, only the soul. As long as it gets a little bit, the person is finished. My Old Master was careless, thinking it was just an ordinary blue flame, so I was hit. “

“so that’s how it is, only burns the soul… Then this thing can’t be touched even by 5 Emperors?”

“Basically it is true. Once contaminated by the netherworld ghost fire, you will definitely die unless you cut your soul.”

After hearing the words of the old village head, Wang Lan’s magical flame answer is considered to be there, but another question arises.

“How strong is Wang Lan in the end?”

“How strong is Wang Lan! Even Qiao Shan doesn’t know this question. It seems that up to now, every shot of Wang Lan is a different method. There seems to be no limit to his battle strength.


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