I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 488


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At this moment, the lion who was sprayed a sip of Samadhi True Fire by Wang Lan suddenly scratched his face in pain. The brutal start, the Wang Lan watching felt shudder. With one paw down, the entire face was flesh and blood.

However, it is so easy to extinguish Samadhi True Fire, instead of extinguishing the Samadhi True Fire on his face, he even burned into his paws. The lion roared, and his whole body turned flaming red.

The second half of the body seems to have been cut off. The lava falling into a fluid form falls. The remaining half of the body creeps and quickly grows a brand new lion, but this lion is much smaller than the previous one. The half of the body that turned into lava is still attached and burned by Samadhi True Fire.

The lion gave Wang Lan a terrified look and gave a roar.

Wang Lan saw that the lion was so cruel, and he survived by breaking his body. Labor and capital do not believe it, how many short-tailed survival can you make? In an instant, body flashed rushed towards the lion.

The lion was really afraid of Wang Lan, flashed instantly, and turned to rush towards the chaotic mist outside. He ran straight away?

Wang Lan hesitated a little. Since he came, it would be better to stay and set up a monument. Instantly launch the dance of the Nether Butterfly to chase.


Suddenly, a white light rushed out of the mist of chaos, swallowing the lion in the white light instantly. The trend of white light is not diminishing, and Wang Lan’s figure is instantly engulfed in white light.

Fortunately, Wang Lan has started the dance of the Black Butterfly, otherwise Wang Lan could not resist the horror speed of this white light.

“boom~ boom~ ——”

A burst of smoke rises from the defense line created by Qiao Mountain. Where the white light reaches, the mountain peak instantly melts flying ash annihilation. This beam of light instantly penetrated the ten-kilometer defense line.

Wang Lan complexion greatly changed, body flashed appeared beside Qiao Shan. His eyes stared solemnly at the tumbling chaotic mist, while Qiao Shan around him suddenly turned pale.

The fog of chaos is violently rippling, and a huge silhouette steps out of the fog of chaos.

If the faces of the monsters are all created by the Creator, then this new appearance, the huge monster with a height of 300 meters is the beautiful face value carefully designed by Creator.

The whole body is in three colors of red silver, and grows into a huge lion, but behind this lion, there are a pair of white wings. The giant beast’s body is covered with suspended coats of arms, and the coat of arms exudes a thick and strong atmosphere.

Slowly out of the fog, imposing manner assaults the senses like mountains.

In an instant, Wang Lan’s heartstrings are tense, and the monster is very strong. Even if there is no real fight, Wang Lan can feel its terrifying power from the imposing manner on the beast.


A faint shuddering voice reminded me that Qiao Shan, the titled powerhouse, was staring at the moment when the beast walking out of the mist was walking step by step with grace.

“Jouncle? As to scare you like this? What about the confidence of being a powerhouse?”

“What do you know? This is an abyss, this is an abyss.” Qiao Shan yelled in a low voice, “Wang Lan, you take someone to evacuate, I will find a way to hold him for a while.”

“What is the abyss? How strong is it?” Wang Lan’s eyes suddenly became dignified and he asked lowly.

“The abyss means deep and unmeasurable. If the previous two ends are titled powerhouse to match it, then the abyss beast can only fight with one Emperors. The abyss beast is a scouting space is absolutely powerful, absolutely Dominate the existence.

Abyssal monsters rarely appear, they generally only stay in their own territory, didn’t expect… An abyssal monster appears and kills the human territories. Wang Lan, I know you are strong, but there is no doubt that he will die for the abyss in the abyss. Hurry up and evacuate with the regional headquarters.

An abyssal monster appears, and the situation is completely out of our control. You evacuate the troops, and immediately notify the headquarters, asking them to call 5 Emperors to support them. “

“Joe uncle …… or you evacuate, how to see my battle method is a little more flexible than you.” Wang Lan said without looking back.

“The hero of Shao Te Mo, Laozi has encountered the abyss beast no less than five times. Do you have any experience living in the abyss beast? Give me away, I will buy time for you.”

So, Qiao Shan folded his hands suddenly, “great hand seal ——”


Suddenly, two pieces of ground in the distance rose strangely. Turned into two semi-circle fiercely to the abyss. Both semicircles are over one kilometer in diameter and weigh more than 100 million tons.

The abyssal beast suddenly opened his mouth and made a low beast roar, the space ripple slightly oscillated. The ground between the two sides was instantly frozen by this ripple. Almost instantly, Qiao Shan’s face turned pale.

The semi-circles on both sides of the freeze frame suddenly became gray when the naked eye became visible, and then seemed to be turned into powder by air-dried flour. In this scene, Wang Lan’s scalp is numb.

The huge semicircles on both sides each have a diameter of more than 1000 meters. Even if a track and field athlete has to run for half a day, such a huge semicircle as a mountain peak turns into a powder in an instant?

Even if Azure Emperor is here, it may not be possible.


Suddenly, a wave rippled on the lion again. This rippled naked eye can see the direction, and instantly sweep to the location of Wang Lan and Qiao Mountain. The warning sign rose, and Wang Lan didn’t hesitate to raise the sacred shield instantly.

The soaring dust rises, and the huge mountain range created by Qiao Shan actually collapses in the ripples quickly flying ash annihilation. The beast seems to just breathe a breath, and the mountain range stretching for ten kilometers is like the melting of sand sculptures washed by the waves on the beach.


Qiao Shan spurt a mouthful of blood, his body flew away in an instant.

“Joe Uncle!” Wang Lan complexion changed, and the holy shield in front of him suddenly cracked. Wang Lan finally knew what level of attack Qiao Shan had suffered.

The martial skill holy shield known as the strongest defensive unit defense star. After being upgraded to the Platinum Gold level by Wang Lan, its defensive power can even withstand the blow of 5 Emperors. But now, I don’t even know what attack I have suffered, but I am broken?


The Divine Shield exploded, and Wang Lan’s figure flew away in an instant. Wang Lan quickly mobilized the star force, and his body instantly disintegrated into disregarding butterflies. Among the butterflies flying, a ghost butterfly appeared beside Qiao Shan, grabbed Qiao Shan and flashed.

The figure turned into a streamer, rushing towards the rear line of defense quickly. The defense line made by Qiaoshan couldn’t block this abyss.

After the two appeared, Siyu hurried over, “Master Wang Lan, Master Earthwalker, what kind of beast is this? How can it be so powerful?”

Siyu looked desperately at the distant beasts approaching in the distance. Even before hundreds of thousands of beasts hit the defense line, they had no casualties. But just such a beast, rippled down, Siyu clearly saw that at least ten scouting persons Legion turned to disappeared.

Those who are not small Legion with only a few people are all medium-sized Legion with at least fifty people. Thousands of brothers were killed in such an attack, even without bodies.

“This is… the abyss giant beast, go away. Wang Lan, you cover the brethren withdraw, he will give it to me!”

“Forget it Joe Uncle, can you still be broken like this?” Wang Lan raised white light around him, and a chain of life linked Qiao Shan.

“If you can’t break it, you have to break it! Even if I try hard, I can block him for ten minutes. You only have ten minutes to retreat…”

“I’ll break it for you.” Wang Lan stood up and slowly pulled out his sword. His eyes were extremely deep… Since Wang Lan upgraded to Star Sea, Wang Lan suddenly felt a feeling. His beheaded sword can be swept away.

The formidable power and initial solution of the Sophie Sword are not at the same order of magnitude. I hope that the Sophie Sword of Sophie will not let me down too much.

“Wang Lan, don’t you understand? You are a titled powerhouse, and I am also a titled powerhouse. But I am already the sun of the sunset, and you have just risen.

At this step, it is already my limit, and you, just started. I can die here, but you can’t. Who lives and who dies is not just about you and me! “At this time, Qiao Shan roared angrily at Wang Lan, no longer a vague hint but a direct one.

“This is Jade Country’s business. If you survive, Jade Country will become stronger because of you. Five years later, ten years later, you will grow into towering trees, hold up the sky of Jade Country, and protect Jade. Country boy.

But I can’t do it. I will still look like this after ten years or even twenty years. Therefore, no matter if I or for Jade Country, I must give you the time to fight for retreat.

It’s coming soon, you quickly withdraw. Wang Lan, you remember for me, you are a Soldiers, Soldiers of Jade Country! “

Qiao Shan’s whole body is rippling with strong star force fluctuations. At this moment, Qiao Shan must be Wei An in the eyes of outsiders. At least all the scouting survivors looked towards Qiao Shan’s eyes full of reverence.

Wang Lan also respects, but Wang Lan has other options.

Lightly pats Qiao Shan’s shoulder, “This question is a multiple choice question in your eyes, either you die or I die, but in my eyes, this question is actually a multiple choice question.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your life, my life, brother’s life behind me, I want it all!” The last three words, Wang Lan seemed to use all his strength to roar out, and in an instant, Wang Lan’s figure turned into a streamer Abyss beast.

“I rely on! You–“

Where did Qiao Shan think that Wang Lan would actually do this, and thumped his feet in hate. Isn’t this death? That’s an abyss, and an abyss that can be played with 5 Emperors.

“Extreme Hot Light.”

Wang Lan instantly burst a Extreme Hot light with a temperature of 60,000. Facing the Extreme Hot light, the footsteps of the abyss finally stopped. If he had been walking in the court before, full of disdain for Heaven and Earth, then at this moment, there was an extra ant in his huge eyes.

A ants who can let it lift its paws.

Lift up the paw gently, and a wave of destruction ripples on the paw. In the wave of destruction, the tens of thousands of degrees of Extreme Hot light stagnates as if hitting an invisible barrier.

Abyssal giant beast lifts the head, humanized sarcasm is revealed in the scarlet eyes, it seems to be saying, is there any more? Try again?

Although I know the power of the abyss beast, the light of didn’t expect Extreme Hot is so blocked with no difficulty. Extreme Hot light can be blocked, and the starry divine arrow can also be blocked. And such a powerful barrier around the abyss giant beast, I am afraid that even if Wang Lan uses Samadhi True Fire plus netherworld ghost fire, it is impossible that there is a little fire star on it.

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