I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 489


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“Swastika! The Judgment of Light!”

Along with Wang Lan’s voice, he landed, with a boom, the sword of light in his hand exploded instantly. The star force fluctuations around Wang Lan suddenly boiled, and the brilliant flames shot straight into the sky.

The Phoenix illusory shadow surrounding Wang Lan was instantly magnified ten times, and the body of the Phoenix illusory shadow was already larger than the abyssal monster in front of it. The Abyssal Beast suddenly tightened, and looked at the giant Phoenix above his head with vigilant eyes.

The sword of light instantly turns into stars in the sky. It should be noted that there will be no obvious day and night in the scouting space, and naturally there will be no Sun, Moon and Stars. But at this moment, Heaven and Earth after the 卍解 are all over Sun, Moon and Stars strangely.

Suddenly, a white light converged from the sky and turned into a huge Flying Sword like an outer planet. The sword is bright, like a bright moon, like a shining sun.

Heavenly Sword falls from the sky, it seems slow, but fast as lightning.


There was a loud noise, and the entire space suddenly became distorted and rippling. Numerous Space Cracks were shaken out in the distortion, and space fragments fell like glass slag.

The ripples of the giant beast of the abyss are facing the Flying Sword pierced from the sky, annihilating all the ripples of destruction, but cannot destroy the Heavenly Sword. Heavenly Sword still pierced inch by inch, breaking through the abyss’s giant beast’s defense inch by inch.


A loud noise, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Heavenly Sword finally pierced the defense of the abyss giant beast, and fiercely stuck on the back of the abyss giant beast.


The giant beast of the abyss instantly raised to the sky and cried out painfully, and the sound roared like thunder, spreading throughout the scouting space.

At this moment, Wang Lan moved instantly. The foot was like a stream of light, disappearing instantly as if stepping on a rainbow bridge, and appeared on Heavenly Sword in the blink of an eye. The palm of the hand instantly held the hilt of the Heavenly Sword, and the five-pole fire cultivation technique all over his body was instantly mobilized.

“netherworld ghost fire, burn!”

Heavenly Sword, which originally exuded rays of light like moonlight, suddenly emerged with blue white light. Using Zanpaku as the conduction, the netherworld ghost fire instantly penetrated into the body of the giant beast of the abyss.


The giant beast let out a roar here, and the visible ripples of naked eye swept across. Wang Lan hurriedly hid behind Heavenly Sword. Since Heavenly Sword can survive the destruction ripples of the giant beast in the abyss, it can naturally serve as a shield against the destruction ripples.

Sure enough, the ripple of destruction couldn’t get past the sword of light to cause damage to Wang Lan, but the powerful impact blasted Heavenly Sword from the back of the giant beast of the abyss.

Wang Lan was rushed into the void at the same time with the judgment of light.

“Void purple eyes, open–“

In an instant, a purple ray of light burst into Wang Lan’s eyes, and the rays of light extended more than three feet out of the eye socket.

“Star divine arrow ——” The right hand points to the ground, aiming at the weak spot on the back of the giant beast in the abyss.

“Samadhi True Fire Arrow!”

The arrow of the divine arrow of the starry sky can be a pure star force converging arrow, or it can be attached to various attributes on the arrow. Attached to ice attribute is a frozen arrow, attached to a melting system is a lava arrow, and attached to Samadhi True Fire, it is an arrow of lore.


The divine arrow burst into a cloud in an instant, and the clear ripples waved away at the moment the arrow shot out. This arrow, as if passing through one space after another, instantly fell on the back of the giant beast of the abyss.


The arrow plunged into the back of the giant beast of the abyss, which was still in the bloody wound.

The body of the giant beast of the abyss suddenly stiffened, and the face of the corpse covered with green hair instantly turned pale as if the color faded away. The abyss giant beast suddenly looked up to the sky, and a terrifying roar rose to the sky.

Fiercely, the abyss giant beast turned around instantly, regardless of whether the burning netherworld ghost fire or the bright red Samadhi True Fire all over, he rushed into the chaotic fog and disappeared.

“Hit… and ran away?”

This wave of Wang Lan’s attack is really sharp, from the 卍jie to the divine arrow in the starry sky, it only takes three seconds. Three seconds may not be enough time for someone to release a star martial skill.

But the giant beast, the abyss of impossibility, ran under the three attacks of Wang Lan?

An Early-Stage boy in the Star Sea realm, even beat an abyss giant beast? This is… what a fuck?

The consciousness of sacrifice made just now is so ridiculous under this scene?

Qiao Shan recalled what Wang Lan said before. When encountering the giant beast of the abyss, Qiao Shan considered who would sacrifice the best interests of Jade Country. What Wang Lan thought was, I want it all.

No one needs to die, just defeat the giant beast of the abyss. This choice, it seems… as if it is really difficult?


Qiao Shan suddenly felt that the entire world was crazy. The giant beast of the abyss, even the 5 Emperors, might not dare to say that the powerful existence that could win was beaten away? Can it be more exaggerated?

“Congratulations to the host for successfully resisting an animal tide, reward EXP 1,000,000 and skill points 200,000.”

“Congratulations to the host for killing 300,000 monsters, rewarding EXP 10,000,000 and skill points 1,000,000.”

The two messages sounded in my mind at the same time, and the cool Wang Lan was about to roar towards the sky on the spot. It takes 20,000,000 EXP to upgrade from Star Sea One to Star Sea Two, so it only takes a few days, and only four or five days to get 10,000,000 EXP?

I originally thought that the Star Sea upgrade would be very slow, but now it doesn’t seem to be very slow. As long as there are enough beasts, Wang Lan feels that his upgrade speed will not be slower than during the Star Sea realm.

No wonder the previous seniors said that after the junior year, their strength will explode. In the junior year, their strength will at least double, and it will be a rapid growth stage until graduation. It turns out that this growth is all about.

Before, Jiang Xinyu took a trip to the country with his studies, and grew directly from Nebula Peak to Star River Middle-Stage back, and now it has grown to the point where he can break through Star Sea at any time.

Although the biggest credit is that she won the Refining Qi chapter of Xianyun Xuanqing Record in the first place, and most of the Soul beads that Wang Lan hits were for Jiang Xinyu breakthrough, but there were no massive monsters for her. Brush, Jiang Xinyu is absolutely impossible so fast.

Don’t look at Jiang Xinyu now seems to be obscured by Wang Lan’s rays of light. If you really compare it, Jiang Xinyu is one month younger than Wang Lan. It took less than five days for Wang Lan to break through the Star Sea. If Jiang Xinyu breaks through these days, Wang Lan just broke Yu Ruoyan’s record, I am afraid that Jiang Xinyu will break.

Counting this way, the number one genius does not seem to be Yu Ruoyan or Wang Lan, but Jiang Xinyu.

With the implementation of Xianyun Xuanqinglu, Jade Country star martial artist will enter the Gold era. In the future, this record will be constantly refreshed.

12 years old Nebula, 16 years old Star River, and 18 years old breakthrough Star Sea are no longer dreams.

He breathed a long sigh of relief and turned around slowly. Suddenly, Wang Lan felt one after another frantic gaze looked towards himself. Siyu and the people from the scouting group had such enthusiastic eyes, as if they saw faith.

Fighting the Conferred God at Ice Cliff, although the name moved the entire scouting space, many people still couldn’t believe it. After all, it is too scary to slaughter 100,000 animals by one person, and none of the three titled powerhouses can do it unless the three titled powerhouses work together.

Moreover, Wang Lan’s age and Star martial grade are too deceptive. Even Qiao Shan thought that Wang Lan was not strong enough to be a titled powerhouse when Wang Lan didn’t make a shot, let alone others.

But what did you see just now? This wave of beasts is not a hundred thousand strange beasts, but hundreds of thousands of strange beasts. Although there are land walkers to help, everyone can see that although the help of land walkers is great, the killing efficiency is incomparable to Wang Lan.

500,000 monsters, at least 400,000 were killed by Wang Lan. Especially before that world millstones, lava torrents and other star martial skills, show people’s scalp tingling. Looking back on the scene now, it’s still exciting, er, not myself.

What kind of strength and what kind of fighting consciousness is it to be able to use a super S-Rank star martial skill combination to instantly create a hundred thousand scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

In this battle, Wang Lan completely rectified himself. In the future, no one will doubt Wang Lan’s strength, title greedy wolf, and strength will not accept refutation.

Headquarters, Shen Xiaowu listened solemnly to the latest battle reports from several titled powerhouses on the front line.

In the Zhengnan area, the beast tide is attacking the defense line, but there are two titled powerhouses guarding it, and the front line is temporarily stable. The number of beast tides is around 100,000, and the situation can be stabilized by intercepting and visually observing the terrain.

Southwest position, maybe the previous wave of beasts beat the strange beasts too hard, maybe that wave of beasts failed to return to the large area of ​​the strange beasts, so the beasts did not appear. .

The beast wave in the northwest direction has not started yet, but it seems that begin to stir may need support at any time. But…in the Western Region, it stands to reason that Wang Lan and Landwalker should have arrived.

But the Hummingbird Communication Bee never fed back information, which made Shen Xiaowu’s heart heavier. El Nino, every occurrence is a major disaster. The absence of news from the West Defense Line gave Shen Xiao an ominous premonition in Military there.

“Commander-in-chief, emergency communications in the Northwest region.” The hummingbird suddenly exclaimed, the star martial skill flashed, and an imaginary bee appeared at his fingertips.

“Your Excellency Commander-in-Chief, just now I personally led an investigation team to investigate in the fog of chaos and found that the number of strange animals in the fog of chaos is surprisingly small, and many strange animal tribes have migrated.

But the alien beast still looks like it might attack at any time. I guess this time El Niño has an intelligent alien beast that is secretly controlled. Then I immediately carried out an in-depth investigation, and finally found that the alien beasts might attack one of our five areas in a concentrated number. Please contact the other four places immediately to determine the main attack points of the alien beasts and arrange for support in time. “

“The alien beasts focus on attacking a little…” Shen Xiaowu stood up with a whistling sound, and instantly came to the map.

“Send communications to other four places.”

“Report to the commander-in-chief that the alien beasts in the south are retreating, and their follow-up numbers have been reduced.”

“In the north, the number of strange animals is decreasing…”

“Southwest, there are still no signs of beasts in the southwest.”

“Jingxi, Zhengxi still has no reply.”

Shen Xiaowu furrowed his brows tightly, and suddenly slapped his palm at the Zhengxi position. “The alien beasts are going to attack Zhengxi. The previous wave of beasts has tested the results. The defense line of Zhengxi is the easiest to break through. They must Attack Zhengxi.”

“Report to the Commander-in-Chief. The correspondent of the Western Region Divisional Headquarters is back. He said… He said that a large number of alien beasts hit the west, the number is more than 500,000, and… the abyssal beast requested support.”

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