I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 490


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“What?” Shen Xiaowu stared at the correspondent in a daze, his pupils dilated instantly.

500,000 monsters impact an area that is very difficult to defend itself. What scene is that? Maybe… it was a one-sided massacre, right?

Also, an abyss-level monster appeared? Shen Xiaowu knew very well that the appearance of abyss-level monsters must be accompanied by four to five titled powerhouse-level monsters. Even if he didn’t see the ending with his own eyes, Shen Xiaowu could guess the ending.

The West Area will be completely defeated, and then chain the collapse of the entire scouting space in the sea of ​​clouds. The best result is that ten years of hard work have been burned, and the space opened up by human scouting will be compressed by one of 30%.

Suddenly, Shen Xiaowu hit a shivered came back to his senses.

This is not the time to be shocked. You must make adjustments immediately.

“Order, the scouting legion in the true south, southwest, northwest, and true north directions immediately shrinks. The southern defense line shrinks to the cross-neck cliff and uses favorable terrain to block the alien beast breakthrough. Southwest position, shrinks to the northeast, must be better than Zhengxi strange beasts occupy 233 Canyon one step faster to block the strange beasts.

True North Line of Defense, retreat to the glacier, build a line of defense with the help of the glacier, the northwest line of defense, retreat to the southeast line of defense, and finally form a joint headquarters in Lin Yao in the southwest region, and a common hell. “


“Also, send someone to ask Baidi immediately, and make sure that Baidi comes to support as soon as possible.”


After military commander Shen Xiao gave the order, the strength of the whole person seemed to have been taken away. Looking at the map of the sand table in a daze, he suddenly hit the center of the sand table at the west defense line with a fierce punch.

“Damn El Niño! Let us work hard for ten years, and ten years of hard work are all in vain. Brother fifty thousand, brother fifty thousand…”

The entire command center instantly suppressed the breath of the mountain rain, and everyone’s chest seemed to be blocked by a huge stone. This change is a huge test for everyone.

About half an hour later…

“Report-the latest report from the west direction.”

“What? There is a battle report? Siyu is not dead?”

Shen Xiaowu’s first reaction was not what was on the battle report, but at this time Siyu could still issue a battle report? He is still alive?

Shen Xiaowu knew very well that Siyu’s divisional headquarters was placed at the forefront. 500,000 alien beasts, the abyss alien beasts attack the defense line, the headquarters is the first to bear the brunt. It’s been half an hour, and the Western Region area should have become a mess, right?

“Read!” Shen Xiaowu, who came back to his senses, quickly shouted.

“Dear commander-in-chief, under the crown of the green tiger, under the crown of the earthwalker and Lord Wang Lan, after rushing to the front line of the west, the chaos and mist are surging and the tide of beasts is ready to go.

The landwalker first created a ten-kilometer mountain range outside the defense line to reverse the lack of the west defense line.

Just as the fortifications were just completed, alien beasts popped out from the chaotic fog. First 10,000 flying alien beasts were the vanguard, and then 500,000 alien beasts popped out to attack the front line of defense.

Master Wang Lan, with the help of one person’s flying ability and the wrestling power of 10,000 flying animals, can kill 10,000 flying animals in ten minutes. At this moment, the alien beast’s offensive is still like a hot knife through butter, advancing for nearly three kilometers, half of the mountain range defense line has fallen, the alien beast covering the mountains and the plains, the brother died and injured more than a thousand.

At this moment, Lord Wang Lan used a large-scale star martial skill to kill the alien beasts in the squeezed area with the help of favorable terrain after solving the flying alien beasts in the sky, and slaughtered the alien beasts within a few minutes.

Then, with the help of the continuous corridors, three super S-Rank star martial skills were lowered, and the two kilometers of corridors were first impacted with lava to form a large lava river in the mountain range canyon. Then the ice attribute star martial skill is used to fix the lava, and finally the explosive star martial skill is used to blast the two kilometers of alien animals to pieces.

In this battle, more than 50,000 alien beasts were killed.

Then Lord Wang Lan and the Earthwalker joined forces, and the Earthwalker controlled the terrain. Lord Wang Lan fired out and fought for an hour and ten minutes to successfully drive the alien beasts out of the mountain range terrain, killing 300,000 aliens in total. More than. “

After reading this, everyone in the command center looked at the reciting herald with straight eyes, and had no idea what to think about.

But the content of the battle report is far from over.

“The tide of beasts was strangled to death, and then the fog of chaos surged, and three titled powerhouse-level beasts killed out, causing serious damage to the position in an instant.

Lord Wang Lan’s eagle hits the sky, fighting a golden eagle alone and burning it with a magical flame. Then, with the assistance of the landwalker, confront the remaining two strange beasts. The ape-shaped animal was killed on the spot, and the blue-haired lion was photographed by Wang Lan’s battle strength and turned around to escape. Before entering the mist in the future, he was killed by a white light.

The white light instantly divided the ten-kilometer terrain defense line into two. Under this blow, another two thousand brothers were killed on the spot. Skeleton doesn’t exist.

This is the blue griffin of the abyssal beast.

The Griffin is powerful, destroying the ten-kilometer line of defense with just one shot, and the Earthwalker is seriously injured. The landwalker wanted Wang Lan to take us away and wait for the remnants to evacuate. Lord Wang Lan refused.

Then Lord Wang Lan ascended as much as possible. One person fought fiercely with the griffin, releasing a sword energy with the power of destroying the world, severely damaging the griffin, and then using the Samadhi True Fire and netherworld ghost fire to jointly burn the griffin.

The Griffin was wounded and turned to recover the fog of chaos.

At this point, the defensive counterattack of fierce battle for one and a half hours has come to an end. In this battle, a total of 500,000 monsters have been killed, three title-level monsters, and one monster in the abyss repelled.

Soul bead is still being collected, the number is not yet counted but it is piled up. I hereby report and inform the headquarters that everything is well and there is no need to worry too much. “

After reading the long report, Shen Xiaowu only feels that the entire world is unreal.

Abyss monster carrying 500,000 strange beast army assaulted the Zhengxi line of defense, not only did it not crash, but it also fought back? Why did you win? This is definitely not a TV series?

But Shen Xiaowu is a person who has experienced winds and waves after all. He recovered in a very short time, “Send someone to the Western Region to verify the battle report.”

Under normal circumstances, Shen Xiaowu will not verify battle reports. Since the district headquarters dared to send the battle report, the record must be true.

The content of this battle report is too exaggerated. The exaggeration made Shen Xiaowu have to wonder, is Siyu dreaming?

The executive power of the star martial artist is still very fast, especially the speed superior communication star martial artist, with his legs like the wind, he can run at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, and the flying star martial artist can even reach a speed of 300 per hour. .

When the teleportation star martial artist rushed to the Zhengxi frontline camp 500 kilometers away, the 10,000 star martial artist of Zhengxi collected Soul bead in an area within 10 kilometers.

The courier doesn’t need to ask questions at all. Just looking at the mountain of Soul bead, the courier knows what the battle report says is true.

After a brief understanding of the situation with Commander Siyu, the courier turned back non-stop and rushed towards the headquarters. When he came, the courier spent more than two hours, and when he returned, the same journey took less than two hours.

When the courier rushed into the headquarters and saw Shen Xiaowu, he was so tired that he sat on the ground. Only had time to say a word, what the battle report said… is all true… and then fell into a coma.


Really, it means that Wang Lan and Qiao Shan joined forces to really block the impact of the 500,000 beast wave and kill them all? Does it really mean that Wang Lan really beat the giant beast of the abyss back?

What is this extraordinary work? What a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering feat?

As soon as this news came out, let alone the headquarters boiling, the entire cloud sea scouting space was boiling. Wang Lan’s rays of light alone make everyone dim and become a foil.

The news quickly spread out of the scouting space, and then swept across the country at the speed of the virus spread. The political arena, the military, and Alien Space were shocked by the whole news.

Yu Ruoyan, who was on a mission somewhere far away, was stunned for a moment when he heard this information, then a wry smile appeared on his face.

“As expected of you, I have been completely thrown away by you.”

After hearing the news, No.1 immediately became very interested, picked up the calligraphy and swiped a few words, a line of vigorous and powerful characters resembles nature itself, without a trace of carving.

The young hero, the young hero. The important weapon of the country, the great fortune of the country!

While the whole country was boiling over Wang Lan’s feat, Wang Lan drove a truck of Soul bead to the headquarters Jiang Xinyu to offer treasures.

Jiang Xinyu was transferred to the headquarters. For the first day or two, I thought it was a normal job transfer. It was not until two days later that when Wang Lan was fighting fiercely on the front line, Jiang Xinyu found that the soldiers at the headquarters were extremely busy.

After inquiring, I learned that El Nino had appeared, and Yunhai Space was going through a huge storm. At this moment, Jiang Xinyu understood everything, why he would be transferred back from the front line, and there was no new task arrangement for two days. Without Wang Lan, she would kill her or believe it.

Wang Lan kept her from her, she didn’t know anything that the entire Yunhai space knew. It’s not that Jiang Xinyu can’t accept being protected by Wang Lan, but she didn’t know anything when she couldn’t accept being protected by Wang Lan.

So, Ice and Snow Queen is very angry. She wished to go to the front line to find Wang Lan and kick him fiercely. But at this moment, the report came that Wang Lan killed 500,000 monsters and defeated the giant beast of the abyss.

When I first heard the news, Jiang Xinyu was not frightened, not worried, nor afraid of the future. What emerged in front of her was the scene where she stood under the gate of Yellow Springs that day and watched Wang Lan fighting against one hundred thousand monsters and two titled powerhouse level monsters alone.

It’s not that Wang Lan is hiding from her… but Jiang Xinyu is too weak. In such a situation, she can’t help anything.

It is said that wind and rain fight side by side on the same road, but with the strength that Jiang Xinyu Star River Peak and Star Sea Realm Early-Stage battle strength do not have, how can we fight side by side with Wang Lan?

On that day, Jiang Xinyu had no cultivation, standing on the top of the mountain, watching the west and weeping silently.

Wang Lan has never shattered Jiang Xinyu’s pride, but her pride has been shredded by reality. She is not Wang Lan, Wang Lan can defeat two title-level monsters in the Star River realm Peak, she can’t.

She is not Yu Ruoyan, she can have the battle strength of Star Sea Peak when she is in the Star River realm Peak. Jiang Xinyu is a genius, but she is just an ordinary genius. Although she has advanced rapidly, she has no higher level challenge strength.

Such a situation will definitely happen in the future. In the face of enemies that are difficult to match and Disaster level, Wang Lan can rise to the challenge, but Jiang Xinyu will only die.

“What’s the matter?” When Wang Lan found Jiang Xinyu, Jiang Xinyu was still in deep thought on the top of the mountain.

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