I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 491


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“Wang Lan, in your heart… Am I a drag?” Jiang Xinyu asked with a smile. Grabbing Wang Lan’s arm and snuggling gently on Wang Lan’s shoulder.

Suddenly, Wang Lan’s body trembled, and he quickly recalled in his mind whether he did something wrong before? But to make a mistake, then Jiang Xinyu’s endearing little bird looks wrong.

“Why? You are Bing Xue, smart, as beautiful as Celestial Immortal, peerless grace and elegance, as wise as a crown jade, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, the best Ice and Snow Queen Jiang Xinyu in ancient and modern times. I can have You are the fortune of the three lives, holding it in the palm of your hand, it is too late to put it in your heart, how can you feel that you are holding back?”

In this flattery, Wang Lan didn’t hesitate at all, and he said it in one breath without any panting.

“You were born and died on the front line, but you arranged me to spend your days leisurely in the back?” Then, Jiang Xinyu pointed to a truck of Soul bead behind him, “You want me to sit back and enjoy it?”

“Then you absolutely misunderstood. The headquarters transfers us back and does have a mission. Want to come, now you know that Yunhai Space is facing El Nino? In order to deal with this crisis, the headquarters has transferred all powerful star martial artists back to unity. Arranged.

This beast wave is definitely an accident. Landwalker and I went to the West for preliminary investigations. Originally, I planned to transfer you after I confirmed the guard area, but who knew that the animal tide started when I arrived.

At that time, I was completely unprepared with a dazed look, but I had no choice but to brace oneself. From the occurrence to the end, it is an accident, not really putting you behind. “


“If you don’t believe me, ask the commander-in-chief.”

“Then what’s going on?” Jiang Xinyu pointed to a truck of Soul bead.

“My spoils of war, you also know that I just broke through the Star Sea environment, and it’s useless to give me more Soul beads. And you said that your realm was loose last time? Just right, give you a breakthrough Use.

If you don’t want it, I can only hand it in. When the time comes is allocated in a unified manner, it’s okay to exchange points, exchange stars for martial skill, exchange money, exchange ranks, etc. What will it do for us? So how to calculate the breakthrough is the most reasonable and cost-effective.

And this time El Niño is not so easy to end. You have a breakthrough in the Star Sea realm and your strength is so high that your safety will be guaranteed. If you encounter the same sudden occurance, I will not worry about you that much. “

After listening to Wang Lan’s explanation, Jiang Xinyu’s sad eyes were gradually replaced by gentleness. Sticking out his face, he kissed Wang Lan on the cheek, “I count you through.”

“Go to breakthrough, I feel that soon we will go through a big battle again.” Wang Lan tightly hugged Jiang Xinyu’s shoulder and said softly.

Jiang Xinyu needs a breakthrough, and Wang Lan has more important things to do. After upgrading the Star Sea realm before, all the skill points are used on the Five Extreme Fire Art. Therefore, besides Phoenix Form and Wu Ji Huo Jue, Wang Lan’s other star martial skills are still at Platinum Gold level.

Although it turns out that upgrading the Five Extreme Fire Art is a very wise decision. Both Samadhi True Fire and netherworld ghost fire are extremely powerful. Once burned, there is no other way but to destroy the body or soul.

No matter what kind of self-rescue is used, the strength will be immediately reduced. This five-pole fire art is like a gluttonous giant beast, which will eat the enemy under the body bit by bit.

Wang Lan sits aside to protect Jiang Xinyu, and his mind sinks into the Divine Consciousness Sea. There are not many star martial skills that can be upgraded to the diamond level, only the light of life, mandalahua, sacred shield, bright sun sword art, and void content.

And the void content is only Gold level. Because he doesn’t know much about the space department, Wang Lan dare not upgrade it easily for the time being. What if you upgrade to Platinum Gold but your space pocket becomes larger? The loss is big.

Light of Life, as the Life Source innate talent, can theoretically be infinitely upgraded. This is also an item that Wang Lan must upgrade. It takes 100,000 skill points to upgrade from Platinum Gold Nine to Diamond One. Wang Lan’s brows are not frowned and he directly upgrades the Light of Life.

In an instant, the bright white light flashed in the light of life, and the white light lasted for a few seconds before gradually retreating. The white light disappeared, and a convex diamond skill icon appeared on the skill slot.

Life halo, diamond LV1 (0200000)

After the light of life was advanced to life aura, the information instantly turned into a tide that flows into the Divine Consciousness Sea of ​​Wang Lan, and Wang Lan also understood what the life aura had changed.

Sure enough, as Wang Lan expected, every time Innate Ability advancement is a replacement of two aspects. At the beginning, it was self-healing, and then upgraded to Star Radiance Realm to have the ability to heal others.

The last time Wang Lan obtained the Avatar’s rebirth ability, this time he can grant the rebirth ability to others. First, the way of treatment has undergone a disruptive change. The chain of life used to connect the target to be treated and then healed, but now, the chain of life is replaced by the halo of life.

Throw a halo at the target, the halo is undisturbed and uninterrupted. No matter how the target moves and what state it is, the halo will not disappear. Unless Wang Lan takes the initiative to cut off the treatment.

Under the aura state, the target can be reborn in the aura even if it is killed. The method of rebirth is similar to the method of Avatar rebirth, the only flaw is that the method of Avatar rebirth can only be in the halo.

In other words, if the fetal beads cannot be retrieved in the first time, the target that turns into the fetal beads will be attacked twice. If the fetal beads are eliminated, Wang Lan can’t help it.

Sure enough, healing others is just an incidental ability. Although the limitations are great and the risks are great, there is no doubt that this ability has become more and more terrifying.

The other changes are to strengthen Wang Lan’s self-healing ability. After the self-healing advances to the diamond, even if the head is cut off, it can heal itself without the help of Avatar rebirth.

But the way of self-healing is a bit disgusting, instead of regrowing the head from the body, but regrowing the body from the head. At the same time, Wang Lan also has a brand new skill, Clone Technique.

Cut off your own torso, and the cut torso will grow into an unconscious body on its own. This body is connected to Wang Lan’s brain, like an extra body that can be controlled remotely.

The strength and strength of the body is equivalent to that of the body, but the star force needs the Wang Lan body to provide. And this body can be controlled super remotely, but not across spaces.

Strictly speaking, autonomous body cloning is a variant application of Avatar rebirth.

This Avatar is very powerful. Compared with Wang Mingling’s method of using the soul body possession to control the target, it has the same effect. But the difference is that Wang Mingling’s method can’t give full play to his strength, and to have a puppet, he needs to kill one person.

However, Wang Lan is himself a clone, so he will not have conflicting strength at all and he can perform perfectly. The only thing that makes Wang Lan’s egg painful is… why he has to amputate himself?

Although it can regenerate in a few seconds after amputation, it takes a lot of courage to cut off an arm or leg, right? And Avatar can’t make much, because every Avatar needs to be controlled by Wang Lan. This is not just a problem of distraction and multi-use, but the strength will only be 50% due to dispersion.

In Wang Lan’s view, Avatar with a 100% combat power ratio is much stronger than two with only 50%.

Wang Lan was very satisfied with the upgrade result of the life halo, and then he turned his attention to another star martial skill. I have already seen the strength of the blue diamond of Haoyang Sword Art, so I am not in a hurry.

In the end, Wang Lan decided to put 100,000 skill points on the mandala.

There was another burst of white light that lasted for several seconds. The white light disappeared, and the fourth diamond-level martial skill appeared on Wang Lan’s skill page.

Manzhushahua, Diamond LV1 (0200000)

Manzhushahua, the flower on the other shore, means life and death, covered with Yellow Springs. Upgraded from Mandala, once activated, Resurrection Lily opens. Intertwined with crystal vines to form a defense, and attack the opponent with crystal vines to subdue the target. Beyond the fantasy land, the pure land of bliss. It can make the target fall into the illusion on the other side, once the target falls into the illusion, it will sink into the pure land of bliss forever.

To put it bluntly, compared to Mandalahua, Manzhushahua doubled the attack and defense, and added the illusion ability. Mandala Hua can also activate illusions, but illusions emit star martial toxins through flowering. After Manzhushahua, this illusion became a mysterious strength.

How strong the specific formidable power is, it will not be known until Wang Lan is actually used.

The rest is naturally the Haoyang Sword Art. Although Wang Lan was entrusted when Liu Changfeng used the Haoyang Sword Art, but the formidable power of that sword has always made Wang Lan fascinated.

Platinum Gold level Haoyang Sword Jue is sword glow, and the real transformation of Haoyang Sword Jue starts from the sword soul. clenched the teeth, Wang Lan instantly added 100,000 skill points to the Haoyang sword art.

The white light flickered, as if the law was pregnant.

Gradually, the white light dissipated, and an ancient sword sealed in diamonds appeared on Wang Lan’s skill icon board.

In an instant, Wang Lan’s body suddenly rippled with sharp waves. Jiang Xinyu, who was sitting on the side absorbing the impact of Soul bead, paused suddenly, stopped and turned his head to look at Wang Lan next to him.

After confirming that Wang Lan is not at all, he concentrated on absorbing the star force.

A sword energy rushed straight into the sky, and in an instant, Wang Lan’s upper body clothes instantly shattered into countless butterflies dancing lightly and gracefully. An azure breath revolved around Wang Lan’s body.

The breath gradually condenses, and gradually turns into one after another slender sword energy. Although the sword energy seems to be true or not, the lines on the sword energy seem to be carved on by the brilliant Sword Forging Master.

The sword energy rushed into the sky, and the expert of the headquarters instantly noticed it. Who can serve in the headquarters is not a Peak expert in the Star Sea environment. Almost everyone complexion greatly changed, Qiqi looked towards sword energy and the direction of the sky.

Shen Xiaowu has already body flashed, and people have disappeared.

Not far from Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu cultivation, a team of elite guards that belonged directly to Shen Xiaowu was secretly guarding. There are only ten people in the team, but the average cultivation base is in the Peak of Star River.

It was originally the ten-man team of Heaven’s Chosen Child who had eyes high above the top, but at this moment, they all looked at Wang Lan, who was rippling sword energy, with reverent eyes.

Heaven’s Chosen Child should indeed have eyes high above the top, but also clearly score the target. Like Wang Lan, by the strength of oneself, it suppresses a large wave of beasts, can wipe out the invading beasts, and can defeat the powerful existence of the abyss-level beasts. They will only be convinced and prostrate oneself in admiration.

Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu are in this cultivation, how can they be secretly guarded by their status? What if the chance is interrupted and missed by a flash of inspiration?

Shen Xiaowu’s body flashed, and the ten-man team hurriedly greeted him.

“What’s the matter?”

“The commander-in-chief, under the crown of greedy wolf, should comprehended a certain kind of swordsmanship, suddenly exuding powerful sword energy. With such a powerful sword energy, I actually feel that greedy wolf can kill me with a single sword. Now.”

“hehe…” Shen Xiaowu let out a sneer looking at sword energy, “Be confident, and get rid of it. I’m not even sure to take his sword.”

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