I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 492


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Shen Xiaowu is not only the commander-in-chief, he is the titled powerhouse of Qinghu. As one of the commanders-in-chief of the five scouting spaces, Shen Xiaowu’s martial arts must be Peak.

Even Shen Xiaowu is not sure to take Wang Lan with a single sword? You are too humble.

The sword glow of Haoyang sword is converted to sword soul after upgrading to the diamond level. The state of sword glow, attached to the sword, no stronghold one cannot overcome nothing that cannot be broken. After condensing into the sword soul, Human and Sword Unity sword soul is one.

Wang Lan doesn’t have a sword in his hand, but he is the Haoyang Sword Art. Plants, trees, bamboo and rocks, flying flowers and leaves are all sword energy. Wang Lan can load the Haoyang Sword Art on any non-attribute change star martial skill.

For example, Nebula sword dance, such as Crescent Arrow, for example, above all basic skills. This change will elevate Wang Lan’s battle method and melee fighting strength to a new level.

Wang Lan then upgraded the sacred shield to diamond level to form a sacred guard. The sacred shield is no longer limited to a shield, but becomes a 360° No-Dead-Angle defense similar to a protective shield.

The protective shield is tightly attached to the body, but it can bring several times the protective strength of the Divine Shield. If Phoenix holy cloth is added, Wang Lan’s defense may be able to withstand the attack of the Star Soul Expert.

After completing this series of upgrades, Wang Lan was satisfied with the eyes opened. The remaining skill points Wang Lan are shared equally with life aura and Haoyang sword art. After this upgrade, Wang Lan’s star martial skills can be upgraded again by two less.

Looking at the skill layout, Wang Lan is inexplicably sad. Those skills that have risen to the end are like the sunset that is about to reach the end of life.

Nowadays, there are Phoenix Form, Haoyang Sword Art, Five Extreme Fire Art, and Life Aura. These four star martial skills have been upgraded to the blue diamond level, and Wang Lan can’t guarantee that after upgrading to the blue diamond, he A few are not at the end.

While Wang Lan slowly opened his eyes, Jiang Xinyu by his side suddenly waved with a clear star force. The star force provokes the tides and turns into waves.

Shen Xiaowu, who was about to leave just now, suddenly stopped and moved his gaze from Wang Lan to Jiang Xinyu.

“The breakthrough Star Sea environment–” Shen Xiaowu said in a low voice.

“Even Wang Lan’s girlfriend is going to break through the Star Sea realm. As expected, the genius must also be a genius.” A Star River realm scouting person looked at Jiang Xinyu, who was full of powerhouse star force fluctuations. Sighed.

“Wait, I remember that Wang Lan breakthrough Star Sea is a few days away, right?”

“It’s really a few days, only four or five days.”

“Wang Lan has broken the Jade Princess record, then…Which one is Jiang Xinyu or Wang Lan older?”


Suddenly, everyone realized a problem. The youngest Star Sea powerhouse record that was just broken by Wang Lan is probably about to be broken again.

The youngest Star Sea realm, this title is incredible. This is not the ranking of the fastest breakthrough Star Sea in the same generation, but the ranking of the same era.

That is to say, since the last time Demon Race retired, the youngest Star Sea scene recorded in the world over 70 years after the end of the war.

Four generations!

Among the four generations, Jade Country has produced tens of millions of star martial artists, and the whole world has produced more than one billion star martial artists. Among so many star martial artists, what does it mean to be the youngest in breakthrough Star Sea? A genius beyond a billion?

“Shang Shan Ruo Shui is a star martial skill obtained with Wu Ji Huo Jue. At the beginning, we found six super S-Rank star martial skills. Then I took Wu Ji Huo Ruo Yun and Shang Shan Ruo Shui, and the other four After they came out, they were all handed over to the country.

Yu Family has been coveted by Shangshanruoshui for a long time, and has even regarded Shangshanruoshui as the Yu Family’s faculty by default. She actually handed the Shang Shan Ruo Shui to you…”

“Actually, I also feel that it is very sudden. In Ruoyun’s words, this star martial skill may surpass the super S-Rank star martial skill of Dragon Emperor Form.”

“It should be.” Although Wang Lan doesn’t know the formidable power of the superior, he can make an analogy. Since Shang Shan Ruo Shui is put together with Wu Ji Huo Jue, the level It shouldn’t be bad. And the formidable power of Wu Ji Huo Jue, I am afraid it really surpasses Phoenix Form.

“Since you cultivation this star martial skill, forget it, I won’t give you anything else, but I have a sword, I hope you can learn it.”


“Haoyang Sword Jue!” The voice landed, and Wang Lan’s two-finger swords were pointed at Jiang Xinyu’s forehead. The Haoyang Sword Jue’s cultivation method was engraved into Jiang Xinyu’s mind through the Divine Seal.

The Haoyang Sword Art is a special star martial skill, which has four forms that can be advanced four times.

From sword energy to sword tires, every advanced formidable power is Heaven and Earth turning upside down. Jiang Xinyu’s melee prowess itself is not uncommon, she started with Sword Art in the first place.

I didn’t pass it to her because I was afraid that the difficulty of Haoyang Jianjue’s cultivation would delay Jiang Xinyu’s breakthrough. Now, Jiang Xinyu has broken through Star Sea, it’s time to pass her.

After getting the Haoyang Sword Art, Jiang Xinyu and Wang Lan immediately began cultivation at the headquarters camp. As for the work of the Yunhai scouting space, Shen Xiaowu will come to inform if necessary.

unconsciously, seven days passed quietly.

While Wang Lan was teaching Jiang Xinyu how to condense sword glow, a silhouette suddenly appeared.

“Under the crown of greedy wolf, Jiang Xinyu, the commander-in-chief wants you to go to the command office.”

The two did not hesitate, and immediately went to the command room. The atmosphere in the command room was very serious. Except for Shen Xiaowu, the other three titled powerhouses are actually there.

And they all have a solemn face and a dark complexion.

Looking at the atmosphere, Wang Lan suddenly felt something was wrong. I have been cultivating with Jiang Xinyu these days, but I have neglected to care about the development of El Nino.

“What’s wrong? It feels like something has happened.”

“The entire southern region was defeated. Dongfanghe, Sun Cháng’ān lost contact.” Shen Xiaowu replied in a low voice.

“Uh? The whole line was defeated? To what extent was the defeat? Are many alien beasts attacking the southern region?” Wang Lan asked again.

“It was defeated to the point of a thousand miles.” Qiao Shan said coldly, holding his arm, “It can even be said that the entire southern region has fallen. If it weren’t for the fact that the southwestern region was found to have crossed the border, our headquarters has been blinded. In the dark.”

“Yesterday afternoon, Sun Cháng’ān also reported that the beast tide was resisted, and the beast tide in the southern area is decreasing. It is expected that the beast tide will be passed in two days, but who knows… overnight in the southern area The whole territory fell.”

“A abyss giant beast is dispatched?”

“I don’t know, but even the giant beast of the abyss is impossible for Sun Cháng’ān and Dongfang Helian to report the warning, right? Not only did they not have the warning, the Southern Regional Command did not send an alarm.

Suddenly a large number of alien beasts broke through the front line, resulting in a completely unprepared rear defense position, which was invaded by alien beasts for 500 kilometers. ”

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