I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 493


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“The problem now is not the fall of the entire southern region, but the whereabouts of Dongfang He and Sun Cháng’ān.” Qiaoshan complexion is gloomy’s shouted, “I am the strength of Dongfang He and Sun Cháng’ān It is clear that even in difficult situations, they will be able to send back key information through hummingbirds.

The loss of contact so suddenly did not cause the South to fall, and there was only one possibility for me to think about it. “


“They were killed in an instant.”

The atmosphere in the command room instantly dropped to freezing point again.

“Without finding out what happened and so on, the recapture of the southern region cannot be moved for the time being. I suggest sending a reconnaissance team to the southern region to investigate behind enemy lines, at least to determine what happened.”

“You can only do this. Commander-in-Chief, I have a request, I want to join this investigation team.” Qiao Shan said with a serious face.

“You? Isn’t it necessary?” Shen Xiao In Military there is some surprised asked.

“It is absolutely necessary. My instinct tells me that Sun Cháng’ān has an accident. It is possible that two titled powerhouses can have an accident at the same time, and even the warning is too late…It must be a very terrifying situation.”

“Well, let me join in.” Wang Lan suddenly said, “If the landwalker’s guess is true, then the landwalker must be very dangerous to go here. I will go with him and take care of each other. It works well.”

“Wang Lan is the best way to go naturally.”

“Then I will go too!” White Dragon suddenly put down his legs and said.

Looking at the lineup in front of him, Shen Xiaowu was slightly taken aback for a long time not knowing what to say. For a reconnaissance mission, three titled powerhouses are required to act together?

“Well, then I leave it to you, keep in touch with the hummingbirds.”

Wang Lan, the landwalker Qiao Shan, and the White Dragon Bai Xiaofeng led the team, and followed two Star Sea realms and seven Star River realms to form a twelve-person investigation team and set off quietly.

Jiang Xinyu is naturally one of the two Star Sea realms. Although Jiang Xinyu has just broken through the Star Sea realm and cannot fully utilize the battle strength of the Star Sea realm, there are three titled powerhouse battle strengths that they don’t need. High-strength battle strength.

Because they don’t know what’s happening in the southern region, and their main mission is reconnaissance, keeping concealment is a necessary condition. With the strength of the Wang Lan entire group, it can of course be just and honorable, but if it takes time, it is more likely to beat the grass to scare the snake.

So how to hurry becomes a problem. Now the southern area has been completely occupied by alien beasts, no matter if it walks on the ground or the sky, once it is found by alien beasts, it will definitely be surrounded.

“My landwalking technique can take everyone to sneak underground quickly, and the fastest can reach a speed of 200 per hour.” The landwalker suggested.

“Is there something to do with the earth movement technique? We have to dive into a distance of 500 kilometers, and the earth movement technique is only a few kilometers at most. Even if you are a super S-Rank technique, it is impossible to exceed dozens of kilometers. The journey is too slow, and it’s a waste of time.

Otherwise, we should act separately, the soldiers should be divided into three groups, and not far away from each other, so that while we can take care of each other, we can also disperse the beasts. “

“It’s better to take a small team to sneak in. If the number is small, the concealment will be higher.”

“Can you listen to me to finish?” Qiao Shan interrupted Bai Xiaofeng’s words impatiently, “My earth movement can last 100 kilometers. But after 100 kilometers, I need to rest for half an hour. Restore physical strength and star force.”

“One hundred kilometers?”

Everyone was shocked when Qiao Shan said this. Earth movement is 100 kilometers at a time, which is unimaginable for normal people. And while still bringing people?

“Don’t be so shocked, I will be proud.” Qiao Shan was slightly proud, “If I were alone, I could sneak up to 150 kilometers at a time.”

“Why do you want us to do this together? You can complete the investigation work alone?” Bai Xiaofeng shouted at Qiao Shan.

“I said at the outset that I was going to spy on my own. Each and everyone of you eagerly said to be together.”

“You didn’t say that you can sneak a hundred kilometers at a time.”

“You guys didn’t ask either.”


All the people present have a dumbfounded look. Do you still need to ask such a popular star martial skill? Normally, it is considered that the cultivation base is very high if the earth movement technique sneaks for more than one kilometer. Only the other Earth Element star martial artists of Peak Level can sneak for several kilometers.

Even if the Earth Element specialization is at the level of 5 Emperors, it’s awesome to sneak tens of kilometers in the earth movement technique, and the earth walker can sneak 100 kilometers directly. This is the whole world, no, it’s crushing all the people of since ancient times under their feet.

“My title is Landwalker, that’s how I came. Come, everyone, come and stand by my side.”

A group of star martial artists came together around the landwalker, Wang Lan and Bai Xiaofeng one after the other guarded the whole team as the head and tail.

A hazy white light rippled away, and the star force wrapped everyone around. In an instant, the ground under everyone’s feet seemed to have lost its bearing capacity, and everyone instantly disappeared into the mud.

The feeling of traveling underground is very strange. It feels that the surrounding soil has turned into water, but it is thinner than water. And the mud won’t cause any friction with their bodies, they are like a group of ghosts, shuttled quickly underground.


With a slight vibration, the shuttle state of the entire group suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong? Is it a hundred kilometers?”

“No, I only walked fifty kilometers.” The landwalker looked a little ugly. He just pretended to be able to sneak for a hundred kilometers underground, and he suffered a face beating when he sneaked for the first time.

“This is an earth spar area, which can isolate all the special roads of the Earth Element star martial skill.” Wang Lan laughed and explained for the landwalker.

“This section of the road can only be walked from the ground, let’s go up.”

The earth crystal area is not a secret to the star martial artist in the scouting space of the sea of ​​clouds. There is a Danger Land of the Earth Element star martial artist in the south area, which everyone knows. But the landwalker just came from the northwest scouting space, of course it is not clear.

The entire group rises to the ground. The ground underneath is a bit similar to the black flares at the ice cliff. The black hair is shiny, and the metal shines. The area of ​​the earth spar is about one kilometer, but in this area, a semi-mechanical alien beast, a mechanical iron beast is actually occupied.

This is the first time that Wang Lan has seen a mechanical monster. Most areas and even organs of the mechanical iron beast’s body have been replaced by metal machinery, the size of a bull with a single horn like a rhino on its forehead.

Of course, this kind of strange beast was originally not an aboriginal in the crystal area, but it was invaded by this beast wave.

Wang Lan and the others at first are also very careful to avoid the mechanical iron beast sneaking. But before going out of 500 metres, Wang Lan and the others were surrounded by a group of mechanical iron beasts.

The half of the face of the mechanical armor beast is mechanical, and the red light flashes in the left eye, and the eyeball forms the shape of a camera. From the perspective of evolution, this kind of semi-mechanical and semi-biological thing shouldn’t exist at all, but the alien beast is completely against evolution.

And seeing the mechanical iron beast Wang Lan somehow remembered the Cybertron planet which is far away from the solar system, dozens of light years away from the Sky Blue Star. Small mechanical animals have appeared in the above mechanical life, and the evolved structure is very symmetrical and reasonable.

At this speed, within 50 years, there should be mechanical life that can be used by Wang Lan and can be used as a war.

Compared with the cute Cybertron planet life, these mechanical iron armor beasts in front of you are so unfriendly.

After completing the encirclement of Wang Lan and the others, he suddenly opened a huge mouth and protruded a cannon tube.


A volley of dozens of cannonballs fired in an instant to the entire group strikes.

“Yellow Springs Gate——”

Wang Lan slapped a palm to the ground, and the three huge gates of Yellow Springs rose.

boom~ boom~ ——

The shells slammed on the gate of Yellow Springs, and the sound of hong long long explosions one after another. Wang Lan’s body flashed, like a ghost rushing through the door of Yellow Springs, body flashed into colorful butterflies flying.

Each butterfly fell beside a mechanical iron-clad beast, Wang Lan’s figure flashed like a ghost, and instantly appeared beside each iron-clad beast.

Blade light flashed, dozens of iron armored beasts stiffened without warning, and then the red light flashed in their eyes and disappeared.

In one second, dozens of iron-clad beasts slowly separated from the middle, evenly divided into two halves. Wang Lan squatted down curiously, the structure of the iron-clad animal body within the body.

It’s strange that the brain and organs of the iron armor beast are all biological organs, but its mouth, skeleton, esophagus, and stomach sac are all metal structures. The tissues of the body are also part of machinery and part of organisms.

If you want to find out how to make robots artificially through mechanical monsters, I am afraid there is no reference value at all. It is simply unreasonable.

“Don’t study it. Although I am curious about the mechanical monster, I have never seen it a few times in my life, but it is still important to hurry. The previous explosion has already alarmed other mechanical iron beasts.”

Wang Lan just stood up and hurried along with the big troops. But along the way, Wang Lan’s brows were still frowning.

“Wang Lan, what are you thinking?” Jiang Xinyu gently came to Wang Lan and asked.

“I’m thinking, how can this kind of semi-mechanical, semi-biological alien beasts perfectly combine? Their life foundation is different, won’t they conflict?”

“What’s the scientific reason for the existence of alien animals? If this World is scientific, then Demon Race shouldn’t exist.” Qiaoshan chuckled and said.

“It’s not like that. We can’t use scientific explanations to prove that science has not yet developed to that point. Anything that exists can be called science.

Just like this alien space, who dares to say that they are really on Sky Blue Star? Isn’t there a hypothesis? The alien space is a splicing of countless space fragments, and the creatures in those space fragments are things that evolved from the world they live in when the space is not broken?

Perhaps in the world where the mechanical iron armor beast lives, life is evolving from carbon-based life to silicon-based life. Our universe is endless. Who knows what kind of strange evolution will happen in a certain corner? Moreover, these fragments do not necessarily originate from our universe, and may also involve parallel universes. “

Bai Xiaofeng explained in a very serious way, but this remark is probably not understood by anyone except Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu.

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