I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 494


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But soon, they don’t need to continue discussing whether this weird structure should appear or not, why it’s unreasonable.

In front of them, hundreds of mechanical iron-clad beasts appeared, as if they had been waiting here for them.

The backs of some mechanical armored beasts opened, and the muzzle of each and everyone protruded from the back. Some were opened on both sides, showing sharp blades, and some iron-clad beasts were even more amazing, with jagged blades protruding from the top and bottom of their bodies, and they knew they were butchers on the battlefield.

In terms of deformation, the mechanical type is indeed much superior to the biological type. The mechanical class even has a signal transmission speed of more than ten thousand meters per second, and the body can be modified at will to adapt to the environment. But biological life can only promote the evolution of the body through death and elimination, and is forced to change itself.

This is why Cybertron planet has gone through the evolutionary course of Sky Blue Star about two to three billion years in less than two years.

“Forget it, it’s only a section of several hundred meters anyway, in a spurt of energy, rush over.” Bai Xiaofeng gently rubbed his wrist and said with a smile.

Suddenly, Bai Xiaofeng’s body flashed and appeared at the forefront of the crowd. The star force all over his body surged and the arc burst and flashed. At the moment when Bai Xiaofeng activated the star force, Wang Lan clearly felt that the star force of Heaven and Earth was being driven by something, and then arranged densely into an unclear formation.

Wang Lan looked towards Bai Xiaofeng’s face showed a trace of astonishment.

Since Wang Lan’s strength has caught up with the titled powerhouse, although he has not shown it, he has a slight contempt for the strength of the titled powerhouse. Think of the titled powerhouse…that’s it.

But, how about any titled powerhouse, which one was not Heaven’s Chosen? Where Wang Lan is good at, titled powerhouse may not work. But where titled powerhouse is good at, Wang Lan may not work either.

What is the advantage of Wang Lan? Super S-Rank star martial skill and throw it like no money. Even the martial skill of Ancient Cultivator has several sets in it. At the same time, Wang Lan’s battle method is flexible and has no fixed style. It can switch to battle method in response to different situations.

Although Wang Lan is now given a title, has Wang Lan really reached the level of title in all aspects?

Wang Lan thought it was before, but now, he silently shook the head.

At least the operation shown by Bai Xiaofeng is Wang Lan’s knowledge blind zone. He never thought that the star martial skill can resonate with the Heaven and Earth star force, and can use the Heaven and Earth star force to perform a more powerful star martial skill.

This is like opening a brand new door to Wang Lan.

In Wang Lan’s perception, the star forces of Heaven and Earth interacted with each other. In an instant, Bai Xiaofeng appeared in front of Bai Xiaofeng with a gigantic formation constructed by an electric arc. Suddenly, a thunderbolt laser cannon strikes out of the array.

After breaking free from the array, it turned into a huge Thunder Dragon, and the Thunder Dragon rushed to the opposite position of the mechanical armor beast with a thunderous force.


Mountains shattered, the earth cracked, and countless earth fragments and the body of the mechanical iron beast were attracted to the sky by inexplicable gravity, and then shattered and melted in the milk-white electric light.

Across the white light, there was a huge corridor that could not be seen at the end of the landscape in front of you. The continuous mountain range seemed to have been eaten by a large insect, leaving behind this hideous remains.

The hundreds of mechanical iron-clad beasts in front of me have completely disappeared.

“pa Snap—”Bai Xiaofeng pats the palm of his hand, “Don’t be stunned, hurry up, this must have alarmed the group of strange animals.” Bai Xiaofeng said this, and his figure instantly rushed to the south.

“roar roar roar ——”

The roar of the alien beasts in the distance was endless, and the alien beasts from all directions rushed to the place where Wang Lan and the others were mad.

This is now the kingdom of alien beasts, the world of alien beasts. It’s time to change, you can’t get along with each other between different animals. But once humans set foot in the world of alien beasts and made such a big movement, the alien beasts can be excited.

Because of this feature, even if the titled powerhouse can be concealed during the investigation, it will be concealed, and it will enter the village quietly without shooting a gun.

Almost at the moment when the entire group rushed out of the earth spar area, everyone saw the covering the mountains and the plains, endless monsters pouring in.

Qiao Shan hurriedly activated the star martial skill, wrapped up the crowd, swish, and disappeared underground. After sinking into the ground, it seemed that the angry roar of the alien beast could be heard.

Wang Lan and the others were already more than one kilometer away from the ground when the alien beasts fired at the place where Wang Lan was.

I encountered some accident during this time, not at all, and spent half an hour successfully moving to a hundred kilometers away. Slowly poked out from the ground and found a cave for a temporary rest.

Seeing that Qiaoshan moves quickly when he casts his earth movement spell, but the consumption of Qiaoshan is very scary. One hundred kilometers in one breath is not only a challenge to the Star Force reserves, but also to Spiritual Power.

Absorbed a top grade Soul bead, Qiao Shao leaned against the wall to rest.

“This seems to be…” Bai Xiaofeng looked at the terrain outside the cave, “This seems to be near the 3rd defense line. Old Joe, should we go to the 3rd defense line to spy?”

“Is it far away?” Qiao Shan asked, propping up his body.

“It’s not far, about three kilometers. Or, I’ll go alone?”

“That’s OK, you must come back in half an hour. Also, I know your Bai Xiaofeng’s habits, don’t mess around, it’s not good for us to disturb the strange beast.”

“I’ll go with you.” Wang Lan stood up and said suddenly.


Others stay hidden within cave, and Wang Lan and Bai Xiaofeng are more flexible in sneaking. Walking out of the cave, Bai Xiaofeng was about to flash but was held back by Wang Lan.

“I will take you through with the land movement technique.”

“You can also practice skills? Then why don’t you work with Old Joe? You take turns to escort us without rest?”

“White Uncle, are you as perverted as Joe Uncle? Sneak for a hundred kilometers at a speed of 300 per hour? I can move up to three kilometers.”

Bai Xiaofeng looked back at the limp Qiao Shan, scratched his head and smiled, “Yes, I almost forgot the name of Qiao Shan’s livestock.”

The earth movement technique can move one hundred kilometers at high speed, which is absolutely unprecedented.

Taking Bai Xiaofeng into the ground, Wang Lan has never been here and does not know the direction, but Bai Xiaofeng is very clear. Although the distance of Wang Lan’s earth movement technique is not far, the placement of earth movement technique is very accurate.

The place where the two men rose from the ground happened to be in the camp of the third line of defense. The scale of the camp is huge, with bunkers, city walls, and trenches intact. But the houses in the camp have been completely destroyed.

“There are obvious traces of fighting.” Bai Xiaofeng just glanced at the general situation and understood the general situation, “The city wall, bunker and other fortifications were intact, but the camp was extensively damaged.

The timing of the attack by the alien beast was very sudden. The scouting regiment stationed in the camp was attacked by the alien beast without knowing anything. Then there was fierce fighting in the camp, and finally all were killed. “

“Are you sure all are killed?” Wang Lan also cautiously searched in the camp.

“It is impossible to survive under such a tide of beasts.”

“But why would the camp be rushed into the camp without knowing it?” Wang Lan went to the bunker to check the layout of the bunker, “Seven bunker, each bunker has a scouting job ?

With a wide field of vision, you can see movement at least three kilometers away. Even if the speed of the beast wave is 70 per hour, there should have been an early warning. Even if the camp’s warning is too late at this time, the garrison still has time to be on the city wall, and after the trenches are deployed, they will also arrange for some people to evacuate.

But the bunkers, city walls, and trenches are all intact, which shows that the alien beast easily and silently climbed over. Where is the sentinel of the third line of defense? Are they all dead at the time? “

Wang Lan’s question made Bai Xiaofeng’s face pale and gloomy.

Can there be other explanations? No more, there is impossible again.

Even if it is careless, relax your vigilance, but it is a beast tide, after all, can the movement of the beast tide be small? As a sentinel, one can relax and the other can be careless, but seven are.

In addition to above the bunker, there are also above the city walls and in the trenches. It stands to reason that there are guards in the trenches. How could it be possible that they were not aware of it? So the only explanation is that they were already dead.

So how did they die?

Obviously the actions of the alien beasts are unlikely. The alien beasts will not send scouts and special forces to sneak into the enemy’s back and then fall to all the sentries and then open the defense line to allow the alien beasts to rush in with no difficulty.

The only person who can do all this is star martial artist.

Thinking of this, a killing intent burst into Bai Xiaofeng’s eyes.

“There should be other star martial artists who have spoiled the game. Only in this way can it be explained. From the front line to the fifth line of defense, there was no warning issued in the five hundred kilometers of defense line.”

“Bird of Paradise? Or Demon Race?” Wang Lan shouted gloomily.

“It may also be a neighboring country.” Bai Xiaofeng said solemnly, “The sea of ​​clouds borders the country of titanium, the country of vines, the country of nests and other South Asian countries. During the El Niño period, the different spaces of different countries will collide and overlap. They will It is possible to enter the scouting space of the sea of ​​clouds through collisions in different dimensions.”

“But what are the benefits of sneak attack?” Wang Lan asked without understanding.

“There will naturally be benefits, materials, Soul bead, etc., and there are also very pure things like trying to make a move. Jade Country is big and strong. But it’s not that you are strong and others will not dare to move you. Tear something off your body.

For some countries, even if they are killed, they will not lose much, but if they can bite into Jade Country, they will be full. You said they would do this? “

“But what can they eat in an alien space?”

“I just said that the fundamental problem is not aimed at the scouting space. Because this kind of thing happens too much, Jade Country will definitely not ignore it, then sanctions, and then friction.

Under the brainwashing of high-level governments in these small countries, they are all victims. We in Jade Country oppress them. You said that star martial artists who have grown up in this environment, will they take action when they see the opportunity to pit Jade Country?

This happens a lot. I once captured the star martial artist of the country of vine alive and asked him why he attacked the star martial artist of Jade Country. Guess what he said? Do you need a reason to attack the star martial artist of Jade Country? I am a martyr even if I die. “

Hearing Bai Xiaofeng’s words, Wang Lan’s heart seemed to be fiercely grabbed.

“However, those who can do this kind of thing are at least above the title, so it is possible for star martial artists in other countries, but the probability is not great. You can’t jump to conclusions without investigating.”

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