I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 495


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From the 3rd line of defense, they returned to the camp where Qiaoshan and the others rested. Qiaoshan has almost recovered now. Fortunately, neither Wang Lan nor the entire group staying in the camp were noticed by the alien.

Actually speaking, an average investigation team is 70% sure that it will not be discovered by an alien animal. When in the earth spar area, the reason why the mechanical ironclad beasts can find Wang Lan and the others is because they are mechanical beings.

Their left eye is an advanced detector. All hyperopia heat sensors are installed for you.

Wang Lan did not express their doubts in their hearts, Qiao Shan took the entire group into the ground and hurried again.

Take a rest three times, during which time I encountered a giant monster. Although the giant monster has the strength no less than the titled powerhouse, it is not enough to see in front of Wang Lan. It was split in half by Wang Lan with a Haoyang sword energy, and even the majesty of the titled powerhouse level did not have time to show.

After three hours on the road, Wang Lan and the others finally came to the front line of defense. There was a mess in the defense line, and the huge camp was full of traces of trampling.

The idea of ​​the Southern Regional Divisional Command and the West Area is to move the Divisional Command to the forefront. Therefore, the frontline camp is not as simple as the previous camp at a glance, but a city.

Within an area of ​​two kilometers, there are everything from arrow towers and towers to fan cage towers. The houses are like masonry, echoing the mountains. The jade green of the lake is as beautiful as the long sky.

At this moment, the camp is full of traces of being destroyed by foreign animals. The footprints of the giant alien beast stepped on the campsite. There are broken walls everywhere in the camp. However, this level of damage is not the same as imagined.

When the entire group walked in the camp, Qiao Shan’s face became more and more gloomy. Suddenly, Qiao Shan stopped and said, “No, very wrong.”

“Lord Landwalker, what’s the matter?” a Star Sea environment curiously asked.

“This level of damage is not caused by fierce fighting. If there is a battle, the damage to the camp should be a little bit more fragmented. This is more like the damage caused by being rammed by an alien beast. It was trampled on.”

“Old Qiao can see it too.” Bai Xiaofeng squinted lightly saying.

“You knew it a long time ago?”

“When Wang Lan and I went to the third defense line to investigate, the situation there was similar to that of this side. But at least the defense regiment over there still worked with alien beasts.

Except for the guard post, I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know what was going on. The strange beast suddenly rushed into the camp. Other places were hit hard. But here… not only was the sentry unalert, even in the camp there was no counterattack.

This is a frontline camp with 20,000 people stationed. It’s incredible that this happened. “

“Putting it that way someone sneaked in first, and then assassinated the entire camp. Only in this way, they would be unconscious when the alien beasts came, and they didn’t even resist.

Unfortunately, the alien beast will eat up all the corpses. It would be better if there are one or two corpses, or at least some signs can be seen. What is it that can make the brothers in a camp, including the two titled powerhouses of Dongfang Hesun Cháng’ān disappear so silently? “

“Xingwu Toxin?” Bai Xiaofeng asked suspiciously.

“No!” Wang Lan shook the head, “If Xingwu toxin is strong, it must be very toxic, with a very wide range. Now it has only been one night since the accident, Xingwu toxin will not evaporate so quickly, There must be a residue. But I just felt it, and there is nothing.”

“It’s not Xingwu Toxin, what would it be?” Bai Xiaofeng suddenly became puzzled.

Suddenly, Qiao Shan stopped and looked down at his feet. A circle of dents appeared on the stone slab at the foot, like a carved pattern. Qiao Shan stepped out, and the gravel covering the pattern instantly rose to the sky.

When the rubble was cleaned up, a huge pattern appeared in front of my eyes, and the groove at the foot of Qiaoshan was just the tip of the iceberg that’s all.

“This is…the earth movement?”

“Yes, the traces of the earth movement. Sun Cháng’ān knows the earth movement, but Sun Cháng’ān is best at Fire Element. Under normal circumstances, he will not use the Earth Element star martial skill.” , Qiao Shan squatted down and pressed the movement of the earth.

Suddenly, the ground under my feet rippled like water, and then, a corpse slowly rose from the depths of the ground. Seeing these corpses, Wang Lan’s complexion greatly changed.

Sun Cháng’ān used the earth movement to hide some corpses in the ground, because the earth movement is a special star martial skill, not like other Earth Element star martial skills.

The earth movement accurately belongs to the star martial skill such as the seal of the earth law. The things that are engulfed by the earth movement will assimilate with the earth.

Only by using the same earth movement, can the swallowed things be released. But no one thought that what was hidden by Sun Cháng’ān turned out to be a corpse.

Bai Xiaofeng body flashed appeared in front of these corpses. These corpses are very strange. They should be scouting in the camp, but each of them has a round hole with thick fingers on the forehead.

The darkness in the round hole is deep, and the scalp of the person watching it is numb.

“What is this? Star martial skill? Or something else?” Jiang Xinyu cautiously approached Wang Lan and asked, “How do you feel that it was poked by a finger?”

“It should not be. From the expressions of these people, it can be seen that they were not ignorant at the time of death, but hideous and terrifying…should be killed when they were conscious.”

“That is to say, when the beast wave came, the people in the camp died in this form. Sun Cháng’ān kept these bodies in order to tell us clues… This peculiar wound should be recorded That’s right, go back and check it out.” Bai Xiaofeng stood up lightly saying.

At this moment, the Golden Flying Insect suddenly appeared, and no one noticed that a Flying Insect with the size of a fingernail could achieve such speed. At the moment of appearance, fiercely thrust into the back of Bai Xiaofeng’s head.

“Be careful–” Wang Lan suddenly screamed, the subconsciously sword buzzing, and in an instant, a sword energy shot from the center of the eyebrows and pierced towards Bai Xiaofeng.

At this moment, Bai Xiaofeng didn’t notice it, and didn’t even think that Wang Lan would suddenly attack him. The sword energy almost wiped his ears and accurately intercepted it in front of the golden Flying Insect.


a light sound, but a terrifying ripple rippled, and the space shattered as the ripples passed. Bai Xiaofeng’s body flew away instantly.

I originally thought that such a small Flying Insect could be turned into a meat sauce with a single shot and killed with Haoyang sword energy. But didn’t expect the Flying Insect to be so hard. Not only did it have no flying ash annihilation, but was unharmed after being hit by sword energy?

Flying Insect instantly rippled, turning into streamer and disappearing in Wang Lan’s eyes. This speed makes Wang Lan heart shivered with cold. This speed is too fast, almost catching up with Sony’s speed.

At this time, Bai Xiaofeng, who fell to the side, reacted. Wang Lan is not a sneak attack, there must be something behind him. But right now, he couldn’t see anything.

Flying Insect is so fast that even Wang Lan can only catch a little afterimage in front of him. Qiao Shan looked at Wang Lan with a dazed expression, as if he was hitting the air.

“Ah—-” Suddenly, a star martial artist from the Star Sea realm uttered a scream, and fell back to the sky. At the moment he fell to the sky, a pillar of blood spurted from the center of his brow.

And Flying Insect popped out of his head instantly, and rushed to the next target again.

“The evil barrier——” Wang Lan was furious, and the small insect actually killed people in his in front of one’s eyes? The question is, what kind of strange beast is this special? The body is so small, but the strength is too strong, right?

In an instant, Wang Lan’s body dispersed. Although the speed of the Hades can not catch up with Flying Insect, the Hades can flash. Flashing belongs to Space Jump, no matter how fast it is, it is impossible to compare to Space Jump.

Flying Insect like a bullet, fiercely hits the eyebrow of the Star River scouting person. And the Star River realm expert in front of him was even sluggish and unconscious.

Wang Lan’s eyes burst into purple light instantly, and he slashed towards Flying Insect from a butterfly. But who knew that Flying Insect had once again made an illusory move, instantly turning the direction and rushing towards Jiang Xinyu behind Wang Lan.

In this scene, Wang Lan’s killing intent spewed. At the crucial moment, Wang Lan came out from in the sky and stabbed an unprecedented lightning sword.


A loud bang sounded like a bell, and Flying Insect’s figure was stabbed by the sword and flew away. With this sword, Wang Lan used 70% of his power. Even if the titled powerhouse is stabbed by this arrow, it will have body dies and Dao disappears.

But Flying Insect didn’t even die. Even if he was seriously injured, he could still move quickly into the void to run away. How can Wang Lan make him do what he wants, and his figure flashes to chase Flying Insect in an instant.

But Flying Insect’s intelligence seems very high. Turning around and running is just its illusory trick. Suddenly, Flying Insect turns back in place at a faster speed and rushes towards Wang Lan’s eyebrows.

Since you beat me, don’t blame me for killing you!

At this moment, Wang Lan seems to be able to understand the idea of ​​this golden Flying Insect. The operation of this false move was too urgent, and even Wang Lan’s old fighting style was completely unprepared by Flying Insect this move sudden thrust.

It’s too late to make a countermeasure, but fortunately, Wang Lan also has self-healing and Avatar rebirth. It is impossible for the star martial artist of the Star River realm to be directly killed in seconds.

At the crucial moment, Wang Lan suddenly had an idea. The void rippled in front of him, and the void was opened instantly.

The void content was originally just a portable space, and could not survive. Once a living thing was put in, it immediately died. Generally speaking, as long as it is put into the void, even the 5 Emperors are basically dead.

But the limitations of the void content are too great, the space fluctuation is very obvious, and the entrance is the size of a basketball. It is too difficult to put a person in between the calcium carbide and fireworks. Unless the target’s strength is much worse than Wang Lan, and since the strength is much worse, it is not easy to kill him? Is it necessary to use the void to contain things?

This is like annihilation. Although Primal Chaos Qi can dissolve everything, it is too limited. Wang Lan cannot be used in actual combat at the same level and can only be used to prevent others from Self-destruction.

But Flying Insect is small in size, and it rushes over so desperately. Isn’t the current crisis just for the void of things?

Almost the moment the void content opened, the Flying Insect in front of me plunged into the void content and disappeared. Instantly close the void and content, and it’s done.

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