I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 496


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“skipping grades to kill, reward EXP 100,000, skill points 8,000.”


Hearing this tone in his head, Wang Lan almost fell from the sky. Such an insect as big as a fingernail, you tell me skipping grades to kill? Is the level of an insect higher than me?

Of course, this surprise was only an instant, and Wang Lan came back to his senses. Is it simple to be able to slaughter the entire frontline base and even kill the insects of two titled powerhouses?

At this moment, everyone present looked at Wang Lan in a daze.

The scene of Flying Insect rushing towards Wang Lan seemed to freeze in their field of vision, and then a ripple of space rippled away. Is Flying Insect disappeared?

What’s the situation? Space travel?

“Wang Lan, what about the Flying Insect?” Bai Xiaofeng came to Wang Lan with a gloomy face and asked in a low voice. He is the only person present who clearly recognizes Flying Insect terrifying.

Even if Flying Insect with no difficulty kills a Star River scouting person, everyone else thinks Flying Insect cannot kill Star Sea with no difficulty, let alone a titled powerhouse.

But Bai Xiaofeng was the one who almost died in the hands of Flying Insect, so he knew clearly that it was not difficult for Flying Insect to kill a titled powerhouse. Unless you find a way to restrain Flying Insect.

“It is dead.” Wang Lan replied softly.

“What? Dead?” Bai Xiaofeng looked at Wang Lan in horror. The Flying Insect that could only easily kill him was killed by you in an instant? Just now I was thinking about what to do to restrain Flying Insect. I didn’t have time to think of a way. You killed Flying Insect first?

“The reason for the matter has basically been figured out. The next step is to find out what this Flying Insect alien beast is and whether there will be many. We can go back.” Wang Lan looked around the people lightly saying.

This time it seemed that I only encountered a Flying Insect enemy, but this Flying Insect made almost everyone jump around outside the gates of hell. Of course, Wang Lan’s proposal was right in his arms. In the package of Qiaoshan star force, everyone disappeared.

In a cave filled with dense fog, an oil lamp flickered and dimmed, and an old monk sitting cross-legged meditated quietly with closed eyes. Suddenly, the lights in front of him shook violently, and the old monk’s eyes suddenly burst.

When the old monk closed his eyes, how kind of a kind eyebrow was. But the moment the old monk opened his eyes, the depths of his eyes were full of violence and murder.

“Ah! Puff–“

Suddenly, the old monk let out a scream, a mouthful of blood spurted.

“World Lord!” With a cry of exclamation, each and everyone silhouette suddenly rushed into the cave. Seeing the blood-spitting appearance of the old monk, he suddenly became scared.

“Master, how are you?”

“Master, what happened?”

“Damn…Damn! Lao Na’s strongest Golden Cicada was actually killed…Damn, damn…Who did it, who did it? Let Lao Na know that Lao Na wants to suppress you in Hell , Never overborn——”

The voice fell to the ground, and suddenly the old monk stretched his arms, and two golden Flying Insects suddenly rushed out of the old monk’s body. Seeing the appearance of Flying Insect, the crowd who had just been screaming at the old monk suddenly screamed in horror, turned around and fled.

But how can their escape speed be comparable to the speed of Golden Cicada, in the blink of an eye, the crowd fell in a large area, like people killed by a volley of machine guns as neat and tidy.

“hu ——Call——”

“Can you stop killing people when you get angry? Do you still look like a monk? I, Buddha, must know that Buddhism has made you such a scum, and you have to clean up the sect.”

While speaking, a silhouette gradually emerges from the space, a strange silhouette that is wrapped in white tight clothes and even the hood is close to the face like a swimming cap.

“Lao Na killed them to send them to bliss. What’s wrong with immeasurable merit?”

“Four big ring, four small ring, which one do you still have not broken? hmph! Forget it, why are you this time?”

“My Golden Cicada is dead.”

“The Golden Cicada that was sealed by Sun Cháng’ān?” The white clothed man said without emotion.

“Not bad.”

“Although Sun Cháng’ān’s earth movement is indeed very strong, as long as it is within his ban, everything can be assimilated and sealed. But if you say that you can kill Golden Cicada so quickly, I am afraid that you can’t do it?

Wait for the people of Jade Country to unlock the earth movement and escape at the speed of Golden Cicada shouldn’t be difficult. Could it be that it was Emperor Bai who solved the movement of the earth? “

“It should not be. Anyway, my Golden Cicada died very peacefully. I don’t even know how it died. Damn, without this Golden Cicada, Lao Na’s strength is at least 30% less.”

“How much is missing?”

“Nonsense, would Lao Na be so angry if it hadn’t broken me so much battle strength? I originally wanted to fight for the gap left by Sony, but now it seems that it would be good to keep the position of the World Honored.”

“Since your strength loss is so severe, how can you have the confidence to talk to me like this? Those who don’t know think that your strength will not decrease but increase.”

“Immeasurable Buddha, don’t think that you are the wings of heaven and you can provoke Lao Na. At the beginning, Sony didn’t dare to talk to Lao Na. Did you deserve it?”

“I don’t want to continue arguing with you, because there must be a fight at the end. Okay, let’s prepare for the mission.”

Yunhai scouting space command center, although Shen Xiaowu has issued orders in an orderly manner to prepare for the recovery of the southern region. But I kept looking at the time meter on the wall.

Wang Lan, they have left for more than six hours. I don’t know if they arrived at the front line to detect any important information, or if they met with the culprit who caused the southern defeat.

It is not that Shen Xiaowu is worried about the strength of the Wang Lan entire group, but that the defeat in the southern region is too unimaginable. Before Wang Lan set off, Shen Xiaowu and Black Fox played against the sand table countless times.

They couldn’t understand why such a big movement of the beasts could hide the five lines of defense, so that the five lines of defense couldn’t even send out a military report and collapse the whole line?

They can’t deduct it no matter how they deduced it, how could it be possible that all five lines of defense fell in one night, and the final conclusion made them feel like on pins and needles.

Only when the first line of defense is wiped out before the arrival of the animal tide can the animal tide approach the 2nd line of defense silently. Only when the tide of beasts is approaching the 2nd line of defense, the 1,000 troops of the 2nd line of defense have become blind blind, so that the alien beast can rush through the 2nd and reach the 3rd like a breakthrough window screen.

What kind of strength does this have to be able to do this step? Is it a vanguard beheading unit composed of several abyssal beasts? This is impossible.

“Commander-in-Chief, they are back.” When Shen Xiaowu was upset, the Chief of Staff pushed open the door of the headquarters and said excitedly.

“Quickly, invite them in.”

Wang Lan and several people walked into the command room.

“How is it, what did you find?”

“It was found that the front-line divisional headquarters and the first line of defense had basically been killed before the tide of beasts came. Let alone resist the tide of beasts, the strange beast rushed into the line of defense without hurting a single hair.

We didn’t see resistance until the 3rd line of defense, but this resistance was too late. The security strengths of the towers, city walls, and outposts were all pulled out. “

“Sure enough, is it an enemy country or a hostile organization?” Shen Xiaowu’s face instantly changes as cold as ice.

“It’s not clear yet.” Wang Lan shook the head, “The killer is a golden insect. With that, I opened the void and took out the Golden Cicada from the inside and placed it on Shen Xiaowu’s desk.


“Don’t look at the size of this insect, but its strength is terrifying. More than 20,000 brothers in the frontline camp and two titled powerhouses were planted in its hands. Our team almost fell under its hands. On.”

Wang Lan explained that, Shen Xiaowu’s eyes suddenly stared at the golden insect. The insect is dead, and the dead insect is a bit like a cicada from outside. The whole body golden is like a high-level Gold product. Even the bristles on Golden Cicada’s body are clearly visible.

“Such a small insect has this formidable power?” Shen Xiaowu looked at it for a while and couldn’t believe it, “Chief of Staff, immediately check what this kind of insect is?”


After waiting for about an hour, the Chief of Staff rushed over, “Commander-in-chief, I found it. This insect is called the Six-winged Golden Cicada, which is the division object of the country of vines.”

“Boom——” Shen Xiaowu was immediately angry when he heard it! He slammed the table and stood up, “The country of vines, so bold, it’s courting death!”

If it is a strange beast, they have nothing to say about losing. If it was a bird of paradise, they would not be so angry even if they hated it. But it turned out to be the country of vines, in front of one’s eyes of Jade Country, how dare the little country of vines?

“What the hell is this six-winged Golden Cicada? How could it be so powerful?” Wang Lan asked suspiciously.

“The six-winged sky silkworm first appeared a hundred years ago. At that time, the Demon Race war was the most intense. Back then, the National Division of the Kingdom of Mankind got seven Golden Cicadas from somewhere, and every Golden Cicada was There are different strengths and very powerful.

In the original weak kingdom of the vines, these seven Golden Cicadas frequently severely damaged the Demon Race in East Asia. This Ten Thousand Demon Race is not a biochemical demonic weapon, nor is it a low-level Demon Race, but a real Demon Race elite soldier. “

“The matter is almost clear. El Nino has caused collisions in the scouting space of various countries. The expert of the country of vines came in and carried out the sneak attack this time, and tried to plant the crime on the beast tide. Huh, now Golden Cicada In hand, I see how they explain.”

After a burst of anger, Shen Xiaowu slowly and gradually calmed down, “Wang Lan, you did very well this time. Now the Yunhai scouting space is stable for the time being. I will give you a few days off. You are in space. It’s free to rest in the city or go back to rest.”

“Commander Xie.” Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu saluted and thanked.

For rest, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu are both needed. Especially Jiang Xinyu, the realm of the breakthrough Star Sea just hasn’t been completely stabilized, and Shangshan Ruoshui and Haoyang Sword Art still need to learn.

The starting point of these two star martial skills is very high, and it is not easy to get started. To say that the way to quickly improve Jiang Xinyu’s strength is to let Jiang Xinyu learn a few more super S-Rank star martial skills.

But from Wang Lan’s point of view, having Shangshan Ruoshui and Haoyang Jianjue and other super S-Rank star martial skills are tasteless. If you learn it, you may improve your battle strength in a short time, but in the long run, you will mainly rely on Shanruoshui and the Haoyang Sword Art. Instead of wasting this time, it is better to learn these two martial skills earlier.

Shang Shan Ruo Shui Wang Lan hasn’t learned it, so there is no way, but Wang Lan can do it. Give Jiang Xinyu a sword energy to speed up the entry, and the subsequent advancement can also allow Wang Lan to enter the sword energy as a primer to catalyze the progress of the Haoyang sword.

But because there is no time until now, there is no time to implement it.

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