I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 497


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The two did not at all stay in the scouting space of the sea of ​​clouds, but returned to the magic capital. Although the city of scouting space is huge, it is simply a ghost city, even more how it is still in the El Nino period, all star martial artists are on standby, and there is no one in the city.

The two only went out for the first day to eat, eat, relax, and stay at home for the rest of the time. Wang Lan successfully helped Jiang Xinyu nurture sword energy by entering sword energy, and then stimulated sword energy for seven days. The cohesion of Wang Lan and the training of Wang Lan made Jiang Xinyu’s progress very fast.

Seven days later, Jiang Xinyu has cultivated the Haoyang Sword Art to the point of sword glow. When the sword glow comes out, who will compete? Paired with the ingenious Sword Art itself, the Jiang Xinyu battle strength at this moment has truly reached the Middle-Stage in the Star Sea realm.

The Star Sea Early-Stage realm has the Star Sea Middle-Stage battle strength, which is already 90% ahead of the Star Sea Early-Stage expert. Only after reaching this step did Jiang Xinyu’s anxiety slow down, and he felt that Wang Lan was not too far behind.

Another brightly sun shone day, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu woke up from the embrace. This time it was not Xiao Ai’s automatic alarm clock that awakened the two of them but a rapid ringing of the phone.


“Wang Lan, is you brat in the magic city?”

“It is a game, is there a task? Please give instructions.”

“Knowing that you were on vacation, I thought you were in the sea of ​​clouds. Didn’t expect you to run back to the magic capital. The head of the Ministry of National Defense is looking for you in the world. You come to Heavenly Sword Bureau quickly and have a mission.”


“What’s the matter?” A gentle voice rang around, and the silk velvet quilt slipped off Jiang Xinyu who was sitting up.

“I don’t know, I was asked to go to the Heavenly Sword Bureau to have a task assignment. I will go first and let Xiao Ai order your food. I will come back if the matter is not very urgent.”

“Um, be careful.”

Watching Wang Lan leave, the smile on Jiang Xinyu’s face was put away, and a worrisome worrisome raised his brows again. Jiang Xinyu now looks more and more like a housewife, which was unimaginable in the previous Jiang Xinyu.

The former Jiang Xinyu was absolutely impossible to worry about a man, to be happy for his happiness, to worry about his going out, and all he missed was this man.

She knew nothing about these changes even now.

Get on the smart sports car and rush all the way to the Heavenly Sword Bureau, and then he was called directly to the office of Cheng Stegosaurus, where the gold committee member who once had a relationship with him was also there.


“Ha, our hero is here, you and you really have gone away, hiding your merits and fame, in order to find you, I made more than a dozen phone calls and inquired.”

“Chief, if you say that, I can be ashamed and unable to show one’s face.”

“Well, you don’t have to be humble. I have three things to ask you. The first thing! Congratulations, for your outstanding performance and achievements in the Yunhai scouting space, I will grant you the title of Star Martial Arts on behalf of Jade Country.

The title Greedy Wolf, Greedy Wolf, is the star of the Northern Expedition. Once the Greedy Wolf comes out, he will not behead the enemy and never look back. From today, your glory is the glory of Jade Country, and the glory of Jade Country is your mission.

I hope you can live up to the title given to you by Jade Country and the prestige of the titled powerhouse. “

“Yes! Thank you Jade Country, Chief Xie!”

“Congratulations to the host for obtaining the title honor and rewarding 300,000 skill points!” In my mind, a prompt sounded timely.

“The second thing is that, given that Comrade Wang Lan has twice tried to suppress the beast tide in the scouting space of the sea of ​​clouds, save the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers, and save the achievements of the scouting space for more than ten years.

After discussion by the Military Commission of the Ministry of National Defense, the first special approval was granted to the rank of General Wang Little Lan. I hope that Comrade Wang Lan can make persistent efforts to live up to the country’s expectations, guard Jade Country, and make new achievements. “

Hearing this, not only Sword Dragon was surprised, even Wang Lan was also shocked.

This is… the general?

General, and school level are completely non-mention on equal terms level. At the school level, even if the colonel is only Rank 1 lower than the major general, the colonel can only be regarded as an intermediate officer, while the general is a senior officer.

The difficulty of being promoted from a colonel to a major general can be said to be the sum of the difficulty of being promoted from a soldier to a colonel. A person can be promoted from lieutenant to major in ten years, but that person may not be able to be promoted from major to major general in fifteen years.

Most people are promoted to generals based on position transfer. Some positions must be major general ranks. This kind of promotion can be said to be borrowed from the position.

For example, Lu Zhao of Suzhou City Heavenly Sword Bureau was promoted to major general because of the promotion of Suzhou City Heavenly Sword Bureau level. But Wang Lan didn’t even have a real position. Without a position, he was promoted to major general with merit and strength, and he was only 20 years old, which was terrifying.

But… Wang Lan’s accomplishments this time are indeed too great. In the southwest region, in the Western Region, the two large-scale animal tides were suppressed by Wang Lan alone, and he truly achieved the strength of one person. One side.

So this major general, this title is well deserved, no one can jump out and sing the opposite.

“Congratulations to the host for being promoted to major general, and rewarding 300,000 skill points.”

When the epaulettes were replaced by the general star by Commissioner Kim, the prompt sound in his mind also sounded in time.

“Wang Lan, I am very pleased to see your achievements. But there is still a tricky task that requires you to travel abroad.”

“Going abroad?” Wang Lan’s eyes flashed, “Going to the country of vines?”

“Yes! What happened in the Yunhai scouting space is your own personal experience. Tens of thousands of soldiers were killed so unexplainably. Jade Country will never give up.”

“Since it is the work of the country of vines, let the country of vines explain.”

“hmph, did they give it? And the country of vine keep on saying that this matter has nothing to do with the country of vine. They are willing to open the country and let us investigate. If we don’t investigate it, it would be too overbearing. .

Yu Ruoyan of the General Staff has worked with you many times, and the two of you are well-known figures in contemporary youngsters, so the number one means that you will jointly go to the country of Vine to investigate.

Tomorrow morning you will set off directly from the magic capital. Yu Ruoyan just took off from the Imperial Capital and arrived in the magic capital two hours later. “


“There is nothing else, you can go back and prepare first. Remember, we don’t cause trouble when we go out, but we are not afraid of trouble. Don’t fall into the prestige of Jade Country.”


Wang Lan left Heavenly Sword Bureau and went back to Phoenix Square. From going to Heavenly Sword Bureau to going back, it hasn’t passed one hour. Seeing Wang Lan come back so soon Jiang Xinyu is still very surprised.

“Have you not had breakfast yet?”

“No, Xiao Ai will order me another copy.” Wang Lan smiled and walked into the room, and suddenly hugged Jiang Xinyu and made a circle in place.

“Why? So happy?” Jiang Xinyu had a gentle smile on his face.

“Look, what is the difference between me and when I went out?”

Jiang Xinyu’s gaze swept over Wang Lan’s body, and when he passed Wang Lan’s epaulettes, he suddenly eyes shrank.

“You… have you been promoted to general?”

“Yes, General, Jade Country’s youngest major general. In the future, when I introduce myself to the outside world, I can say that this General is…hahaha! Isn’t it impressive?”

“Called you to the Heavenly Sword Bureau in order to give you a title? No, if it was a title, why did you come back so soon?”

“Grant the title of Greed Wolf, the title of Major General, and another mission. Tomorrow I will go abroad with Yu Ruoyan to the country of Mangrove.”

Hearing this, Jiang Xinyu’s expression changed slightly, “For the scouting space of the sea of ​​clouds? Isn’t this going deep behind enemy lines?”

“It’s an exaggeration to go deep behind enemy lines. First of all, your husband, I am not a weak scholar who has no power. With Yu Ruoyan and I joined forces, even Star Soul level experts don’t want to keep us. Country, no!

Furthermore, behind us is Jade Country. Even if we eat the bear heart and leopard, the country will not dare to move us. We just go find the fault and investigate what’s going on by the way. “

“Can I go together?”

“It’s better not to use it. Just take advantage of this time to cultivation. I heard you say that these days, the water element is not a water element martial skill, but a cultivation technique of the law of water. Even if you are just getting started, you must have the title of battle strength. To be able to cultivation and have Small Accomplishment, the Star Soul Realm is easy to grasp.”

“en!” Jiang Xinyu has become very obedient recently, and responds well.

On this day, Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu are still cultivating as usual. Both of them are people who are used to hard work and don’t usually have much entertainment hobby. They also enjoy it at home.

At dusk, Jiang Xinyu’s cell phone rang suddenly, and the call displayed was Yu Ruoyan.

“Hey, Xinyu, where are you now? I’m in the magic capital.”

“Where in Phoenix Square, I will let Wang Lan pick you up?”

“No, I will be there soon.”

Yu Ruoyan had a close relationship with Wang Lan before he graduated. Even if he lived in a dormitory with Jiang Xinyu, he was separated from Jiang Xinyu. But after Yu Ruoyan graduated, the relationship chain suddenly reversed.

Wang Lan didn’t notice anything abnormal, but Jiang Xinyu had some guesses. When they lived together, they were a little strange. Now it is rare to meet Jiang Xinyu, and I feel that the halo on Yu Ruoyan’s body suddenly disappeared.

The thoughtful Jiang Xinyu felt that Yu Ruoyan did this on purpose, but she couldn’t figure out why she did it. If Jiang Xinyu had such a keen ability to understand people’s minds, he would not have discovered the relationship between Xie Sisi and Wang Lan so far.

“Why did she call me instead of you?” Jiang Xinyu asked Wang Lan suspiciously after hanging up.

If Jiang Xinyu asks about Xie Sisi, Wang Lan may be a little guilty, but if you ask Yu Ruoyan, Wang Lan has a clear conscience. He and Yu Ruoyan didn’t have much in the first place, so the idea was naturally simple and straightforward.

“Then what else is there. She doesn’t know if we two live together. You are a girl and don’t call you to call me? Isn’t there a saying on the Internet, fire, theft, and girlfriend, smart Women will take care to prevent misunderstandings.”

“But tomorrow is your mission abroad. It makes more sense to call you, isn’t it? I always feel that she called me a little deliberately. Forget it, I think about it. If Yun lives in our house?”

“Otherwise? You can’t let her stay in a hotel, she’s not a friend. Do you want me to pick you up?”

“She said she will be there soon.”

After a while, Xiao Ai’s announcement sounded, “Student Wang Lan, Yu Ruoyan Young Lady is here.”

“Let her come up.”

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