I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 498


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Princess Chaxi doesn’t have a star martial artist innate talent, she is just an ordinary person, but she has a peerless appearance. Her appearance combines the aesthetics of the Chinese and Western public, and no man can pick out the slightest flaw from the five senses.

Chaxi Princess is not only extremely beautiful, but also perfect and without blemish. Man Ai has said in public many times that Chaxi Princess is a perfect masterpiece from God, and a treasure bestowed on him by God.

If Man Ai is not Chaxi’s biological father, he will definitely not be able to resist the charm of Chaxi Princess. And Man Ai also believes that no young man in the world can resist Cha Xi’s charm, even if Cha Xi is only an ordinary person.

“Chaxi, Royal Father has a task for you, I hope you can…help Royal Father.”

“Royal Father, what mission?”

“Tonight, I will invite two youngsters from Jade Country to dinner. You and Royal Father will accompany you. These two youngsters are Wang Lan, the son of Flame Emperor of Jade Country and the other from Jade Country Imperial Family. Two Your Majesty the Princess.”

“Uh…” Although Cha Xi is naturally innocent and unaffected, how many children in the Imperial Family are really innocent? I instantly understood what Royal Father meant. Are you friends with the son of Jade Princess Flame Emperor? If it were just that, Royal Father would certainly not say so.

The point should be the son of the Flame Emperor, right?

“I understand, I will get along with them.” Princess Chaxi answered quietly, without any strange emotions on her face.

“I know that you have admired heroes since you were a child, and your vision is very high. None of the heroes of our country of vines can be seen by you. But this son of the Flame Emperor…that is really different Fair.”

“oh?” The face of Princess Chaxi changed, “He is very difficult to deal with? King Bathr is good?”

“All are great! The son of Flame Emperor is only two years older than you, but he is already the titled powerhouse of Jade Country, a major general of Jade Country. His strength, even the national teacher, is not necessarily his opponent.”

A smile appeared on Cha Xi’s face, “Is it so powerful? Then I really want to get to know each other.”

At night, the King’s Palace of Vine was low-key but enthusiastically busy. An unremarkable car drove in from the night and slowly stopped at the door of the palace manor.

The door opened, and under the leadership of Liu Yun, a man and a woman in military uniform got out of the car and entered the manor under the leadership of the attendant.

“Ambassador Liu, welcome, these two must be the kings of Jade Country, Little Lan, and Princess Jade, right? Admiring the name for a long time.”

“Wang Lan, Ruoyun, this is the king of the kingdom of Man, Manai.” Liu Yun introduced the two appropriately.

“Meet the King Your Majesty.”

“Really a young talent, I really envy the outstanding people of Jade Country, who can nurture outstanding people like you. It would be great if our country of vine could have yours.”

“Your Majesty is overpraised. The talents like us who can’t be considered in Jade Country can be considered outstanding at best.” Wang Lan said modestly with a smile on his face.

It was self-effacing, but it also gave a soft nail.

Man Ai’s face changed slightly, and then he changed to a smile, “This is my daughter, Chaxi, this year 18 years old is similar to your age, so let my daughter accompany you, you youngsters have more Common words. Ambassador Liu, please here.”

“a guest will comply with the wishes of the host.” Liu Yun responded with a smile, and then turned to Wang Lan, “You guys don’t want to go away.”


Cha Xi is very beautiful, not only Wang Lan thinks so, but Yu Ruoyan thinks so. It can be said that Cha Xi is the most beautiful girl they have ever seen when they grow up. The one that is breathtakingly beautiful.

But this girl is innocent and romantic, like a fairy who surrounds Wang Lan. Constantly asking if Wang Lan is very difficult to deal with, is it very powerful, is it better than the superheroes of White Eagle nation?

To change to a normal man, Cha Xi has long been so confused. He must brag about his strength wildly, and then enjoy the admiration and amazement of Cha Xi’s eyes.

But Wang Lan… is very distressed.

Because he really thinks this woman is a bit annoying, and the questions asked are too naive. Cha Xi never understood how many naive tortures a person who has an adult soul from his infancy has experienced during his growth journey.

It can be said that Wang Lan has already developed a fear of childishness. He usually hides far away when he sees little children. In addition to Song Jia, there is also the distressing Hu Feifei, Wang Lan is reluctant to approach the child.

“Brother Lan Wang, are you already a Peak powerhouse in the Star Sea? You have stood at the Peak of the world only 20 years old? The Chinese teacher said that less than three 15 years old is impossible to break through the Star Sea. You are amazing.”

“If three 15 years old can’t break through the Star Sea, then he won’t have a chance in his life. And the Star Sea is far from World Peak.”

“Isn’t it? Star martial grade is not the highest in Star Sea?”

“It may just be that the country of vines is the highest.”

“Brother Lan Wang, you are so good, surely there are many girls who like you?”

“Well, there are many male children who also like me.”

“cough cough cough ——”

Wang Lan would like to follow Liu Yun’s instructions. If you don’t run around, you will never run around. Cha Xi wanted to take Wang Lan to visit the palace and was refused. He was refused to visit Cha Xi’s bedroom and even walked with her in the garden. be rejected.

Cha Xi only feels that Wang Lan is just a stone sculpture. How did Ren Chaxi make Wang Lan remain unmoved? Cha Xi even doubts whether his charm has been exaggerated? Actually I am not at all so beautiful?

While Wang Lan was entangled by Princess Cha Xi, on the second floor of the Palace Manor, a middle-aged monk seemed to be able to watch Wang Lan’s every move through the void.

Of course, Man Ai is impossible and really intends to use Chaxi Princess to win Wang Lan. Of course, if Wang Lan is so good, it would be great. But Man Ai also did Wang Lan’s intelligence work. I don’t know much about Wang Lan, but he can probably know.

It just so happens that Wang Lan is being built into a new generation of heroes in Jade Country, the leader of the younger generation, so he can know more about Wang Lan’s deeds. What is the Demon Race nemesis, the bird of paradise nemesis, the younger generation number one genius, a character even more unparalleled than the Jade Princess.

Such people are definitely the future of Jade Country, and Jade Country will also cultivate Wang Lan into the future. This youngster is definitely not simple. If Wang Lan, surrounded by so many auras, is fascinated because of Cha Xi’s beauty, then Wang Lan is not afraid.

Jade Country sent Wang Lan and Jade Princess to the country of vines, and his attitude is already very strong. Two titled powerhouses, a major general and a colonel, both of whom are peerless figures in Jade Country, their resolute attitude makes Man Ai very uneasy.

It is very possible that the destiny of Man Kingdom lies in the hands of these two people. If the two cannot be persuaded in the righteousness, Man Ai hopes to make Wang Lan retain a good impression of Man’s Kingdom in personal relationships.

This is why he took out the baby daughter. He believes that no matter how good Wang Lan is, his premise is a normal man, man, is there anyone who does not love beauty?

And let Guoshi observe here, just to see the depth of Wang Lan. There are any weak spots on the character that can be used. The country of vines has now reached the edge of the cliff and needs to use everything available to ease the speed of falling off the cliff.

However, the national teacher has been staring at Wang Lan for almost an hour. This Wang Lan didn’t reveal anything about Cha Xi’s heart. Even this hour, Wang Lan didn’t take a peek at Cha Xi.

Is Cha Xi’s lack of charm? Definitely not, but Wang Lan’s temperament is too calm and too terrifying.

“Your Majesty, I suggest that you still don’t expect to find a breakthrough from Wang Lan. He is more difficult to deal with than Liu Yun. This boy is not like a 20-year old boy at all. The temperament has already arrived and stayed there. The realm who is insulting and insulting, he is not restraining the charm of Chaxi Princess, but the charm of Chaxi Princess is really invalid for him.”

“Is that so? Jade Country is coming fiercely. This time it is said to be an investigation into the truth but it is actually just a cutscene. As long as the formality is completed, Jade Country will launch Wuchang to impose sanctions on the country of Vine. What to do?”

“We did not do it. If Jade Country really wants to oppress us, we have a big deal to fight.”

“Have you ever won?”

“I can’t fight, but I was beaten to death on the left and right. I resisted it and at least died a little bit more heroic.” The national teacher slowly closed his eyes and sighed, “Don’t waste time, let me be honest. Let’s talk about it. How did Jade Country decide that we can’t interfere.”


There is no hope of relying on Chaxi to win some time and space for the kingdom of vines, and there is no point in delaying. It is better to make a frank talk earlier and decide life and death sooner.

An attendant walked slowly, “His Royal Highness Wang Lan, Your Majesty the Princess, our king has invited you over, please follow me.”

“Okay!” Wang Lan, who had been annoyed by Cha Xi a long time ago, quickly stood up, but Cha Xi was still a little bit unconscious.

Following the attendants into the palace, they soon met the ambassador Liu Yun, and the three of them entered the king’s living room under the guidance of the attendants. In the living room, Wang Lan also saw a monk wearing a red robes and wanted to come. It should be the national teacher of Manzhiguo.

“Two people, please sit down.” Man Ai greeted him quickly, and let the three Wang Lan sit on the sofa in the living room, watching the military uniform Man Ai flashed with envy in his eyes.

“This is the national division of our country of vines, Chenghai’s national division, and Jade Country suspects the murderer of the Yunhai space tragedy. But I dare to use the country’s national luck guarantee that the tragedy of Yunhai space has nothing to do with the country of vine .”

“If it doesn’t matter, I can’t rely on my empty mouth, I’m sorry, please forgive my honesty. I am a soldier and a soldier, so I speak more directly.” Wang Lan didn’t give a face when he heard it. Going back, “Six-winged Golden Cicada is the divine object of the Kingdom of Vineyards, and has always been an important bargaining chip for the Kingdom of Vineyards. But now, the six-winged Golden Cicada has invaded the sea of ​​clouds and killed tens of thousands of Jade Country Xingwu soldiers.

Seriously, this time Jade Country only sent us instead of fighters. Jade Country has been very restrained. Hope your King Your Majesty can understand our feelings. Jade Country is very angry now. “

“Of course I understand. If you think about it in another way, I think I have declared war. Chenghai, you and the two envoys of Jade Country, talk about the cause and effect of the six-winged Golden Cicada.”

“Yes!” Master Chenghai complied and then slowly said, “Six-winged Golden Cicada was obtained by my Sect Founder from a Secret Realm more than a hundred years ago. It is an ancient Poisonous Insect powerful refinement Divine Insect, Ancestor Master got the inheritance and inherited these seven Divine Insect.”

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