I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 499


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“Each of the seven Golden Cicadas has unique abilities, and each of them has extraordinary powers. Back then, Sect Founder relied on the six-winged Golden Cicada to kill the Demon Race become terror-stricken at the news.

After defeating Demon Race, Ancestor Master became the national division of the country of vines, and the seven six-winged Golden Cicada became the inheritance divine object of my sect lineage and the divine object of the vine country.

The six-winged Golden Cicada has been in the country of vines for four generations until a change occurred 30 years ago. Ancestor Master received two Direct Disciples back then, one is my Master, who is also the national teacher, and the other is my Eldest Uncle-Master.

Eldest Uncle-Master amazing and stunning, innate talent martial arts are above my Master. At that time, everyone in the country thought that Eldest Uncle-Master would inherit Ancestor Master Legacy, even my Master thought so. So everyone at that time called me Eldest Uncle-Master the Sovereign of Mind!

I didn’t expect, Ancestor Master chose my Master when he chose the heir.

So Eldest Uncle-Master held a grudge. One night, Eldest Uncle-Master suddenly assassinated Ancestor Master and snatched two six-winged Golden Cicadas. Golden Cicada will be manipulated by the secret technique to re-recognize the Master only when the previous generation of masters die. Eldest Uncle-Master learns the secret technique stealthily, assassination Ancestor Master finally defected. The Golden Cicada that Jade Country got was one of the Golden Cicadas that were robbed, Vajra Golden Cicada. “

“Drink? So…you want to push all charges to a wanted criminal? Then tell Jade Country that everything has nothing to do with you? That wanted criminal did it?” Liu Yun asked with a sneer.

“This is the case.”

“If Manzhiguo’s answer is like this, I think we can return to China tomorrow, and I will report Manzhiguo’s answer to the summit truthfully.” Then, Liu Yun and the three stood up and were about to leave. .

“Farewell, Ambassador Liu, the leaders of your country will not accept this reason.” Man Ai hurriedly stopped Wang Lan and the three.

“It turns out that King Your Majesty also knows the reason why our country cannot accept people?”

Man Ai’s face became even more blushing when he heard this. Previously, because Jade Country preconceived that sending people to investigate was just a passing scene, I blurted out when Liu Yun and the others wanted to go unable to bear.

But it’s too slapped when you say it. You don’t even believe your reasons. Do you still want to win the trust of Jade Country?

“Amitabha ——” The national teacher suddenly recited the Buddha’s name and stood up slowly, “This is indeed the case, but it is impossible to say that the country of Man has no responsibility at all.

The Eldest Uncle-Master snatched two Golden Cicadas and escaped. The strongest Vajra Golden Cicada was one of them. I am afraid that the absence of two Golden Cicadas will damage the interests of the country and deliberately conceal it.

After so many years, it has been publicly acknowledged that the seven Golden Cicadas are all in the country of vines. The cause, the fruit of the present, if the country of vines 30 years ago is frank, then you will not be the first to doubt what happened to Jade Country today. Country of Vine, right?

Today this poor monk gave Jade Country an explanation with his life. The special envoy of Jade Country can catch me back to Jade Country. This poor monk will hand over my six-winged Golden Cicada. The six-winged Golden Cicada is an ancient divine object, not an old fart. , Its value is no less than a set of Ancient Cultivator line method, is it enough to explain to Jade Country? “

“You seem to say that Jade Country is unreasonable and overbearing.” Yu Ruoyan frowned lightly saying.

“Then what does your country want?” Man Ai has already confided and directly surrendered the initiative.

“We want to catch the real culprit and make compensation for the loss of Jade Country. Anyway, the country has always said that the seven six-winged Golden Cicada are in the country, but now they say they were taken away. After two, we cannot explain to our people.”

“The arrest of the real culprit is of course reasonable, but compensation for the loss…” Man Ai looked ugly, “This loss will not be repaid by all the power of the country of Man, right?”

How could they not know how much Jade Country has lost. Tens of thousands of scouting people died. Although it was because of El Nino beasts that were killed, the real reason was that the front-line headquarters was assassinated and taken away, which caused the rear defense to fail to obtain information in time, and then it fell into disarray.

How can the kingdom of vines afford the lives of tens of thousands of star martial artists?

“Our country will send another special envoy to negotiate on this matter, so now it is time to tell us about the intelligence information of the two Golden Cicadas who stole them.”


“The Eldest Uncle-Master snatched two Golden Cicadas and disappeared. The Master inherited the position of the national teacher and there are five Golden Cicadas. Eldest Uncle-Master has gone for more than 20 years without any news until seven years ago. , Eldest Uncle-Master brought seven Star Sea experts to the country of vines.

Eldest Uncle-Master came to snatch Master’s five Golden Cicadas. Although the Master defeated Eldest Uncle-Master and a lot of experts in that battle, he was seriously injured for a short time.

That night, the Master invited Your Majesty to discuss the matter of Guozuo. If you pass Golden Cicada to me, then Eldest Uncle-Master will come to grab the kingdom of vines and no one can stop it. Like Eldest Uncle-Master, experts such as entering and leaving the country of vines are like entering the land of no one.

Finally, it was negotiated that I would inherit two Golden Cicadas, and then my three Junior Brothers would each inherit one Golden Cicada. The three Junior Brothers of mine went to different places to conceal their names, and did not contact each other. Except for Your Majesty and myself, no third person can know their whereabouts.

And I also live in the temple all the year round and do not take half a step to protect Golden Cicada. The Master said back then that Eldest Uncle-Master’s ambition is not dead, and he will definitely come to capture all Golden Cicada. Especially this time, Vajra Golden Cicada was killed by Jade Country and his strength was greatly damaged. This poor monk speculated that he would be found. “

“The national teacher means we want us to sit back and wait for the rabbit to be consumed here?”

“I guess the patience of Eldest Uncle-Master will not be too good…Also, Jade Country is adjacent to the country of vines. If the instructor has news of my Eldest Uncle-Master, I will notify Jade Country as soon as possible.

By the way, this poor monk is also skeptical about this. At the beginning of the El Niño wave, the surrounding countries suffered heavy losses. Although it is a pity that the entire southern region of Jade Country has been wiped out, it is not worth mentioning compared to the losses of our three countries.

90% of the scouting space in the country of vines was swallowed by alien beasts. Now our scouting space is less than ten kilometers away. “

“Less than ten kilometers? So serious?” Liu Yun, who had already practiced and was not surprised, also exclaimed at the moment unable to bear.

What is the concept of less than ten kilometers, an alien space is larger than this. In other words, the scouting space of the country of vines has reached a precarious point, and it may miss at any time to let the strange animals in the space flow out.

“Originally, this poor monk thought it was too strong this time that the animal wave was too strong to cause the frontline to miss. It was only five days ago that this poor monk came to the notice from your country. The frontline missed, and the strange beast has come to our scouting space. It’s less than 50 kilometers. Our country’s erlang desperately blocked the impact of the alien beast at ten kilometers.

Could it be that our frontline encountered the same situation as Jade Country? “


Wang Lan’s first reaction was to throw the pot, is it to make excuses for incompetence? But then I think about the star martial artist of the country of vines, which is actually not weak. The East Asian continent, Jade Country is the strongest, but the host nation ranked second among the small countries below is definitely ranked third.

Even if it is much worse than Jade Country, the scouting space won’t be hit by the entrance, right? It’s not impossible.

“Didn’t you send someone to scout?”

“Reconnaissance. In the past five days, more than a dozen reconnaissance teams were sent out but none of them came back. I’m afraid they won’t be able to come back. Originally, this poor monk was going to do the reconnaissance in person, but because of Jade Country, there has been no Pull away.

Special Envoy Wang Lan, since you are here to investigate, why not let us go to the front line to see if there is any sabotage? “

Wang Lan quietly cast a look at Liu Yun, and Liu Yun moved to Wang Lan’s ear, “I am only responsible for arranging your daily life and logistics. You can do the investigation at a low price. May you decide for yourself.”

“Wang Lan, promise him!” Suddenly, Yu Ruoyan’s voice like a thin thread passed into Wang Lan’s ears, but the others couldn’t hear it.

“Our purpose is to investigate the truth. How to get back the loss from the country of vines is a matter for others. Since this is a clue, we have no reason not to investigate.”

“Well, then, please go to the scouting space with us to investigate.”

“Okay, everyone, the dinner is ready. Let’s eat first. How about we wait for dinner?” Man Ai interrupted everyone.

Investigating the scouting space is tomorrow’s matter, so after dinner, Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan returned to the embassy together.

“Do you think the country of vine has several points of credibility?” Wang Lan asked Yu Ruoyan after returning to the embassy.

“It should be 90%, which is consistent with the information obtained by the General Staff.” Yu Ruoyan changed into an unmanned military uniform, revealing the white shirt inside.

“Aren’t you hot? Don’t take your clothes off?”

“Uh…Fortunately, no. It is the same as the information obtained by the General Staff? The General Staff has investigated it a long time ago?”

“Of course, the General Staff has to pay attention to what is happening in neighboring countries. It’s like 30 years ago, the heir of the original national division changed to Jade Country as a friendly neighbor, how could he not care about it?

So what Chenghai National Master said is basically the truth, and the hidden story of the death of the Xinchen National Master seven years ago is indeed the case. “

“The General Staff has already investigated and made it clear what do we need to come over?” Wang Lan asked puzzled.

“Although it is said that the culprit of the Yunhai Space Incident may be the previous Blessed Man of Mind, shouldn’t the Kingdom of Man pay for it? And, if it is just for the benefit, naturally there is no need to send us.

The meaning of the above is to grasp the Blessed One’s Heart Faith, and warn others from following bad examples. And we suspect that Blessed Master Xinfa joined the Bird of Paradise after defecting. “

“Oh? Is our intelligence too powerful or is the country of Vine unwilling to explain it to us?” Wang Lan wondered, why does Jade Country know more than the country of Vine?

“If the country of Vine knew it, they would have kicked the ball to the bird of paradise. The United Nations had a convention several decades ago. If traitors from various countries join the bird of paradise, they have nothing to do with their country. If the country of Vine knows the heart The Blessed One has joined the Bird of Paradise, how can they be as honest as they are now?

Our intelligence agent who broke into the bird of paradise once sent back an information, the expert Ranked 1st sonic of the bird of paradise, the Ranked 2nd Paradise Wings, and the Ranked 3rd Blessed One. I suspect that this Blessed One is the Blessed Heart Blessed One. “

“So, is it the terrorist attack launched by the Bird of Paradise with the help of El Nino?”

“It should be like this.”

On the other side, Manai’s King Palace, after today’s banquet, Manai’s mood improved a lot.

“Guoji, it seems that Jade Country is not at all we think about it so unreasonable. Originally thought how Jade Country is going to overbearing, now it seems that they still believe in us and are willing to join us in catching the traitor .”

“Your Majesty had better not be happy too early. Jade Country believes that we are because we have no reason to offend Jade Country so badly. Eldest Uncle-Master does this and other things, how can Jade Country spare him? But Jade Country It’s definitely not the case for Eldest Uncle-Master. When the negotiation envoy of Jade Country comes to set out the terms, I’m afraid Your Majesty will be annoyed.”

“As long as I don’t push the kingdom of vines to a dead end, I can accept them. That’s tens of thousands of star martial artists…I feel trembling when I think about it. If the kingdom of vines loses so much, it will almost be annihilated. .”

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