I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 500


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“Your Majesty, I don’t know if it’s my illusion. I always feel that our plan and what we have to say are in Jade Country’s expectations. Every time they can give an appropriate response. Is this Explain that they have already understood the truth?”

“This…it’s hard to say, but playing plot against, Jade Country has been ahead of us for thousands of years, and all we play are what they play.

Tomorrow you will go to the scouting space with Wang Lan and the others, and you will take the opportunity to pull into the relationship with Wang Lan and the others. The longer the delay, the better for us, and I will seek more help internationally.

Since my succession began, how many winds and waves have you experienced? Haven’t you passed each time safely? This time I shouldn’t be embarrassed. Isn’t there an old saying in Jade Country, there is nowhere to go, every cloud has a silver lining. “

In the early morning of 2nd day, Wang Lan and the national teacher Chenghai and the two Star River disciples in the temple were ready to go. The star martial artist world and ordinary person world of the country are almost completely separated.

The highest leader of the star martial artist is the national teacher. Even if it is not a monk, the temple is a Holy Land-like existence in the heart of the star martial artist. It stands to reason that this is the case when the Jade Country is to be changed. The star martial artist has overthrown the king’s rule.

But the country of Man is very strange, because the temple is a Buddhist teaching, and it pays attention to the right to break the world and is not affected by fame and wealth. Therefore, even if the temple is the leader of the star martial artist in the country of vines, they will not make rebellious moves in order to maintain their authenticity. If it is rebellious, then the doctrine of the temple will change, and the authentic status will be lost.

Because of this balance, the entire Kingdom of Man has always been dual leaders, the king is the first leader, and the temple is the second leader. The land area of ​​Manzhi Country is the same as that of a province in Jade Country. Although Mancheng is in the east and the scouting space is in the northwest, it is not difficult for five people.

Because it was led by the national teacher, Wang Lan and the others with no difficulty entered the scouting space. The star martial artist in the scouting space is expanding outward step by step and regaining lost ground.

The total area of ​​scouting space in Manzhi Country is less than 40,000 square kilometers, which is the size of the three cities equivalent to Jade Country. This is called the scouting space, and many scouting people in China are probably going to laugh. This can also be called scouting space? It’s just a little bit bigger than the general alien space.

The size of the scouting space determines the strength of the scouting space to accommodate the alien beasts. Five people go deep into the scouting space. Although the scouting space has a good strength, the dominant alien beast is also at the level of Star River. It’s a powerful monster for Wang Lan and the others, but it’s also a monster for Wang Lan and the others?

Wang Lan, who are accustomed to the hard mode, have a rare opportunity to play a copy of the simple mode, and they fly fast. If they were followed by a bunch of scouting people, they might be able to regain the scouting space in a day.

Fifty kilometers ahead, Wang Lan and the others arrived at the first line of defense. The defensive concept of the country of vines is different from that of Jade Country. The more they defend, the stronger the defensive power. The line of defense at fifty kilometers was originally the final line of defense for the kingdom of vines, with an important line of defense on the scale of a thousand star martial artists.

“There are traces of battle, but the time to deal with the battle is very hasty. It seems that the alien beast rushed into the camp before reacting and quickly organizing resistance.” Yu Ruoyan looked around and analyzed.

“This group of rubbish, I didn’t notice it until the strange beasts were killed in front of my eyes.” When Cheng Hai Guoshi heard Yu Ruoyan’s analysis, his face suddenly became difficult to look, gnashing teeth shouted.

Chenghai Guoshi only thought that the scouting space in the sea of ​​clouds was destroyed by the Golden Cicada sneak attack, causing the strange beasts to enter the land of no one. Not at all thought that except for the first line of defense, the rest were just killing the guards on duty. Then they were all attacked and killed by alien beasts.

Now that I see traces of resistance in my line of defense, I subconsciously believe that the line of defense has neglected its duty and has not detected the alien beasts in advance, and by the time they see it, the alien beasts have already swarmed into the camp. With full response, there is no reason to be immortal in the face of densely packed strange animals.

“Chenghai National Division, how many lines of defense are there in scouting space?”

“There are three ways.”

“Go, go to the next one.”

The entire group went deep again. Along the way, when encountering an alien beast, he would beat him up and hurried to the road if he didn’t. The battle strength displayed by Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan scared the two monks who had followed the national teacher into a trance.

Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan’s strengths, even the number one expert of the country of vines, are incomparable with Chenghai Guoshi. And Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan are just younger generations. With such a calculation, how powerful is Jade Country?

If you use the analogy of the country of vines, how can there be hundreds of young experts like Wang Lan in Jade Country? What about the older generation? Shouldn’t there be tens of thousands of these backbone strengths ten-twenty years older than Wang Lan?

In other words, there are tens of thousands of powerhouses in Jade Country that are placed in the country of Vine. They are all number one expert. That day, Jade Country and the country of Vine were at war. Jade Country can’t just stick out a finger to get it. The country is pinched to death?

And when I think of the tension between Manland and Jade Country, the two monks are frightened. Along the way, the two men sneaked at each other inadequately, and they showed the same meaning in their eye contact.

“Why don’t we smuggle? Don’t be the people of the vine country.”

“I suddenly heard what my mother once said to me. I don’t regret entering China in this life. I seem to remember that one of my tenth-generation ancestors has 20% of China’s bloodline. Well, I think it’s time to recognize ancestors and return to the fold.”

At the 2nd line of defense, the situation is similar to that of the third line. Although there are traces of resistance, the fortress on the front line, the realm secret post, is relatively intact. Seeing this scene, Chenghai National Master also began to be a little skeptical, why the two lines of defense are so strange, how come the strange beasts become blind blind?

“It seems that the kingdom of vine has also been sneak attacked by the mysterious force.” Wang Lan decided not to conceal the lightly saying.

“Major General Wang, do you know something?”

“This situation is similar to the situation in Yunhai Space. Except for the first line of defense that was slaughtered by Golden Cicada, the rest of the lines of defense were all pulled out of guards on duty, so alien beasts attacked the camp. Can get early warning.

The alien beast rushed, and resisted in a hurry. Eventually, because there was no effective constitution, the outnumbered all died, and the corpse became the ration of the alien beast. “

“Damn it! I said that even if the El Niño wave is fierce, it won’t cost us so much, right? As far as I know, not only the country of the vine, the country of titanium, and the country of the nest are all the same as ours. Almost. Especially in the country of den, the alien beasts have rushed out of the scouting space, and finally the retired five-star general was invited to take action, and then the alien beasts returned to the scouting space.

By the way, Wang Lan, in the cloud sea triangle area, our country, Jade Country, Titanium Country, and Nest Country have all suffered great losses, but Nanzhao Country has not at all heard of losses. Do you think this mysterious force is Nan Zhao Country? “

“The country of vine has always been at odds with the country of Nanzhao!” Yu Ruoyan glanced at the national teacher faintly, “the national teacher is not a gentleman when he said this.”

“Jade Princess is serious. I just state the facts. Our four countries have suffered huge losses but only Nanzhao Country is unscathed. Isn’t that suspicious? If there is no human factor, then I can only say that Nanzhao Country is too lucky Good. But if someone intervenes, why do you leave Nan Zhao Kingdom alone?”

“Go back first. The country of the vine is like this. We have to check the other four countries. If there are shadows of mysterious forces, it means that the mysterious forces have very big attempts. Using our four countries as chess pieces is also I’m not afraid that I can’t move the chess piece and flashed my waist.” Wang Lan said in a thoughtful moment.

Returning from the scouting space in the country of vines, it is now close to dusk. In the face of Chaxi Princess, Wang Lan relentlessly refused, and Yu Ruoyan returned to the embassy to rest.

“Ambassador Liu, can you apply to investigate the scouting space in the Kingdom of Titanium, the Kingdom of Nest, and the Kingdom of Nanzhao? This time I found that the layout of the mysterious force seems to be very large, not only for the scouting space of the sea of ​​clouds, but for the Golden Triangle All countries in the region.”

“This…can be possible but requires diplomatic negotiations.” Liu Yun’s face was a little embarrassed, “In fact, we don’t need to be so troublesome at all. Isn’t Yu Ruoyan a member of the International Security Council?”

“Huh?” Wang Lan looked at Yu Ruoyan in surprise, “Aren’t you the general staff?”

“The International Security Council is affiliated to the United Nations but is separate from the United Nations and is directly led by the five permanent states. The International Security Council is a world-wide security agency. With the International Security Council agent certificate, you can travel to any UN in the world without a visa A member country and enjoy the highest investigation authority.

So with the ID of an agent of the International Security Council, and the approval of the International Security Council’s investigation, it is theoretically possible to investigate any area in any country.

This certificate is like a world pass, which conflicts with whether I am not at all in the general staff. “Yu Ruoyan explained slightly proudly.

Finally found something that can crush Wang Lan.

Wang Lan has been moving too fast over the years. Originally, Star martial grade could overwhelm Wang Lan, but Wang Lan is already in Star Sea status. In terms of military rank, Wang Lan is a major general and Yu Ruoyan is just a colonel. Everyone is a titled powerhouse, with two draws and one loss. Yu Ruoyan lost in front of Wang Lan.

Now, Wang Lan does not have the International Security Council’s special agent certificate and Yu Ruoyan does, and that loss has become one win and one loss. Everyone is Heaven’s Chosen, which is barely a tie.

“Ambassador Liu, turn on the TV.” An embassy worker said suddenly.

“What’s wrong?”

“The King Man Ai is holding a press conference.”

“Thank you very much for the selfless help of Jade Country. This afternoon, Jade Country sent assistance and formed a team with Chenghai National Division to lead the scouting space defender to counterattack the scouting space.

It took us only three hours to regain a large amount of space and land occupied by alien animals, successfully regained the 3rd line of defense, and recovered 50 kilometers of alien space.

Here, I would like to express my most sincere and sincere gratitude to Jade Country and congratulate the friendship between our two countries…”

“What does Man Ai mean?” Wang Lan asked puzzledly.

“The high-profile announcement of Jade Country’s help to the country of Man, puts Jade Country on a moral high, when the time comes Jade Country will not make excessive demands on them for the sake of face.” This trick is naturally not hidden from Liu Yun. s eyes.

“Aren’t you afraid of slaps?”

“Everyone who is barefoot and is not afraid of wearing shoes has long been to have no shame. But from this attitude, it can be seen that the country of vine is indeed persuaded.”

At the bottom of Man Ai’s press conference news page, a scrolling news feed flows past.

“At 1:30 this afternoon, Master Cheng Ming of Ayman City was brutally murdered at home by a mob. The mob even took away Master Ming Cheng’s heart cruelly, suspecting it was performing some kind of evil sacrifice.” /p>

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