I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 501


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“dīng líng líng ——” The embassy telephone rang suddenly.

“Hey, this is Liu Yun! Okay, Major General Wang, the number of Master Cheng Hai.”

Wang Lan didn’t have time to speak when he answered the phone. Suddenly a hurried word came from the other party’s phone, “He’s here, he’s taking action.”


“I am Eldest Uncle-Master.” Cheng Hai Guoshi said quickly, “I am here, Eldest Uncle-Master, and just got the news that my Junior Brother Cheng Ming was killed, his heart was dug out, six-winged Golden Cicada We are warmed in the heart. It must be my Eldest Uncle-Master.”

“Okay, I’ll come right now.” Wang Lan finished speaking and hung up.

“Ruoyun, the Blessed Man of Mind may have taken action. Since he dared to show his whereabouts, then we will keep him.”


The two drove to the temple, and they hurriedly printed it before they got off to become a master of the sea.

“Wang Lan special envoy, Your Majesty the Princess, didn’t expect you to come so fast. The target location is in Aiman, only 80 kilometers away from here. Let’s drive now.”

“Driving? I don’t think driving can fly as fast, right.” Wang Lan has learned the traffic situation in Manland, and he probably won’t be able to drive out of the city for half an hour.

“I don’t know how to fly…” Cheng Hai Guoshi replied with some embarrassment.

“It’s okay, I’ll take you to fly. You just need to point me in the direction.” The voice fell to the ground, the star force flashed, and Wang Lan and Cheng Hai’s bodies slowly flew up. And this scene, after being seen by the people in the country of the courtyard, each and everyone suddenly knelt down to worship.

For an ordinary person, being able to fly means having a divine force. As for what star martial artist can fly, such a logical thinking is not uncommon… the most important thing? Belief, isn’t it just believing, there will be it, or not believing it will be nothing?

The privileged class should naturally have special rights. Flying in the sky in the country of vine is certainly not a problem. In less than half an hour, Wang Lan and the two fell in Aiman ​​City.

The police of Manzhiguo have taken control of the scene and entered the scene smoothly under the leadership of the national teacher. This is a shrine in Manzhiguo. The larger one is called a temple, and the smaller one is a shrine.

The shrine does not provide tourist worship services, nor does it recruit monks. Basically, a monk is self-employed. The main income is to pray for others, do things, and sell consecrated Buddha tools.

A middle-aged monk fell on the bed with his breasts open, and a hideous wound was in the heart, horrible to see. Wang Lan observes the dead, and Yu Ruoyan and Cheng Hai Guoshi search the room.

From the facial expression, Cheng Ming was conscious before his death, and the expression on his face was terrifying. However, it was learned from Master Cheng Hai that Master Cheng Ming was at least the cultivation base of the Star Sea realm.

Able to be accepted as a discipline by the previous generation of national teachers, its innate talent is definitely Peak of the Country of Vine. In order to protect Golden Cicada, he abandoned all his reputation and was willing to be an ordinary monk, but he was found and killed.

There were no obvious signs of fighting in the room. It can be seen that Zen Master Cheng Ming was subdued in an instant, and then killed when he was conscious.

“Eldest Uncle-Master can’t be wrong with the murderer. I didn’t think we were able to hide it so well, but he found it.” Chenghai Guoshi complexion is gloomy whispered.

“Being able to be found means that your hiding is not good.” Wang Lan looked away and said, “Since Mage Chengming has been found, then how the Blessed One of Xinfa found Mage Chengming is a clue.

You said that the three Junior Brothers each carried a Golden Cicada in incognito, except for you and the King Your Majesty, everyone knows their whereabouts? Is there really no one? ”

“No, this is the secret between Your Majesty and I. Even the three Junior Brothers will not know each other. They are not allowed to reveal the identity of the star martial artist, much less Golden Cicada.”

“The secret is used to leak. This is not my home country. I can’t guess which channel leaked it, but I hope that the country of Man can seriously screen the channels that may be leaked.”

“I will.”

“Here is a letter!” Yu Ruoyan’s voice suddenly sounded.

Guo Shi Cheng Hai quickly accepted the letter, and his face suddenly changed when he saw the content of the letter, “Junior Brother, you unexpectedly—”

Wang Lan looked towards Yu Ruoyan curiously as his face turned so ugly. Wang Lan knows it, Yu Ruoyan, she understands the characters of the country of Man.

“Master Cheng Ming wrote a letter to Master Cheng Kong from Junior Brother six months ago. The content of the letter is not understood. This is a reply from Master Cheng Kong, to the effect that Master Cheng Ming’s proposal was rejected. .

Furthermore, Master Cheng Kong is seriously ill and has been time is limited, and will pass on Golden Cicada to Master Cheng Kong’s son to inherit after his death. “

“In other words, the three mages harboring Golden Cicada are not ignorant of each other’s location, but are connected. Can the monks in the Kingdom of Vine marry wives and have children?”

“The monks in the country of the vine belong to the same profession as the monks in the host nation, and the Buddhas only need their faith but not their lives. As long as we truly believe in the Buddha, we can get married. Of course, most monks will not choose to marry , Because they think that after marriage with wife and children, their belief in Buddha is not so pure.”

“Master Chenghai, go to the residence of Master Chengkong immediately, hoping to have time.”


Guo Shi Cheng Hai didn’t dare to hesitate, and hurried to another city 300 li away with Wang Lan. When I found the shrine of Master Chengkong, the shrine was ruined.

Guoshi Chenghai quickly called the local village official and asked him to find out that Master Chengkong died half a year ago. After Zen Master Chengkong passed away, his wife sold the shrine to a local wealthy businessman, and then took the child. Natal.

Quickly through information inquiry, I found out where Master Chengkong’s wife’s natal family was, and rushed to find Master Chengkong’s wife. From his wife, he learned that Master Chengkong’s child was cultivating at a temple fifty kilometers away. The child of Master Cheng Kong is a genius. He awakened the star martial artist innate talent eight years old. He is already a great and famous genius in several nearby cities.

Master Chengkong’s wife didn’t even know the identity of her husband, and didn’t even know Master Chengkong was still a star martial artist.

The entire group rushed to the temple again. Chenghai Guoshi is the master of the temple and the Sect Master of all temples. For the ordinary person, the sacred temple is naturally unimpeded for the Wang Lan trio.

But when the temple host heard what Chenghai Guoshi said, his face changed instantly. Seeing the host’s face, Wang Lan had a guess in his heart. Under the pressure of Master Cheng Hai, the host knew that he couldn’t hide it, so he also honestly explained it.

Three days ago, Master Cheng Kong’s child encountered an accident, but in order to cover up its negligent behavior and conceal the matter, the temple only needs to wait for two days to send the child to the list of regaining scouting space. And then reporting the death will be able to cover the past seamlessly.

“Chenghai Guoshi, there is no need to be so melancholy. Isn’t this something that was expected?”

“Back then, they respected the Master so much. I thought they would never violate what the Master said. But…didn’t expect.”

Mage Cheng Ming wrote secretly to Mage Cheng Kong, which violated the predecessor’s will. Even if they knew each other’s location, they might have engaged in some kind of secret communication.

Mage Cheng Kong didn’t tell Master Cheng Hai even if he knew that his time is limited. The temple didn’t know anything about it, and Cheng Kong passed Golden Cicada to his son privately. This is enough to show that Cheng Kong wanted to occupy Golden Cicada became an ancestral object of their family.

“It’s not the time to be sentimental. It’s best to go to the last mage right away, hoping to have time. If the last mage is also killed, the Blessed Soul has already gathered four Golden Cicadas. Four Golden Cicadas He, the three of us may not be opponents together.”

Cheng Hai didn’t dare to hesitate, and hurriedly took Wang Lan across two hundred kilometers to a remote jungle. The landscape here is beautiful, but it is a treasure place for cultivation and health preservation.

On the shore of the jungle lake, there is a wood house. The wood house is closed and it looks like no one lives. Before Chenghai came to the wood house, “Junior Brother, Chengqiao Junior Brother, are you at home?”

When I came to the door of the wood house, I found that the lock on the wood house was actually rusty. Cheng Hai smashed the wooden door with a palm, and a strong smell of corpse came.

Through the dappled light, a corpse can be vaguely seen falling to the ground. From the state of death, it can be seen that he was still crawling on the ground just before death.

After the smell dissipated, Wang Lan and Cheng Hai entered. Yu Ruoyan couldn’t bear the scene and finally did not enter the door.

“It has been more than two months since the death, Master Cheng Qiao was the first to be killed. Putting it that way There were already three Golden Cicadas in his hands when the Blessed Heart Master was in Yunhai Space.”

“Now I am the only one left…” National Master Cheng Hai slowly closed his eyes, his face showed uncontrollable pain, “I am the only one left… The Eldest Uncle-Master has reached five. Golden Cicada.

Even if you remove the Vajra Golden Cicada that you wiped out, there will still be four, four Golden Cicadas, but four powerhouses are incomparable…”

“Is a Golden Cicada the strength of a titled powerhouse?”

“Almost it is, Wang Lan’s special envoy, Yu Princess, let’s go out.” Cheng Hai Guoshi took the two to the shore of the lake, “I am the only one left, and Eldest Uncle-Master will come to me to snatch it. The last two Golden Cicadas, and he already has four Golden Cicadas. No one can stop him. I must plan for the worst.”

“What does Chenghai Guoshi plan to do.”

“Tell you about the abilities of the seven Golden Cicadas. I understand how much the abilities of the seven Golden Cicadas can increase the odds. Among the robbed Golden Cicadas, the Golden Cicada of the Chengming Junior Brother is the strong Golden Cicada.

Strongly Golden Cicada can be turned into a giant Golden Cicada with several dozen meters high. Strong as an ox can move mountains and fill the sea. Chengkong Junior Brother’s Golden Cicada is a Thunderbolt Golden Cicada, which can release a thunderbolt attack. This is Golden Cicada’s Life Source Divine Ability, so it is not restricted by the master’s star force.

The full strength attack of Golden Cicada of Thunderbolt is no less than the full strength attack of a super S-Rank Thunder Element star martial skill.

The Golden Cicada of Chengqiao Junior Brother is a tangram Golden Cicada. The Golden Cicada can be transformed into any weapon, and the formidable power of the weapon is no less than Peak’s Star Palace Divine Item. As for the first two Golden Cicadas of Eldest Uncle-Master, one is Vajra Golden Cicada with the strongest formidable power, and the other is to devour Golden Cicada.

Swallowing Golden Cicada can swallow everything within a radius of 50 meters, and it can be swallowed in an instant. Because of this Golden Cicada, we can’t even get close to his 50 meters range. Once swallowed by Golden Cicada, he will definitely die. “

“This Golden Cicada is down to Interesting, and what can be turned into a weapon?”

“This is not the magic of Qiqiao Golden Cicada. I have heard Master say that Ancestral Master was able to control seven Golden Cicadas at the same time and form an array, which can annihilate everything in a space in an instant.”

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