I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 502


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“From now on, the teacher of the country had better stay with us.” Wang Lan also didn’t expect that the speed of the Blessed Man of Heart Faith is so fast, or that the response of the country of Man is too slow.

Except for Master Cheng Qiao who was killed long ago, Cheng Ming and Cheng Kong’s sons were both killed recently. Master Cheng Kong’s son was murdered, but the temple didn’t report it in the first time, and even wanted to conceal his fault and tried to confuse the past?

If the temple reported in time three days ago, then not only would Master Chengming not die, but he might have successfully completed waiting.

“It can only be this way.” Guo Shi Cheng Hai said with a long sigh.

The three returned to Mancheng, Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan moved directly away from the embassy and moved into the temple to prevent the Sovereign of Mind from attacking. With the strength of Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan, I am not afraid of what the temple can do to them, and now Chenghai National Division still needs to rely on Wang Lan Yu Ruoyan to defeat the powerful enemy.

Perhaps it was because Cheng Hai did not leave the house so that the Blessed One of Xinfa could not find a chance to shoot, or he knew that Wang Lan Yu Ruoyan was in the temple, and the whole country of vines was calm and tranquil for the past three days.

Man Ai has ordered the country to enter a state of emergency, and people from all departments are on duty to pay close attention to Man’s every move. After all, the Manland is a small country, and it is full of loopholes in both strength and management. Not to mention that there are cameras everywhere like Jade Country, covering Skynet everywhere.

It’s no wonder that many criminals in Jade Country will flee to places like the country of vines and the country of titanium. Once they escape here, they can successfully hide themselves incognito with a little brain.

“Jade Country’s negotiating team has arrived in Mancheng.” After dinner, walking with Yu Ruoyan in the back garden of the temple, Yu Ruoyan said suddenly.

“Is it so fast?”

“If it’s too late when we catch the Blessed One of Xinfa, his identity as a bird of paradise will be revealed? At that time, it will be difficult to want some benefits.”

“Even if the negotiation succeeds, wouldn’t it be possible to establish the identity of the Blessed One of Mind in the Kingdom of Vine Renege on a debt?”

“Do you think that Jade Country is the White Eagle nation? Cannibalism does not spit bones? The purpose of Jade Country is to completely solve the disputes that existed between the country and the country. Once the disputes are completely defined, the country of the country will regret it. It’s useless. It was already registered in the United Nations at that time. So, for me, I really hope that Blessed Master Xinfa can calm down and give us more time.”

“I don’t understand or be interested in political matters.”

“Now you don’t need to understand, but sooner or later you have to understand. Don’t forget, you are the Number One Person of the younger generation, and the banner of the younger generation.”

“Isn’t there you?”

“Me? I’m just a woman.” Yu Ruoyan put his hands in his pockets, pacing lazily, “If the law is changed, how can people’s thinking and concepts change so easily. If gender equality is really achieved, why? Chu Li Ge will become like that?”

“Li Ge knows you very well? I found out that you seem to know each other last time.”

“I met Chu Li Ge when I was a child. When I first met Chu Li Ge, she was still a gentle little elder sister. Gradually, she could not see the girl side. In the ancient Star martial family, men are superior to women. The concept of “is deeply rooted.”

“Stop talking about me, the Chaxi Princess came to you almost every day recently. Did you really feel nothing for her or was it because I was holding it by your side?”

“Do you think I am enduring?” Wang Lan twitched said with a smile.

“Isn’t she pretty? Even I move a little bit, I don’t believe you don’t feel it.”

“Very beautiful, but there are so many beautiful ones in the world. Do I have to like one when I see one beautiful?”

“If you like it, it’s a big deal, but at least I know that a man and a girl don’t need to like it. Possession and conquest are the biggest motivation. Isn’t it?”

“Donor, you have taken a picture. The man in your mouth does represent most men, even 90% of men. But not me!”

“I would believe it if someone heard you say this, but you said it! What kind of garlic do you put in front of me when I don’t know about Xie Sisi?”

“How can you taint people’s innocence out of thin air? We are in love with each other sincerely.”

“cough cough cough…” Yu Ruoyan supported a Rubber Tree and coughed lightly, “Can you stop disgusting me? Please don’t insult the word scumbag!”

“Why the scumbag? I want to make a clean break with Xie Sisi. Then it is really scumbag, at least she is very happy now.”

“What about Chaxi Princess? If you want to accept her, she must be very happy, will you accept it?”

“What you said, I almost thought you took the money. What do you mean by this? Why do I listen to the sourness.”

“No way, who made me a good sister of Xinyu? As a good sister, she knows that her boyfriend is on two boats and can’t tell her. But that scumbag is still hooking up with Princess in a foreign country. You say me this Open your mouth, I can’t close it anymore.”

“It’s okay to say it the other way around? It’s obviously someone provoke me.”

“Ai, it may be that someone on the side responded sorry to me. Would you like to create a chance for you by a day of autism tomorrow.”

“Just lemon!” Wang Lan rolled the eyes and turned around leisurely, “Zhaxi Princess is so stupid for you who came with a purpose obviously? Even if you want a Princess, isn’t El Princess okay?”

“Sure enough, you have exposed your nature, let’s talk, do you have a relationship with El Princess…”

“Don’t gossip, okay? I haven’t contacted anyone since I came back from the country of Bing Xue. Also, don’t try Xinyu. I’ll really get angry if I miss you.”

“Understood, just kidding, forget it, don’t tease you, I’m on the night tonight, you can sleep well.”

The two have just finished their gossip and shifted the topic to the level of star martial skill cultivation, but Cheng Hai Guoshi suddenly rushed over, “Wang Lan special envoy, Yu Princess, Master Xin has made another move.”

“en? Got it? Where?” Wang Lan quickly sensed but not at all noticed the aura of a powerful enemy.

“You guys come with me.”

Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan followed Cheng Hai Guo Shi to the temple’s meditation room. A video was being played on the TV in the meditation room.

“At four o’clock this afternoon, a village on the outskirts of Maida was brutally slaughtered. More than 1,000 people in the whole village were killed. Even the old, weak, women and children were not spared.

The murderer also left words of blood on the wall, and came to die quickly! “

“The heart-faith Blessed One did it.”

“The intention was very obvious. He wanted to use a method to force me to show up. As a Xingwu powerhouse, he was actually an opponent of an ordinary person who had no power to bind the chicken. No wonder Ancestor Master chose Master at the time. It turned out that Ancestor Master saw him. The magic of within the body.”

“Since he wants you to go, then we go. As long as he dares to come, I will let him come back and forth.”

In the same night, Wang Lan and the three left the temple and arrived at Maida City, located in the northwestern border of the Kingdom of Vine. The three of them not at all hide their traces, just and honorable enter the city.

Wang Lan set out to ask if anyone had seen a suspicious person before or after the incident, or if any suspicious targets were captured by a camera. This will change to Jade Country, at least to provide Wang Lan with a general range of intelligence.

But in the country of vines, sorry, there is nothing.

The village is in a remote rural area and is relatively closed. I rarely see outsiders throughout the year. There were no cameras and so on. The whole village was slaughtered. There were no livelihoods and no witnesses, and no one knew which direction the murderer came from.

Nothing, Wang Lan and the three returned to the hotel. After entering the room, Wang Lan closed the door and stood quietly outside the window looking into the distance. The night in the country of vines is pitch black, even if Maida City is the Ranked 3rd city of the country of vines, you can’t see how bright the lights are at night.

“What should I do now? Can I just wait for the Blessed Master Xinfa to come to the door?” Yu Ruoyan asked, breaking the silence.

“No, I guess the Blessed One of Xinfa will continue to slaughter the village.” Wang Lan’s words made Chenghai National Master lift the head fiercely.

“How come? Didn’t he want me to come? Now that I am here, shouldn’t he just come here?”

“If only you were the national teacher, he would kill the door directly, but if Ruoyun and I came, he wouldn’t dare. Even if I think with my knees, he will continue to slaughter the village until we completely sink. Stay breath and act separately. Or, he will force you to go alone.

I’ve seen roughly just now that the village of the country of vines is almost undefended to the star martial artist. He wants to slaughter the village, and any village can be killed before we notice it. “

“What should I do?” The face instantly changes of Guoshi Chenghai turned pale. If the Blessed Man Xinfa does this, how many people in the Kingdom of Vine will be slaughtered? With the ability of the six-winged Golden Cicada, slaughtered dozens of villages in a few days with no difficulty.

Even, you can slaughter a city with no difficulty.

Wang Lan took out a section of green wood from the void content, and saw Yu Ruoyan’s eyes condensed slightly.

“Empty wood? Uncle gave you the empty wood?”

Wang Lan handed the empty wood to Master Cheng Hai, “This empty wood is for your personal collection, and there are the space coordinates I set on it. If you meet the French teacher, I can teleport to you instantly.

However, you can only be in the outside world and not in the alien space. If you get to the alien space, I can’t help it. Moreover, I can only teleport once, so I only have one chance. “

Guo Shi Cheng Hai took the empty wood and put it away, his eyes flashed slightly, “You mean, I serve as bait and wait for the rabbit?”

“Yes. Also, all three of us have installed a positioning device. If it is not in a different space, we can determine each other’s direction by positioning. I think the next step is for him to find a way to distract us.”

This night, it was calm and tranquil, 2nd day. As soon as the sun rose from the horizon, Chenghai Guoshi sounded the rooms of Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan.

“Three more villages were slaughtered last night. They were in three directions.”

“It seems that there is nothing inconsistent with what I guessed. In the next step, we will act separately. You are clarifying that I and Yu Ruoyan are in secret, not only to give the Blessed Man Xinfa the opportunity to divide us, but also to let him not doubt that this is our design. Game.”

Star Sea National Division drove to one of the destroyed villages according to the plan. Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan followed secretly. Although there is no sense that anyone is watching them secretly, Wang Lan believes that someone must be watching them closely.

The distance between Wang Lan and Chenghai Guoshi is 500 metres. It only takes two seconds for Wang Lan to arrive, so this distance is very safe.

The village that Chenghai Guoshi went to was also remote. There were no other villages within one kilometer around, and the village roads were covered with mud.

Wang Lan stopped at a location 500 metres from the village to observe what Cheng Hai Guoshi did. No one noticed that a golden Flying Insect sprang from the grass and attacked Yu Ruoyan.

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