I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 503


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“Stab!” At the moment Golden Flying Insect appeared, a thunderball suddenly hit the two of them. Yu Ruoyan returned his palm, and an illusory shadow resembling splashed water shot out from Yu Ruoyan’s palm. The lightning ball seemed to have melted instantly and disappeared.

Flying Insect turned around and ran instantly after failing a hit. Although Flying Insect’s body is extremely small, its speed is extremely fast, flying out of 100 meters in the blink of an eye.

“Chasing!” The moment Yu Ruoyan’s voice landed, his figure turned into a streamer to chase after him.

Wang Lan followed Yu Ruoyan and rushed out, but his eyes curiously stared at Yu Ruoyan’s back. Wang Lan just planned to take out the divine light, but didn’t expect Yu Ruoyan to react faster than him.

It seems that in the past few months, Yu Ruoyan’s strength has not grown slower than himself. However, Wang Lan successfully broke through the Star Sea realm during this time, and also mastered several diamond star martial skills. The increase in strength can be described as shedding body, exchanging bones.

Can Yu Ruoyan keep up with this kind of strength growth? Either Yu Ruoyan has a fortuitous encounter again, such as getting Dragon and Phoenix Symbols of Auspiciousness like last time and skipping the most difficult level, or Yu Ruoyan has obtained advanced by leaps and bounds.

But now the two are chasing the Six-winged Golden Cicada, and there is no time for him to take care of anything else. Although he knew that the six-winged Golden Cicada was sent by the Sovereign of Mind to lead them away, since Wang Lan came here, he did not plan to let the six-winged Golden Cicada go back safely. ,

The flying speed of Golden Cicada is extremely fast, but it is still much worse than the Vajra Golden Cicada encountered in Yunhai Space. After chasing 30 kilometers and finally chasing within ten meters.

“Dance of Underworld Butterfly——”

In an instant, Wang Lan’s body exploded and turned into a butterfly flying. During this time, Golden Cicada took this opportunity to advance to a place 100 meters away from Wang Lan.

“Tide tornado–“

Yu Ruoyan hurriedly shot, Spiritual Power triggered the Heaven and Earth tide. In an instant, the Heaven and Earth star force within a radius of 300 metres became chaotic like an undercurrent. The disordered star force airflow, in the sky, weaves a picture of naked eye that is intertwined and disorderly.

Golden Cicada’s speed is fast, but after all, the individual is too small, and it hits the tide and is instantly swept by the tide.

“Stab it–“

Golden Cicada suddenly exploded a ball of thunderbolt all over his body. Don’t look at the small insect, but the spirit strength it emits is very terrifying. The thunderbolt that emits instantly engulfed the entire star force tide. The endless thunderbolt is like countless scissors. The spirit strength around is shredded by turbulence.

“hmph, want to run? Skynet!” Yu Ruoyan suddenly opened his palms, and Heaven and Earth within 300 metres was instantly suppressed, as if the 300 metres area was in the palm of Yu Ruoyan In the middle, she held this area in the palm of her hand as long as she held it lightly.

Thunderbolt Golden Cicada’s strength itself is much worse than Vajra Golden Cicada. Although the strength is in the titled powerhouse realm and can be chased by two people, neither of them can be beaten by Thunderbolt Golden Cicada.

even more how are the two teaming up now? After being overtaken by Yu Ruoyan, the Golden Cicada was blocked by a light wave of the beckoned star force tide, and then Heaven and Earth held the Golden Cicada like an Insect in a bottle.

“Stab it–“

Suddenly, Golden Cicada exploded with unprecedented intensity of thunderbolt, and the color of thunderbolt turned into dark purple.

“Nine Heavens Divine Thunder?” Yu Ruoyan complexion changed, ignoring the control of Skynet, and the body flashed aside. At the moment Yu Ruoyan retreated, a divine spear transformed into a purple thunderbolt pierced Yu Ruoyan’s location.

Nine Heavens Divine Thunder is the strongest thunderbolt in the Thunder Element star martial skill. He has the condensed energy release response to the extreme, and is the ultimate dream of the Thunder Element star martial artist.

For example, the dream of the Water Element star martial artist is the nine-day galaxy, the ultimate dream of the ice attribute star martial artist is the aurora, and the ultimate dream of the Thunder Element star martial artist is the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder.

Nine Heavens Divine Thunder requires a Star Sea realm star martial artist to condense all the Thunder Attribute star force of the whole body at one point, and then it is possible to condense.

But if you don’t have a strong body and an understanding of the return of the Thunder Element star martial skill, even if you successfully condense the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, the star martial artist’s arm will be the first to be destroyed. Anyway, from where to release Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, there is no such thing.

Yu Ruoyan absolutely didn’t expect a Flying Insect and a Golden Cicada to be able to condense no stronghold one cannot overcome Nine Heavens Divine Thunder?

After releasing a Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, Golden Cicada instantly turned around to flee away. A bright and deep purple lightning surrounded Golden Cicada, as if putting him on a protective cover.

In addition to the rapid speed of Thunderbolt Golden Cicada, the current Thunderbolt Golden Cicada has the characteristics of Vajra Golden Cicada, no stronghold one cannot overcome, whoever touches it will die.

Originally thought that if I was like this, no one would dare to make trouble, right? No one dares to catch me, right?

But at this time, a butterfly appeared on the only way forward for Thunderbolt Golden Cicada, a silhouette appeared instantly, Wang Lan appeared, raised his hand and stretched out in front of him, the posture, as if blocking Traffic police for parking inspection of offending vehicles.

“Stop? Stop your ghost, go die for me!” Golden Cicada’s Purple Heaven Divine Thunder is more solid and agitated. In the ravages of Purple Heaven Divine Thunder, Wang Lan almost feels one after another faintly Discernible Space Power. The intense energy condensed, and even scratched the space.

“Wang Lan, this is Nine Heavens Divine Thunder——” Yu Ruoyan suddenly drank nervously.

Wang Lan’s palm was slightly rippling, and the empty pockets opened for Golden Cicada. Almost the moment when Yu Ruoyan opened his mouth, Thunderbolt Golden Cicada slammed into the empty empty space and disappeared.

“Successfully kill, reward 10,000 EXP and 800 skill points.”

The reminder in his mind remembered that the Blessed One of Mind who was far away suddenly spurt a mouthful of blood again.

“Master, what’s the matter with you?” Several mysterious silhouettes paused. They were walking well, but who knew that the Blessed One who was walking in the middle spurt a mouthful of blood like a mental illness. People who didn’t know thought you were special and sneezed.

And the face of the Lord at this moment is indeed daunting.

The second one, the second Golden Cicada. How could this be? I have inspired Purple Heaven Divine Thunder. How could anyone stop the evacuation of Thunderbolt Golden Cicada? No reason, impossible, there is nothing in the world that can stop Purple Heaven Divine Thunder? Why was he killed?

The Blessed One can’t understand at all, let alone how thunderbolt Golden Cicada died, he can’t understand, even he didn’t want to understand how the previous Vajra Golden Cicada died.

“Damn… there are only seven Golden Cicadas in total. A hundred years ago, the Ancestral Master killed 10,000 Demon Race soldiers and all seven Golden Cicadas were intact. The Golden Cicada, which has inherited a hundred years, has never suffered a loss. In these short days, two Golden Cicadas are gone?

The six-winged Golden Cicada is an Antiquity Variation. There are only so seven between Heaven and Earth, and one is missing when one died. It immediately made the World-Honored One unable to breathe. Had it not been for outsiders, he would have liked to cry on the spot.

“Chenghai…you bastard, what evil star did you hire? I will not only dig out your heart and take out the Golden Cicada, but also let you watch how I dig while you are alive. Take your heart to solve my hatred.”

Yu Ruoyan stared at Wang Lan curiously. Wang Lan’s hand just now was really weird. Purple Heaven Divine Thunder, even if the Baidi, one of the 5 Emperors, was already known for the strongest body, he didn’t dare to take it hard. Wang Lan even lifted his hand slightly to make Golden Cicada disappear.

Wang Lan, is there any other ability I don’t know? Where is the upper limit of his battle strength?

“Don’t look at me like that, I’m just taking a trick.” Wang Lan has nothing to hide from Yu Ruoyan, and the battle will require two people to cooperate later.

“I cultivation the martial skill of the space system stars to contain things in the void.”

“I know this, why? What did you use just now?”

“Yes, the empty space will open up a portable space. The size of this space is…not too big, it’s about three cubic meters. There is no time, no space, and no matter in the portable space.

General things will stop immediately after entering. But once the creature enters, it will die immediately. The entrance space of the void is too small, and there is obvious space fluctuation. Generally speaking, there is no real fighting intent meaning.

But Golden Cicada is interesting. It’s small in size and its brain is not good enough. I open the space door and wait for it to be delivered. So it crashed into the space and died immediately.

Speaking, Wang Lan opened the space and took out Golden Cicada. Golden Cicada has curled limbs and body stiff, it looks like an exquisite Gold product.

“Don’t worry about this, it will soon be positioned as the position of the Haiguo division, but it will be too late.”

The two hurried to the village. The village apparently suffered an attack just now, killing and wounding several temple monks. According to Wang Lan’s plan, Cheng Hai Guoshi led three Star Sea monks in pursuit.

Through positioning, Chenghai Guoshi is still moving rapidly, at a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour. This place originally belonged to the border of the country of vines. If you go to the Northwest, you will reach the border of Nanzhao Kingdom and Jade Country.

The two Wang Lan soared into the sky, and hurriedly chased after each other. According to each other’s positioning, it was shown that Chenghai Guoshi had left the border of the Kingdom of Man and arrived in the Kingdom of Nanzhao.

Suddenly, the tracking signal of Master Cheng Hai disappeared. Wang Lan complexion greatly changed and speeded up again.

After flying for about a hundred kilometers, I finally reached the place where the signal disappeared. The three monks finally died on the border of Nanzhao Kingdom with Master Cheng Hai. Wang Lan went down to investigate. The three monks were all beheaded with a single knife. The sharp blade did not give the three monks much time to react.

From the murderer’s shot to the killing, it may not have passed even two seconds.

“Chenghai Guoshi had an accident?”

“It shouldn’t be.” Wang Lan’s eyes swept across the scene. The strength of Chenghai National Master is the Star Sea Peak. With the addition of two Golden Cicadas, the battle strength definitely reaches the titled powerhouse level.

Even if the other party has the World Venerable Mind, Master Cheng Hai shouldn’t be able to hold on for two seconds…” Suddenly, Wang Lan saw a small trace on the ground, which seemed to be… a mark left by Master Cheng Hai.

An arrow, just thinking about the west. Wang Lan hurriedly closed his eyes and sensed the coordinate position left in the clearing wood. The distance was not very far, only 80 kilometers, there was no need to move instantly.


flying through air, it took ten minutes to cross an area of ​​80 kilometers and fall from the sky, hurriedly looking around.

“What are you looking for?”

“The empty wood, why is the empty wood in this place?” Wang Lan dug out the empty wood from the soil under his feet, which he handed over to Master Chenghai last night.

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