I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 504


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“putting it that way…the Master Chenghai has a problem!” Yu Ruoyan pretty face said gloomily, “Buried the empty wood you gave here to prevent you from tracking it. Is he going to fly away with the world-zun?”

Wang Lan brows tightly frowns, but still shook the head, “No, Chenghai Guoshi does not need to do this at all. He is now the national teacher of the country of vines under one person above ten thousand people, and he would rather not do chicken head Fengwei, he has no reason to do this. And there is no possibility of mediation for his natural opposition to the Blessed One of the Heart Faith. Isn’t it just to seek the skin of the tiger if he is in harmony with the Blessed One of the Heart Faith?”

“It’s true. The Blessed Man of Heart is definitely going to be the two Golden Cicadas of the Hai Guoshi, but the empty wooden closet collection impossible can be dropped at will, and it is buried underground.”

Wang Lan thought for a while, “Is there a different space nearby?”

“The scouting space of Nanzhao Kingdom is in the vicinity, what’s wrong?”

“That’s right!” Wang Lan’s eyes flickered, “I have explained to Master Cheng Hai before that emptying the wood can only ensure that I can arrive as quickly as possible in the same time and space, but I won’t understood when I go to a different space.

Guo Shi Cheng Hai is about to go to a different dimension. We are worried that we will not know where he is, so we will empty the wood and stay. Leaving the empty wood is telling us that he wants to enter the alien space. “


The two dared not hesitate, and rushed to the scouting space ten kilometers away. Nanzhao Kingdom is the least-existent country in the Golden Triangle.

The five countries in the Golden Triangle are bordered, and Nanzhao is the weakest. Because he was struggling to survive in the cracks, he developed the character of Nan Zhaoguo who was uninhibited and swayed.

Nanzhao’s way of dealing with things also affected his people, resulting in the people of Nanzhao who are known as the least dignified in the world. Nanzhao people can be tough in their own country, but once in front of outsiders, they are as soft as grandson, making him kneel and he would never stand up.

Sometimes Wang Lan can’t believe it when he hears some rumors about Nanzhao Country, how can a country submit to humiliation to this point? Had it not been for Jade Country to take care of this little brother, Nanzhao country would have been wiped out by the other three countries.

In the Golden Triangle of South Asia, Jade Country is the only country that has a good relationship with Nanzhao Country. Of course, the premise is that Nan Zhaoguo is more obedient.

At the gate of the scouting space in Nanzhao Country, scouting people flowed in and out, each and everyone carried their packages to the truck. Looking at this scene, Wang Lan suddenly became puzzled. Is this surely the scouting space of Nanzhao Kingdom? It looks like a freight terminal.

“Leave these alone, let’s sneak in and find Master Haiguo.”

With the strength of Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan, it is no effort at all to sneak into the almost undefended Nanzhao scouting space. Turning into style, turning into fog, anyway, the garrison of Nanzhao Kingdom does not exist.

After entering, it was really deserted, and Wang Lan couldn’t see a camp except for the transportation road. It was like a desolate ancient road in the Gobi, a group of far-flung merchants went on a business road.

It stands to reason that a large camp should be arranged at the entrance of the scouting space, with fortifications that are easy to defend and difficult to attack. Even if there are multiple lines of defense on the front line, this must be taken seriously as the last line of defense to stop the alien beasts.

But in Nanzhao Country, there isn’t it? After entering, Wang Lan could go to any direction in the alien space at will without hiding his traces.

“The scouting space in Nanzhao Country can also be called scouting space? It’s like a joke.” Yu Ruoyan also felt unreasonable.

“Everyone has their own fate, forget it! Let’s find a master of the sea.”


At this moment, a shocking star force wave was transmitted from a distance, and Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan body flashed and disappeared instantly.

In the depths of Nanzhao Kingdom’s scouting space, at the edge of a huge pit, six strangely shaped star martial artists slowly emerged, standing on the edge of the pit looking at a scorched pit.

Each and everyone exchanged their eyes, and each and everyone’s eyes became serious.

“Missed it?”


“Is there something about the national teacher in the country of vines…this way you can hide it.”

“He didn’t hide at all.” A voice suddenly remembered. Outside the pothole, a monk wearing a red robes came slowly, with white hair and beard. If it weren’t for those hazy eyes, closing his eyes would be a good idea. The bladder of vice-world expert.

“Master, you said he didn’t hide away? Why didn’t he?”

“Because of the two Golden Cicadas he carries, one is the invisible Golden Cicada, which can put himself and the host in an invisible state. The invisible state is immune to all physical and elemental attacks. The duration is five minutes and the cooldown is …An hour!”

“Oh? That’s no wonder. Can the Blessed One find him?” a man wrapped in black tight clothes asked in a low voice.

“You don’t need to find him…” The World Venerable Mind looked coldly at the corner of the pothole’s mouth slightly raised, “Because he can’t move in the invisible state, after five minutes, he will appear in the same place. Does this ability understand? It’s a good ability for people who know this ability, but for those who understand this ability, it’s a tasteless one. Five minutes is almost here, Chenghai, you are not showing up yet.”

Along with the voice of the Blessed One’s Heart, the space in the pothole was slightly distorted, and a figure gradually appeared like a phantom in the water. Guo Shi Cheng Hai stared at the old man who pressed him with complicated eyes.

30 years ago, the Blessed Heart of the Heart was a powerhouse respected by everyone in the temple, and even today, many people who followed the Blessed Heart of the Heart still have illusions about the Blessed Heart of the Heart.

Guo Shi Chenghai still doesn’t understand why the Blessed Man Xinfa betrayed.

“Small Accomplishment Sea, don’t look at me with such a look, you will only make me feel like you are a trash! Don’t you understand why? Why should I betray? hahaha… you are a country of vines Teacher, the question you should ask is not why, but… victory and profit.

This world has no why, only eternal interests. “

“You killed Chengqiao Chengkong, Chengming Junior Brothers?”

“Yes!” The Blessed Man of Heart and Faith admitted without sophistry, “Actually, with my strength, as long as Vajra Golden Cicada is enough, there is no need for the other six Golden Cicada.

When I learned about the whereabouts of that boy Chengqiao, I killed him and took Golden Cicada away without saying a word. I didn’t need it so much, nor did it take revenge on Master for betraying me back then, I just felt that what I lost should be taken back with my own hands, nothing more. “

“In that case, then…you damn it!”

The voice fell to the ground, and a buzzing sound remembered that a golden cloud rose slowly above Cheng Hai Guoshi’s head, and the whole body slowly turned into a golden star force surging.

“Your invisible Golden Cicada is useless. Now only this Force Golden Cicada is left. Although the Force Golden Cicada can provide you with continuous star force, my stupid Junior Brother probably didn’t tell you. , The amount of star force has little to do with strength. No matter how many star forces, if the martial skill of the star is just a soft formidable power, you are just a rabbit who does not understand fatigue.”

“The Golden Body of Dharma——”

Guo Shi Cheng Hai suddenly roared, and his body instantly swelled into a 20-meter-high Buddha statue, the Three Heads Six Arms, with different faces.

“fierce appearance!”

A light wheel appeared between the hands of the Buddha statue. In an instant, a group of golden energy groups appeared in the light wheel. The moment the energy group formed, it blasted the crowd below it, like a bomber passed by and dropped a Each bomb is average.

boom~ boom~ ——

The earth was blown up by dust in an instant, and the sky full of smoke rose and enveloped half of the golden Buddha statue.

Suddenly, there was a tumbling in the smoke, and a huge Golden Cicada rushed out of the smoke and rushed towards the Buddha statue. The Buddha image instantly twisted, and both fists fiercely blasted towards the huge Golden Cicada.


There was a loud noise, like a fiercely hitting a huge twilight clock. Golden Cicada remain unmoved, still lying on the Buddha statue. The center of gravity of the Buddha was unstable and fell to the ground.


Golden Cicada pressed the Buddha image to death, and the Buddha image did not want to just sit and wait for death. The star force surged around his body, and each and everyone energy ball almost struck Golden Cicada’s face.

boom~ boom~ ——

Golden Cicada’s opened terrifying mouthparts were deformed by the huge energy bomb strikes, but he still grabbed the body of the Buddha and pressed it to the ground.

Juli Golden Cicada, the strength is too great, Juli Golden Cicada can easily lift a mountain and hold a Buddha statue that is only 20 meters high. Why not with no difficulty?

“I said, even if you have more star force, it’s useless, go to hell.” The arm of the Xingfa World Venerable suddenly turned into a huge Gold sword, and the sword was slashed at the head of Master Chenghai.


A splitting the air sound remembered that the Blessed Man of Mind, who was holding the Gold sword, instantly complexion changed, and he cut his sword to his side. Fire flashed in the sky, and there was a loud noise, and the body of the Blessed One’s Heart was instantly pushed back and flew away.

In the sky, a star suddenly lit up, and the star instantly became bigger and turned into a rushing meteor. Among the meteors, Wang Lan’s Zanpaku knife burned with raging flames.


Wang Lan landed on Juli Golden Cicada’s back and stabbed him.

And watching Wang Lan’s appearance, the face of Blessed Master Xinfa also instantly became ugly. They have tried their best to lead Chenghai to the remote scouting space of Nanzhao Country, but they didn’t expect Wang Lan to find them in such a short time.

But it’s okay, just find it. I have three Golden Cicadas. I’m not inferior to the sonic Sony at all. What if you come?

Hmph, Golden Cicada’s carapace is so hard that even if you use armor-piercing bullets to leave a trace on Golden Cicada’s body, you actually want to hurt Golden Cicada with a stab? I can hurt your last name.

“pu 呲——”

The Zanpaku with the Haoyang Jianpaku hardly blocked a stab into Juli Golden Cicada’s within the body, and the Zanpaku Knife was covered with the bright red Samadhi True Fire, and the Samadhi True Fire was transmitted in an instant. Within the body of Golden Cicada, the flames burned blazingly.

Juli Golden Cicada instantly went up to the ground under the pain and took off into the sky. As naked eye can be seen, a ball of flames gushing out from the back of Juli Golden Cicada like a fountain.

“How could it—” The World Venerable Xinfa’s eyes rounded and his face was filled with disbelief. Wang Lan stabbed Golden Cicada with a single knife? This is impossible. The strength of Golden Cicada’s body was not even hurt by Sony at the beginning. How could it be injured by a light stabbing?

And even if you stabbed it lightly and got pierced into the body with a knife, aren’t you an insect? Isn’t insect pain-free? How do you see that this sword injury is not serious? Why did Juli Golden Cicada suddenly smoke like he was about to burp?

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