I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 505


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This thought just passed through my mind, and the Juli Golden Cicada above the sky suddenly fell from the sky like a kite with a broken wire and hit the ground directly. At this moment, Samadhi True Fire, which was originally burning within the body, also began to burn inside the body of Juli Golden Cicada.

“How is it possible…How is it possible…” The World Venerable Mind’s eyes widened and couldn’t believe everything in front of him, Juli Golden Cicada, but second only to Vajra Golden Cicada’s powerful Golden Cicada.

Back then, the Ancestor Master used the great power of Golden Cicada to kill three White Eagle nation superheroes, but just now, he was killed with a light sword and a light stabbing by Wang Lan?

“Puff——” is a mouthful of blood spurted again, and the world complexion greatly changed.

Until now, he doesn’t believe that Wang Lan’s strength is really as Major Perfection as legendary, and even though it is only in the Star River realm, it has the battle strength of half a star soul. What shit kidding? The Star River realm is the Star River realm. If the Star martial grade is not counted, what is the meaning of setting the Star martial grade?

Why have I been suppressed by Sony? Even with Vajra Golden Cicada who can kill the titled powerhouse in seconds, they don’t even have the courage to shoot against Sony. Isn’t it because Sony is an expert in Astral Soul? This is hierarchical suppression.

Wang Lan is only in the Star River realm, so although Wings of Heaven has warned him many times, he never cared. The Blessed One does not believe that a Star River realm can treat himself as the Peak of the Star Sea realm and has a divine object Golden Cicada. Bring threats.

But just now, just an instant shot, the Blessed One only feels like falling in a ice hole. Wang Lan killed Juli Golden Cicada with just a single sword?

Wang Lan appeared next to Chenghai Imperial Teacher, looking at Chenghai Imperial Teacher who had returned to his human form, he lost a halo of life casually.

“Are you all right?”

“It’s okay, he is the culprit who caused the Yunhai Space tragedy.” Cheng Hai pointed to the Blessed Man Xinfa and said excitedly, “Never let him escape.”

“Hey, a silhouette fell from the sky, and Yu Ruoyan, who was bathed in a mist of water, fell on Wang Lan’s side, and the Qi was instantly locked to the seven people present.”

“Oh? Are you Wang Lan?” A ninja-like man wrapped in his body slowly pulled out the katana behind him, and took a step to drink.

“Looking at your dress, I have several points of familiarity…”

“My Teacher died in your hands, and I want to avenge my Teacher today.” The middle-aged man crossed the sword in front of him, and his killing intent was raging.

“Your Teacher? Which one?”

“The Sonic, Sony! Wang Lan, remember the name of this Uncle, my name is Ni…”


A stream of light flashed away in an instant, and everyone took a step back nervously. Wang Lan’s speed is too fast, as fast as a meteor is not enough to describe it. At this moment, it was like Space Jump.

Everyone just saw a flash, and then Wang Lan’s figure appeared behind the black clothed man, and Wang Lan’s sword was rippling with cyan light.

The black clothed man stared at his bloodshot eyes and turned his head back with difficulty. In that moment, he hadn’t seen anything, and he couldn’t make anything. He just knew that when Wang Lan stepped out of this step and cut out this blade, he had no vitality.

A blood line appeared on the waist, and the blood overflowed from the blood line gu gu gu. Wang Lan this blade had cut him in the middle. But…I didn’t even have time to say my name, I haven’t finished speaking yet, my name is Nick…

Wang Lan shot instantly and killed an Early-Stage expert in Star Sea with one move. At this time, not only the Blessed One of Xinfa was shocked, but also the experts of all the birds of paradise around him.

Only then did everyone understand why Wings of Paradise did not want to join forces with them. It turned out Wings of Paradise knew that they were not Wang Lan’s opponents. Wang Lan’s strength was too terrifying and too terrifying.

What bird of paradise must Kill List first? Although the rewards are good, the credits are great, but you also have to get them. How can you get such a high reward?

“After leaving the two people to break, we will withdraw—” The Blessed Man of Mind drew it in a low voice, and the body flashed at the moment the voice landed, and he rushed behind him. As for the remaining two Golden Cicadas, forget it, where is the golden Cicada important?

But at the moment when the Blessed Man of Heart was about to escape, a water curtain suddenly appeared behind him. Within the water curtain, Yu Ruoyan’s silhouette appeared like a projection in a mirror. A water curtain appeared, completely blocking the retreat of the Blessed One.

“Come over!” The World Zun hesitated slightly, then speeded up to drink again. A white-clothed Star Sea realm powerhouse was arranged as a frontal penetration as a test of Yu Ruoyan’s strength. The strength of a Wang Lan is already so perverted, isn’t this woman so perverted too?

But in fact, maybe Yu Ruyun’s strength is even more abnormal than Wang Lan. Almost the moment the white-clothed Tianzhu rushed to the water curtain, Yu Ruoyan in the water curtain walked out of the water curtain. The water curtain behind him instantly turned into a sword energy like flowing water.

With a light flick, sword energy blossoms, like raindrops in the sky, hitting the world-zun and the others. The Blessed One hurriedly summoned out the Qiqiao Golden Cicada and turned it into a shield in front of him, and the others were also the Eight Immortals who crossed the sea and displayed Magical Powers. Each and everyone displayed defensive star martial arts.

“crackle ——” a light sound of rain beating against a banana tree, and a round of attack.

The Blessed One carefully lifted the head from behind the shield, and was about to control the Qiqiao Golden Cicada back to its original shape, but found that the Golden Cicada in his hand had no reaction. In an instant, the connection with the Qiqiao Golden Cicada in the Divine Consciousness Sea was blocked, and a mouthful of blood burst out.

Yu Ruoyan this move, but the Water Attribute spell recorded in the water, carrying Law Power, the ordinary Star Sea realm star martial artist simply cannot bear it. Qiqiao Golden Cicada can withstand myriad transformations, but after all, he still has the limit.

Juli Golden Cicada is like a paper stick under the sword of Haoyang, and it breaks with a single tap, and the defensive power of Qiqiao Golden Cicada is naturally impossible to withstand the strike of Profound Truth.

The Blessed One’s astonishment has not continued, and a scene of horror has appeared. The two who followed him through the siege used Earth Element defense and crystal defense, but Yu Ruoyan’s attack has ended. Why are these two people motionless on the spot?

Suddenly, their bodies shook together, and then collapsed to the ground under the horrified eyes of the Lord. In the foreheads of the two of them, there was blood gu gu gu. A closer look revealed that the bodies of these two people were riddled with holes, and they were beaten like a sieve. They should hide from Yu Ruoyan’s attack.

A sharp attack, as long as it fails to hit, it is invalid, but if it blocks, it is mantis trying to stop a chariot. The hard crystal defense can’t stop the rain and dew sword energy attack, and the Earth Element can’t stop it naturally.

Yu Ruoyan waved his hand lightly and killed two Star Sea experts. But at this moment, after Wang Lan cut down the two Star Sea heads behind him with the Zanpaku Knife, the World Venerable realized to his horror that he was the only one left.

Golden Cicada, there is only one left, the enemy, but there are three and two Golden Cicadas.


Suddenly a buzzing sounded, Wang Lan was already standing within 50 meters of the World Venerable Mind. And his last Golden Cicada can swallow everything within 50 meters.

The expression of the Blessed One of Heart Faith instantly became distorted, “Go to die–“

Devouring Power suddenly wrapped Wang Lan, and the space where Wang Lan was located was instantly compressed. Wang Lan flew straight to the mouth that swallowed Golden Cicada, and was about to be swallowed in an instant.

“哧——” a sword light tore through the space, Wang Lan slashed it down and left an afterimage in the void. The Devouring Power that swallowed Golden Cicada disappeared instantly.

Eating is a blessing, but only if you have a good stomach.

“Anything else?” Wang Lan sneered at the Blessed Man of Heart, his voice fell to the ground, swallowing Golden Cicada, snapped into two halves and fell in front of the Blessed Man of Heart.

To fight, it must be impossible to fight, and running is even more so. The Lord looked at Wang Lan, who was approaching step by step, and couldn’t help retreating again and again. But before he took three steps back, a strong threat came behind him, and the face of the world-zun turned to white paper.

The heart of the Blessed Man of Heart is collapsed, and Chenghai Imperial Teacher is almost the same as the heart of Blessed Man of Heart. Is this the gap? Is this the stark gap?

In the opinion of Chenghai Imperial Teacher, the Blessed Man of Heart brings six experts, any one of Heaven and Earth turning upside down that can disturb the kingdom of vines. When the seven of them came, they could ignore the country of vines as if they entered the land of no one.

Without the arrival of Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan, the Blessed One of Heart Faith is insoluble for the Kingdom of Man. The final outcome must also be that all Golden Cicada is taken away by the Blessed One with no difficulty, and the kingdom of vines can’t even move a single hair.

But now? In the eyes of Manzhiguo, the unmatched seven experts were shaved by Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan. The two killed six Star Sea realms in the front of one’s eyes of Chenghai Imperial Teacher. They were all strong in the Star Sea realm, not the low-level soldiers of the Nebula realm.

You two waved and killed? Is it too human?

Is this the real Jade Country, the powerful Jade Country? Chenghai Imperial Teacher recalled the frictions between Manzhiguo and Jade Country over the past few years, for the border and territorial issues, for the fishing boat border issues, for the group of star martial artists who smuggled into Jade Country, but the other way around. Condemned Jade Country for encouraging the star martial artist of the country to defect…

These things are really fearless. Before this brief moment, the Imperial Teacher thought that the gap with Jade Country was only in the number of people. The gap in number was only because of the large population of Jade Country and the small population of Manzhi Country.

Now I can tell Chenghai Imperial Teacher a cruel reality. Compared with the number, the country of vines is impossible to withstand a single blow. Compared with the quality, the country of vines is also impossible to withstand a single blow.

Even Jade Country, if you want, just send a team like Wang Lan Yu Ruoyan. It doesn’t need too many. Ten people are enough. All ten people can destroy the whole country of the vine.


Suddenly, the Imperial Teacher of Xinfa unexpectedly knelt to the ground. Wang Lan didn’t expect this scene.

“Heroes forgive me!” The Blessed Oneself in admiration prostrate oneself in admiration.

“I have seen the ferocity of Demon Race and the ferocity of the bird of paradise, but it is the first time I have seen someone who directly kneels and begged for mercy like you. Are you sure it is not a fraud?”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare, either of the two strengths are above me. I will definitely not be able to escape under the current situation, and no one will come to save me, and I don’t want to die, so, Please spare your life.”

“You did it in the south of Yunhai Space?” A killing intent appeared in Wang Lan’s eyes, and he drank it coldly.

“Hero, I am also ordered to act. The above said that El Niño is rare in a century. It would be great if I could take this opportunity to severely damage Jade Country. I don’t want it. If I don’t follow my orders, I will definitely die.”

“hmph, is it so easy for Bird of Paradise to do things? With your strength, you can be regarded as the top of Bird of Paradise. How can I let you go if I don’t spit out some intelligence?”

“I…” World Zun complexion greatly changed, and Dou Da’s cold sweat kept slipping.

“Say, what purpose?”

“I said…I…”


There was a loud noise, without warning. At the moment when the Blessed One of Xinfa said what I said, his head suddenly burst like a big watermelon that was broken. The headless body of Blessed Master Xinfa twitched slightly, and then fell straight.

“It seems that the bird of paradise really has a conspiracy. The prohibition in the mind of the bird of paradise will only detonate when it is necessary to confess the secret.”

“Wait, what bird of paradise? You said Eldest Uncle-Master is a bird of paradise person? You…you knew it for a long time?” Chenghai Imperial Teacher suddenly went online, and he inferred from a few words. The fact that his chest exploded.

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