I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 506


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The two people Wang Lan just met with the Blessed One of Xinfa, and they started fighting at a different word, and basically didn’t say anything during that time. But now Wang Lan can clearly know that the other party is a bird of paradise? what does this mean? It means that people in Jade Country have long known that they are birds of paradise.

The United Nations has long agreed that if a bird of paradise has nothing to do with its home country, you have long known that you would still ask the country of vines? Send someone to negotiate? Isn’t this pay a small price for big rewards in return? This is not cheating?

Looking at the angry Chenghai Imperial Teacher, Wang Lan laughed disapprovingly, “We didn’t know they were birds of paradise before. How could I know their identities if it wasn’t for the fool who said he was Sony’s discipline?” /p>

Wang Lan’s smiled expression looked so abhorrent in Master Chenghai’s eyes, but in retrospect, the previous dialogue really only made sense for this reason. Well, even the Kingdom of Vine doesn’t know that the Blessed Man of Heart has joined the Bird of Paradise, and Jade Country shouldn’t know that it is.

“But now that they are confirmed to be Birds of Paradise, can your accusation against the Kingdom of Vine be dropped?”

“This can’t work!” Wang Lan still smiled and shook his head, “Who let the country of Vine hide it for so many years? And keep on saying that the seven Golden Cicadas have been in the country of Vine inheritance, we don’t Who do you charge against?

Furthermore, don’t you think that you have been covering up the identity of the Blessed One of the Heart Faith? And how many benefits have you defrauded internationally by using Golden Cicada as a bargaining chip for so many years?

This has to be settled down, I am afraid that the kingdom of vine can’t bear it, right? “

“You!” Chenghai Imperial Teacher looked at Wang Lan angrily, but was helpless. Wang Lan is right. If the country of Man is accused of being a bird of paradise expert as an identity cover, the accusation is more serious than the current accusation of Jade Country.

“Forget it, now that the truth is found out, can you explain this matter?”

“At least our task is completed. We are only responsible for investigating the truth of the matter. Please rest assured, Imperial Teacher, we will truthfully report all the entire process of development to the summit, including the true identity of the Blessed One.” Yu Ruoyan serene said.

The entire group’s body flashes and goes outside the scouting space. But along the way, Wang Lan always felt that something had been left behind. The exit of the scouting space was right in front of him, but Wang Lan suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Ruoyan and Chenghai Imperial Teacher also stopped and asked.

“It’s not right, I always feel like I have overlooked something?” Wang Lan lowered his head and browsed tightly frowns.

“It’s not right, of course it’s not right. God has no eyes. Our countries have a cautious operator scouting space, invested a lot of human and financial resources, for fear of accidental country ruin. But this time El Niño will bring our countries Several decades of hard work have been exhausted.

Looking at Nan Zhaoguo again, he did nothing but was unaffected. It turns out that a weak country has its advantages, but it was let go because it was worthless? It’s ridiculous. “

“en?” Wang Lan’s face suddenly changed.

“Chenghai Imperial Teacher, are you instigating Nanzhao Country?” Yu Ruoyan shouted in a low voice. Just in the Golden Triangle area, the relationship between Nanzhao Kingdom and Jade Country is the best. Of course, the reason is also that Nan Zhaoguo cries to Jade Country every time he is bullied, and then Jade Country is not obedient.

By going back and forth like this, Jade Country and Nanzhao Kingdom are getting closer, and even many people in Nanzhao Kingdom consciously regard Jade Country as the Sect Master of Nanzhao Kingdom. As mentioned earlier, Nanzhao country is known as the most shameless country, and they are not only unashamed of this matter, but proud of it.

Of course, the more obedient and obedient Nan Zhaoguo is, the more Jade Country likes it. So when I heard Chenghai’s Imperial Teacher put on the eye drops Yu Ruoyan again, I also replied.

Wang Lan is not considering eye drops, but facts.

“Ruoyun, do I remember the distance between Yunhai Space and the other four countries’ alien space is very close?”

“It’s really close.”

Wang Lan quickly squatted down and drew the north-south coordinates on the map, and then the position of the sea of ​​clouds on the coordinates. Ruoyun, the space of Nanzhao country, the space of the vine, and the country of titanium, and the space of the country of nest, please help me draw them.

Although he didn’t know what Wang Lan was going to do, Yu Ruoyan didn’t hesitate, crouched down and quickly drew the space for each other.

“The space of the country of the vine, the country of the titanium, the country of the nest, and the country is very small. They add up to less than one-tenth of the scouting space of the sea of ​​clouds, while the space of the Nanzhao country is even smaller.

For this reason, even if there is no scouting space in Nanzhao Country, there will be basically no space cracks of different degrees in Nanzhao country, and the different spaces will be absorbed by the surrounding scouting space.

Therefore, the management of the scouting space in this Nanzhao country is very arbitrary. It doesn’t matter whether it is or not, it just closes it if it is great. “

“No!” Wang Lan’s eyes suddenly flashed, and then he drew five arrows in several spaces on the map, “The space of the sea of ​​clouds, just south, was destroyed by the bird of paradise, and the strange beasts fell for 500 kilometers. The southern region of the country. The country of vines, the whole scouting space is almost occupied.

The country of den fell from the northwest, half of the scouting space was dumped, and the situation of the country of titanium and the country of vines were similar. Looking at this picture, what did you not think of? “

“The places swallowed by these beast tides seem to be advancing outwards around Nanzhao Kingdom.” Yu Ruoyan also found the problem immediately, and said in surprise.

Suddenly, the faces of the two people changed at the same time. Especially Cheng Hai Imperial Teacher, he really said so with the purpose of giving Nan Zhao country eye drops. After all, Nan Zhaoguo is really annoying.

Relying on his dog chain and holding it in the hands of Jade Country, he squirts at the surrounding three countries, and constantly stirs up friction at the border. The problem is that although it is disgusting, I still can’t fight. I just made a move to pump you, and I hurriedly asked for help in front of the crying runway Jade Country.

This behavior of The Dog acts fierce when his Master is present makes Cheng Hai, a man who has practiced several decades of Dharma unbearable. But didn’t expect to say so but found an important clue to Wang Lan. The question is, how did you come up with such a tricky angle?

But the icon in front of me clearly shows the problem.

“If this beast wave was meticulously planned by the Bird of Paradise, is the purpose of the Bird of Paradise really purely to carry out a terrorist attack? I have also fought against the Bird of Paradise. Their realm It is much higher than we thought.

Destroy purely for destruction, not their style. “

Wang Lan points to the north of the scouting space of Nanzhao Kingdom, “This place, to the north, is the south line of defense of the Yunkai scouting area, and it radiates the country of titanium, the country of vines, and the country of nests. I guess this place There must be something that is the purpose of the bird of paradise.”

“Let’s investigate.” Yu Ruoyan said suddenly.

Shenghai Imperial Teacher hesitated. What he hopes most now is to go out and return to the Kingdom of Mang immediately and tell the king that he is not responsible for this incident. But in the current situation, Cheng Hai had no reason to refuse to go for investigation. Moreover, what Wang Lan said before seemed as if a saber was touching Chenghai Imperial Teacher’s chest.

It may not be necessary for Manzhiguo to be responsible for the catastrophe that occurred in Yunhaispace, but whether Manzhiguo’s purpose of concealing the information is to cover for the Blessed One of the Heart Faith, it needs to be reviewed again. The situation has to develop in this direction. The consequences are not The vine country can bear it.

So he only hesitated for a moment, and agreed to go to explore with Wang Lan and the others.

The scouting space of Nanzhao Country is inherently small, and because almost all alien spaces appearing will be absorbed into the scouting space of the sea of ​​clouds, the rest will also be absorbed by neighboring countries. The scouting space of Nanzhao Country is one of the few in the country. A completely conquered scouting space.

Completely conquered means that there are no alien beasts or only a few alien beasts in the entire scouting space area. This is why the defense line of Nanzhao State’s scouting space is so arbitrary.

What else to guard against without a strange animal?

But because of this El Niño phenomenon, many scouting spaces will collide and connect, and many alien beasts from other spaces will also enter the scouting space of Nanzhao Kingdom. In this case, if you do not conduct strict defense, it is courting death.

In fact, even if the El Nino phenomenon is not defended, it has not affected the scouting space of Nanzhao Kingdom. The three of them carefully avoided the star martial artist of Nanzhao State and stealth for 200 kilometers to reach the true north border of the scouting space.

“There was no chaos and fog in Nanzhao Kingdom, but there was already chaos and fog at this time. This shows…” Wang Lan and the three of them hid in a rock and looked at the chaotic fog in the north.

“It shows that there is an unoccupied space in their scouting space. This space is new space fragments.”

“Go, look in the mist.” Cheng Hai’s Imperial Teacher said that he was about to stand up, and was suddenly held down by Wang Lan.

“Wait, look.”

A Soul bead energy truck slowly used it from the chaotic fog, and the truck seemed to be loaded with heavy objects. This scene reminded Wang Lan of the scene where they saw star martial artists moving in and out of the scouting space before they entered the scouting space.

“What is on the car?”

“I’ll investigate.” Yu Ruoyan said to the ground, and his body was covered with a hazy mist. In the blink of an eye, Yu Ruoyan disappeared in front of Wang Lan’s eyes.

Within 3 minutes, Yu Ruoyan returned to Wang Lan again, but his face became extremely ugly, “Space Stone, a truck of Space Stone.”

“Let me just talk about the problem of Nanzhao State. I didn’t expect them to steal Space Stone. Now the evidence is solid. Jade Country won’t help him this time, right?”

“A lot of Space Stone…not good!”

Yu Ruoyan’s face also turned pale in an instant. The two of them knew that Space Stone will have many different dimensions, and some large different dimensions will have a large number of Space Stone mines.

However, if a lot of Space Stones need to be transported by trucks, then there will be a high probability that Space Stones will appear. It’s not a day or two for the bird of paradise to want the time gem, and the spy has worked hard to get back the time and time gem Demon Race in the kingdom of Bing Xue.

If the purpose of the bird of paradise is a space gem, then everything is reasonable, but the whole world may be dangerous.

Too late to hesitate, the three of them rushed into the chaotic fog instantly, following the traces of the truck crushing, Wang Lan and the three easily found the minerals of Space Stone.

After sinking into the mine, seeing the pure Space Stone mine like a mountain, Wang Lan and Yu Ruoyan’s luck collapsed. Wang Lan hurriedly went deep along the mine and successfully reached the mineral center. Seeing the empty mineral center, Wang Lan’s heart instantly sank to the bottom.

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