I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 507

“Major General Wang doesn’t know?” Chenghai Imperial Teacher glanced at Wang Lan slightly smiled, this smile has several points of sarcasm.

“Every year, students from Nanzhao Country go to Jade Country’s key Star Martial Academy to study, and they hire Star Martial army soldiers from Jade Country every year to help them train soldiers. The military qualities of Nanzhao Country are taught by Jade Country. Of.

It’s good now, what you taught, I don’t know how you guys as the geniuses of Jade Country can crack it? “

“The tighter line of defense, if you encounter an invisible enemy, it’s like a fake.” Yu Ruoyan lightly saying, stood up slowly, “If water can penetrate invisibly, I will try to sneak in.”

Wang Lan is absolutely assured of Yu Ruoyan’s strength, slightly nodded, “Be careful of everything.”

Yu Ruoyan was covered with water vapor, and his figure disappeared in the blink of an eye. Is Wang Lan and imperceptible Yu Ruoyan gone?

“First Prince, Carter troops just replied, not at all found the intruders. Since the intruders can sneak in silently, they must have something to rely on. Carter troops to search is no different from to find a needle in a haystack.” A tall female star martial artist saluted a middle-aged man.

The First Prince Mocha of Nanzhao Kingdom, the genius soldiers of Nanzhao Kingdom, the pride of 25 years old breakthrough Star Sea. Mocha’s prestige in Nanzhao Kingdom is very high, and he is deeply trusted by the people of Nanzhao Kingdom. No one doubts whether he will be the heir to the future throne, and even the king of Nanzhao Kingdom has no such doubt.

The King of Nanzhao took the First Prince to meet other politicians on more than one occasion, and more than once stated in public that he could retire when Mocha grows up for a few years.

In other times, the battle for the crown prince was accompanied by bloody winds, which was not a bloodshed. But in this session, the battle for the crown prince of Nanzhao Kingdom was surprisingly calm.

There are three Princes in Nanzhao. The Second Prince is 25 years old this year and the Third Prince is only 18 years old this year. However, the two Princes were very low-key and honest, and unanimously expressed their conviction to the big brother.

In fact, they don’t want to fight, not want to be on the throne of Supreme. It is really that First Prince Mocha is too good, and the good ones are perfect heirs in the eyes of the people all over the country.

Strong strength, high education, and commanding nearly half of the star martial artist and 40% of the ordinary army. With such strength, even if the king wants to take him down, First Prince can come to power with a coup.

First Prince frowns tapped the desktop, “Where is the identity of the intruder?”

“It’s still not clear, but no matter what their identity, they not only invaded our country but also invaded the scouting space. This is an aggressive behavior, and we must make a decisive counterattack.”

“I know, our current line of defense alone may not be able to stop the intruder and let the Gemini go out.”


Yu Ruoyan turned into a breeze, passing through one after another defense line without a sound. From the military point of view, the ten-kilometer defense line of Nanzhao Kingdom has learned the essence of the Jade Country Star Martial army.

Ordinary star martial artist or alien beast, impossible to cross the line of defense without being discovered. But in the face of Yu Ruoyan, who has special stealth skills, these skills are far from enough.

Yu Ruoyan crossed the three lines of defense in a row, feeling that she could pass through it completely before stopping and sneaking in and then quietly backing away.

Yu Ruoyan can leave at once, but what about Wang Lan and Chenghai Imperial Teacher when she leaves? Since those who came in together, of course they went out together. At this moment, Yu Ruoyan’s mental weakness as a woman appeared.

If it is Wang Lan, he will leave the scouting space first and then make a call to report to the country first. This is the most important thing.

But when Yu Ruoyan retreated, Nan Zhaoguo’s defense line suddenly changed. A team of hundreds of star martial artists suddenly rushed out of the defense line and surrounded him in the direction where Yu Ruoyan was.

Looking at this scene, even if Yu Ruoyan didn’t want to believe it, he had to admit that his whereabouts should have been exposed. how is this possible? I didn’t do anything, there is no reason to reveal whereabouts.

At the forefront of the star martial artist army is a pair of twin sisters, one with a capable short hair and the other with a double pony tail. It looks like it is only 16-17 years old, but the actual age is over 30 years old.

Seeing the two, Yu Ruoyan’s mind instantly flashed corresponding information.

“The Twin Stars of Nanzhao Kingdom.”

In Nanzhao Kingdom, the more famous expert has one general and two kings, three stars. Although Nanzhao Kingdom is weak and small, no matter how weak it is, the strong one selected from the ten thousand li can still be compared on the international stage.

The first general is the only five-star general in Nanzhao Kingdom, the second king is the First Prince Mocha, and the three stars are of course the twin sister flowers. These four people are all the strengths of Star Sea Peak, which can be said to be experts in any country.

Yu Ruoyan transformed into water vapor suspended in the sky, quietly watching the star martial artist soldiers gathered below. Yu Ruoyan has never thought about running, and because of her strength, there is no need to run. She is now very curious, how did Nan Zhaoguo discover her, is there a weak spot that she does not know when she sneaks into the night with the wind?

“My friend, show up. Since you dare to invade Nanzhao Kingdom, you shouldn’t be afraid to show up, right?” The dicotyledon with short hair lifts the head and looks at the clouds and mist in the sky said with a sneer, “in Under my eyes, your star force has nowhere to hide.”

“It turned out to be a pupil technique, no wonder.” A voice came from the sky, and Yu Ruoyan’s figure appeared like an elf in the wind.

“Who are you? Why did you want to invade Nanzhao Kingdom?” The other person saw Yu Ruoyan’s true face and his eyes changed instantly. Although they all live on the Asian continent, the ethnic differences between countries are still very clear.

The appearance of Jade Country people is easy to distinguish, so when Yu Ruoyan appeared, Gemini quickly questioned.

“Intruder, die!” Suddenly, the crowd underfoot shouted out loudly, and an attack rushed into the void in an instant.

“Wait…” Gemini complexion greatly changed and was about to stop. The attack of star martial artist behind him instantly launched Yu Ruoyan to the sky to kill him.

Yu Ruoyan naturally also not to be trifled with. Before looking at the other party’s question, he thought that Nan Zhaoguo had any reason to explain, but when he saw a disagreement, he suddenly attacked, and immediately strengthened the guess in his heart.

Since you have betrayed the human race, don’t blame me to clean up the sect.

In an instant, the star force of the whole body was adjusted, and a water curtain appeared under him, turning into a crystal to engulf all the underground attacks.

“Not good, everyone spread out–“

The Gemini cried out in panic.

“Crystal bounce–“

In the round crystal wall, the star martial arts from the previous attack rushed out of the crystal wall and bombed the ground instantly.

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