I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 508


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“boom~ boom~ ——”

There was a loud noise, and Wang Lan violently lifts the head looked towards the distance, “Ruoyun and Nan Zhaoguo have fought. Let’s go and support.”

“Major General Wang, although I think Nan Zhaoguo is very unpleasant, I have to remind you that before Nan Zhaoguo was ruled by the United Nations, he was still a country of mankind. If we do too much, we will be tried by the world court. Of.”

“If they attack us, can we not defend ourselves and fight back?”

“Of course it can, but the best way is to directly deter them to avoid a large number of casualties. And even if Nanzhao Kingdom really colludes with the Bird of Paradise, the relationship between the upper and lower soldiers of Nanzhao Kingdom is not very big. “

Wang Lan silently nodded. In an instant, star force surged around his body, the door of Star Palace opened, and Phoenix holy cloth rushed out of the door of Star Palace, disintegrated and put it on his body. Then, flames spurted all over his body, and a phoenix rang through Nine Heavens.

To deter Nan Zhaoguo and avoid too many casualties, it can only achieve the goal with a shocking debut. Under the Phoenix Form, Wang Lan can be transformed into Phoenix, and among the three mimicry forms of Wang Lan, the colorful Phoenix is ​​the most shocking.

With a phoenix sound, a colorful Phoenix illusory shadow wrapped Wang Lan’s body, and then gradually solidified. Powerful strength accompanies Phoenix’s Divine Beast to assaults the senses. Cheng Hai’s Imperial Teacher who was following Wang Lan couldn’t help but slow down his heartbeat by half a beat, staring at the sky blankly.


A phoenix sounded through Heaven and Earth, Yu Ruoyan and the star martial artist of Nanzhao Kingdom were fighting fiercely. Suddenly Fengming Nine Heavens, both sides stopped together.

One after another looked up towards the sky to the north, a gorgeous Phoenix rushed from the sky. Phoenix is ​​Divine Beast, born with Divine Beast coercion, even if it is only Phoenix illusory shadow, it can still cause a violent impact on people’s hearts.

Phoenix came to the sky and circled and danced, and then the Phoenix illusory shadow dissipated and turned into a silhouette wearing silver holy cloth beside Yu Ruoyan. The silver white holy cloth is covered with bright golden stripes, and the cool holy cloth is burning with colorful flames.

The appearance of this scene is more like a god descending to the earth. The star martial artist underneath has lost the ability to think.

“He is also an invading enemy, kill–“

“hmph!” Wang Lan’s eyes seemed to pass through the void, and he saw the inciting person in the crowd at a glance. When he raised his hand, a sword energy turned into a stream of light and fell.

“Hey, sword energy pierced that person’s chest and killed him on the spot.”

“You!” Gemini was furious. Although the incoming people exuded terrifying coercion, Gemini could barely resist it without fear. How could Wang Lan just ignore him when he dared to kill Gemini in person?

“Brothers, combine star martial arts!”

“Stop—” shout out loudly.

Behind the crowd, another group of star martial artists rushed in, looking at the crowd, there should be thousands of people.

First Prince Mocha rushed to the forefront, but was stopped by the army of star martial artists led by Gemini.

“First Prince, the front is dangerous, please stay behind.”

“Shut up and let me go!”

Although the star martial artist was unwilling, they did not dare to disobey First Prince’s order, and finally gave way to let First Prince pass.

“Jade Country Imperial Family Two Princess, Yu Ruoyan! And Jade Country’s youngest major general, the famous Flame Emperor’s son Wang Lan! Really didn’t expect Nanzhao’s friendliest friend, Jade Country younger generation The two strongest tianjiao would disregard the friendship between Nanzhao and Jade Country, and do something to invade Nanzhao’s scouting space.”

While talking, First Prince strode to someone and raised his head to question.

“We violated the friendship between the two countries? So what is the invasion of the summon Demon Race army in the attempt to open the door of Demon Realm by Nan Zhao Kingdom and Bird of Paradise in cooperation to dig out time and space gems? What does Nan Zhao Kingdom violate?”

“What is the cooperation with Bird of Paradise? What is the gem of time and space? This Prince does not know what you are talking about?”

“First Prince, Jade Country, this is accusing us of Luozhi. Jade Country seems to be annexing Nanzhao country, but Luozhi is going to be accused of such a crime? You are going to perish Nanzhao country.” The star martial artist behind him suddenly became popular. Excited.

It’s easy to say if you want to plant other crimes, it’s a great rant and scolding, and another middleman adjusts and adjusts, and the matter is over. But you unexpectedly organized a crime of betraying the human race to take refuge in Demon Race.

What is the crime? That is going to subdue the country!

Suddenly, the Nanzhao Kingdom star martial artist present was angry. Originally thought it was a misunderstanding, although Jade Country invaded the scouting space of Nanzhao Country and got trampled on the face. But has Nan Zhaoguo been trampled on his face less often? I am so used to it.

But, what you said is not stomping on your face, you are going to destroy the country directly. The panic spread, and instantly converged into anger.

At this moment, a silhouette rushed over, and the appearance of Chenghai Imperial Teacher immediately attracted Mocha’s attention.

“Imperial Teacher of Chenghai in the Kingdom of Vine…so that’s how it is. It seems that Jade Country has reached an agreement with the Kingdom of Vine? So it betrayed the Kingdom of Nanzhao? How do you plan to divide the Kingdom of Nanzhao?”

“Does Mocha Prince still have garlic now? In the chaotic fog of the north, you are so blatantly mining the Space Stone mine back and forth. Is it necessary to install any good people here?”

“Mining Space Stone?” Mocha looked back in surprise, Gemini was frowned, but still nodded.

“Mining Space Stone has the order of His Majesty.”

Mocha Prince’s face suddenly became ugly. Space Stone is a prohibited item under the strict regulations of the United Nations and is not allowed to be mined. As a small country, Mocha knows how to survive in a small country. Just be obedient, and do whatever the powerful country wants you to do.

One day a powerful country is happy, and just throw a bone that is not enough for a powerful country to cram between the teeth, and it may be full of oil for a small country. Mining Space Stone is very stupid in Mocha’s view.


“Master Wang Lan, even if the South Zhao Kingdom mines Space Stone, we haven’t sold it to other countries, and we mine Space Stone to betray humans and collude with the Bird of Paradise? Is your logic too absurd?

Speaking of mining Space Stone, which country does no one secretly mine? How did you destroy the Duanmu Family, the Wu Family of the Jade Country Peak star? Isn’t it because they are in the Space Stone business?

Someone in Jade Country is also doing Space Stone. Based on your logic, does Jade Country also collude with Bird of Paradise and take refuge in Demon Race? “

“hmph, do you still quibble? Since two years ago, we have announced like the whole world that the time gems left by Demon Race in the human world are hidden in the large Space Stone mine. Time gems can open the door of Demon Realm. , Is also the reason why Demon Race invades the human race every 100 years.

Any time-space gem can open the door of Demon Realm, and I just saw that in the Space Stone mine you are currently mining, there are time-space gems, and the time-space gems have been taken away.

The evidence is solid and ironclad, but Nan Zhaoguo dare to deny it? “

This shout out loudly stunned the star martial artist soldiers of Mocha and Nanzhao Kingdom. At this moment, Wang Lan had an opportunity.

The body exploded instantly, turning into a butterfly dancing lightly and gracefully, and appeared beside Mocha instantly, and then the body flashed and hijacked Mocha.


“First Prince! Bastard, let go of First Prince soon, otherwise we…”

Seeing that Wang Lan took the opportunity to hijack Mocha, a group of star martial artists from the Southern Zhao Kingdom began to breathe out fragrance. As for Mocha, even though he was hijacked by Wang Lan, he didn’t worry about his safety at all, and he was still recalling what Wang Lan said in his mind.

He knows the information of Space Stone, but he doesn’t know that someone mines Space Stone in scouting space. It may be ridiculous to say that, as the First Prince of Nanzhao Kingdom, First Prince, who has strength control over half of the star martial artists of Nanzhao Kingdom, does not even know that the only scouting space is being stolen from Space Stone.

I heard that Wang Lan said that someone had stolen the Space Stone in the chaos and fog, and he never contacted the Space Stone. But now, Mocha only felt cold in his hands and feet.

If what Wang Lan said is true, Nan Zhaoguo will be put on a pillar of shame and never want to stand up. But could this be true? impossible, absolutely impossible!

“Master Wang Lan, are you sure someone mines the Space Stone in the fog of chaos? Are you sure there is the mineral of time and space gems?”

“hmph, why do you think we are here? Why do you think I am here with Chenghai Imperial Teacher? What happened in Jade Country Yunhai Space, don’t tell me that you, as the First Prince, know nothing?”

“I do know something. The frontline headquarters in the south area of ​​Yunhai Space was sneak attacked, which led to the defeat of the whole line. But… isn’t the sneak attack done by the kingdom of vines?”

“he he he ……First Prince really hopes that the country of the vine will do it? But unfortunately, it is not the country of the vine, but you, the country of Nanzhao. The Golden Cicada of the country of the vine was actually in heaven 30 years ago The bird snatched two, and the tragedy in the scouting space of the sea of ​​clouds was done by the bird of paradise.

And those who are also patronized by the bird of paradise, there are our country of vines, the country of titanium, and the country of nests, but you are the only country without you, Nanzhao. So the three of us came to Nanzhao to investigate and found that the original location of the time and space gem was at the junction of the scouting space in Nanzhao.

Because El Niño may expose this scouting space collision, the bird of paradise drove the beast wave to expand the area occupied by the alien beasts to ensure that no one can find your good things.

But didn’t expect that you did this so that Jade Country really doubted you. Do you know what it means to lift a rock and hit yourself in the foot? “The words of Chenghai Imperial Teacher make Mocha’s face instantly changes ugly.

“Master Wang Lan, what he said is true?”

“We have no reason to lie, and you can also send someone to the True North Defense Line to take a look. The minerals are so big that they can’t be hidden. You can send someone to look down. The time and space gems in the mineral center have disappeared, you know The consequence of the time and space gem being obtained by the Bird of Paradise.”

“How could this happen…” Mocha panicked completely, and a deep panic appeared on his face, “Master Wang Lan, you really have no reason to deceive me, but…Nan Zhaoguo has no reason to betray the human race.

Nan Zhao country is alive and well, what reason do we have for betraying? We will not do this, nor will my Royal Father do it. Ask these soldiers in front of you, who would do it? “

“But the facts have been done. Please also First Prince to escort us out.”

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