I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 509


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“What are you going to do after escorting you out?” Mocha hurriedly shouted.

“Of course it was to report the investigation results to Shangfeng. This matter is too big and must be filed with the United Nations immediately.”

“No, you can’t be so frivolous like domestic reporting. Nan Zhaoguo won’t do it, and my Royal Father will never do it. Things haven’t As the water recedes, the rocks appear yet.” Mocha hurriedly yelled incoherently. Tao.

“It’s already clear at this step. How can the bird of paradise enter and exit your scouting space blatantly without the king’s order? Well, even if the bird of paradise sneaks in secretly, there is still your official star martial in the Space Stone mine. The artist is mining Space Stone?

Outside the scouting space, Space Stone is transported truck by truck, don’t you tell me you don’t know? Don’t you tell me King Mokai would not know? “

“I really don’t know. Otherwise, I can send you out, but you must go with me to the capital and confront my Royal Father. If I don’t know about Royal Father, you must find out what’s behind the scenes. Return Nan Zhaoguo to an innocence.”

“What if your Royal Father knew?”

“That is what Nanzhao country deserves. What kind of punishment should I receive is to reap what you have sown, but you must investigate it again, otherwise, I would rather die in your hands than let you step out of scouting Half a step in space.”

“Do you think you can stop me?” Wang Lan sneered.

“Mocha First Prince, I don’t know if you have recently received a piece of information from Jade Country. Jade Country’s new titled powerhouse is greedy for wolves and suppressed a wave of beasts with one person’s power. Strength of oneself Kill 500,000 strange beasts.

Among them there are three monsters equivalent to titled powerhouse and a giant beast equivalent to 5 Emperors? “

Mocha’s pupils shrank sharply. He did receive this information. Upon hearing this information, he only thought it was spread more frequently and the content was expanded. After repeated confirmation, the final result turned out to be the same.

“In addition to the title of son of Flame Emperor, Wang Lan himself is the titled powerhouse of Jade Country, titled Greed Wolf! The soldiers in front of you are probably not enough for Wang Lan to kill…”

“Even so, we can also destroy the scouting space, and everyone will be exiled to the turbulence of time and space. Wang Lan, I am not afraid of death, but I cannot let Nan Zhao Kingdom bear the stigma of a traitor consigned to eternal damnation.

I would rather block all the star martial artists in Nanzhao Kingdom, and ask Wang Lan to give Nan Zhaoguo a chance to argue. “

Wang Lan eyebrows is slightly frowned. From a logical point of view, Nan Zhaoguo has no reason for betrayal. It is not the country of Bing Xue at the beginning, it has reached the point where the mountains and rivers are exhausted. Nanzhao country is alive and well, there is no foreign beasts raging or bullying from other countries.

But the facts are indisputably placed in front of us without the slightest quibble.

Look at each other with Yu Ruoyan, Yu Ruoyan silently nodded.

“Okay, I can give Nanzhao a chance, but I will also call the country, but I will tell the country I will go to the capital to confront the king of Nanzhao. If Nanzhao is really wronged, I will Continue to investigate, Jade Country hopes to recover the gem of time and space more than anyone.”


In this way, while hijacking Mocha, the three of them walked out of a different space surrounded by thousands of star martial artists.

“Wang Lan, can you stop holding me so tight? Don’t worry, I don’t plan to run.”

“Mocha Prince misunderstood. I caught you so tightly not to prevent you from escaping, but to guarantee that I could kill you immediately when the accident happened. You can’t run away if I don’t hold you.”

Mocha’s handsome face suddenly appeared helpless, so I don’t want face.

Out of the scouting space, Yu Ruoyan immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed the number.

“Hey, pick me up on the number one.”

Mocha’s expression changed drastically when he heard Yu Ruoyan’s words. Yu Ruoyan has the ability to contact Number One directly? There is no time to buffer this matter.

But not only Yu Ruoyan, Wang Lan also has the right to connect directly to Number One.

“Hey, Your Excellency No.1, I am Ruoyun, and I am reporting an emergency. We have already investigated the culprit of the Yunhai scouting space incident to be the bird of paradise.

The purpose of the Bird of Paradise is to disperse the star martial artists of the five countries at the junction of the alien space through the tide of animals, because the bird of Paradise found the second time and space gem in the alien space of Nanzhao Kingdom.

Although we found out their conspiracy, we finally came one step later. The time and space gems have been obtained by the Bird of Paradise. But now the First Prince of Nanzhao Kingdom does not admit that they are colluding with the Bird of Paradise, so we need to go to the King Capital of Nanzhao Kingdom to confront. “

“You mean, not just the sea of ​​clouds, but other countries are also facing the same thing? These are all made by the bird of paradise, the purpose is to mine the time and space gems of the top secret?”


“The time and space gems have been obtained by the birds of paradise, will they open the door of Demon Realm at any time?”


“I understood, you guys will come back as soon as possible.”


At this moment, two cars came slowly to listen to Wang Lan and the others.

“Three, please.”

Originally, Wang Lan held Mocha in a car while Yu Ruoyan and Chenghai Imperial Teacher were in another car. But Wang Lan, who has always been cautious, still has to squeeze Yu Ruoyan and him into a car.

“Wang Lan, what are you worried about? This is my special car.” Mocha looked at Wang Lan’s distrustful behavior very upset.

“His Highness the Prince, where are you going?” the driver asked in a low voice.

“Nonsense, go to the palace, I want to meet the Royal Father!”

“Yes!” The driver inserted the key and instantly moved the car with big flame hair. At that moment, the hairs on Wang Lan’s back stood up, and he hugged Yu Ruoyan in his arms.


There was a loud noise, and the flame instantly exploded. In an instant, the flame swallowed within two hundred meters of the surrounding area. Hundreds of star martial artists within the range of these two hundred meters were instantly swallowed by a terrifying explosion, and then, more intense air waves and heat radiation spread all around rapidly.

A cloud of mushrooms rose in terror.

The line of sight in front of him suddenly became distorted. For a moment, Yu Ruoyan felt the surrounding environment change. Breaking free from Wang Lan’s embrace, what greeted you was a bedroom.

Mocha Prince, who was squeezed tightly by Wang Lan, still looked awkward, but at this moment, Wang Lan was already soaked in cold sweat. Not only because of fear, but also because of collapse.

This time teleported beyond two thousand kilometers, directly exhausting Wang Lan’s last bit of Space Power. This is because Wang Lan has broken through the Star Sea realm and the star force and mental power can grow again. Otherwise, Wang Lan from Early-Stage in Star River will not be able to complete the teleport this time.

“My God, what’s going on? Where are we?” Mocha Prince asked in shock after he came back to his senses.

“My home, this is the magic city.”

“Watt? Magic City? Jade Country Magic City? Why are we here, spanning three thousand kilometers in an instant? No, this must be cracking a joke.”

Mocha hurriedly stood up and came to the window, looking at the huge and unfamiliar city in the distance, his face was filled with confusion. This is definitely not Nan Zhao Country, definitely not.

“Wang Lan, did you use teleport? What happened?” Yu Ruoyan instantly sorted out the situation and asked quickly.

“I’m not very clear, but the moment the person started the car, I felt a strong crisis, and I started teleportation without hesitation. I think there must be a bomb on the car, and it can instantly turn us into atoms State bomb.”

“I understand, I will call number one now.” After that, Yu Ruoyan quickly picked up the phone and dialed again.

After a few minutes, Yu Ruoyan put down the phone.

“The number one wants us to go to Kyoto, we will go to Beijing-Shanghai Expressway immediately, there will be a plane to pick us up in a while.”

The three hurried to the underground garage and got on the off-road vehicle out of Phoenix Square. Phoenix Plaza is less than two kilometers away from the highway, so it took less than ten minutes to reach the designated highway section. The highway section has now been closed and isolated, and there is no car in the entire highway section.

Move over and park, and the three get out of the car. Mocha Prince looked around with a dazed expression, “What are we doing here? Don’t we go to the airport?”

“This is the airport.” Yu Ruoyan explained lightly.

A rumbling sound rang, and suddenly a fighter plane landed slowly in the sky, stopped accurately in front of Wang Lan and the others, and landed in a vertical manner.

In this scene, Mocha Prince looked bewildered, “Can the highway in Jade Country be used as an airport? Jade Country has the longest highway in the world… Oh my god, how much airport is this?”

“It’s beyond your imagination anyway.”

“General Wang Little Lan, Colonel Yu Ruoyan, and Mocha Prince. I am Wang Wei, a pilot from the Southeast Military Region. I am instructed to escort three of them to the Imperial Capital. Please board the plane.”

The three of them are star martial artists, so jumping on a fighter plane is a piece of cake. The back seat space is very small, although it is a bit crowded, it can barely fit three people. Yu Ruoyan was almost lying in Wang Lan’s arms, and the two were close to each other.

“Three, please be patient with limited conditions, but rest assured, it will be very fast.” The pilot finished speaking, and the plane slowly began to taxi.

Close to Wang Lan, Yu Ruoyan’s body began to heat up. This kind of opportunity can only appear in Yu Ruoyan’s dream. The longer you know Wang Lan and the more you know each other, the better Yu Ruoyan knows how far away she is from Wang Lan.

She can become Wang Lan’s closest comrade-in-arms, most trusted partner, and most intimate confidant, but she cannot become a lover.

Yu Family does not allow it, nor does Wang Lan.

As long as Yu Ruoyan shows a little bit of love for Wang Lan, the friendship between them will come to an end. So, for the other two people, this journey was very torturous, but for Yu Ruoyan, what a rare opportunity to be able to curl up in Wang Lan’s arms as a lover, listen to his heartbeat and feel His temperature.

After that, Yu Ruoyan’s cheeks became more and more red, and Wang Lan’s expression became more and more painful.

“Don’t think about it.” Yu Ruoyan bit his teeth and leaned into Wang Lan’s ear and whispered a warning.

“I swear I didn’t, but…it can’t blame me if it is disobedient?”

“If you don’t listen, cut it!” Yu Ruoyan’s mosquito-low voice reached Wang Lan’s ears. Wang Lan trembled on the spot, miraculously, what was originally disobedient turned out to be obedient.

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