I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 511


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“Are you still in the mood to watch my jokes? Don’t come and help me, otherwise Nanzhao Country will be destroyed.” Ma Aiman ​​roared into the phone angrily.

“The founding of the Bird of Paradise needs the Nanzhao Kingdom. This is what we agreed to. The Nanzhao Kingdom will be destroyed. The Bird of Paradise will never want a stable residence.”

“My God, I really doubt how did your admiral get your admiral? Is it because the current situation makes your mind full of shit? Now the Nanzhao Kingdom is dead, and God will save him when he comes. Nothing. You don’t understand?”

“no! There is another way, Nanzhao Kingdom and Bird of Paradise can exist safely. Open the time and space gems and let the Demon Race army descend.”

“he he he…” On the other end of the phone, a cold laugh sounded, “You are really stupid, the gate of Demon Realm is impossible to open in Nanzhao country. Even if it can be opened successfully, the countries will launch nuclear bombs without any scruples. .

You think Nan Zhaoguo is too important! “

“What?” At this moment, General Ma Aiman ​​finally understood. The Bird of Paradise lied to him, completely lied to him. In a coup, how could Ma Aiman ​​not consider the worst outcome?

The worst result is that the whole world is the enemy, so Ma Aiman ​​had an agreement with Bird of Paradise before. Once the worst situation is reached, the Bird of Paradise will activate the Time Gems to let the Demon Race army descend.

Although he fell behind after the arrival of the Demon Race army, it is not much different for him to be crushed by the powers of the country and being crushed by the Demon Race. Even if someone is pressing on him, it is enough as long as there are countless people under him.

Of course, this is just the worst plan. In Ma Aiman’s plan, the worst plan may not necessarily happen.

But the truth is that it was cruel, and the start was not smooth and it went straight to the worst. What made him even more unacceptable was that the Bird of Paradise did not see Nanzhao Kingdom at all, and it was impossible to open the door of time and space in Nanzhao Kingdom.

“Asshole–” Ma Aiman ​​crushed the phone angrily, and his eyes instantly turned bright red.

“Obviously there is only the last step left to plan, obviously…” Ma Aiman ​​suddenly had a decision in his eyes, and the body flashed disappeared into the study.

In order to control the puppet king more effectively, Ma Aiman’s home is less than eight hundred meters away from the palace. Straightforward, Ma Aiman ​​came to the palace. At the moment, the palace was also people were alarmed like a bird of fright.

“Where is the King Your Majesty?” Ma Aiman ​​grabbed a maid coldly shouted.

“In…in his bedroom.” The maid trembled unceasingly, like a bird in wind and rain.

Ma Aiman ​​let go of the maid and went straight to the bedroom of the Third Prince. Kicked open the palace, the newly enthroned king hid under the table in horror, showing his butt shiver coldly.

Ma Aiman ​​pulled the king out, as if carrying a dead dog, dragged him straight to the hall of the palace.

“Moses, I order you now to surrender the throne to me.” Ma Aiman’s voice sounded like a summon of death. Third Prince, how dare there be half a word.

This morning, his Royal Father and second brother were brutally murdered by him. The bloody scenes scared Moses to the slightest rebellion.

“Yes, yes, I will give you the throne right away, I will give you everything, don’t kill me… don’t kill me…”


Third Prince tremblingly read the meditation manuscript, then tremblingly took off the crown from his head. Ma Aiman ​​won the crown and put it on his head.

Suddenly grabbed Moses by the throat and lifted it slowly.

“In order to dream of becoming a king, I have planned a whole 50 years, 50 years. Why did I lose all my previous work? Why did I fail? Why is your big brother still alive? He should die obediently.

Even if I cannot sit on this throne, I still have to sit on it. Even if it is to be destroyed, I will destroy the entire Nanzhao Kingdom with me. Did you hear it? Go down and bring you a message to father, the last king of Nanzhao Kingdom is me, Ma Aiman! “


With a crisp sound, Moses’ neck was twisted by Ma Aimansheng.

Ma Aiman ​​sat on the icy stone throne, feeling the faith contained in the throne. This throne has stood for 200 years in the great hall. When he sat on the throne, he seemed to feel the glorious strength.

When you were young, Teacher asked your classmates what your dreams were when you grew up. Almost everyone answered that he wanted to become a powerful soldier, but he was the only one who said he wanted to become a king.

At the time, he remembered the laughter of his classmates, it was so harsh. Teacher smiled and said, if you want to be a king, you must be the king’s son.

This is not fair. Why can a king’s son become a king and the leader of all nations without doing anything? But others are destined to be enslaved?

A childhood dream, he only said it once but remembered it all his life. He is still the child he once was, and has not changed in several decades.

Nan Zhao country is ranked as the least dignified country in the world. why? Because of weakness. If I were a king, I would never allow my people to be so humble. I want my citizens to walk in the world with their heads high.

Every time he sees the king going abroad, he feels a deep shame when he sees everyone bowing down. Especially when he saw those compatriots who were wagging their tails in front of foreign guests, but screaming in front of their compatriots, the shame made him angry.

With step-by-step hard work, Ma Aiman ​​gradually ranks high. He became stronger and stronger, and his prestige became heavier and heavier. Finally, at the age of 40 years, he became the general of above ten thousand people.

But this is far from enough. A general cannot change the minds of the people, and cannot change the status quo of the country. Only by becoming a king can he give orders to everyone.

Now, he has finally become a king, but there is no one who listens to his orders.

“Why… why does the world treat me this way? Why? What did I do wrong?”


There was a loud noise, and the sound of the explosion was close at hand.

Soon, a group of soldiers rushed into the auditorium and pointed their guns far at Ma Aiman ​​on the high platform throne.

“Are you here to see the new king? I am your king, Your Majesty, don’t you kneel down for me to salute?”

“Ma Aiman, are you crazy? Get me off the throne, you are arrested…”


The head of the soldier who spoke instantly burst like a smashed watermelon. Ma Aiman ​​is not only the general of Nanzhao, he is also the Number One Powerhouse of Nanzhao. He is the star martial artist of Star Sea Peak.

Even if you are crazy, it is not something an ordinary person can scold.


“No need.” A silhouette sounded. Under Wang Lan’s escort, Mocha successfully landed in the palace, and then came non-stop.

“First Prince?”

“His Highness the Prince, you are finally back.” Soldiers were unwilling to resist the armored forces with flesh and blood, and chose soldiers who fell in battle. Anyway, the United Nations does not recognize the Ma Aiman ​​government, so they simply do not recognize Ma Aiman’s leadership. Then change from enemy to friendly.

Standing in line is indeed the fastest way to change the situation.

Now that Mocha is back, the soldiers feel that their defection is justified as it should be by rights.

Mocha saw the corpse of the Third Brother lying at Ma Aiman’s feet, and his eyes immediately turned red.

“Ma Aiman, you killed my Royal Father, killed my Second Brother, and now you kill my Third Brother? You…you bastard.”

“That’s more than that. The entire Imperial Family has been killed by me now except you.”

“Ah—-” Mocha was stimulated by this sentence to roar towards the sky, “I will fight you, I will kill you——”

While Mocha roared, the star force flashed around his body, and the thunderous star force wrapped the Mocha, as if Thor came to the world. And Wang Lan, who came in with Mocha coldly smiled, burst into shape instantly.

Colorful butterflies danced, dazzling the scene before me. Ma Aiman’s heart suddenly shuddered, and his sharp eyes scanned the surrounding butterflies.

Suddenly, Wang Lan’s silhouette flashed from a dark butterfly, and then cut it fiercely. Ma Aiman’s strength is indeed good, he dodges the moment Wang Lan appeared.

At the moment when Zanpakukō fell, he avoided the lore, but Wang Lan’s moves were not over yet, he chased Ma Aiman ​​with a single blow.

“哧——” Zhanpaku knife pierced Ma Aiman’s back, and a burst of water spouted from the wound. Elementalization. Since Ma Aiman ​​is a Peak expert in the Star Sea environment, elementalization has already been Major Perfection.

Ma Aiman ​​retreated instantly, broke free of the slashing knife and withdrew three meters, about to launch a star martial art attack, suddenly his body stiffened, and his chest fell limp.

Dou Da’s cold sweat kept dripping, and he looked up at Wang Lan in horror.

“Your knife…how could it really hurt me…I obviously have been…elementalized.”

“My sword attacks not only the body, but also the soul.” As he said, the figure instantly passed one after another. The afterimage appeared in front of Ma Aiman, with a palm on Ma Aiman’s head. The thunderbolt flashed and sealed Ma Aiman’s Star Palace.

This is because I am afraid of Ma Aiman ​​Self-destruction, but in fact Wang Lan is too worried. Ma Aiman ​​does not know how to take self-destruction, nor does he have the courage of self-destruction.

“Huh?” Mocha, who was about to fight Ma Aiman ​​for three hundred rounds, was stunned on the spot. So fast, Ma Aiman, who was hailed as the number one expert of Nanzhao Country, was subdued in just one or two seconds?

Mocha is a genius of Nanzhao Kingdom and an expert in the late Star Sea realm. No one doubts that Mocha will eventually surpass Ma Aiman ​​but not now. Had it not been for Wang Lan behind him, he would really not dare to single Ma Aiman.

But now, Ma Aiman, who is not human in his heart, is instantly defeated by Wang Lan. What does this mean? Isn’t it said that Star Sea Peak is world Peak strength? Didn’t it mean that even the 5 Emperors are not the Star Sea realm powerhouses?

Why do I feel that the gap between the strongest Ma Aiman ​​in front of Wang Lan is like the gap between Star Radiance Realm and Star River?

When Mocha fell into autism, a killing intent appeared in Wang Lan’s eyes.

“I tell you, don’t kill me, I will tell you all, all this is the conspiracy of the bird of paradise, the bird of paradise asked me to do this. I tell you the whereabouts of the time and space gem, I will tell you everything.”

“No, I’ll check it myself!”

As Wang Lan’s voice landed, star force surged around his body, mental power instantly invaded Ma Aiman’s mind, Ma Aiman’s memory flashed in front of Wang Lan’s eyes like a slide.

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