I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 512


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Release Ma Aiman, Wang Lan’s brows are not relaxed, but frown even more.

Originally thought that Ma Aiman ​​and Bird of Paradise should cooperate with the whereabouts of the time gemstone, even if there is no information about the members of Bird of Paradise, right? But Ma Aiman ​​only has the details of his collaboration with Bird of Paradise in his memory, but he has no idea where the gem of time and space is.

The excavation of the space-time gems on the spot was also done by the Bird of Paradise, and was taken away by the Bird of Paradise. And Bird of Paradise’s plan is not to open the Time Gems in Nanzhao Country, the reason is that opening it in Nanzhao Country will not allow the world government to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

Then the question is, in which country will Bird of Paradise open the Time Gems? After thinking about it, Wang Lan has only two countries, Jade Country and White Eagle nation, and they are also key cities in these two countries.

The cost of opening the gate of time and space in a small country is too great. It can be described as miserable. Back then, in the host nation, a metropolis with a population of 20,000,000, the gate of Demon Realm was opened, and most of the troops on the southern front were transferred to host nation.

As a result, host nation directly self-destructed twelve nuclear bombs, 300,000 Demon Race army plus countless monsters, hundreds of Demon Race ships, and countless biological and chemical demonic weapons, all flying ash annihilation.

This bombing gave Jade Country a month to survive, and it also made Demon Race unable to retreat across Jade Country.

This lesson, Wang Lan thinks Demon Race has to be eaten for a lifetime.

What’s more, I have hope for Ma Aiman’s time and space gems, and your IQ really can make such a rough coup.

Wang Lan looked at Ma Aiman, who had become an idiot at his feet, coldly smiled, and turned to leave with Ma Aiman.

“Wang Lan, can you… can you leave Ma Aiman ​​to me for execution?”

“He is going to the International Court of Justice, how can he give it to you now?”

“He is now?” Mocha looked at Ma Aiman, who looked like a dead dog, “He is sane now? Can he still be judged?”

“Just stay alive.”

“Complete the task of investigating the beast tide in the cloud sea space, complete the task of the coup of Nanzhao Kingdom, reward EXP 1,000,000 and skill points hundred thousand.”

The system reminder sounded in my mind, the corners of Wang Lan’s mouth were slightly raised, and the body flashed disappeared into the palace.

The following matters have little to do with Wang Lan, so he took Ma Aiman ​​back and reported directly to his head. But the hidden danger hanging over everyone’s head still exists.

Jade Country, Kyoto.

Wang Lan stood in front of Mr. Jin and reported on the process and results of this mission. Generally speaking, the process was smooth and the results were satisfactory. The only dissatisfaction is the time and space gem whereabouts unknown.

“According to the information obtained from Ma Aiman’s memory, the Bird of Paradise is indeed going to open the door of Demon Realm, but the location where the door of Demon Realm opens requires careful selection. I boldly speculate that they will only choose Jade Country and Key cities of the White Eagle nation.

In comparison, the probability is greater in Jade Country. “


“The strength of Jade Country is obvious to all, and Jade Country is the top of the five standing member states of the United Nations. If the gate of time and space is in Jade Country, the United Nations will not be able to directly issue nuclear bomb attacks.

Similarly, Jade Country pays more attention to human rights than other countries, and pays more attention to the lives and deaths of the people. We will not give up any person’s life until we are less than a last resort. Demon Race also knows this. In addition, we have made the Birds of Paradise uncomfortable in recent years. Out of revenge, they should also choose Jade Country. ”

“Your analysis is very reasonable. It happens that Elder Di is also in Kyoto. I will take you to meet Elder Di and discuss with him Senior by the way.”

“Elder Di is in Kyoto?”

On the other side, in a closely guarded military research institute somewhere in Kyoto, several research institutes in white coats stared nervously at the data on the screen.

“Wavelength imported successfully.”

“When the wavelength discrimination is in progress, the wavelength trigger module is activated, the wavelength is successfully identified, and the alarm is on.”


“It was a success. It was a real success. It was hidden three kilometers away, 150 meters deep underground, wrapped with special isolation materials, and special protective electromagnetic nets. It can be successfully detected… It’s incredible.”

“Yes, and the data is very clear and stable. It is a pity that Wenwen Court Academecian, he is really a genius.”

“Hundreds of billions have been consumed…I have burned so much money and finally made a substantial progress. It is too difficult…Finally, there is no need to be scolded by the people at the back…”

“More than hundreds of billions, two quantum colliders are 50 billion.”

“Yes! I will report to Elder Di.” He Yuanzhong said excitedly, taking off his lab coat and walking outside.

Wang Lan took Jin Zong’s car and came to the door of a courtyard. One step ahead of Wang Lan, a car arrived a few minutes earlier than Wang Lan. After the people in front got off the car, energetic and bustling rushed into the courtyard, looking very anxious.

“What’s the matter with that person? Will he be unruly to Elder Di?” President Jin’s eyes suddenly became serious and he braked to a halt.

“He is Dean He. He was invited to go to the magic city to do research. How did he come to Kyoto?”

“You said it was in Heyuan? Then I know that the group of people doing research in Modu came to Kyoto last month.” Mr. Jin got out of the car while talking.

Entering the courtyard, I saw He Yuanzhong reporting something in front of Elder Di.


“It has been researched that space-time gems really have special wavelengths. This wavelength is also a wavelength that spreads in space and is not blocked by any material. Whether it is a high-strength magnetic field or an extreme environment, no matter what method is used to seal it, or even It is an absolute vacuum environment, and the wavelength is still very stable.

This kind of transmission does not require any medium. “

“What about the detection range of your detector?”

“Three kilometers, our equipment is not sensitive enough. If we can have more time to research and make more compact instruments, the detection range will definitely be doubled.”

At this moment, Wang Lan and two of them came.

“Huh? Wang Lan, you are here, just right.” Elder Di greeted with a smile on his face, “Little Gold is also here, is there any problem?”

“It’s still a matter of Nanzhao Kingdom. The time and space gem of Nanzhao Kingdom finally fell into the hands of Bird of Paradise. Wang Lan just returned from Nanzhao Kingdom. He speculated that Bird of Paradise plans to live in China and the White Eagle nation. Dense major cities inspire time and space gems. The first choice is Jade Country.”

“Oh…” Elder Di nodded, “This is indeed in line with the usual bird of paradise style. Thinking that threatening the lives of ordinary people can make us refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases… He is wishful thinking. ”

“Because time and space gems cannot be installed in space equipment, we need to strictly shut them down at the gate. First, time and space gems cannot be allowed to flow in, and second, time and space gems should be immediately controlled as soon as they are found.”

Just finished Mr. Jin’s words, Wang Lan said in an interface, “Also, I must be on standby at any time. I am the only one who can effectively prevent the Gate of Time from opening. If I can get to the scene when the Time Gem starts , Even if Bird of Paradise activates the Gate of Time and Space, I can stop it.”

The Space Power of Phoenix Form has been exhausted. The gem of time and space that has changed in the eyes of others is a power bank in Wang Lan’s eyes. Of course, the premise is to arrive in time.

“Is this the response you thought of?” Elder Di asked after listening.

“That’s all for now, please add Elder Di for deficiencies.”

“hahaha…I am an old fogey, what else can I add, but Dean He has something to add. Dean He just reported to me that he has studied the pan-space energy waves emitted by the time and space gems.”


“Two months ago, Space-Time Gems conducted another collision test at Imperial Capital and successfully extracted pan-space energy waves. Although a quantum collider was scrapped, the gain was worthwhile.

Dean He has developed a space-time gem detector with a detection range of three kilometers. “

“Really? That’s very good. With the detector, it can be installed in major cities across the country, just like the dense road monitoring. As soon as the gem of time and space appears, you will find it immediately.”

“I think so too, but we need time now. The production of the space-time gem detector is quite cumbersome. If we have half a year, we can still be sure to complete the laying in major cities. It will take at least two years to complete the national laying.”

“Bird of Paradise will definitely not give us so much time. The first choice is to lay it out in Kyoto and Demon Capital, followed by first-tier cities and second-tier cities. I immediately report the construction of the detector to the head, and I will try my best to rush it immediately.”

“By the way, Royal General Army, there is one thing I am afraid to trouble you.” After speaking, He Yuanzhong suddenly said to Wang Lan.

“Uh? What’s the matter?”

“We have been studying space-time gems for more than a year. In recent days, we have detected that space-time gems have energy response. It seems…After more than a year, space-time gems seem to have recovered some energy. Can you help us deal with it? ?”

“This is a good thing!” Wang Lan’s eyes immediately lit up, and when he was really dozing off, he gave a pillow. I am having a headache because the space energy is exhausted and cannot be teleported. The space-time gem’s real energy response can just supplement the space energy.

After coming out of Elder Di, he directly followed He Yuanzhong to the research institute. The moment he touched the space-time gems, it really prompted that there was pure energy to absorb.

The Space Power accumulated in one year is about one-fifth of the full load. But don’t look at this little energy, it is enough for Wang Lan to complete several spatial movements.

I didn’t know how to cherish it before, but I used it for two years teleportation. Now I know that Space Power is precious. After finding the gem of time and space, Wang Lan promised to save some use and eliminate waste.

Wang Lan vowed secretly in his heart.

After I came out of the research institute, there was basically nothing else. Wang Lan just needs to be on standby at any time, and go to support whenever the time and space gems appear. These days Wang Lan stays at home in Kyoto.

Wang Lan has three buildings in Suzhou City. There is a commercial plaza in the Mobo and a commercial plaza in the Imperial Capital. The commercial plaza of Imperial Capital is not as big as the magic capital, but after all, in Imperial Capital, the income is not lower than the magic capital.

For every real estate, Wang Lan has a five-hundred-square-meter snail house. While waiting for news, Wang Lan also lived a life like an otaku. Unconsciously, ten days have passed. While Wang Lan was lying leisurely on the balcony basking in the sun, the elevator door suddenly opened without warning.

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