I’ve Got Countless Skill Points Chapter 513


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There is only one person who can enter Wang Lan’s house without Wang Lan’s authorization and Xiao Ai will not remind him, and that is Jiang Xinyu.

Seeing Jiang Xinyu walking straight out of the elevator, there is still a slight smile on his face.

“Why are you so surprised? I can’t come?” Jiang Xinyu crafty said.

“Why don’t you… why don’t you call me in advance? I’ll pick you up, why are you here? Are you okay with Yunhai Space?”

“I originally wanted to call you, but I didn’t want to give you a surprise. The sea of ​​clouds is over, but I came to Kyoto because of a mission, so I stopped by to see you.”

“The sea of ​​clouds is stable?”

“El Niño is almost over, and I haven’t let me go back to Yunhai. I have been in the magic city. It’s good for you. What happened in Kyoto is so reluctant to think about it. If you don’t return to the magic, you don’t need to make a phone call.”

“Didn’t I think you went to the Yunhai scouting space? What kind of call should I call if I know the phone can’t get through? You said there is a mission? What mission?”

“The Demon Race in the Northwest scouting space is doing things.”

“en?” Wang Lan’s face suddenly became serious. Whether it is Bird of Paradise or Demon Race, they have never done anything simple. There must be a more far-reaching purpose.

“What’s the specific situation? Can you tell me?”

“That’s what I meant. You know them better than everyone. About three months ago, the scouting in the North scouting space suffered heavy losses and was destroyed at every turn.

In just three months, nearly 3,000 people were lost. Whether the man behind the scenes is a bird of paradise or Demon Race is still inconclusive, so let’s define the attack for Demon Race first.

Their method of attack is to hide in the group of alien animals, and then manipulate the alien animals to attack the Scouting legion, both large and small. Then take advantage of the scouting group and the alien beasts when they are fighting a sneak attack.

Fighting the alien beasts, the scouting person can do a small fight and the big wins with less, but if there is a sneak attack, the star martial artist has no advantage in front of the alien beasts. Therefore, there were heavy casualties. “

“What about tactics?” Wang Lan frowns asked.

“It’s useless. The alien beasts will form a herd to attack the line of defense, and then the black hand will still hide in the herd, attacking in a mysterious way. The biggest loss is a line of defense in the northwest and southeast.

Three scouting men, Legion, were stationed and suffered the impact of five thousand alien beasts that day. The alien beasts were divided into three groups, two auxiliary attacks and one main attack on the ground defense line of breaking the formation, and then there was a sneak attack of the mysterious assassin. In the end, Legion, the three scouting players, was wiped out.

Fortunately, they had requested the support of the divisional headquarters before the strange beasts attacked. After the support arrived, the strange beast army disappeared. In just three months, the front line of defense in the northwest scouting space has shrunk 120 kilometers. “

Wang Lan frowned, “This situation is disgusting, why did you tell me instead of giving me the task? What’s the matter with the transfer order?”

“Don’t you have a more important task?”

“But I have teleportation, and I won’t be completely tied up by any mission. Even if I go to the northwest scouting space, it will only take two seconds to rush back to Demon Capital and return to Kyoto. The mission does not restrict me so much. Die.

On the contrary, the operation of the scouting space in the Northwest is worrying. This is far less simple than what we have seen. It seems that there are forces hiding among the alien beasts to hunt us scouting, but in fact they are the alien beasts that control the scouting space.

Five big scouting spaces, any scouting space has tens of millions of strange beasts, these strange beasts must be integrated into an army, let alone a Jade Country, even the five big countries can’t stand it together. This matter is more serious than we thought. ”

Wang Lan’s words also made Jiang Xinyu’s heart a little heavier, although Wang Lan’s words were so alarmist. If Demon Race really has this ability to command the entire alien beast, why not use it long ago?

To have this ability, the alien beasts in the five scouting space of Jade Country have become the strange beast army, and Jade Country has long since disappeared.

But even if it’s not so exaggerated, what if?

Human beings are developing, and Demon Race is not standing still. Last time, the demonic weapon of Demon Race was only rank 1 and can be easily defeated by a Star Radiance Realm, but now the demonic weapon of the biochemical has reached the Star Sea realm.

“What is the answer above?”

“The number of elite students in colleges and universities across the country should be 2,000. If they are mixed in the scouting group, if there is a sneak attack, these elite academies are hunting mantises.”

Wang Lan brows tightly frowns, finally stood up, “Go, let’s go to Elder Di together, I’m not at ease.”

Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu went out and came to the courtyard of Elder Di. Seeing Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu coming, Elder Di suddenly understood Wang Lan’s purpose.

“Wang Lan, what do you think of the Northwest scouting space?”

“I heard Xinyu roughly talk about it. Frankly speaking, I don’t know what to do.”

“What are you worried about?”

“The gap between the bottom line and the top line of things is too big. The best result is that they can only do this. As long as they take strict precautions, no big waves can be turned. But for the worst result, they can The beast integrates into the alien beast Legion, but it is dangerous.”

“You actually have an idea?” Elder Di looked at Wang Lan in surprise, “Demon Race can indeed control alien beasts. Every time Demon Race invades, it brings countless alien beasts. But it is better to say that manipulation is domestication. .

Those alien beasts controlled by Demon Race have been surrendered after years of training, and wild alien beasts have almost no possibility of domestication. “

“But this is obviously not the case in the Northwest scouting space. I think I need to investigate and figure it out before I can be completely relieved.”

“But you have other tasks.”

“I can move instantaneously. There is not much difference in time between rushing from here and scouting space. As long as I can receive the message immediately.”

“This is easy to handle. I will call the Hummingbird over to serve as your correspondent.”

“Many thanks Dean, by the way, Elder Di, I need two people to go to Northwest Space.”


“Xu Xiangwen Xie Sisi of Jin City Xingwu Academy.” Wang Lan originally wanted Gong Feiyu. But for more than a year, Gong Feiyu seemed to reject his own circle consciously or unconsciously.

It is very harmonious to come out to play in private, but Gong Feiyu is very free when it comes to future development. So Wang Lan didn’t talk too much anymore, maybe he didn’t feel happy with him.

Wang Lan and Jiang Xinyu came to the meeting point together. They just got out of the car to report, and a pleasant surprise sounded from a distance behind them.

“Xinyu, Little Lan!”

Wang Lan turned his head, a smile suddenly appeared on his face. Xu Xiangwen Xie Sisi is also on the Northwest Support List. The four hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and of course they were very excited when they met.

Want to come too, Xu Xiangwen and Xie Sisi are also top-notch in Jin City Xingwu Academy. This time, Northwest Support selected elite students from various key academies, and the two were selected in a reasonable manner.

I haven’t seen it for more than half a year. The improvement of the two is remarkable. The cultivation base of the late Star River realm, even if it is placed in the Demon Capital Star Martial collage, has a place. This is also due to the increase of Xianyun Xuanqinglu, the star force growth rate of the two is much faster than the students of the same period.

Looking at the four people cheering in excitement, a group of Jin City Xingwu Academy students who were originally surrounded by Xie Sisi and Xu Xiangwen not far away were a little tasted.

What kind of circle people will contact in what position. In the circle of Jin City Xingwu Academy, Xie Sisi and Xu Xiangwen are almost like great gods.

Especially Xie Sisi, beautiful and alluring, is as cold as ice. This kind of peerless beauty with coexistence of strength and beauty will make countless people succeed. It’s not that I can expect to be favored by Xie Sisi, but even if I mix with an ordinary friend, it’s an extremely honorable thing.

But what do they see now? The great god in my own eyes has the same side as me. In their eyes, how is Xu Xiangwen’s leaping position different from licking a dog?

Especially Xie Sisi, which is even more exaggerated. Isn’t it the death Goddess? Where is your aura of death? You are full of two brilliant smiles, it’s uncomfortable to see them.

“Who are they? Why are Xiangwen and Sisi so… so passionate?”

“I don’t wear school uniforms, I can’t tell which school it is.”

“Look at Xie Sisi. Although he is holding which girl’s arm, he keeps looking at which man’s face, what is their relationship?”

“It seems that they have known each other for a long time, and the relationship is very good?”

“What are you talking about?” With a soft cough, a female voice came. All the people who were discussing stopped together.

Xu Wu, as the student council chairman of Jin City Xingwu Academy, originally discussed the internship issue with the teacher who led the team, and just came back and saw a crowd of students discussing fiercely.

Come up curiously, since the students were frightened, they didn’t say anything. Xu Wei was a little unhappy at once, is this Young Lady so terrifying? Looks so pretty and cute…

Xu Yu is very cute, although she does not have the figure of Xie Sisi, she is very loli. Cuteness is cuteness, but it is terrifying when it comes to fighting people.

Looking at the sight of the classmates, his eyes suddenly became round, “Is it them?”

“Chairman Xu, do you know them? Who are they? Which school?”

“If I remember correctly, they should have been on the Demon Capital Star Martial collage later.” Xu Yu lightly saying.


“No wonder! It turned out to be from the Big Four. Didn’t the students of Demon Capital Star Martial collage all come early? Why did they come now?”

“Xu Nuo, who are they? They seem to have a very good relationship with Xiangwen Sisi.” A girl curiously asked Xu Yu’s neck.

“They, you should have heard of it. That handsome white guy, don’t look like a harmless to humans and animals, he is the youngest titled powerhouse in Jade Country. This year, the newly promoted greedy wolf is crowned.”


“Fake? Is he the Wang Lan?”

“Damn, God, it’s Paragon!”

“There is also that girl who is not tall but very beautiful. Her name is Jiang Xinyu. She is the youngest record holder in the breakthrough Star Sea world. When I was in Provincial grade martial gathering, I was still defeated… Keyi Two years have passed in the blink of an eye, and she is already in the Star Sea state.”

“Xu Yu-wai, how do you say that although she is not tall?” The good girlfriend looked at her neck and Xu Yu’s height was “unable to bear”.

“Fuck, two big cows.”

In a burst of exclamation behind him, Xu Yan rolled his eyes to his girlfriend, and then walked straight to Wang Lan.

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